Chapter 17 – Microsoft PowerPoint by phz58056


									PowerPoint Project – FAMOUS AMERICAN
PERSON Presentation
You will create a PowerPoint presentation on a FAMOUS
PERSON of your choice. Each student must choose their
FAMOUS PERSON from a given list.

You’ll need at least 6 slides in your presentation. Make sure you have appropriate slide designs,
slide transitions, animations, and clipart. Put the name of the famous person and the slide number
in the footer of each slide. All presentations will be collected in final form at the same time.
Please have your slides printed (6 slides per page) with your name included on the first slide.
Once you turn in the final (paper copy) presentation, it cannot change.

You will GIVE your presentation to the class. Now that you have completed many PowerPoint
lessons, you are a veteran and my expectations high. You have more freedom with this project
and creativity is greatly appreciated. Think about the information you want to share with the
class and how you want to say it. Organize your slides wisely.

You will be graded on the following criteria:

      Refer to the scoring rubric and the supplemental
       PowerPoint handout from the PDrive.

      Using appropriate backgrounds and clipart: make sure
       they fit the presentation.

      Smooth and effective transitions and animations.

      The presentation: speaking clearly and loudly, not
       reading your slides, providing more information than
       is given on the slides. Duration = 5 minute minimum.

      The PowerPoint: slides are easy to read and not
       cluttered with too many elements or too much text.

      Paying attention to other students during their presentations.

      CREATIVITY!!!!!!!! In order to get full credit you must use as much creativity as you
       can. (You may want to incorporate some sound with this project). Keep in mind,
       creativity is the teacher’s judgment and is closely aligned with extra effort.

      You do not have to cite your sources unless you use direct quotes. However, if data is
       fabricated or false, you could loose significant points.

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