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					The #1 Parent-involvement Program
                                                                                            PreK- s
Partners in Print is an easy-to-implement parent involvement literacy resource.
A complete set of “how-to” workshops in which parents, children and educators
work together on key skills and strategies that will last a lifetime. The all-in-one             6
Partners in Print kit cuts down on planning time for meaningful, focused, parent
involvement activities. Up to 15 literacy workshops designed to:
● Develop a strong school-site parent involvement program                                Written by Australians:
● Prepare and empower parents to help their children                                           Julie Zrna
   become successful readers                                                                 Anne Robinson
● Encourage oral language development,
                                                                                            Kim Falkenburg
   comprehension and more
● Increases the home-to-school connection
● Engages parents in meaningful literacy activities
● Provide parents with tips for
   easy ways to help children at home.

   Partners in Print – Primary (Grades PreK-2)

                           Program includes:
 Primary                   Program Binder/Workshop Resource Guide –
                           Directions and reproducibles for program planning teams
 workshops:                to promote and conduct up to 15 literacy workshops.
  1 Opening Night
     (Program                                 Staff-training DVD – Overview and demonstrations of Partners
     Introduction)                            In Print in action.

  2 Drawing Meaning
                                               52 Home-Activity Sheets –
     from Text
                                               to encourage skills learned in the
  3 Book Selection                             workshops at home.

  4 Conventions of Print
                                               21 Overhead Transparencies – featuring key program points
  5 Building Self-Esteem                       for planning team use.

  6 Reading Methods
                                               55 Activity Posters – for workshops.
  7 Playing with Print

  8 The Reading/Writing    Primary Libraries – Big Books and
     Connection            little books to enhance activities.

  9 Praise, Pause,
     Prompt, and Predict
 10 Reading Favourites

 11 Reading Extensions                                                                          Visit
 12 Phonemic Awareness                                                                      online us
                                                                                          comp for a
 13 Writing
                                                                                          list fo te title
                                                                                                  r ea
 14 Comprehension
                                                                                             librar ch
 15 Grand Finale

                Visit or
For more information Freecall: australia 1800 249 727 or New Zealand 0800 990 999
                             Partners in Print – Intermediate (Grades 3-6)

      Partners in Print Intermediate is an extension to Partners In Print Primary. Includes
      simple set-by-step instructions for up to 13 literacy workshops designed to:
      ● Increase the home-to-school connection
      ● Engage parents in meaningful literacy activities                                      workshops:
      ● Provide parents with tips for easy ways to help children at home.                     1 Using the Internet

      Program includes:                                                                       2 Time for talking

      Program Binder/Workshop Resource Guide –                                                3 Learning About
      User-friendly notebook with point-by-point directions                                      Newspapers
      and reproducible for program planning teams to
      promote and conduct up to 13 literacy workshops.                                        4 Logging Reading
                  Staff Training CD-Rom.                                                      5 Sports Literacy

                                                                                              6 Technology Talk
                    52 Home-Activity Sheets – A home-activity
                    sheet is available for each workshop.                                     7 Understanding
                                                                                                 the Text
                      Reproducibles CD-Rom – reproducible home-activity sheets,
                                                                                              8 Understanding the
                      letters, certificates, evaluation sheets as well as support for the
                                                                                                 Text II
                                                                                              9 Nonfiction Text
                   50 Activity Posters – For workshops.
                                                                                              10 Following Directions

      Intermediate or Middle School Libraries – a collection                                  11 The Way Words Work
      of books to enhance activity stations and motivate parents                              12 Power Over Print
              and children to interact during workshops.
                                                                                              13 The Grand Finale

                Visit or
For more information Freecall: australia 1800 249 727 or New Zealand 0800 990 999
Packages and Pricing

PrIMarY PacKaGeS
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(GraDeS PreK-2)

                                  55 Activity Posters, Staff training DVD, Resource
Partners in Print
                                  Binder, 52 Home Activity Sheets, and 21 Overhead          PD-10001       $550.00
Basic Kit: Primary                Transparencies.

                                  Enquire about Lioncrest’s great value Library
Partners in Print
                                  packs to supplement workshops.                            PD-10016          POA
Library: Primary                  (Includes Big Books and student books.)

                                                     Description                              ISBN         Price $          Qty         Total $
(GraDeS 3-6)

                                  50 Activity Posters, Staff training CD-ROM,
Partners in Print
                                  Resource Binder with 13 Workshops, 52 Home                PD-10021       $550.00
Basic Kit: Intermediate           Activity Sheets, and Reproducibles CD-ROM.

Partners in Print                 Enquire about Lioncrest’s great value Library
                                                                                            PD-10022          POA
Library: Intermediate             packs to supplement workshops.

                                                                                       Please add $12.10 Postage & Handling             $12.10

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