Reciprocal Peer Tutoring with Parent Involvement

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					                                                                                   RPT-PI Activity 1

                     Reciprocal Peer Tutoring with Parent Involvement

Activity 1:
You are a school psychologist at ABC Elementary School and have noticed there are a larger
number of students than would be expected who are not doing well with math calculations. You
want to proactively seek out these students to intervene. You’ve read about an evidence-based
intervention called Reciprocal Peer Tutoring that has been highly successful for students with
math problems. The principal at ABC Elementary School considers you a “problem solver” and
values your input. You arrange to meet with her to discuss the idea of implementing the RPT-PI

The following activities are designed to help you prepare for this important discussion with the
principal by discussing the positive aspects of RPT-PI with a partner.

Discuss with a partner:

   (1) What are the important learning concepts used in Reciprocal Peer Tutoring that makes it
       an effective way to accelerate learning?

   (2) Why would you use curriculum based measurement (CBM) to identify “at risk” students,
       evaluate their instructional level, and progress monitor? What are the features of CBM
       that makes it not only an effective measurement tool, but a motivator as well?

   (3) Why is it important to include parents in the process? What are some of the ways you see
       parents at ABC Elementary being involved in this intervention?

   (4) Why is it important to measure outcomes, including asking the student and their parent
       about the intervention?

   (5) Why is it important to use a procedural check list (treatment integrity)?

   (6) What long-term effects might this type of intervention have for the student?

Activity 2:

Design a Parent Involvement Meeting. What might this look like given the cultural aspects of
the community you serve? Be sure to include ideas for ways to support parent participation,
prepare an agenda, and make a plan for follow-up. Make a plan for how you would follow-up
with parents who were not able to come to the meeting.