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How Students Benefit from Parent Involvement by wyj96198


									                   How Students Benefit from Parent Involvement

Name: _______________________________________________ Date: _____________

School District: ________________________________ Campus: __________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________

In order to receive staff development credit participants need to do the following:

   1. Read the power point and listen to the narration of the slides.
   2. Answer the questions on this form. This can be typed in or written in by hand.
   3. Complete the planning activity on the form that is included with this CD. This
      planning activity can be done individually or as a campus or group. It is okay for
      several teachers from the same campus to turn in the same form.
   4. Questions and activity form must be emailed or faxed to Randy Deming at Fax # 325 675 8659


   1. Why is it important that staff be trained annually on the benefits of parent

   2. What is the intent and purpose of Title I?

   3. What is a school wide campus? What is a targeted assistance campus?

   4. Do parents and staff know that your campus is a Title I school wide campus?

   5. What book is this training based on? Do you have a copy that is available to you
   and other staff members at your campus?
6. Parent involvement is defined by NCLB as participation of parents in
   ______________, two-way, ________________ _____________________
   involving student academic learning and other school activities. What does this
   mean for you and your campus?

7. What are some research findings that show the benefits of parent involvement?
   (List at least 5 that you consider to be important.)

8. Why is it important to increase the levels of parent involvement at the secondary

9. How can parent involvement improve community relations and the public’s
   perception of your school?

10. What are the 6 types of parent involvement?

11. Why is it important to make positive contact with parents at the start of the school

12. Why is it important to help parents to develop parenting skills?
13. What do teachers want parents to do in order to help students achieve more?

14. How can volunteers help out at school?   Why is their participation important?

15. Why do parents need a voice in the school system?

16. Have parents helped in the development and annual review of your Parent
    Involvement Policy?

17. What are some things that need to be included in the Parent Involvement Policy?
    (See handout on the CD)

18.     What are some ways that we can increase collaboration among community

19. What are some things that Parents wish teachers would do? (List 4-5)

20. What are some things to consider when planning for a parent meeting?
                    Planning for Parent Involvement Activity

Date Plan Developed: _____________________________
Date Reviewed by Parents: ___________________________

Activity         Type           Person           Date of       Documentation
                                Responsible      Completion
Staff Training   School         Principal        May 1, 2009   Certificates and
                 Decision                                      handouts on file
                 Making                                        with PIES
                 Advocacy                                      manual
                 Communicating Principal         September     Signed copies
School- Parent                                   15,2008       on file

                                                               Sign in sheets
Review Parent                                                  with person’s
Involvement                                                    role, Agenda,
Policy and PI                                                  Minutes
Activity   Type   Person        Date   Documentation

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