Installation Aid for Conical Pre-Filter Wraps Cut Conical Wrap

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					                                                                     Filtration Solutions

                                                                     for Gas Turbines,

                                                                     Generators, and Compressors

 Installation Aid for Conical Pre-Filter Wraps
 Cut Conical Wrap Installation Time without Turbine Shut-Down!

 O    ur new wrap installation
      tools make changing the
 hard-to-reach conical wraps easy
                                                   U    sing these tools, there is no
                                                        need to shut down the turbine
                                                   because wraps can be changed
                                                                                            4) Using the handles, slide the
                                                                                            Installation Tool, with the wrap in-
                                                                                            side, over the cylindrical filter. Push
 and fast!                                         during operation. First remove           the Tool all the way to the back-
                                                   the used pre-filters that are being      wall, covering the conical element.
 Donaldson GDS and GDX sys-                        replaced, then:
 tems have pairs of filters mounted
 horizontally. Because of the prox-                1) Wrap the
 imity of adjacent filters and the                 fresh pre-filter
 depth of the double filter arrange-               around the form-
 ment, it’s difficult to reach the                 ing tool (the
 rear conical filter when installing               unit with-out
 new wraps. These tools solve that                 the handles)
 problem!                                          and overlap the
                                                   velcro strip so that the pre-filter is   If the wrap is not all the way to the
                          There are 2 pieces:                                               backwall, use the Installation Tool
                          the Forming Tool and                                              to push/twist the wrap further back.
                          the Installation Tool.
                  Too     Made of aluminum,
     tall                 each piece weighs
                          about 10 lbs, and are
                          designed for years of

                          In our field testing,
                                                   2) Slide the Installation Tool over
           ool            this tool enable a
       ng T                                        the wrap. The tabs around the
                          2-man crew to re-
                                                   bottom of the Installation Tool          5) Pull the Installation Tool back
                          place pre-filters at a                                            out and the conical wrap is in
                                                   grab the wrap.
                          rate of 25 pairs (both                                            place! The cylindrial wrap can
                          conical and cylin-                          3) Lift the Instal-   now be installed without using
                          drial) per hour.                            lation Tool up,       any special tools.
                                                                      sliding it and
 Compare that to how long it cur-
                                                                      the wrap off the           Part Numbers:
 rently takes your crew and you
                                                                      Forming Tool.              Set of Both ................ AD74708
 can easily figure how much this                                                                 Forming Tool .............. AD74733
 set of tools can save in labor time.                                                            Instllation Tool .......... AD74739

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