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2010Live.doc - German Shepherd R

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									Live Auction
L01            Table Top Charcoal Grill                                                      $63.00
This is a table top charcoal grill and all accessories for nice summer picnic or backyard
entertaining. It is a picnic in a box and includes cups, napkins and candles.
Donated by:     Mary Martin

L02            GSD Plate - Heart of Gold                                                     $32.00
You can see the devotion in the eyes of this noble German Shepherd. This plate says it all, "Your
heart of finest gold has made our home complete"
Donated by:     Danny Thompson

L03            GSD Painting                                                                  $25.00
This eye catching, beautiful GSD head is painted on a 12”x12” canvas. This handsome male is done
in multiple shades of grey. The eyes seem to look at you whatever wall it is hung on. All eyes will
go there first.
Donated by:     Laurie Keating

L04            Large GSRNE Tote Bag                                                          $60.00
This is a classic LL Bean boat and tote bag with GSRNE monogram and German Shepherd figure
embroidered on the front. Convenient for a weekender bag or event bag. 1 large zippered
compartment and 6 pockets in natural earth tones.
Donated by:     Marie Guide

L05            Nuzzle Nest                                                                   $60.00
This medium to large cozy fleece snuggle nest gives your dog the comfort and security they love. All
dogs love to snuggle.
Donated by:     Anonymous
L06            Thick Woof Doormat                                                             $25.00
What an entryway mat! It's extra thick with *Woof* and paw prints across it. A perfect welcome to
any home.
Donated by:     House of Hoover

L07            Stained Glass Sun Catcher                                                       $6.00
Let this sun catcher catch your German Shepherd in the best light. Beautiful stained glass with 3
dimensional classic black and tan German Shepherd.
Donated by:     Anonymous

L08            Dog Toy Basket                                                                $130.00
Coming home with this toy basket will make you top dog in your house with your dog. Items include
Kong Classic, Kong Braidz Tiger squeak toy, Camo rope ball, Lupine 4 ft lead with 2 collars of red
and green. Also includes Kong Wubba and much, much more to keep your dog busy, busy, busy.

Donated by:     Nancy Wimmer

L09            Portrait of 2 GSD’s                                                            $25.00
This gorgeous print of a GSD and a longcoat GSD was purchased from the UK.. Entitled, “Best of
Friends” this will add warmth and charm to any wall in your home.
Donated by:     Chris & Tomas Harriman

L09a           Book: "Nannie Millie"                                                          $64.00
“Sadly, abandoned senior dogs languish in shelters. These forgotten souls often sit at the tops of
long euthanasia lists, and the majority will actively be put to death or passively die of natural causes
while waiting for no one to come...”. This is an excerpt from the long-awaited book, Nannie Millie, who
you may remember from the GSRNE website back in 2007-2008. Nannie Millie depicts the memorable
experiences author Joseph and her cute niece, Melissa, have had with the sweet old German Shepherd,
Nannie Millie. Portrayed through over 150 photos tagged with creative captions, this book is sure to
rouse you with joy, sadness, wonderment, and fits of laughter. Few will ever look at an old dog the same
way again after reading this book.
Donated by:     Donna Joseph

L10            GSD Sweatshirt                                                                 $20.00
A soft yellow sweatshirt with a fetching image of a handsome GSD on the front with the caption
“German Shepherd” to insure everyone knows which breed is your favorite. Size Large.
Donated by:     Michael & Gina D'Antuono

L11            Mary Naylor set of 6 Tall Latte Mugs                                           $69.00
6 colorful tall latte mugs picturing cartoon paintings of dogs on each one. Naylor art is well known
for its charm and whimsy! Each mug is a conversation piece depicting “sit,” “wait,” “stay,”
“speak,” “down,” and “fetch”.
Donated by:     Victoria & Joel Abrams
 L12            AKC Pet First Aid Kit                                                          $25.00
 When the unexpected happens, this first aid pet kit can prove invaluable to have on hand. Kit
 includes all the necessary items commonly needed to quickly and effectively treat your pet in an
 emergency or injury. Put it in your home or your car and you have the necessary supplies to properly
 treat your pet.
 Donated by:     Gail & Ken Van Hoesen

 L13            Large Olive/Brown Bowl                                                         $35.00
 11 inch stoneware bowl. Hand thrown and fired at Mudfat Studios in Somerville by Bill Russell.
 The bowl is high fired and is microwave save and food safe of course. The color is a result of
 applying a greenish-blue glaze over the whole bowl and adding a second brown glaze on the rim.
 The first glaze is unaffected on the very bottom.
 Donated by:     William Russell

 L14            2 Red Sox Tickets                                                             $340.00
State Street Pavilion Club seating on Saturday July 17th 2010. These are the newest seats added in
Fenway. They are located along the first base lines, on the top level of the stadium above the
luxury boxes. The level is broken into two sections, each with a different name. The lower half
of these seats is called the State Street Pavilion Club. These seats are a little closer to the playing
field, still looking down on the action. The main difference in these seats is with your ticket, you
have access to the actual State Street Pavilion Club, which is located on the same level, behind
home plate. The Club is located indoors, and is a restaurant with a full service bar, buffet, rest
rooms and wait staff. Any food or beverage purchased in this club is put on a separate tab.
 Donated by:     Deborah Saperia

 L15            Italian Basket                                                                 $50.00
 Everything needed for an Italian feast. Designer pastas, sauces and even a pasta cook book for the
 culinary challenged. Relax with a bottle of Italian wine!
 Donated by:     Abby Faherty

 L16            Vacation Cabin in the Woods                                                   $120.00
Wendy Warner, accomplished equestrian and adopter of GSRNE‟s Ysa, is offering a get-away weekend
at her farm in Royalston, MA. This rustic cabin offers beautiful scenery. Hike, kayak, swim, fish at Tully
Lake or just relax. Dogs and horses are welcome. Riding lessons and stabling are available. Bring your
standard camping gear: lamps, water, jugs, sleeping bags and cookstove. On site is a woodstove, solar
shower, private outhouse, sofa, table and firewood. Arrive on Friday, depart on Sunday.
 Donated by:     Wendy Warner
 L17            Pocket Watch                                                                      $25.00
This pocket watch all the way from London. Press the button on top, and the cover flips open, to reveal a
large, beautifully clear dial which you can read at a glance. Ideal for engraving. Only needs a battery and
you will be keeping time in style.
 Donated by:     Chris & Tomas Harriman

 L18            Sandcast GSD Laying Down                                                          $50.00
 Beautiful GSD Sandcast sculpture. 9” tall x 14” long with dark expressive eyes. Would look great
 on a shelf or mantel keeping watch over your room!
 Donated by:     Ruth Anderson GSD Club of Central MA

 L19            All Weather Coat                                                                  $46.00
 Keep your dog comfortable in rain, sleet, snow or cold. This is an all weather coat with an orange
 nylon waterproof shell with a full chest protector! It has reflective straps and is removable. This is
 an absolute necessity for any fashionable fur friend.
 Donated by:     Laurie Keating

 L20            Mouse Pad with Picture of 6 GSRNE Rescue Dogs                                     $15.00
 Mouse pad with GSRNE Dogs. Photos in color of Xago, Raven, Eli, Abby and Rocky.
 Donated by: Marie Guide

 L21            MS STICKS Walking Stick                                                          $130.00

This is a one-of-a-kind, custom-made walking stick. It has a leather hand grip and wrist strap, rubber foot
and a compass at top of the stick that makes it perfect for hiking so you don‟t lose your way. Sturdy and
durable, made from fallen branches, it is custom cut to your height and designed to reflect your
personality. With the warmer weather here, these are a great accessory for going out for walks and
soaking up the sun!
 Donated by:     MS STICKS
L22            Seasons of Yankee Candle Basket                                              $130.00
Celebrate the 4 seasons with Americas favorite candle company. Includes tar warmers, votive
holders, tarts, votives and jar candles for each season.
Donated by:    Lauralee Davis

L23            Maine Island Basket                                                          $120.00
A rustic and decorative Maine Island artisan basket crafted under the tutelage of a master basket
weaver. This piece incorporates bits of island beach combing treasure, including the striking
driftwood handle invoking a Native American dancer. Strips of woven curled birch bark and beach
stones complete this piece. Each basket is unique and signed by the artist.
Donated by:    Ted & Nannette Wirth

L24            Autographed Book “Forever Forward: K9 Operations in Vietnam                    $30.00
Just released and autographed book dedicated to GSRNE by the author Mike Lemish. The first in
depth accounting of K9 operations during Vietnam and provides a behind the scenes look at how
Allied forces employed dog teams in a variety of rolls, the evolution of the US military working dog
 program and the aftermath of Vietnam.
Donated by:    Michael Lemish

L25            German Shepherd Lamp                                                           $25.00
A unique English lamp suitable for end table or night stand. Wooden base with felt bottom. Four
sided shade with a beautiful image of a GSD on each side, all identical.
Donated by:    Michael & Gina D'Antuono

L26            Wine and Cheese Basket                                                         $33.00
A romantic wine and cheese basket for two. Includes 2 wine glasses, crackers, cheese assortment,
dark chocolate, head phones, cordless tranquility fountain and John Stevens CD. What more could
you want except for that certain special someone?
Donated by:    Mary Martin
L27            Basket of Goodies                                                                $106.00
Everything a dog would love: comfy bed to rest in after playing with the toys and having an
afternoon snack. Don‟t forget the lovely German Shepherd Irish Linen for the GSD lover.
Donated by:     Janice Lariviere/ GSD Club of Central Mass

L27a           German Shepherd Wallet with Rhinestone Collar                                     $22.00
Hard to find this charming design anymore! This clutch has a place for 12 credit cards. Holds your
paper money, driver‟s license etc. A unique wallet with a gorgeous German Shepherd wearing a
rhinestone collar
Donated by:     Chris & Tomas Harriman

L28            Queen Size Blanket                                                                $70.00
This peaceful scene of a wolf pack resting in the snow is done in cool tones of grays, white, purples
and dark accents. This handsome blanket is queen/king size at 102x90 inches. 100% polyester and
machine washable.
Donated by:     Dottie Paquet

L28a           Garmin GPS Nuvi255W                                                              $160.00
Fully featured GPS includes preloaded street maps for North America. Easy to use, this Garmin
comes with instructional disc and all accessories. Comes in very handy if you go on home visits,
transport a dog…. Or just get lost!
Donated by:     Deidre Zaccagnini

L29            Black German Shepherd Watercolor Print                                            $28.00
This is a professional, archival quality open edition print by artist David J. Rogers. Printed on
heavy 210gsm watercolor paper to look and feel just like the original watercolor painting and hand
signed on the front by the artist. The detail and color are outstanding. 8 ½ “ x 11” and will fit nicely
in an 11” x 14” frame and mat.
Donated by:     Chris & Tomas Harriman
 L30            Painted Sand Dollar with Stand                                                $30.00
 Beautifully painted GSD face on a sand dollar adds beauty to a shelf in your home.
 Donated by:     Ruth Anderson GSD Club of Central MA

 L31            Welcome Basket for Your New Pooch                                             $60.00
 This welcome basket contains Dr Pitcairn‟s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats,
 smokehouse variety pack doggie chew bones, Milkbones dog biscuits, a heavy duty squeaky toy and a
 welcome Shepherd plaque.
 Donated by:     Barbara Renison-Hickey

 L32            Stained Glass Art- German Shepherd                                           $100.00
 This is a great ornament to hang on a window to let everybody know your love for this wonderful loyal
 Donated by:     June Alexandra

 L33            German Shepherd Wind Chime                                                    $45.00
 Porches and decks will never be the same once you add this German Shepherd wind chime to the
 atmosphere. Clear sounds come from the aluminum rods and the sculptor designed images at the top
 and bottom personalizes this wonderful wind chime to show how much you love this breed. The
 approximate size of our German Shepherd wind chime is 24 inches.
 Donated by:     Jeannie McMahon

 L34            GSD Umbrella                                                                  $40.00
 Everyone knows about April showers! While everyone else is getting wet, stay dry with this large
German Shepherd umbrella.
 Donated by: Robert Russo

 L35            Nikon Digital Camera                                                         $175.00
This Nikon Coolpix S570 digital camera will have you shooting like a pro in no time. Simple and
stylish, the camera has a bright, wide-angle lens and 5x zoom helping it standout from the
competition; as does its consistently good photo quality. It‟s incredible, bright 2.7-inch High
Resolution LCD makes it easy to compose and share your pictures with anti-glare coating and
brightness adjustment. Slim, Stylish, Metal Design less than 1-inch thick slips right into your
shirt pocket or purse! It includes strap, rechargeable batteries with charger and an extended warranty.
 Donated by:     Nancy Wimmer
 L35a           German Shepherd Writing Pen                                                    $7.00
 A black ball point writing pen which is 5 ½ inches with many of our favorite breed dogs pictured.
 A charming novelty gift for any GSD lover. A unique wallet with a Gorgeous German Shepherd
 wearing a rhinestone collar. There‟s room inside for twelve credit cards, paper money, drivers
 license, etc
 Donated by:     Chris & Tomas Harriman

 L36            Memory Foam Sleeper Bed                                                      $180.00
The benefits of a memory foam bed are well documented and this is a beautiful, affordable way
for all dogs to benefit from the same technology. A perfect balance of orthopedic memory foam,
combined with a firm supportive base. While it is wonderful for pets with bone, hip or joint
problems this bed is also the ultimate in comfort for any pet. Great for pets with bone, hip or joint
problems. Removable, washable cover in soft tan and sea foam green.

 Donated by:     Karen & Ted McCall

 L37            Pool and Accessories Basket                                                  $138.00
Fun items to play in your backyard pool to beat the heat. Fun for you and your family,
including your 4 legged friend.
 Donated by:     Mary Martin

 L38            German Shepherd Dog Bead Charm                                                $15.00
Are you looking for a unique, original one-of-a-kind custom bead charm? This European bead charm is
beautiful with it‟s German Shepherd Dog in Sterling Silver. This charm will fit any name brand bracelet.
 Donated by:     Allison Perry

 L38a           Waterford Crystal Candle Holders                                              $29.00
 “Topaz” pair of Marquis Waterford Crystal 6 inch candle holders for tapered candles. These would
 look lovely on any table setting or a perfect addition to a collector of this fine German Waterford
 Donated by:     Nancy Wimmer
 L39            GSD Plate “Faithful Friend”                                                    $32.00
 A limited edition Danbury Mint plate from the “Cherished German Shepherds” collection. This
 devoted mother is looking right at you while taking care of two adorable pups.
 Donated by:     Danny Thompson

 L40            Handcrafted One-of-a-Kind GSD Mailbox                                         $150.00
 No one will bother your mail with this one-of-a-kind handcrafted GSD mailbox guarding it. It‟s
 metal and stamped “US Mail and Approved by the US Postmaster General”. It has a head and tail
 made of wood and hand painted to look like your favorite breed. Your mailbox will give your home
 its unique identity while it displays your love for your favorite breed.
 Donated by:     Chrysan Corcione

 L41            Doggie Duffle Bag                                                              $45.00
 Everything you need for the dog on the go all in a nylon doggie duffle bag. Includes 2 bowls, 1
 towel, water bottle, and food container.
 Donated by:     Louise Miller

 L41a           Sterling Silver Paw Print Earrings                                             $35.00
Sleeping Bear Company has been selling these fine silver paw prints locally and they have become a real
favorite of dog owners. These earrings are handmade from fine silver. The little charmers are about 5/8
of an inch all around. They hang from sterling silver ear wires making them a total of about an inch long.
The silver is hand polished to a mirror shine.
 Donated by:     Sleeping Bear Co. c/o Ellen Stelmach

 L42            Patchwork Pillow                                                               $35.00
 This Patchwork Pillow is HANDMADE to display pictures of YOUR OWN beloved pets. This is
 an example only – a pillow will be custom made with up to 6 pictures of your pet (which you will
 Donated by:     Judi & Emily Poirier
L43            “Temporary” Tattoo Party Gift Certificate                                     $100.00
Have a birthday party or special event coming up? This will add fun and excitement to any occasion.
These tattoos are temporary way to express yourself for both adults and children! Gift certificate
includes artist fee, 10 small or medium temporary tattoos within an hour‟s drive of Boston. You can
add more tattoos as well as distance/travel time for a nominal fee. Tattoos last 2-10 days, paints are
 FDA approved and hypo-allergenic.
Donated by:     Wild Roses - Temporary Air Brush Tattoos

L44            Framed GSD Print                                                                $25.00
This is a beautiful hand signed print by D.J. Rogers that depicts a German Shepherd standing on the
beach at sunset. Printed from an original painting onto heavy watercolor paper.
Donated by:     Allison Perry

L45            GSD Etching / Stained Glass Sun catcher                                         $20.00
This is an acid-etched stained glass sun catcher, created from a photo of the artists own German
Shepherd! No two are alike.
Donated by:     Jo Kinnaly

L46            Back Pack filled with Office Supplies                                           $63.00
Backpack and office supplies include label maker, calculator, pencil sharpener, glue, glue sticks,
highlighters, pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, copy paper, note book, 3 ring binder and filler
paper. Everything you need for your home office.
Donated by:     Mary Martin

L47            German Shepherd Fashion Tote                                                    $25.00
Just what every GSD lover needs - a canvas bag adorned with an embroidered GSD. It holds all
your necessities along with showing off the breed of your heart.
Donated by:     Gail & Ken Van Hoesen
L48            Doggles – Eye Goggles for Your Dog                                               $20.00
Dogs need UV protection just like humans do! Doggles are worn by working dogs all over the
world: K9 Units, Border Patrol, and SAR. Doggles are recommended by Vet Ophthalmologists to
protect their patients in all types of situations. Especially good for our German Shepherd breed who
tend to get dry eye conditions. The lenses are also shatterproof to protect from flying bugs, rocks,
and other objects! These Doggles fit dogs 50-95 pounds and have decorative flame racing stripes!

Donated by:     Jeannie McMahon

L49            Pewter GSD Statue on Stone                                                       $20.00
This beautiful 1 ½ inch pewter GSD is sitting on a beautiful purple stone. This would look lovely in
a curio cabinet or displayed on a table.
Donated by:     Marie Guide

L49a           Rescued and Loved Leash Holder                                                   $25.00
This is a black wrought iron leash holder saying "Rescued and Loved". It is made by Sweeney
Ridge Pet products. This piece is available only to rescue groups to aid in fundraising. They are
crafted in New Hampshire
Donated by:     Sweeney Ridge Pet

L50            Hewlett Packard Monitor                                                        $225.00
This amazing 21.5” LCD Monitor by HP is a flat screen panel, HD power sound, with great
resolution. A must have for any computer lover, it tilts and swivels to help show off those great
GSD photos.
Donated by:     Nancy Wimmer

L51            Salt and Pepper Shakers                                                          $13.00
These adorable porcelain salt and pepper shakers are a great gift idea. Great for collectors, dog
lovers, or your dinner table. Purchased 8 years ago they are almost impossible to find today!
Donated by:     Chris & Tomas Harriman
L52            Boston Red Sox Tickets and Batting Practice                                     $450.00
Take me out to the ball game with these 2 Red Sox tickets and a “chance of a lifetime” to observe
batting practice! They are infield Grand Stand tickets. They must be booked by 4/30/10 for a non-
Yankee game and not valid opening day.
Donated by:     Boston Red Sox

L53            Custom Memory Egg                                                                $50.00
This custom decoupage design is great for someone that loves their pet. Handmade, the artist will
take your pet‟s photo and memorialize them in this unique way! One dog portrait only.
Donated by:     Holly Motzko

L54            License Plate Holder                                                                 $4.00
Show everyone your love of GSD‟s with this “I Love My German Shepherd” license plate holder.
Great for any car or truck.
Donated by:     Anonymous

L55            GSD Pyrography Portrait on Oval Plaque                                           $40.00
This German Shepherd pyrography portrait is on an oval 5 ¼” x 7 ½” plaque with a 1/8” border. It
comes from Kritter Burnings & More located in Sherman, Maine, and specializing in custom wood
burnings. Richard Kimball is the craftsman and this work of art was done from a photograph.

Donated by:     Kritter Burnings and More Richard J. Kimball Jr

L56            Light Catcher with GSD Portrait                                                  $30.00
This metal sculpture is done in earth tones that bring the feel of the forest into your home. The
watchful GSD profile blends artistically into the setting.
Donated by:     Trudy Walsh
L57            China Sugar and Creamer Set                                                     $21.00
This German Shepherd Bone China set features a covered sugar bowl and matching milk pitcher.
Each piece, including the sugar bowl‟s lid, is trimmed with gold and both are beautifully decorated
with a Shepherd mother and her pups. Purchased from England.
Donated by:     Chris & Tomas Harriman

L58            GSD Key Chain                                                                     $5.00
This GSD will watch over your keys. The keychain is from the Pollyanna Pickering Collection
featuring a painting-like headshot of a gorgeous GSD in a fall setting.
Donated by:     Marie Guide

L59            GSD T-Shirt                                                                     $15.00
This large, white, short sleeve T-shirt features 6 beautiful GSD's, a puppy, a black and tan and a
longcoat just to name a few. Show off your love for this wonderful breed!
Donated by:     Lauralee Davis

L60            Handmade Doggie Quilt                                                          $300.00
This is a simply gorgeous twin size handmade doggie quilt with dog bone stitched design on top and
bottom. Great for a bed or cuddling with while watching TV.
Donated by:     Kim Akashian Preston

L61            Walt Disney World Park Passes (4)                                              $525.00
Planning a trip to Florida with the family? These Walt Disney Park Passes will let you enjoy a day
of fun and adventure at Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Blizzard Beach and magic Kingdom. Enjoy!

Donated by:     Tina Russo

L61            New England Aquarium Tickets                                                   $100.00
This is 4 Tickets to discover the aquatic world at the New England Aquarium. Step inside and
experience 70 exhibits featuring animals from around the world. Stand in awe of the four story
200,000 gallon giant ocean tank. These tickets are good until 2016.
Donated by:     Bill & Lauri Lewinski
L62            Ladies Bath and Robe Basket                                                   $55.00
Treat yourself special with this ladies bath and robe basket. Included are a pink fleece robe, glade
plug in, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, deodorant, lip balm,
body lotion, body wash, razors, shaving cream and sponge brush. Become the pampered woman you
 deserve to be.
Donated by:    Mary Martin

L63            Framed Rainbow Bridge Poem                                                    $25.00
Hang this framed print of the Rainbow Bridge on your wall to remember your loved ones that have
crossed the bridge.
Donated by:    Marie Guide

L63a           Basket for Man and his Best Friend                                          $141.00
This basket includes a GSD wine stopper, 4 etched GSD wine glasses, 1 GSD candle ring, an "I
love my GSD" notepad set, 1 bottle of Shiraz, 1 bottle of Chardonnay, 1 2.5 lb. Bag of Dunkin
Donuts Coffee, 1 2 pack Kong Air Dog Tennis Fetch toys, and 1 bag Wellness bites. A great treat
for you and your pal.
Donated by:    Peggy Serino

L64            Leather Leash and Collar                                                      $36.00
This beautiful leather leash and collar given in loving memory of Zeke, Danice Larivier‟s loving
GSD who crossed the bridge this year.
Donated by:    Janice Lariviere

L65            Basket                                                                        $35.00
This collectible basket is from the Peterboro Basket Company located in Peterborough, NH. This
basket can be used for a number of things in any room of your home and inspires you to use your
Donated by:    Jill & Jim Cuddihy
 L66            Beasley Bed                                                                     $90.00
 The ultimate in comfort and design. This bed has a foam bottom with a liner and outer cover that can
 be washed and dried. Designed to fit medium sized dogs.
 Donated by:     Nancy Wimmer

 L67            Shepherds are Loyal and True Plaque                                             $30.00
Fifth issue in a limited edition collection of "Shepherds are Loyal and True" by Linda Picken.
Officially listed for trading on the Bradford Exchange. Hang it in your house, on your porch or even place
it in your garden.
 Donated by:     Chris & Tomas Harriman

 L68            GSD Cameo Brooch                                                                $18.00
 Hang this cameo near your heart. Adorned with a German Shepherd Dog and roses, it includes a 18”
 gold plated chain.. The porcelain cameo measures 1.75” long x 1.25” wide and is a great gift for
 yourself or someone special.
 Donated by:     Chris & Tomas Harriman

 L69            German Shepherd Stein                                                           $33.00
 This beautiful stein features the German Shepherd dog, best known for its fearlessness, courage and
 loyalty. A toast to your best friend!
 Donated by:     Allison Perry

 L70            GSD Tapestry Tote                                                               $25.00
This beautiful tapestry tote features a GSD on both sides. Great for your day to day errands. This design is
hard to find anymore.
 Donated by: Chris & Tomas Harriman

 L71            German Shepherd Lithograph                                                      $30.00
 This is an original lithograph of a stunning GSD. Who wouldn‟t want this hanging in their home?

 Donated by:     Susan Gudiatis
 L72             A Breed Apart                                                                 $40.00
Shepherd lovers are sure to find this canine character truly irresistible. Master sculptor, Grant
Palmer has spent his professional career producing authentic reproductions of the animal
kingdom, that is until the whimsical cast of “A Breed Apart” came along! Embracing humor and
true to life poses, Grant plays off of the fun characteristics of each breed. This whimsical figurine
is a collectible that has been retired so this may be your last chance to get it.
 Donated by:      Chris & Tomas Harriman

 L74             Matted Photograph                                                             $50.00
 This is an unusual vintage style „through the viewfinder‟ photo of Queen Anne‟s Lace against a
 background of cumulous clouds.
 Donated by:      Alicia Graff

 L75             Triple Bell Dog Wind Chime                                                    $38.00
 Sit out in your yard and enjoy this colorful ceramic triple bell wind chime with paintings of dogs
 and bones. Perfect for a garden or deck.
 Donated by:      Victoria & Joel Abrams

 L76             Simply Yippee Dog Copper & Sterling Necklace                                  $29.00
 This unique handmade dog necklace is made of copper and sterling silver for the dog lover in all of
 us! Hung on a 16” sterling silver ball chain, the pendant is approximately 3/4” x 3/4”
 Donated by:      Victoria & Joel Abrams

 L77             Large Pet Throw                                                               $30.00
 This large handmade throw for all dog breeds is ultra soft and made in New Hampshire. A must
 have on those cold snowy New England nights or to take with you on a picnic or beach outing.
 Donated by:      Meows and Bow Wows Custom Pet Products Cheryl and Steve

 L78             Orthopedic Comfort                                                            $75.00
 What dog wouldn't love a 36" x 45" orthopedic comfort mat made with the same quality grade egg
 crate foam found in most hospital bed?. Eliminates pressure points for your dog's maximum comfort.
 Perfect for pets suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. Also good for older pets and large breeds.
 Machine washable covers.
 Donated by:      Loueen and Larry LaVallee
L79            Silpada Sterling Silver Dog Bone Pendant                                       $49.00
A unique pendant, this sterling silver dog bone is sure to catch an admiring eye! Large size pendant
is of finest quality for lasting use.
Donated by:     Debbie Doiron

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