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					                                                                                               Volume 12, Issue 4
                                                                                                October 11, 2002

            Morrisville Elementary Empowers Learners to Know and Grow
                                                                         •    Self-esteem
President’s Note….                                                       •    Education level / skills
                                                                         •    Decision-making skills
Dear Morrisville Family,                                                 •    Attitude toward school and school personnel
                                                                         •    Support for the school
What is Parent Involvement? Parent involvement is the active
role parents accept in the education of their children and       So you can see that the involvement of us, the parents, at
youth. It is more than just attending a meeting, although it     Morrisville is one of the key reasons that we are a School of
certainly can begin there. Three types of parent involvement     Excellence once again. Please consider getting actively
are critical in a young person’s education. The National PTA     involved at school if you are not already. There are many
identifies them as follows:                                      opportunities to help whether it is at the school or at home.
 • Parents as first educators in the home                        Now is the time to contact a committee chairperson and let
 • Parents as partners with the school                           them know that you want to help. If you need some guidance,
 • Parents as advocates for all children and youth in society    please call me so we can talk about your areas of interest and
How does Morrisville Elementary School benefit from Parent       find the right niche for you at Morrisville.
Involvement? Here are a list of improvement areas:
                                                                 Please come join us for a wonderful evening event on
                                                                 Thursday, October 29th for the PTA General Meeting and
       •     Achievement                                         Literacy Night. Dinner will be served from 6:00 – 6:45, then a
       •     Motivation and attitudes towards school,            short business meeting will be from 6:45 – 7:00 followed by
             homework, and teachers                              the Literacy Night Events! Don’t Miss It!
        •    Behavior
        •    Attendance                                          Sincerely,
        •    Self-concept
        •    Decrease in the rate of suspension for              Carolyn Bishop
             disciplinary reasons                                (Excerpts of this article taken from the National PTA Annual
        •    Communication with teachers and                     Resources Guide)
      •      Morale (self-esteem)
      •      Teaching effectiveness (proficiency)
      •      Job satisfaction
      •      Communication / relations with students,
             parents, families, and community
                                                                Tuesday, October 29th      General PTA Meeting
        •    Community support of school
                                                                                            and Literacy Night
Parents                                                         Tuesday, October 17th      Box Tops Collection, Track 3
       •     Communication / relations with children and        Tuesday, November 5th      PTA Board Meeting. 7:00 pm
             teachers                                           Friday, November 8th       Box Tops Collection, Track 2
                                                                Friday, November 8th       Mask, Marvels and Wondertales,
                                                                                             Tracks 1,2 and 4
Principal’s Message…                                                       Are Your Ready for the Fall
Thanks to all parents and students who participated in our
Shoe Collection for families in Haiti. We helped to fill an                        Weather?
entire garage. Marlo Honneycutt (first grade, Track 3
teacher) will be part of the Hope for Haiti Foundation that will
                                                                   We now have Morrisville Sweatshirts available to order.
be delivering medical supplies and shoes October 23-30th. We
                                                                   Please note that the Hooded Royal Blue Sweatshirt will have
appreciate your generosity and want to thank the Student
                                                                   the logo printed in white. (Sample hanging in school office.)
Council and Mr. Hooper for help with this drive.
                                                                   The Ash Grey Crewneck Sweatshirt will look exactly like this
                                                                   year’s T-shirts, 4 color logo
Most students have completed their first quarter of school and
many teachers are conducting conferences and sending home
first quarter report cards at this time. Some grade levels are                      Morrisville Sweatshirt
having student-led conferences and it is always exciting to see                                   Order Form
how this process engages your children in their learning.            Student’s Name:
Teachers should be sharing Morrisville Quarterly Benchmarks
with you in conferences (or at Open House) and alerting you          Teacher:
to any interventions or programs at our school that can benefit      Track:
your child. The new report card reflects changes and
modifications based on input from parents and staff last year
and we hope the improvements provide a clearer snapshot of                     Item                    Quantity                  Cost
your child’s progress.
                                                                           Hooded Royal Blue Sweatshirt
                                                                             Youth Small           ____ x $20.00          = _______
The PTA will be planning a special Literacy Night on October
                                                                           Youth Medium            ____ x $20.00          = _______
29th. Please plan to join us that evening! We look forward to a
                                                                             Youth Large           ____ x $20.00          = _______
fun-filled night for families – more details to follow.
                                                                             Adult Small           ____ x $20.00          = _______
Thanks for your continued support.
                                                                          Adult Medium             ____ x $20.00          = _______
                                                                             Adult Large           ____ x $20.00          = _______
Pamela Kinsey-Barker
                                                                           Adult X-large           ____ x $20.00          = _______
                                                                         Adult XX-Large            ____ x $20.00          = _______
                                                                        Adult XXX-Large            ____ x $22.00          = _______
              Directories are Here!                                      Ash Grey Crew Neck Sweatshirt
                                                                             Youth Small           ____ x $17.00          = _______
The directories have been distributed to all tracks! You                   Youth Medium            ____ x $17.00          = _______
should have received one if you joined the PTA this year.                    Youth Large           ____ x $17.00          = _______
You will only receive ONE per family and they were sent
home with one of your children. Please check all backpacks!                  Adult Small           ____ x    $17.00       = _______
If you joined and did not receive one yet, please contact                  Adult Medium            ____ x    $17.00       = _______
Sheree Keever at or Linda Gamble at                       Adult Large           ____ x    $17.00       = _______, 319-3507.
                                                                            Adult X-large          ____ x    $17.00       = _______
                                                                          Adult XX-Large           ____ x    $19.00       = _______
                       Art By Me                                                           Total Amount Paid:
                                                                                           Make checks payable to
If you picked up an Art By Me packet or had one sent home to                             Morrisville Elementary PTA
you, do not forget the deadline on Friday, October 18th. All
packets must be returned to your teachers with the artwork, the
order form completed and the payment made out to
                                                                        The Morrisville Star Messenger is a publication of the Morrisville
Morrisville PTA. You will receive your order the week of                      Elementary PTA. Please submit copy via email to
December 2nd. Any questions please contact Andrea Lanahan    , or drop it in the box in the teacher’s
at 461-0345 or                                           workroom.. The PTA reserves the right to edit all submissions
         Morrisville Year-Round
     Elementary School PTA Presents
      A Night to Celebrate Literacy
                   Tuesday, October 29th

                         Schedule of Events
        6:00pm – 6:45pm                   Hot Dog Dinner
        6:45pm – 7pm               General PTA Meeting
                                          & Book Character Parade
        7pm – 8:30 pm              Main Program
                                             STAR Readers
                                             Used Book Swap
                                             New Book Sale
                                             Visit the Publishing Center

     Come dressed as your favorite character from a book, have dinner,
       find out about exciting happenings at Morrisville during the PTA
   meeting, participate in the Character Parade and then meet and listen
        to some STAR readers from the community. Planned are guest
   readers from the local media, government and school system. You will
       also have the chance to swap a used book for a new to you book
    (watch for a flyer in the near future about how to participate in the
    used book swap but start saving those used books now!) and/or visit
     the new Book Sale. While you’re at it, drop by the STAR publishing
      center to see how Morrisville STAR authors have books published!

                                 Science Education Update
A meeting was held in September to discuss what it is Morrisville wants to do this year with its
Science program. We have developed several sub-committees to help divide and conquer the many
different areas of our science program, they are as follows:
•    Science / Math Fair (science/math projects displayed and demonstrated)
•    Science Go Round (a day long, hands-on science experience for the whole school)
•    Science Kits (replenish the FOSS kits used at school by our teachers)
•    Science Web site (help create and update the new Morrisville Science web site)
•    Scientists in the Classroom (professionals brought in to enhance the science learning experience
     in the classroom)
•    Take Home Science Kits (create take home science initiatives for our students to check out from
If any of these areas are of interest to you, please contact Carolyn Bishop at 303-4460 or Another planning meeting is coming up in October (date to be
              FREE MONEY FOR
               OUR SCHOOL!!                                          Summer’s Last Fling Was a Success!
                                                                      Q. If Morrisville is not having fundraisers this
  Do you shop at Harris Teeter, Kroger, Food Lion,                         year, why have Summer’s Last Fling?
    Target or KMart or get your telephone service
through Verizon? If so, you can earn extra money for
                                                                       A. Because its fun for the kids.
                     our school.
                                                                   Our focus this year is to make the fundraising simpler and
HARRIS TEETER: Go to Customer Service next time you are            easier, and put our focus on providing fun activities for
in the store and ask them to link your VIC card to Morrisville     our children. Hence, Summer’s Last Fling. However, did
Elementary. Our Together in Education school code is #1022.        you notice this year that the Fling cost less. We reduced
Purchase any Harris Teeter Private Label product between           the cost to play games, sold food and drinks at near cost
August and May and we will receive a percentage of your            price, and had better prizes. In the past the Fling has
sales.. (You must link your card every year to continue            made a profit of approx. $7000. This year we made a
participation)                                                     little more than $2000. (Difficult to get it down to zero,
                                                                   because we never know how many people are going to
KROGER: Go to Customer Service next time you are in the            show up on the day, and we don’t want to lose money)
store and ask them to link your Kroger Plus Card to Morrisville
Elementary. We will earn points to purchase educational
                                                                   Many thanks to Naglaa Sockar and Karen Keren for
equipment from their catalogue. If 100 shoppers sign up
             nd                                                    chairing the Food and Drinks Committees. You both did
before Nov. 2 , we will get an additional 10,000 points!
                                                                   a fantastic job. Thank you so much for all your help.
FOOD LION: Call Customer Service on 1-800-210-9569 or              Thanks, also, to Dava Jarman for donating the CD cases.
visit to link your           These made wonderful prizes.
card. Select Register MVP card. You will enter your Food
Lion MVP number, name and then choose Morrisville                  The PTA hopes you enjoyed Summer’s Last Fling and look
Elementary. At the end of each quarter, Food Lion will divide      forward to seeing you again next year.
the funds proportionally among all registered organizations
depending on their total accumulated sales. (You must link
your card each year to continue participation)
                                                                   Box Tops 4 Education Update!
TARGET: If you already have a Target Visa card or Target           Our first collection date was September 27 for Track
Guest card, call 1-800-316-6142 or visit to link                               4. Track 4 came in with
your card – our school number is 81126. If you would like to                                  1,970 Box Tops!!! That's
sign up to get a card, go to a Target store to complete an
application form, making sure you designate Morrisville
                                                                                              $197.00 collected in a
Elementary on the application form. We will receive 1% of any                                 little over 4 weeks! GREAT
purchase made at Target using the visa card or guest card,                                    JOB!!! Keep up the good
and ½% of purchases made elsewhere using the visa card.                                       work for your next
                                                                   collection date!
KMART: You need to apply for a School Spirit card either by
signing up online, or by filling out
an enrollment form at the service desk at any Kmart store.         Congratulations to Mrs. Cherry's 3rd Grade Class! Ms.
This is not a credit card. It will take about 3 – 4 weeks to       Cherry’s class collected the most box tops - 312.
receive the card. Present the card at the register with any        They will receive an ice cream party when they
purchase. Kmart will divide funds among all registered             track back in!!! Mrs. Ramsey's class was 2nd with
organizations depending on their total accumulated sales.
                                                                   205, and Mrs. Dycus' class, third, with 127. We'll
VERIZON: For existing customers, call 1-877-X-CREDIT to            round up some goodies for them as well!
sign up for the Extra Credit for Schools program. If you want to
switch long distance coverage to Verizon, you can enroll online    Mark your calendars. Our next collection dates are:
at: . We will                           Track 3 - October 17
receive 5% of your monthly long distance usage.
                                                                                 Track 2 - November 8
Lowes Foods and Walmart do not have a program at this time.                      Track 1 - December 6
If you know of any other store that has a similar program,
please contact Linda Gamble on 319-9507 or                         These 3 tracks have longer collection periods, so we                                            are hoping for lot of Box Tops! Remember you can
    Shop at Learning Express and Earn Money                        go to the website for more
                                                                   info. Track 4 start clipping again for your second
             for the Morrisville PTA
                                                                   collection date!
     Shop at Learning Express, Corner of Cary Pkwy and
     Tryon Rd, between Monday October 28 and Friday                If you have any questions about Box Tops 4
      November 1 and get 10% discount off your entire              Education please contact Freda McKenzie at
     purchase. Learning Express will also donate 10% of  
              your total purchase to our school.
                                                                                     Happy Clipping!
                                                                        Ever wonder how your PTA donations are being
                                                                         spent? Each month in this newsletter, we will
                                                                           spotlight an area of recent PTA funding.
                                                                     This month's spotlight is shining on Keirstin Belson and Anna
                                                                     Gilman and the wonderful Morrisville Directories that they
                                                                     tirelessly worked to put together. The PTA funded nearly $1600
in printing costs and offers them as a thank-you to parents and teachers who join the PTA. These directories are an invaluable
resource. Thank you Keirstin and Anna!

                           The spotlight is also shining on Mr. Doug Hooper, Morrisville’s Assistant Principal, for all of his efforts in
                           obtaining shade structures for each of the playgrounds. The PTA funded nearly $6,200 in making these
                           wonderful additions to our playgrounds. The funding came from the 2001-2002 PTA fiscal year, but the
                           structures have just recently been installed.

                           If you have a chance, walk out onto the playgrounds to look at the shade structures. They are aesthetically
                          pleasing, offer a great amount of shade for our children on hot days and are able to be taken down in the
                          event of severe inclement weather. Mr. Hooper supervised the entire project and ensured that our
children’s safety was thought of foremost in their implementation. Thank you Mr. Hooper!

Thank you to all who have contributed to the PTA, it was your dollars that made the above possible.

          The Morrisville Star Messenger is Going Online
The Morrisville Star Messenger needs your help! In an effort to trim costs, speed up delivery times, and make access more
convenient to parents, the Morrisville Star Messenger will begin an e-mail notification system for an on-line version of the Messenger
beginning November! Today, the September Messenger can be viewed on-line at as a pdf
file. Have you seen it? October will be there soon.

We currently have a list of 250 families signed up to receive the newsletter e-mail alerts (from the blue sheets at the beginning of the
year). Please consider signing up if you haven’t. When the newsletter is ready, you will receive a simple e-mail alert. No need to
worry about the size of the file—it’s only a note. Simply click on the link and voila! The benefits are great. With more families
signed up, we can reduce costs greatly. You will receive the newsletter as soon as it is completed to be viewed in your own time. If
your tracked more old news! And, if you need to see a previous issue, that’s easy too. Send the link to family members if
you like.

                   To sign up, complete the form below and return it to the Morrisville PTA Newsletter Committee

                                              Student 1                          Student 2                           Student 3

      Student’s name
      Parent(s) name
      Email address 1
      Email address 2

If you are not able to receive the newsletter via e-mail notification home a newsletter in your child’s Friday folder. Please let us know.


I am not able to receive the newsletter via e-mail because
_____I do not presently have an e-mail account.
_____Email is inconvenient for me.
       The Character Education Committee is happy to                       Cultural Arts
       report the Cary Towne Center Character
       Reward Program is underway. The October                             At Morrisville
       character trait is RESPECT. You should have
       received an introduction letter explaining the        The Morrisville PTA Supports Cultural Art Programs for
       program as well as the voucher sheet. Use the         all students. This is in keeping with the goals of the
       voucher sheet to describe how your child              Wake County School system whose philosophy is as
      exhibited RESPECT and return it to school. A           follows:
      certificate will be sent home shortly after. For the
      year round schools there is some leeway with           “Involving the "whole child" in the arts gradually
      expiration dates due to track outs but please try to   teaches many types of literacy while developing
      use your coupon as close to the expiration date        intuition, sensitivity, reasoning, imagination, and
      as possible.                                           dexterity.”

      Character Kid Lunch also started in September.         The PTA Cultural Arts Committee has been hard at work
      Throughout the month, students are                     scheduling performances for our students.
      acknowledged by their teacher for exhibiting good
      character by having their name placed on a             We are excited to announce our first performance will be
      reward ticket. The ticket gets placed in a box and     Mask Marvels & Wondertales by Michael Cooper, a self-
      at the time for Character Lunch two names are          taught mask maker. Mr. Cooper will bring his multiple
      pulled to attend. The students bring their lunches     heads, enormous nose and great sense of humor! He
      to the front office meeting room where they            will combine his masks with classical and original stories
      convene with others who were selected, and             that encourage creativity, compassion and a greater
      receive a Character Reward Certificate, fun            sense of self-worth. The performance of Mask Marvels
      coupons and cookies. Most of the time our              and Wondertales will be for tracks 1, 2 and 4 on
      mascot, "Character Cat", visits for a photo.           November 8th. If you would like a preview of what our
      If you have any questions about these programs,        students will be seeing visit
      please call Lorraine Galkowski at 387-1585 or .
      Denise Noonan at 460-9449. More details about          As the year goes on we will be sure to update you on the
      other events to come will be in future PTA             coming performances. All tracks will have a chance to
      Newsletters.                                           participate.

                     Physical Education at
                                                                         Flowers, Plants or Ferns?
                          Morrisville                          We would love to have donations of flowers for our big
                   All classes have been working hard          pots outside the school building. We would also love
                   on ball skills, and Grade 5 is working      some ferns or other appropriate potted plants for our
with the technology of heart monitors and digital            foyer. If you would like to contribute, contact Carol Riley,
pedometers to increase their knowledge of wellness.                    Literacy Specialist at school or email to
Please stop in the Multi-Purpose Room any time and join        Thank you!!
the fun.

Although spring may seem like months away, planning               Do you have 30 minutes? Maybe 15
has already begun for Field Day 2003. As you travel                minutes? Or, even 10 minutes?
through your house and wardrobe as the seasons are            The Morrisville Media Center is still in need of parent
changing, please set aside any Adult size clothing. The       volunteers. Please consider volunteering. Each day
clothing will be needed for the Fireman’s Relay and          hundreds of books need to be re-shelved. Helping is as
other Field Day events.                                        simple as stopping into the library, grabbing a cart,
                                                              rolling it over to the shelves and placing the books in
Please also keep the Field day dates on your calendar. I      label order. Volunteers are welcome any day at any
would love to have you volunteer time to work one of the                     time for any period of time.
centers, or just to come and enjoy the day with your
child. The dates are:                                        Contributions of Printing/Copying Services
                                                               Do you have use of a high-speed copier? Or, do you
Track 2 and 4           April 25 (Rain Date May 2)           know someone who might like to donate printing/copying
Track 1 and 3           May 23 (Rain Date May 27)            services? The Morrisville Star Messenger is still in need
                                                                   of copying/printing services either donated or
Rebecca Tucci,                                             discounted. Please contact
Physical Education Instructor                             or 380-0710.