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									                       Union Elementary School
            Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy 2009-2010

        Union Elementary School shall abide by and support all rules and regulations
pertaining to Title I: Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged, No Child
Left Behind Act of 2001, Public Law 1007-110, and the Parent Involvement Policy of Paulding
County School District as follows:
        At Union Elementary we believe that partnerships among parents and schools are
essential for student achievement. In order for our school to improve we have planned the
following programs to involve our parents and ensure the success of our students.
        In the beginning of the school year we provide teachers, parents, and students the
opportunity to establish a positive working relationship by hosting the following events:
    •    Sneak a Peek Open House : Prior to the first day of school parents and students meet their
         teacher, see their room, and begin developing a supportive relationship. A parent involvement
         survey will be given to parents for them to complete and return to their child’s teacher.
         Parents will also be introduced to the Parent Resource Center, and will be invited to use these
         resources throughout the school year.

        Union Elementary offers the following meetings and programs at flexible times (morning,
lunch and evenings) to meet the needs of parents. These programs are planned in response to parent
input and parents will be provided with a survey twice a year to guide the planning of the parent
involvement program throughout the school year.
        • Parent Involvement Committee Parents are invited to attend monthly meetings with the
            Instructional Lead Teacher. The parents are encouraged to attend the first meeting to
            review and provide feedback on the local School Improvement Plan, and Parent
            Involvement Policy. The Parent Involvement Policy is distributed to all parents and made
            available to the local community annually. Parents are also introduced to various topics
            such as:
                 ◊ Explanation of the Title I program /Components of Targeted assistance
                         School Program
                 ◊ Develop, distribute and revise written parent policy
                 ◊ Georgia Performance Standards (School’s Curriculum)
                 ◊ Ga. Report Card
                 ◊ Review school’s goals and action plan (School Improvement Plan)
                 ◊ Parent-Teacher-Student Compact
                 ◊ Local & State Assessments
                 ◊ Individual Student Results & Interpretation of results
                 ◊ Assessments Used to Measure Student Progress (DRA/DBA)
                 ◊ Suggestions to assist in Union Elementary Parent Involvement Policy

                                        Last Revised 9-4-09
        Approved September 4, 2009 by parents attending the Title I Parent Involvement Meeting
             An agenda and an attendance log will be provided at every meeting. Barriers are
        identified and suggestions are accepted to improve parental involvement.
        • Family Instructional Nights are provided for parents to receive information and
            ideas for supporting their child at home and at school.
                ◊ Curriculum Scavenger Night ~Parents and students are invited to go on a
    scavenger hunt to investigate curriculum tools to prepare them for the 2009-2010 school year. The
    student will share with their parents reading/math journals and other activities completed at
    school. Dinner will be provided by P.T.A.
                 ◊ Family Instructional Fair This evening provides parents with information and
    ideas for supporting their child at home and at school. Parents are provided with a variety of
    sessions to attend to best meet their needs and interests. Dinner will be provided by P.T.A.
    Suggested Topics include:
                                       • Storytelling with Your Child
                                       • Educational Places to Visit
                                       • Compass Learning Lab / CRCT / Nettrekker
                                       • Strengthening Vocabulary Skills
                                       • Writing with Your Child
                                       • Discipline at Home
                                       • Helping with Homework
                                       • Musical & Physical Ed’l Games to Play
    •   Parent Workshops: Educational workshops on a variety of topics are provided for
        parents. The workshops give parents ideas and strategies for helping their children be
        successful at school.
                                   •      Parent Volunteer Training
                                   •      Ways Parents can Monitor Child’s Progress
                                   •      Read to Succeed
                                   •      Math Mania
                                   •      CRCT How to be a Winner
                                   •      Educational Summer Activities for Students
                                   •      Tech Night, (CRCT On-line, Nettrekker, Compass Odyssey,
        Union Elementary uses the following communication methods to provide parents with timely
information about school events, programs, curriculum, and student progress. We make every effort to
provide information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities in a
language and format for parent understanding.
        • Title 1 Monthly Newsletter: “Building Readers,” a newsletter purchased with Title funds
            by Parent Institute provides information and ideas for helping children at home with
            academics and study skills.
        • Union Newsletter : Our monthly newsletter (Cat Tales provides parents with
                                                             Cat Tales)
            information that concerns all students in the school, and provides helpful information to
            parents regarding how to support their students with their education.
        • Grade Level Newsletters : Teachers provide reminders of assessments and skills being
            taught for the week. In addition, school wide announcements, parental involvement
            opportunities, and other school related information are sent home on a weekly basis.
        • Weekly Folders Students in Grades K-2 receive a folder which provides teachers and
            parents with a means of daily communication about academic and behavior issues.
        • Agenda Books : Students in grades 3-5 receive an agenda book to help parents know
            what assignments are due. The agenda provides teachers and parents with a means of
            daily communication about academic and behavior issues.
        • Infinite Campus: This is a new program through our district that allows parents to view
            their child’s grades and attendance via the internet.
       •   Parent-            Conferences:
           Parent-Teacher Conferences Scheduled Conferences take place twice a year and
           provide parents with information about academic assessments used and the proficiency
           level of their children. Surveys are given to parents attending to provide feedback as to the
           quality of their conference.
       •            Surveys:
           Parent Surveys Surveys are provided to assist Union Elementary with input about the
           school. The data is collected and reviewed by the school leadership team. Suggestions for
           improvement guide the planning for the upcoming year.
       •                       System:
           Communication System This system was purchased by Union Elementary and the
           Paulding County School District which allows the school to quickly contact the parents or
           students of upcoming activities, events, or any emergency notices.
       •             Post:
           Calling Post This was purchased with Title Funds to inform the parents of monthly
           meetings, family nights and workshops.
       •                          Website
           Union Elementary Website: Our school website provides updated information and staff
           emails for easier communication. It also has a Parent Link that includes the Parent Policy,
           Helping Children Learn Newsletter, CRCT Information, and many useful links.
       •              Program:
           F.A.M.E. Program (Family Achievement Means Effectiveness) The school Guidance
           Counselor initiated this program to help parents recognize the vital role they play in
           student achievement. Parents are offered the opportunity for the counselor and the ILT to
           do a home visit to share ideas on improving their child’s academic level.
       •   CRCT (Georgia Criterion References Competency Test) is explained and parents are
           informed that this test assesses a student’s knowledge of the local and state curriculum.
           These results in Math and Reading are used in Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
           determination for the school.
       •   Parent-Student-
           Parent-Student-Teacher Compact: During the first parent involvement meeting parents
           review the compact from the previous year to determine if changes are needed. The
           leadership team will also review and revise if needed. Once all suggestions are considered
           and the final changes are made, the compacts are given out during parent-teacher
           conference week. The compact is used to guide discussions about academic goals between
           the teacher, student and parent and how they will share responsibility for improving
           student academic achievement.

       Union Elementary also offers a variety of opportunities for parents and community members
to become involved in the school.

           •   Parent Volunteer Program: This program provides parents and community
               members an opportunity to volunteer and participate in various ways such as the
               Media Center, the Computer Lab, making games, leveling books, listening to children
               read, etc…
           •   Union Elementary Parent Resource Center: A parent resource center provides
               parents with math and reading resources to help support their child's education.
           •                                        Programs:
               Head Start/Talatoona /Preschool Programs The staff and parents of students who
               attend these programs are invited to attend the monthly meetings. The students and
               parents are invited to tour the school in the spring to welcome them for the following
               school year. The Title ILT and a Kindergarten teacher will also visit these centers at
               the end of the school year to provide information about kindergarten and parental
               involvement opportunities.
           •                 Involvement:
               Community Involvement We have several partners in education that provide
               funding and resources to help within our school. They offer incentives to students for
               perfect attendance, reading awards and special privileges for the 5th graders.

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