ARC 405 Building Information Modeling with Autodesk Revit Fall

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					ARC 405, Building Information Modeling, with Autodesk Revit
Fall 2007,
Mark Siever, AIA, Instructor

Class Project List

The following are pre-approved projects. Other projects not listed may be approved by the
instructor on a case by case basis. Other house projects by architects listed are likely to be
approved. Some have produced far too many projects to list (Wright):

Mario Botta                                           Louis Kahn
       Single Family House, Morbio                             Esherick House-Amelia Crutchfield
Superiore                                                      Adler House
       Single Family House, Bellinzona                         Clever House
       Single Family House, Origilo                            Fisher House
       Single Family House, Comano                             Korman House
       Single Family House, Stabio                    Kahn (cont)
       Single Family House, Viganello                          Oser House
       Single Family House, Massagno                           Roche House
       Single Family House, Pregassona                         Weiss House
       Single Family House, Ligornetto                Peter Eisenman
       Single Family House, Cadenazzo                          House I
       Single Family House, Stabio                             House II
Richard Meier                                                  House III
        Smith House 1965-1967-David                            House IV
Stout                                                          House V
        Hoffman House 1966-1967                                House VI
        Saltzman House 1967-1969                               House X-Joey Klare
        Douglas House 1971-1973-Katlyn                Michael Graves
Dench                                                          Hanselmann House
        Giovannitti House 1979-1983                            Benacerraf House Addition -1969
        Ackerberg House 1984-1986 plus                         Snyderman House
Addition 1994                                                  Rockefeller Houses
        House in Pound Ridge                                   Keeley Guest House
       House in Old Westbury                                  Mezzo House
       Shamberg House                                         Wageman House
Gwathmey Siegel & Associates                          Anthony Ames
        Gwathmey Residence and Studio                         House Pavilion-George Seidelman
1967                                                          Villa Chang
        Cooper Residence 1968                                 House in Mississippi
        Goldberg Residence 1968                               Son of Chang
        Steel House                                           Garden Pavilion-Rachel Winters
       Tolan House                                            Hulse Residence
       Cogan House                                    George Fred Keck
        Cohn Residence-Lauren Edwards                          House for Herbert Bruning
John Hejduk                                                    House for B.J. Cahn
        Bernstein Residence                           Philip B. Maher
       One Half House                                          House for Philip B. Maher, Lake
       House 10                                       Bluff
       Diamond House A                                Richard Morse
       Diamond House B                                         House for Margaret, Countess of
       Diamond House C                                Suffolk, Tucson, AZ
       Wall House 1
       Wall House 2 (Bye House)-example
                                                         Falling Water
Richard Neutra                                           Robie House-Danny Ruberg
       Kaufmann House                                    Arther Heurtley House
       Julian Bond Residence-Hillery Shea                Others to be approved by instructor
       House for William Beard-Jennifer
Yeung                                             Le Corbusier
                                                          Heidi Weber Pavillion-Melisa Shoch
(Neutra cont)                                             Shodan House
        House for Harry Koblick-Jamie                     Villa La Roche
Wright                                                    Villa Stein, Garches
        House for John Nicholas Brown                     Villa Savoye- Phillip Schilffarth
Rudolf Schindler                                          Maisons Jaoul A or B
        V. McAlmon House                                  Villa Carthage
        E. Van Patten House                               Maison Currutchet
        Lovell House-Derek Phillip                Bijvoet and Chareau
Walter F. Bogner                                          Maison de Verre
        Bogner House, Lincoln                     Gerrit Thomas Rietveld
Kenneth Day                                               Schroder House-Andrea Shelton
        House for Kenneth Day                     Timothy Wood
Gropius/Breuer                                            Weekend House
        House for Walter Gropius, Lincoln         Philip Johnson
        House for Josephine Hagerty                       Glass House-Rebecca Ison
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
        Farnsworth House-Erin Bird                Morphosis-
        Tugendhat House                                  Blades House-Chris Winnske
Marcel Breuer (some in association of                    Hermosa Beach House
Hebert Beckhard)                                         2-4-6-8 House
        Bratti House-Sheila Freeley               Frank Gerry
        Starkey House                             Ray Kappe
        Staehelin House-Rhiannon                         Kappe House-Amanda Jessee
Jenkins/Ana Mitric                                Oscar Niemeyer
        Laaff House                               Alvar Aalto
        Hooper House                                     Villa Carre
        McMullen House                                   Villa Mairea
        Stillman II House                         Stanley Vallet
        Koerfer House                                    House for Clyde T. Lloyd
        Geller II House                           Jose’ Ouberie
Herbert Beckhard                                         Miller House-Teddi Hibberd
        Reed House                                Paul Amatuzzo
        Gagarin II House (“Big Sur”)              Leonardo Ricci
        Schwartz House                            Richard Levine
        Vasiliou House                                   Cube House, Raven Run 1974
George Howe                                       UNStudio
        William Stix Wasserman House                     Mobius House-Rebekah Schaberg
Frank Lloyd Wright


1) Five Architects, by Peter Eisenman, Michael Graves, Charles Gwathemy, John Hejduck,
Richard Meier

2) Classic Modern Homes of the Thirties, By James Ford and Katherine Morrow Ford
3) Architecture Without Rules, by David Masello

4) Five Houses, by Anthony Ames


Richard Levine
         Cube House, Raven Run 1974

Paul Amatuzzo