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									               Parent Involvement Schools of Excellence Certification

                                     Talking Points

National PTA created the following background information and talking points to assist
PTA leaders when discussing Parent Involvement Certification. Use as many points from
each section as your time frame allows.

National PTA’s Parent Involvement Schools of Excellence Certification recognizes
schools that have worked to create and develop parent involvement programs using the
National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs.

National PTA’s National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs were designed
to encourage parent involvement programs that are well planned, meaningful, and long
lasting. The program standards are the foundation of a school’s efforts to involve families in
their child's education.

The standards form the basis of National PTA’s parent involvement program, Building
Successful Partnerships, which helps schools and communities implement the standards
through workshops and presenters. The Standards and the Building Successful
Partnerships programs led to the development of this national certification that recognizes
schools for their efforts.

The certification process was developed and tested in seven pilot schools across the
country. These schools and their PTAs formed teams, completed a parent involvement
assessment, and hosted a site visit. Their participation was critical to refining the
certification process and tools.

The Parent Involvement Schools of Excellence certification was designed to assist every
school in this nation to evaluate and increase its parent involvement. Every child deserves
to attend a school of excellence. When schools receive certification, they will be
recognized as upholding the highest standards in parent involvement. They will be a
National PTA Parent Involvement School of Excellence.

Talking Points
What is Certification?

      Excellent schools don’t just happen. They are created through the dedication of
       people like you who are passionate about student success. We all want success for
       our children and are willing to do whatever it takes to help them. Everyone in this
       room can help facilitate this process in school communities.
      Every child deserves to attend a school of excellence. Research tells us that when
       parents are involved in their children’s education, those children achieve at higher
       levels, they exhibit more positive attitudes and behaviors, and they have higher
       graduation rates.
      The Parent Involvement Schools of Excellence certification was designed to assist
       every school in this nation to evaluate and increase parent involvement. School’s
       like yours have great programs in place, and now your school community can be
       recognized for its commitment to parent involvement.
      National PTA’s Parent Involvement Schools of Excellence Certification
       recognizes schools that have worked to create and develop parent involvement
       programs using the National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs.
      All schools—your school(s)—have the opportunity to earn one of two
       distinctions. The Certification of Excellence is awarded to schools that have
       outstanding parent involvement practices in place. The Recognition of
       Commitment is given to schools that are committed to pursuing excellence in
       parent involvement.
      Visit (read and write web address)
       for information on certification.

Process of Applying for Certification

      Schools wishing to participate in certification must go through a three-stage
       process. First, a team composed of teachers, the principal, parents, and
       community members registers the school on National PTA’s website, prints out a
       copy of the parent involvement assessment, and receives a log in code for future
       access to the site. The team then meets to discuss and complete the assessment.
      Second, after consensus is reached on a school’s performance a member of the
       team, using the log in code, officially completes the assessment online and an
       application is completed and submitted to National PTA. Applications can be
       submitted anytime. The application includes:
          o   A copy of your school’s registration page
          o   A copy of your school’s completed parent involvement assessment
          o   A completed and signed application
          o   All supporting documentation on your school’s parent involvement activities
          o   Application processing fee (A check made payable to National PTA. All processing fees
              are non refundable)

      The third and final step is to celebrate your success. Following review of your
       school's application and assessment, a determination will be made. National PTA
       will notify your school within four to six weeks of applying which distinction
       your school community has earned.
      Any school can visit the Resources and Tools area of the certification website to
       find an array of parent/family involvement resources—websites, books, videos,
       and technical assistance—to help their school community enhance existing parent
       involvement programs or to develop new programs.
      Since this is a school certification, and a team effort, it is an excellent opportunity
       for a community partner and/or the school to contribute to the application fee.
       Certification for schools lasts three years. After three years schools can re apply
        for certification.

Benefits of Certification

   School certification brings many benefits to a community. Certification can be used
    in a school’s public relations efforts to build support and respect for the school.
    Certification can be used when a school applies for grants and funding, and it helps in
    teacher recruitmenta strong parent involvement program can make a school
    attractive to quality teachers.
   School communities work together to earn a distinction by using a research-based
    assessment (copyrighted) as a tool to evaluate their parent involvement.
   Schools receive recognition for their parent involvement programs from a national
    organization that is the recognized authority on parent involvementNational PTA.
   The school’s certification is recognized by the organizations of the advisory board
    that helped develop this certification: the National Association of Elementary School
    Principals, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the National
    Education Association, the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education,
    and the National School Public Relations Association.
   Schools receive recognition for parent involvement programs that are based on
    National PTA’s National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs, which
    have been endorsed by nearly 100 health and education organizations and individuals.
   The process of participating in certification is a unique opportunity for school
    communities to come together to learn and grow. Throughout the certification process
    teams work together to discuss and evaluate their efforts and discover areas that need
    strengthening. (For more information on this please refer to the philosophy of
    certification on National PTA’s website).
   Certification helps set a school apart and makes participation a noteworthy and
    newsworthy event. There has been both local and national public relations events as
    well as media coverage that has brought national recognition to the Parent
    Involvement Schools of Excellence Certification. This, in turn, brings respect and
    recognition to schools among the national education community.

In addition, certified schools receive:
       A certificate to display, a sample press release to promote the school's
        achievement, an electronic dated seal to use on school stationery, website, etc. and
        the opportunity to purchase additional promotional items.

       Recognition on National PTA's website, in Our Children magazine, and in
        publications distributed by National PTA's partner organizations

       An electronic newsletter that contains information on current parent involvement
        research as well as best practices from the field.
      Direct assistance from National PTA’s customer service department at 800-307-
       4PTA(4782) or .

      Other National PTA Parent Involvement Programs that Support/Enhance

      Another very successful and popular PTA program that addresses all six of the
       national standards for parent and family involvement programs is National
       PTA’s Reflections Program. Each year, the Reflections Program recognizes
       outstanding student works in literature, musical composition, photography, and
       visual arts. Students in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and
       submit works of art in these areas.
      Participating in the Reflections Program is an opportunity for students to explore
       and learn about various art forms. Artistic exploration and expression enhance and
       develop intellectual, social, and physical skills.
      The Reflections Program also helps parents encourage and recognize the
       continuous self-discovery process of their children. Parents, teachers, and
       community members all play a critical role in fostering a positive learning
       environment for children. Supporting the Reflections Program is one way adults
       can help create that environment.
      Once your school becomes certified, it can also apply for the Phoebe Apperson
       Hearst-National PTA Excellence in Education Partnership Award. The goal
       of the award is to recognize a local PTA whose collaborative efforts with parents,
       families, educators, and community members promote parent/family involvement
       in ongoing programs that encourage student success.
      To learn how your school can participate in the Reflections Program and/or apply
       for the award visit National PTA’s website at and click on the parent
       involvement section.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act, commonly called No Child Left Behind,
significantly increases the requirements for parent involvement. By participating in the
Certification of Excellence, your school will be on the path to meeting the requirements
in the law.

 The new law ensures that parents receive information in a language and format they
   understand (Title I)

 District funds must support teacher and administrator training on how to involve
    parents in their child's education (Title II)

Student Learning
       Parents must be informed of their child's progress on state standards (Title I)

 The school must include parent involvement strategies in school improvement plans
   (Title I)

School Decision Making
 The school must put parents on school improvement teams (Title I)

 English Language Learner programs must promote parent and community
   participation. (Title III)

National PTA provides a nationally valued ―seal of certification‖ that acknowledges and
recognizes that schools that implement and uphold the National Standards for
Parent/Family Involvement Programs demonstrate a commitment to excellence in parent
involvement. These efforts ensure that many more children benefit from high-quality
parent involvement in their education – now and in the future  and makes a school of
excellence the place a parent and child want to be.

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