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success in school and in life, ParentInvo                               ators, parent
                                                   atters.Org links educa
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leaders and trainers to usefu resources and inform mation.

Parent               ers.Org Pr
             mentMatte        rovides 
•        mation about parental invol
    Inform             p            lvement, why it matters, an links to org
                                               y              nd                        programs and
                                                                           ganizations, p          d
         cations that pr
    public                          nd
                       rovide help an guidance.

•        ssional article and resear written by advocates fo family invol
    Profes             es         rch        y            or                       ducation.
                                                                       lvement in ed

•        ess
    Succe stories su  ubmitted by pa
                                   arents and sc
                                               chools that are making pos             s            ding
                                                                        sitive progress toward build
         borative paren
    collab                        mmunities.
                      nt-school com

•   A boo             ed
         okstore devote specifically to publicatio on parent involvement building par
                                    y            ons        t           t,          rent-school
         erships, and leading positiv change in school cultur through fam engagem
    partne            l             ve                      re          mily       ment.

•        wing consulta directory o professiona advocates nationwide w provide se
    A grow           ant          of          al                     who                         hools
                                                                                    ervices to sch
        or           h            the         volvement tha translates i
    and/o parents to help develop t type of inv           at                        social, emotional,
                                                                       into student s
    physic and acade emic successs.

•       rials to implem
    Mater                          t                       process developed by more than thirty
                      ment or adapt ParentNet® -- a proven p                         e
        ols           ates discussio of everyda parenting to
    schoo that facilita            on         ay                        rages parent networking an
                                                            opics, encour                        nd
        al            nd
    mutua support, an enhances c              on
                                   communicatio between p               ents and scho
                                                           parents, stude           ools.
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     Paren                              nsored by the Na
                       atters.Org is spon                             et                             ofit
                                                       ational ParentNe Association, a 501(C)3 non-pro organization .

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