Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re- Housing Program (HPRP) by yhn28612


									Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-
      Housing Program (HPRP)

     Focus Group with Property Owners
             October 15, 2009

        HPRP Basics
Target Populations and Eligibility
Program Elements
* Temporary financial assistance
* Housing relocation and stabilization
Eligible and Ineligible Services and Costs

  HPRP Basics – Target
 Population and Eligibility
Target Population
  Households who are currently in housing but are at imminent risk
  of losing that housing (i.e. eviction, asked to leave by
  family/friend, foreclosure)
  Households who are in homeless shelter or on the street that
  need only temporary assistance to obtain and maintain housing
  Households must be at or below 50% AMI
  Households must have no subsequent housing options identified
  and no financial resources or support networks to obtain
  immediate housing/remain in existing housing
  Households determined to most likely to achieve stable housing
  (either subsidized or unsubsidized)

   HPRP Basics – Target
  Population and Eligibility
50% Area Median Income (AMI)

     Household Size            50% AMI
             1           $26,400
             2           $30,150
             3           $33,950
             4           $37,770
             5           $40,700
             6           $43,750
             7           $46,750
             8           $49,750
     HPRP Program Elements
Temporary Financial Assistance
    Rental assistance, either short or medium term
    Rental arrears (up to 6 months)
    Security deposits
    Utility deposits and utility payments (including up to 6 months of
    Moving cost assistance (storage fees of up to 3 months)
  Cannot make payments directly to clients
     All payment requests will be submitted to Emergency Fund and
     payments will be made to third parties on behalf of eligible clients
  Total assistance cannot exceed 18 months (including arrears)
     All clients will be initially signed up for no more than 3 months of
     Recipient must be re-assessed every 3 months for eligibility

    HPRP Program Elements
Ineligible Costs and Services
   Mortgage assistance
   Legal assistance related to homeownership
   Rental assistance for households in subsidized housing (federal, state, or
   local program) – either tenant or subsidy portion
   Child care
   Employment training or Work or education related activities
   Other program costs that are covered in other Recover Act programs
   Developing discharge planning protocol from other institutions
   Construction and rehab
   Credit card bills or consumer dept
   Car repair or transportation costs
   Travel costs

                     HPRP Agencies
                                           HPRP        Housing       Legal      System
                                           Partner   Location and   Services   Coordinator
                                           Agency     Inspection    Partner
Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago      X         X
Catholic Charities                         X
Coordinated Advice and Referral Program                             X
for Legal Services (CARPLS Legal Aid)
Featherfist                                          X
Heartland Human Care Services, Inc         X         X
Housing Opportunities for Women            X         X
La Casa Norte                              X         X
Lutheran Child and Family Services of IL   X
Metropolitan Tenants Organization                    X
Spanish Coalition for Housing                        X
Trilogy, Inc                               X
The Emergency Fund                                                             X             7
Housing Location and
Inspection Agencies
 Recruit and maintain a database of landlords providing reasonable
 rents (HUD requires the program to negotiate rents below FMR;
 unlike other subsidy programs)
 Match households referred by HPRP Partner Agencies to
 appropriate units (geography, price, and size)
 Provide tenant counseling to help individuals and families to
 understand leases
 Assist clients in securing utilities (in coordination with the Prevention
 Partner) and making moving arrangements
 Provide housing inspection services
 Housing Location/Inspection Partners must maintain all necessary
 paperwork that proves units supported through HPRP funding meet
 the federal standards.

Inspection Requirements
 Any unit to which an HPRP recipient is newly occupying must be
 inspected to meet any state or local requirements, “habitability
 standards,” and federal lead-based paint requirements
    Health and safety
    Space and security
    Natural or mechanical ventilation; No contamination or pollution
    Heating/cooling; Electrical
    Smoke detectors
 Inspections are not required to be completed by certified inspectors
 Inspections will be done annually

Payment of Financial
Assistance: Emergency Fund
 Generate 3rd party payments to vendors from applications received
 from HPRP Partner agencies
 Monitor financial expenditures of client assistance by HPRP Partner
 Monitor HPRP Partner agencies in areas such as accuracy of
 applications completed, timely disbursement of funds, services
 delivered, complaints received, and HMIS usage/data quality
 Payment Process:
    HPRP Partner Agency fills out request for rent/utilities for eligible
    household and sends to Emergency Fund
    Copy of lease needed for final payment
    Payments made within 3-5 days of request
    Payments to vendor will be made monthly if assistance is needed for
    more than one month


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