PARENT INVOLVEMENT COMMITTEE MINUTES
DATE:                               Monday, September 21, 2009

MEMBERS PRESENT:                    Kelly Gallagher, Cathi Siemieniuk, John Beardy, Susan Blekkenhorst, Lori Lukinuk, Tammi Marsh, Deborah Massaro,
                                    Laurel Moir, Ron Oikonen, Sheila Stewart, Karen Wilson

RESOURCE:                           Catherine Siemieniuk, Director of Education

REGRETS:                            Domonique Houstoun, Jenn Johnson, Jon Kibzey, Jack Playford, Tammi Marsh

      AGENDA ITEM                                                             DISCUSSION                                         ACTION
1. Call to Order and Welcome                         The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. Chair Kelly
                                                     Gallagher welcomed Laurel Moir, Principal Alternate
                                                     representative, and Deborah Massaro, ex-officio member.

                                                     Section 4.1 of the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) Terms
                                                     of Reference states “The quorum will be more than half of the
                                                     filled positions with the majority of those present being parent
                                                     members.” Because this requirement wasn’t met, no formal
                                                     decisions can be made by PIC at this meeting.
2. Disclosure of Conflict of Interest                Nil.
3. Approval of the Agenda                            Moved by Lori Lukiunk            Seconded by Ron Oikonen
                                                     “THAT the Agenda for the September 21, 2009 Parent
                                                     Involvement Committee be approved with the following
                                                     Other Business
                                                          Parent Engagement Session with Kathleen Wynne,
                                                             Minister of Education
                                                          People for Education Conference
                                                          Regional PRO Grants”
4. Approval of Minutes – May 4, 2009                 Moved by Ron Oikonen            Seconded by Sheila Stewart
                                                     “THAT the Minutes of the May 4, 2009 Parent Involvement
                                                     Committee be approved”
5. Business Arising from the Minutes               Item 6, Approval of PIC Terms of Reference – Lori Lukinuk
                                                   inquired about a School Council survey. Members, by
                                                   consensus, agreed to follow up with an evaluation at after the
                                                   Kick-Off. Karen Wilson inquired if there have been any changes
                                                   to the Terms of Reference. Kelly reported that there have been
                                                   no changes and that a review will take place in early 2010 after
                                                   the December January election.
6. Correspondence from the Minister of Education   Members reviewed correspondence from the Minister of                   Kelly will send the Minister of
   – August 25, 2009                               Education.                                                             Education’s letter via email for
                                                                                                                          members to share.
                                                   Kelly inquired about the preferred protocol for correspondence
                                                   received. Members, by consensus, agreed that correspondence
                                                   with timelines will be sent via email immediately and other
                                                   items will be dealt with at the call of the Chair. Lori inquired if,
                                                   once correspondence is received, it is everyone’s responsibility
                                                   to forward information to School Council Chairs their respective
                                                   committees. Kelly encouraged members to share informational
7. Request from Thunder Bay Counselling Centre     Discussion took place regarding the request from Thunder Bay
                                                   Counselling Centre.

                                                   Members agreed that Kelly will forward the information to              Kelly will contact Susan and inform her
                                                   Council of School Council Chairs, and the Director will forward        that she may request to make a
                                                   it to Principals.                                                      presentation to the Board.
8. AEAC and SEAC Spending Reports                  Members received the AEAC and SEAC spending reports for                Kelly will send a letter to AEAC,
                                                   information.                                                           SEAC and CSCC stating that funding is
                                                                                                                          available annually and to send in their
                                                                                                                          funding proposal for this budget year
                                                                                                                          early in 2010.
9. PIC Ad Hoc Committee Report                     Kelly reported that the PIC Ad Hoc Planning Committee met on           Kathryn will send out date to Council
                                                   September 15, 2009. The Fall Event Creating A Positive                 of School Council Chairs, Principals,
                                                   Partnership for Learning will be held on Monday, November 2,           and Vice Principals. Cathi will inform
                                                   2009 at the Travelodge Airlane.                                        Principals at the next Operations
                                                                                                                          meeting. Kelly will set up and chair the
                                                                                                                          next meeting, which will finalize the
10. Director’s Report   Cathi Siemieniuk provided information about her personal          Laurel will contact John Mutch to
                        background, the 2009-2010 organizational chart (handout), DSA     inquire if Armstrong has a PIC and/or a
                        amalgamation, the Minister of Education’s visit, HIN1, Superior   School Council. If there is a contact,
                        Collegiate & Vocational Institute, updates to schools, and        Kelly will create a letter of welcome to
                        correspondence from Joy Himmelman, Chairof Superior CVI           both committees.
                        School Council
                                                                                          Cathi will send Joy Himmelman, Chair
                                                                                          of Superior CVI School Council, a
                                                                                          letter thanking her for her offer and will
                                                                                          indicate that we have booked our venue
                                                                                          at this time for the fall kick-off. She
                                                                                          will also address her request for
                                                                                          improved web pages at all schools.
11. 2009 Budget         The status of the 2009 budget was presented for information.
                        An agenda item for November 16, 2009 meeting will be the
                        establishment of a formalized budget.

12. Other Business        Parent Engagement Session with Kathleen Wynne, Minister
                           of Education – Members discussed the outcomes of the
                         People for Education Conference – Sheila reported that she
                           will attend the Annual Conference People for Education
                           Annual Conference on November 7, 2009.
                         Regional PRO Grants – Sheila presented this item for
                           information. Members, by consensus, agreed to add this
                           item to the January or February meeting for review.
13. Next Meeting Date   The next meeting will be held on November 16, 2009.
14. Adjournment         The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

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