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Archetypes and Imagination by yhn28612


									   Archetypes and Imagination

   Women’s                                                            Retreat:
personal growth through the meaning in

                      The purpose of the retreat is to
                reacquaint ourselves with different ways to
             embody our dreams; we will foster understanding,
              create new awareness, and deepen connections
            to the dreams, and to the wisdom of one another.

  Workshop Dates & Location: Nov. 14th (8PM) - 16th (12PM), Port Townsend
  Contact Information: Call Janette Brown, LMFT at (206) 524-3645.
  Cost: Sliding fee scale, with suggested range, $150-275, plus B&B, ferry, gas & meals
  To Register: Application deadline is Nov. 1. Indicate if you are interested in carpools,

      Janette has been a licensed therapist for 24 years and has facilitated women’s dreamwork
         retreats in Port Townsend, WA, over the past 17. Know that you are most welcome to come.

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