Duval County Title I Parent Involvement Plan by eqi19624


									     Duval County
          Title I
Parent Involvement Plan

       2009 - 2010
      2008 – 2009 Barriers to Parent
     Participation and How They will be
   Transportation: All Title I Schools will reserve at least 2% of PI
   Translators/Translations: Schools with 2 or more languages will
    reserve at least 5% of PI Budget
   Child-care: All elementary schools will reserve at least 5% of PI
   Schools will identify a parent volunteer or hire a parent liaison
   Schools will plan flexible hours for parent programs
   Schools will use the “Parent Link” to promote parent participation
   Schools will promote the services provided by the Center for
    Language and Culture
   Elementary Schools will promote information about the Voluntary
    Pre-K year-round and summer programs
   Provide info to parents about services at the War on Poverty- Parent
         Mission Statement
To empower families to support their child’s
 cognitive development, healthy behaviors
 and their success in life. We will
 accomplish our mission by increasing and
 strengthening school partnerships, Title I
 Family Involvement Center, parents and
 community agencies working
 cooperatively to ensure that students
 become productive and responsible
How were Parents Involved in the
District’s Parent Involvement Plan?

 DistrictParent Advisory Council
 S.A.C. Parent Representation

 School Parent Representation

     (Non DCPS Employees)
How will the District involve parents
in the process of school review and
   Principal’s training (pre-planning)
   Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meetings
    (Oct/Nov, Jan 27th, March and May)
   District Web-page: Title I – Parent Inv.
   Parent Surveys and Evaluations
   Technical support from District Core Team
   Technical support from the Florida
    Institute of Education
   On-going Monitoring
    Title I Parent Involvement with
    Other District Federal Programs
   Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (recruitment)
   Summer Voluntary Pre-K in public schools
   Head Start Centers
   Even Start Family Literacy for Teen Parents (A.
    P. Randolph)
   Refugee Grant – Center for Language and
    Culture (Kings Trail Elementary)
   Title I Pre-Kindergarten
   I.D.E.A. ESE Pre-Kindergarten
   McKinney-Veto Act for Homeless Students
How will the district involve parents
on the effectiveness of the district
and their school’s Parent
Involvement Plan?
   District Family Inv Center Evaluations
   January 27, 2010 PAC Forum
   Zoomerang Survey for District Advisory Council
   Zoomerang Survey for District PTA Membership
   PIRC of Family Network on Disabilities in Florida
   PIRC at Univ. of South Florida Evaluations
   Florida Institute of Education Evaluations
   School Surveys
         January 27th PAC Forum:
        Parent Involvement: Effective
    Programs and Solutions to Overcome
       Barriers to Parent Participation
   Participants: Principals, Parents, PTSA
    reps, District Advisory Council reps,
    Neighborhood Learning Network Partners,
    Title I Parent Liaisons, Title I Parent Inv
    Staff, Title I District Office Staff
   The Work: Review Schools’ Most Effective
    and Least Effective Parent Inv Activities
    and Share Best Practices
    What are the District-wide Parent
        Involvement Activities?
   Academic Content Area Workshops
   Workshops about Assessments
   Adult Literacy Workshops
   Computer Training
   Parenting Workshops
   * Refer to Parent Inv Web Page Monthly
      How will the District’s Parent
    Involvement Plan be shared with
      parents and the community?
   Oct/Nov Parent Advisory Council Meeting
   November District Advisory Council
   District Title I Web-page “Parent Inv”
   School Web-pages
   All Title I Family Involvement Centers
    How will the district communicate
    with parents in an understandable
           and uniform format?
   District Plan translated in top 10 languages
   District web-site
   Translators at District-wide Parent Programs
   Communications Department
   Exceptional Student Education (ESE)
   Top Ten: Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, Haitian-
    Creole, Tagalog, Russian, Burmese, Arabic,
    Kirundi, Albanian and Vietnamese
        How will district and schools
      communicate with parents in an
    understandable and uniform format?
   Written Translations can be made with use
    of TransACT
   District Translators can be obtained by
    contacting: English for Speakers of Other
    Languages (ESOL) Department at 390-
    2202 and/or The Center for Language &
    Culture (CLC) at 739-4891
What are the LEA’s discretionary activities
that will build parents’ capacity for
involvement in the school and school

   Paying reasonable and necessary expenses associated
    with parent involvement activities (transportation and
    child care)
   Adopting and implement model approaches to improving
    parent involvement: Success by Design
   Maintaining a LEA-wide Parent Advisory Council
   Developing appropriate roles for community-based
    organizations and businesses, including faith-based
    organizations in parent involvement activities
    Your School Parent Involvement
   Reviewed for accountability/compliance
   Requested revisions in process
   Final approvals in process
   Release of P Inv budget allocations will be after
    the final approval of each school’s PIP
   All Plans are submitted to state and on file in the
    Title I District Office
   All schools should keep one copy of their plan in
    the audit box and have available for parents at
    the front office and in parent resource centers or
    family involvement centers. A summary of the
    school plan must be distributed to all parents.
 “When parents are involved in
children's learning, at school and
  at home, schools work better
    and students learn more.”

       -Project Appleseed

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