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        TITLE                  AUTHOR           DATE                       DESCRIPTION

At Home In Our            Child Development    1995    This book is a guide to helping schools, teachers and
Schools-Book              Project                      parents create caring communities of learners. The
                                                       book details the activities that involve parents and the
                                                       community in children’s learning.

At-Risk: Families And     Liontos, Lynn        1992    This book hopes to help persons working to improve
Schools Becoming                                       parental involvement in schools communicate with
Partners                                               and involve parents who are poor, nonwhite, or speak
                                                       a language other than English.
                                                       The purpose is also to show how to take meaningful
                                                       action to involve at-risk families in their child’s school

Best Ideas-Successful     National PTA         1996    This booklet has successful ideas for family
Parent Involvement                                     involvement from schools all across the USA A brief
Programs For PTAs                                      description of the idea along with the name, address,
                                                       and contact person for each school is included in this
                                                       26 Pages

Beyond The Bake Sale-     Henderson, Anne T.   1986    This book is primarily for those people who deal daily
An Educators Guide To     Marburger, Carl L.           with the unique issues and problems of the schools,
Working With Parents      Ooms, Theodora               and with parents, families, and communities. It is for
                                                       teachers and principals who most need information
                                                       and suggestions about effective ways to build
                                                       partnerships between schools and their families.

Creating Partnerships     Iowa Council On      1996    This handbook takes a step-by-step approach for
With Parents To           Vocational                   educators to follow as they begin to partner with
Improve Schools: A        Education                    parents. The belief is that parents are vital partners
Handbook For                                           and students benefit when parents are involved.
Educators                                              38 Pages

Do's And Don'ts Of        McLaughlin,          1993    This book provides the support and information
Parent Involvement:       Catherine                    needed to fill the void that keeps parents from
How To Build A Positive                                becoming motivated and involved. The book talks
School-Home                                            directly to the parents, teachers, counselors and
Partnership                                            other people involved with children, from preschool
                                                       through high school.
                                                       185 Pages

Engaging Families in      2006    This DVD is designed to assist educators, parents and
Student Learning-DVD                                   communities in connecting the research with effective
                                                       practices in family engagement that impact student
                                                        Video clips and a 60 min. overview are resources to
                                                       focus conversations on practices and actions that
                                                       make a difference in student learning.
                                                       174 min.
Getting Men Involved-      KidSafety of        2002    This video comes in an English and Spanish version.
Video                      Americia                    This video is for young adults. In an MTV style,
                                                       viewers see the virtues and challenges of fatherhood.
                                                       20 Min.

Getting Parents Involved   Decker, Larry       1994    This book describes how school systems across the
In Their Child's           Gregg, Gloria               nation are seeking new ways to involve parents while
Education                  Decker, Virginia            strengthening efforts already in place. 92 Pages

Grandparents And           AARP                1996    This folder has several booklets published by the
Schools In Partnership-                                American Association for Retired Person on how
Folder                                                 grandparents and other senior citizens can become
                                                       involved in schools and school issues.
                                                       1. Education Project-Idea Book
                                                       2. Becoming A School Partner
                                                       3. A Guidebook For Organizing Intergenerational
                                                       Partnerships In Schools
                                                       4. Intergenerational Projects-Idea Book

Growing Good Kids-28       Delisle, Deb And    1996    This workbook for students grades 3-8 has activities
Activities To Enhance      Delisle, Jim                so that students can practice problem solving,
Self-Awareness,                                        decision, making, goal setting, divergent thinking,
Compassion, And                                        tolerance, patience, compassion, and
Leadership                                             communication. they learn to appreciate themselves,
                                                       care about others, and act on their caring in concrete
                                                       and meaningful ways.
                                                       Reproducible for classroom use.
                                                       160 Pages

Hard To Reach Parent-Old     White-Clark,      1996    This book suggest educators take a more optimistic
Challenges, New Insights     Renee And                 approach to “hard to reach” parents. The book
                             Decker, Larry             believes parents and educators can achieve
                                                       educational improvement through planned and
                                                       purposeful parent involvement.
                                                       53 Pages

Help Your Child Read And     Smith, Carl       1991    This book is NOT meant to replace school learning. It
Succeed-A Parent’s Guide                               is designed to supplement the work that your child is
                                                       doing in school, and to focus on specific skills and
                                                       strategies that fit a parent-child relationship. The book
                                                       can help parents understand what is involved in the
                                                       child’s classroom reading instruction, and what
                                                       parents can do to enhance that instruction.
                                                       263 Pages

Helping Your Child           No Child Left      2003   This book for parents offers activities for children
Become a Reader-Book         Behind-US Dept.           infancy through age 6 to help prepare them to learn
                             of Ed                     to read.
                                                       61 Pages

Helping Your Child           Gasson, John      1995    In a Question-and answer format, the author offers
Succeed At School                                      practical advice to parents on how to make an
                                                       effective contribution to their children’s education and
                                                       how to build a positive working relationship with their
                                                       children’s teachers.
                                                       205 Pages
Helping Your Child          Rosemond, John       1993    In this video, John Rosemond discussing the values
Succeed In School-Video                                  parents and schools can instill in children that will
And Parent Pack                                          help children face the challenges of school and adult
                                                         life. The Parent Pack has written material on the
                                                         areas discussed in the video.
                                                         50 Min.

Helping Your Child          No Child Left         2003   This book in both English and Spanish help parents
Through Early               Behind-US Dept.              with the bumps in the road of early adolescents. It
Adolescence-Book            of Ed                        answers many of the questions parents have about
And                                                      their child as they enter this critical stage of life.
Como Ayudar Asu Hiho                                     90 Pages
Durante Los Primeros
Anos De La Adolescencia

Helping Your Child with     No Child Left         2003   This booklet includes practical ideas for helping
Homework-Book               Behind-US Dept.              children to complete homework assignments
                            of Ed                        successfully and answers parents’ questions about
                                                         how they can help their child with homework.
                                                         26 Pages

Homework Solution:          Sonna, Linda         1990    Put homework responsibilities where they belong in
Getting Kids To Do Their    Agler                        the student’s lap. This book offers a program that
Homework                                                 should help all students and families to some degree
                                                         with the homework struggles.
                                                         180 Pages

How To Help Your Child      Radencich,           1997    This book written by teachers, has proven techniques,
With Homework-Every         Marguerite And               step-by-step strategies, and expert advice. The book
Caring Parent’s Guide To    Schumm, Jeanne               also has assignment sheet, study guides, book report
Encouraging Good Study                                   outlines, and more that parents can photocopy and
Habits And Ending The                                    use with their child. The book is more useful for
Homework Wars                                            children ages 6-13
                                                         198 Pages

I Wish I Could Have Told    Zuba, Marge          1995    This book, written by the director of a chronic truancy
Your-Portraits Of                                        program in Oak Park, IL, is intended for parents,
Teenagers Almost                                         teachers, and others interested in youth and
Dropping Out                                             education. The stories and profiles give the
                                                         perspective of the students who are struggling with
                                                         school, home, and societal issues that make quitting
                                                         school look appealing.
                                                         150 Pages

Including Every Parent-A    Project for School   2003    In the 2002-03 school year, a team of parents and
Step-by-step Guide to       Innovation                   educators from the Patrick O’Hearn Elementary
Engage and Empower                                       School in Boston, worked with the Project for School
Parents At Your School                                   Innovation to better understand how the school is able
Book                                                     to involve so many parents so well. This book
                                                         provides a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants
                                                         their school to attain successful parent involvement.
                                                         85 Pages

Innovations In Parent And   Rioux, J. William    1993    This book presents a broad range of carefully
Family Involvement          Berla, Nancy                 investigated operational parent-family involvement
                                                         programs. The programs presented are from
                                                         preschool through high school. The authors hope
                                                         parents and schools will see parent involvement as
                                                         integral to school improvement.
                                                         400 Pages
Leader’s Guide To Parent      National PTA        1996   This guide gives schools information on how parent
And Family Involvement                                   involvement can be achieved or increased. Areas
                                                         such as barriers, parent educators, legislation, etc..
                                                         are addressed.
                                                         22 Pages

Learning From Others:         Bamber, Chrissie    1996   This is a notebook which profiles nearly 70 programs
Good Programs And             Berla, Nancy               and campaigns for school improvement and parent
Successful Campaigns          Henderson, Anne            involvement looks at the many ways they work with
                                                         families to help children learn and grow.
                                                         6 Sections

Little Beginnings-The First   The National        1993   This video gives parents information on seemingly
Five Years                    Association of             simple interactions that can have a big impact on
                              Elementary                 later school achievement, for example, talking and
                              School Principals          reading to young children.
                              and World Book             10 Min.

Little Things Make A Big      The National        1993   Parents are their children’s first teachers, and the
Difference                    Association of             home is one of the most important learning place.
                              Elementary                 This tape gives parents easy-to-do activities that can
                              School Principals          make a big difference to the child in school.
                              and World Book             10 Min.

Parent Plus: A                The Nation PTA      1995   This facilitator's manual will help presenters lead
Comprehensive Program                                    effective sessions on the topic of parent involvement.
For Parent Involvement                                   It has been developed to provide the information,
                                                         materials and resources which will support the role of
                                                         There are overheads and handout available with this
                                                         program-See Parent Plus Handouts and Overheads.

Parent Plus-Overheads         National PTA               These pages are ready to be made into overheads or
And Handout Masters                                      handouts for use with the Parent Plus program
                                                         booklet. The material can be used with any
                                                         presentation on parent involvement.

Parent To Parent              Santelli, Betsy     2001   Parent to parent programs are matching parents
Handbook-Book                 Poyadue,                   seeking information and emotional support in one-to-
                              Florence,                  one relationships with experienced parents whose
                              Young, Jane                children have similar disabilities. This book is for
                                                         those who want the parent-to-parent experience for
                                                         themselves and others and a how-to book for starting
                                                         Parent-to-Parent programs.
                                                         365 Pages

Parents Are Powerful          Center for Law      1996   This book has parent involvement information from
                              and Education              preschool through high school that all parents need
                                                         and have the right to know. It gives parents strategies
                                                         and ideas on becoming involved and knowledgeable
                                                         about their child’s school.
                                                         32 Pages
Parents As Tutors-Video       Edinfo Press        1995   This video and discussion guide can be used as a
And Guide                                                self-study guide so parents can individually or in
                                                         informal groups use the program to develop strategies
                                                         for helping their children with reading and writing
                                                         homework. The video and guide can be used in
                                                         Parent Involvement workshops and for staff
                                                         20 Min.

Planning Together: A          Kentucky Dept. of   1984   This handbook provides tips about starting a parent
Handbook For Parental         Education                  group, keeping it running smoothly, and how the
Involvement                                              group can access related community resources.
                                                         Booklet 30 pages.

Playground Politics-           Greenspan,         1993   This book was written to provide specific information
Understanding The              Stanley and               on understanding and helping children at the critical
Emotional Life Of Your         Salmon,                   grade school years. The author explores three
School-Age Child               Jacqueline                phases through which children move from the age of
                                                         about 5 to 12. The book looks at the biggest
                                                         challenges facing parents.
                                                         314 Pages

Please Don’t Call My           Lazare, John       1999   This book written by a school administrator, helps
Mother-An Administrative                                 educators deal with public relations in discipline
Philosophy and Parental                                  matters. These chapters educate administrators in
Intervention Plan That                                   the role of better parent communication and offer
Works                                                    techniques in public relations dealing with staff,
Book                                                     students and school community.
                                                         52 Pages

Solve Your Child’s School-    Martin, Michael     1995   This book covers almost 40 different school-related
Related Problems-National     Waltman-                   issues. This practical guide provides clear definitions
Association Of School         Greewood,                  of each issue, shows parents how to assess possible
Psychologists                 Cynthia                    problems, explains at -home solutions and provides
                                                         advice on when professional help may be necessary.
                                                         279 Pages

Taking Stock: The             Berla, Nancy,       1995   This inventory was designed around 5 basic elements
Inventory Of Family,          Garlington,                of partnership for improving student achievement:
Community, And School         Jocelyn, and               1. Reaching out to families
Support For Student           Henderson, Anne            2. Welcoming families to the school building
Achievement-                  T.                         3. Developing a strong relationship
Inventory And Scoring Disk                               4. Helping parents understand school curriculum
                                                         5. Helping parents be more effective as parents and
                                                            as community members.
                                                         The inventory consist of two questionnaires, one for
                                                            families and one for educators.
                                                         This is a complete inventory kit.

Taming The Dragons:          Setley, Susan        1995   This guide for parents of children K-8 who struggle
Real Help For Real                                       with schoolwork, includes information on the nature of
School Problems                                          learning disabilities and ADD as they affect a child's
                                                         school progress along with detailed instructions
                                                         across multiple skills and subjects for parents who
                                                         want to help their child mater their schoolwork.
                                                         237 Pages
Teachers And Parents     Botrie, Maureen      1992      This book offers practical, easy to implement
Together                 Wenger, Pat                    initiatives to involve parents in all aspects of their
                                                        child's learning. It has ideas for teachers forging
                                                        effective partnerships with parents and ideas for
                                                        parents to participate constructively in their child's
                                                        155 Pages

Up From                 Heacox, Diane         1991      This book describes a step-by-step program for
Underachievement: How                                   intervening with Underachievement and promoting
Teachers, Students, And                                 student success. Teachers and parents learn specific
Parents Can Work                                        ways to support achievement and create a positive
Together To Promote                                     learning environment. Students learn specific ways to
Student Success                                         set goals, manage their work, develop good study
                                                        habits, and boost self-esteem. Together they develop
                                                        a plan for action which outlines everyone's
                                                        134 Pages

Violence and School      US Dept. of          2000/20   This folder holds booklets from the US Dept. of
Safety-Folder            Education            01        Education on the issue of school safety and violence
                                                        in schools. Using the research, the material offers
                                                        information and action plans for schools and parents.

Words Of Advice-A        Thomas, Josie        1997      This workbook is for people, especially parents, who
Guidebook For Families   Jeppson, Elizabeth             are asked to become part of a group or committee in
Serving As Advisors                                     an advisory capacity. It offers guidance for thinking
                                                        through the benefits and demands of advisory roles
                                                        for consumers, presents some fundamental principles
                                                        for being a successful advisor, and suggests practical
                                                        tips for dealing with the common challenges that
                                                        families encounter in these new roles.
                                                        82 Pages

Workbook For Parent      Henderson, Anne      1990      This Workbook Manual describes how school districts
Involvement, A: For      Marburger, Carl                can help to increase the participation and involvement
District Leaders                                        of parents and citizens in the affairs of the schools,
                                                        and to enable them to become more effective
                                                        members of their school community or school based
                                                        160 Pages

Working With Parents:    Curren, Dolores      1989      This book helps professionals work effectively with
Dolores Curran's Guide                                  parents, in groups and as individuals. The book
To Successful Parent                                    includes an appendix with surveys, information and
Groups                                                  handouts professionals can use with parent groups.
                                                        145 Pages

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