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									                               Finding Research Articles              in Physical Therapy

              FINDING JOURNAL ARTICLES: “Databases”
The Regis Library web page is at

To find physical therapy journal articles, click “Research by Subject”.

This will bring you to the list of Regis Libraries’ resources that can be useful for research
in different subjects. Click on “Physical Therapy”.

Scroll down the list of Databases and click on EBSCOhost.

Choose databases listed in the EBSCOhost list. Descriptions of each database are included in
the list. Academic Search Premier is automatically selected.

For this search, choose Academic Search Premier, CINAHL (the nursing and physical
therapy index), MEDLINE (the large medical database), and SportDISCUS (the sports and
fitness index) by clicking the box in front of the database name. Scroll down and also
select. Click “Continue”.

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Next, set up your own My EBSCOhost account so you can save the searches you perform
and re-run them. You can also save lists of articles in folders in your account.

To begin, click Sign In To My EBSCOhost.

Click I’m a new user to create a new account.

Jan Loechell Turner Reference Librarian 303-458-4262   3/31/06

Enter the requested information and click the Submit button.

Now that you have a My EBSCOhost account, you can save the search histories and
article lists that you find.

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 If you enter more than one word in a box, the words will be searched as a phrase (those
words together in that order). Enter separate phrases or concepts in separate boxes.
“And” between the boxes (in the pull down menu) means articles containing all of the
concepts entered will be pulled up.

We are going to search for recent articles from scholarly journals dealing with
manipulative therapy for adhesive capsulitis.

Enter the phrase adhesive capsulitis in the first box.

Enter the word manipulat* in the second box. An asterisk can be used as a wildcard to
search for variations of the root of a word. For example, manipulat* would bring up manipulate,
manipulation, manipulative, etc.
Note: It is a good idea to use synonyms for terms for a comprehensive search. Combine
synonyms with the word “OR”. For example, in the second box we could enter the statement
manipulate* or “physical therapy” or physiotherapy for a more comprehensive search.

DO NOT click the FULL TEXT box. If you do that, the Gold Rush Linker will not check
to find the full text article in other databases that Regis has access to. It will only look in
EBSCOhost, not in our other full text journal databases such as Health Reference
Center Academic (from Gale) or Science Direct.

Click the box Scholarly (peer reviewed) Journals.

Enter the date range 2000 to 2005 so we will only pull up current articles.

Click the Search button.

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A list of article references or citations will be displayed. Some have links to the full
text article. Others have a link Check for Full Text. The link activates the Gold Rush
linker to check the other Regis Libraries databases for the full text article.

To save an article to your folder, click the “Add” folder icon on right.

Jan Loechell Turner Reference Librarian 303-458-4262    3/31/06

To see more information about the article, click the title link.

Click the title of article 1, “Manipulation following regional interscalene anesthetic

This displays more information about the article. The entry lists title, author, source, and
even subject terms that have been used to describe the article. The subjects may give
you other ideas for searches. To see more articles on a specific subject, you may click
on the subject.

Jan Loechell Turner Reference Librarian 303-458-4262   3/31/06

This article is not linked full text in EBSCOhost. Click Check for Full Text link to have
the Gold Rush linker search our other library databases for the full text article.

Even though Gold Rush didn’t find a direct link to the article, it found the full text journal
online in the ScienceDirect database and in the Regis Library Catalog (Regis University
Local Library Journals as a print subscription. Before linking, I should note the citation for
the article. Click the ScienceDirect link to find the full text article.

Here is the citation: Manipulation following regional interscalene anesthetic block for
shoulder adhesive capsulitis: a case series.Boyles RE - 2005-05-01Manual Therapy, Vol. 10,
No. 2, pp. 164

Click the ScienceDirect link to open the screen to the entry for the journal Manual

Jan Loechell Turner Reference Librarian 303-458-4262   3/31/06

Next, click on Volume 10, issue 2, scroll to the page number, and click the PDF
link to read the article.

Jan Loechell Turner Reference Librarian 303-458-4262   3/31/06

The full text article is displayed using the Adobe Reader software. To print off the
article, click the printer icon on the gray bar above the document. It is also possible
to save a copy of the article to your computer or to e-mail a copy of the article.

To return to the list of articles, “x” out of the PDF file (clicking x in upper right
corner of screen) and click Results list. Scroll down to view more articles.

Jan Loechell Turner Reference Librarian 303-458-4262   3/31/06

If we scroll down a bit more, we come to article #11. It does not have a full text link
so we will click Check for Full Text.

The Gold Rush Linker did not find the article. If you want this article, you may
request it. Click Request Materials (Loan Ranger). This will send a request to the
library’s Interlibrary Loan Department. They will try to find the article at another library.
They may send it to you as a PDF file to your e-mail or the article may arrive at the
library as a photocopy and you will be notified when it is available for pickup. Allow at
least 7 to 10 days for the article to arrive.

Jan Loechell Turner Reference Librarian 303-458-4262   3/31/06

It is possible to save your search strategy (search history) or list of articles in
your EBSCOhost account. To do this, return to your results list (“x” out of Gold
Rush and click Results list.

Click the Search History tab.

Click the Save Searches/Alerts link.

You can give your search a title and save your search so you can re-run it later.
You can also save it as an alert and have EBSCOhost run the search for you every
week, month, etc.

Jan Loechell Turner Reference Librarian 303-458-4262   3/31/06

To see your search history in the future, you would enter your EBSCOhost
account. You would do this by clicking on Find Articles under “Articles &
Information”, going into the EBSCOhost database, selecting the databases you
searched. Once you are at the EBSCOhost search screen, click on Sign Into My
EBSCOhost and enter your username and password.

Click on the “Search History” tab, and click the Retrieve Searches link.

This will bring up your saved searches. You can click on the Retrieve Saved
Searches link to re-run the search and bring up a list of current and past results.

Jan Loechell Turner Reference Librarian 303-458-4262   3/31/06

When you are in your EBSCOhost account, you can double click the “My folder”
icon (on the right) to view the articles that you have saved. This will pull up the
citations and the link to the PDF file or the Check for Full Text link so you can
read, search for, or request the article.

For help using the library website and databases, contact a librarian at 303-458-
4031 (the Regis Library Reference Desk) or click the “Ask Us” link on the library
website to send an e-mail or use the after hours instant message (chat) service.

Jan Loechell Turner Reference Librarian 303-458-4262   3/31/06

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