Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Test Code 19599 by wwz15717



The GlycoMark® test is currently available at the leading clinical reference
laboratories listed below. To order a GlycoMark test, simply write "GlycoMark" or
"1,5-Anhydroglucitol" on your patient requisition form and results will be
forwarded to you following sample processing.

     Quest Diagnostics Incorporated                       LabCorp
              Test Code: 19599                       Test Code: 500115        
               1-800-553-5445                          1-800-762-4344
       Mayo Medical Laboratories                          Esoterix
              Test Code: 91742                       Test Code: 500609      
               1-800-533-1710                          1-800-444-9111
          Specialty Laboratories                    Doctors Laboratory
             Test Code: S51094                        Test Code: 5016
               1-800-421-4449                          1-800-342-7552

Pharmaceutical testing
The GlycoMark test is available at most major contract research organizations.
For additional information, contact us at 212-255-2692 or email

Ordering from GlycoMark
To get the GlycoMark kit, controls and standard from GlycoMark:
        Phone 212-255-2692
        FAX 212-355-2711

Technical support
For assistance with the GlycoMark assay, including set up on your instrument,

Specimen collection requirements
Collect GlycoMark test blood samples in:
           • Serum (red-top or gel-barrier tube)
           • Plasma (lavender-top EDTA)
Fasting is not required
1 mL sample volume recommended
Room temperature for same-day shipping or refrigerate

Target turnaround time
Results should be reported within 1-2 calendar days
CPT Code is 84378. Many private carriers reimburse GlycoMark testing.

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