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                                       GOLDEN GROVE HIGH SCHOOL

                                      PARENT INVOLVEMENT
                                      Participation and Governance
                                                 Updated February 2010

Respected Parent Inclusion

Regular communication with parents occurs via a fortnightly Newsletter, notes in the School Diary, Parent-
Teacher meetings, information evenings, telephone calls and email.
Our School has an active Governing Council. There is a strong and genuine sharing of responsibility
between the Principal and Parents through the Governing Council. This group leads school policy
development and through a number of committees, provides leadership support in the implementation of
strategic directions of the school.
We place great importance on the quality of the relationships between parents, students and staff. Our
Governing Council is an example of the strong partnership between parents and the school. They play a
pivotal role in policy direction, strategic directions and financial management within the school.
The Governing Council Annual General Meeting is held early in Term 1 and all parents are invited to
attend. Nominations are sought for representation on Governing Council and/or the sub-committees that
inform policy direction.

Curriculum Reference Group
The Curriculum Reference Group is a forum to consider views of parents and students on current curriculum
initiatives (The Curriculum/Leadership Group are responsible for the development of curriculum at GGHS).

Finance Advisory Committee
Advises the Governing Council on budgeting and financial matters.

GGHS Information And Communication Technology Reference Group
To develop, publish and review annually, short and longer term plans for technology across the whole school
curriculum and for school administration.

Grounds & Facilities Committee
To assist in the development/maintenance of Asset Management Plan and support the grounds staff to maintain
and develop the school and facilities.

Services Committee (Canteen / Uniform / Photos)
To assess the needs of students with regards to uniform, canteen issues, and photographic services used by the

We are always seeking parental support within the life of the school community. There are always sporting
teams, committees, one to one learning support and library support to name a few!

All enquiries regarding parent involvement at the school can be directed to the School Secretary on (08) 8282 6400

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