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                                                                                                  S E C O N D   Q UA R T E R   2 0 0 6

                                                                                          IN THIS NEWSETTER……
                                                                                          New IFG Commissioner Appointed
                                                                                          Other Issues
                                                                                          Converted to Camo
                                                                                          Congressional Candidates Reply
                                                                                          Marcus Gibbs Farewell to SEIMDF

New CommissioNer
   With very little fanfare and almost no warning, Idaho             Watts of Boise, who represents Region 3, since Watts is
Governor James Risch flew into Pocatello on Saturday                 also a Republican, and his re-appointment would make
morning, July 8, 2006 and appointed a new Idaho Fish and             five Republicans on the Commission. Watts was recently
Game Commissioner for Region 5. The announcement                     passed over for the post of Commission chairman and the
occurred at the Fish and Game Regional Office, where                 appointment of a Republican Commissioner from Region
Fish and Game employees said they weren’t                            5 before handling the Region 3 appointment is viewed by
notified the ceremony was to take place until                                          many as a way to move Watts out of the way
Friday afternoon.                                                                      to make room for someone more favorable
                                                                                       to the view of those who hold the political
   The new Commissioner is Randy Budge,
                                                                                       reins in the state of Boise.
a prominent Pocatello attorney who practices
with the law firm of Racine, Olsen, Nye,                                                  Another concern is the lack of regard
Budge and Bailey Chartered. Budge has           Governor Risch announcing attorney     shown for sportsmen by the Governor’s
                                                Randy Budge is the new Region 5 Fish
been active in the Southeast Chapter of         and Game Commissioner.
                                                                                       choice of a candidate without the
Pheasants Forever for several years and                                                involvement of local groups. Southeast
was one of the chapter’s founding members. He is also a              Idaho is now represented by a person whose appointment
member of Trout Unlimited, on the Sportsmen’s Review                 appears to have been made on the basis of cronyism,
Committee for the Region 5 Access Yes! program, and a                without participation from residents of the region. The
past member of Ducks Unlimited.                                      issue is not the qualifications of Randy Budge, it is the
                                                                     process by which he was selected for the position.
   One of the concerns of observers of the appointment
process was the need to maintain the balance of Democrats                When the Idaho Department of Fish and Game was
and Republicans on the Commission since state law                    created over 70 years ago, by an initiative of the people, it
require no more than four of one party may serve on the              was to remove the Department from the maneuverings of
Commission. Budge, the son of former State Senator Reed              politics. It appears that process is not working. Perhaps the
Budge, is a Republican. Gibbs, who Budge replaces, is                time has come for the people to take back the process.
an independent. That will affect the appointment of John
THE PRESIDENT’S CORNER                                             I’m nearly out of cases and shot. The last shot I bought
                                                                   ran $21.95 for a 25-pound bag. When I calculate the cost
—— by Rick Cheatum
                                                                   of loading a trap or game load with 1 1/8 ounce of shot
applications                                                       and figure in a wad, primer and powder, I can buy shells
   The annual hunting lottery is over for another year.            for less. Metals prices have skyrocketed in the past year,
We apply for the hunts we dream about taking and wait              pushing the cost of reloading shotgun shells up by over
to see if, by some miracle, we can start to plan for one           third. I had several bags of shot in the garage, but they are
of the hunts we so carefully selected. I made it easy for          nearly gone now and I don’t think I am going to replace
the lottery computer this year…I applied for one of the            them immediately. I am going to wait and see if prices
extra tag whitetail hunts. Surprisingly, my bad luck ran           come down this winter.
out this year and I drew the permit. Now, I need to talk
to some friends who went on this hunt last year to see if          Poacher
they will disclose their contacts and hunt secrets. I used             I hope everyone followed the effort we put into keeping
the shotgun application method this year…extra cow elk             the public aware of the poaching case on Larry Bull’s land
tag, bull elk tag, antelope tag and extra whitetail tag. Out       near Blackrock. In his column, Terry Taysom has the
of all of those, I drew only the extra whitetail tag and the       details of the final judgment of the case on page 5 of this
extra cow tag. Now, I need to look into the leftover tags          newsletter, but I want to thank everyone who donated
and see what might be interesting to apply for again.              to the reward fund. Donors were the Pocatello New Car
                                                                   Dealers Association, a special thanks goes to Phil Meador
    It probably sounds odd for the President of the
                                                                   for his personal involvement in getting this donation; Dan
Southeast Idaho Mule Deer Foundation to admit, but
                                                                   Clark at Precision Glass and Aluminum; John Souza at
if I could just draw an antelope tag, I’d gladly give up all
                                                                   Scott’s Lock and Key; Rick Volweiler at Art’s Machine shop
the others. I have taken several antelope over the past 25
                                                                   in American Falls; Terry Taysom; Wayne Taysom, Doug
years and those hunts are the most fun I’ve ever had in the
                                                                   Sayer at Premier Technology; and John Christner at John’s
field. I like hunting early in the fall, which is no surprise
                                                                   Paint and Glass; and of course the SEIMDF.
to anyone who knows how badly I hate cold and snow.
I’ve always compared antelope hunting to dry fly fishing
because you can find a specific animal and see if you are          fawn mortality
skilled enough to figure out how to harvest him. I recently            The winter of 2006 was much tougher on deer than
saw a quote that said with the large number of antelope            anyone expected. 238 fawns were collared in 10 game
applicants and the low number of tags, Idaho antelope rifle        management units in southern Idaho in late December
hunters can expect to draw only once in ten years. That            and early January, and as off May 15, more than two-thirds
means four more years for me. I guess it’s time to get the         of them, or 163, have died. In some areas, it appears we
bow out and start practicing.                                      have lost most of an entire age class. I have gone over the
                                                                   numbers in southeast Idaho, and the losses don’t seem to
                                                                   make any sense.
Get ready
   While I waited to hear the news on the draws, I spent
time planning for the hunts, just in case. I’ve wanted to                        Board of direCtors
take an antelope with my old .243 Winchester. It currently          rick Cheatum ........................................ President
shoots a 70-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet at a little over
3600 FPS. That’s a great load for rock chuck, coyotes and           Jamen smith ............................1st Vice-President
prairie dogs, but the bullet is too light and frangible for an      sheldon alver ........................ 2nd Vice-President
antelope, so I think I will spend some time this summer             dave Klatt .............................................. secretary
working up a Barnes 85-grain load or a Hornady 95-grain             terry taysom ......................................... treasurer
SST. They both look good in the reloading manuals, so I
need to see which one will shoot best in my gun.                    Justin “Buz” taysom................................ member
                                                                    Greg Lowe ................................................ member
   I’ve been loading shotgun shells most of the spring, but
                                                                    Jim Bowman ............................................ member

 The ideas and opinions expressed in this newsletter are the sole responsibility of the various authors and do not necessarily
 reflect those of the S.E.I.M.D.F.

    In the Soda Hills area, 25 fawns were collared. Two
collars quit transmitting almost immediately, so it’s hard
                                                                marCus GiBBs
to tell if something happened to the fawns quickly and          Marcus Gibbs has been the Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner from Re-
                                                                gion 5 for the past seven years. The law establishing the Commission also
the collars quit working or if the collars were faulty. Out     establishes term limits for a Commissioner, so Marcus cannot be re-ap-
of the remaining 23 fawns, 18 died, most of malnutrition.       pointed. Now that his service on the Commission has ended, I asked him
                                                                to comment on his experience.
However, residents of the area tell me the snow wasn’t
                                                                    June 30, 2006
particularly deep this year and they don’t feel it was
particularly cold. Yet, of the 25 fawns collared near Bear        To Members of the Southeast Idaho Mule Deer
Lake, only 38 percent died, and they suffered under colder      Foundation;
temperatures and deeper snow. It was even worse in Unit            As my Commission term ends, I would like to take this
33, north of Boise, where 96% of the collared fawns died.       opportunity to express my appreciation to the SEIMDF for
Reports say nearly one-third of the entire mule deer herd       the support that they have given to me for the past seven
died in the Salmon area.                                        years. It has been a rewarding experience to meet with
                                                                the Board of Directors to go over the recommendations
   The deaths are surprising because the deer herd in SE        for Southeast Idaho deer and elk season. We all have a
Idaho generally went into winter in much better condition       passion for the wildlife resource that we have in Idaho.
than they have for the past several years. The summer range         I believe that we are on the road to recovery for SEI
was in much better shape with the rains we received last        Mule deer. Will the herds be like the old days? Will we
summer and fall, and everyone I talked with felt the deer       have a huge deer behind every bush? I doubt it. There are
were fat and in great shape to survive an Idaho winter.         too many homes in the old winter range and other winter
    Yearling bucks make up the biggest portion of the           habitat issues. The MDI will help. We are all doing the
                                                                little thing that count. SEIMDF has its’ annual coyote
annual harvest of mule deer in Idaho, so in some areas this
                                                                survey. We have all become aware of the small things that
fall, the hunting could be poor. It probably won’t make a
                                                                will help, aspen regeneration, CRP manipulation, bitter
big difference overall, but I thought it was a sign the Idaho   brush planting, automobile and deer encounters, etc. Yes,
Department of Fish and Game was paying attention when           and of course, Mother Nature can bless us with summer
they announced the cancellation of some of the doe hunts        storms and wet mild winters.
and reduced permit numbers in some of the areas that were
                                                                   I believe that we are making progress with the
worst hit by the winter kill. It would make much more           landowner on their contribution to wildlife. ACCESS
sense to me to set seasons after the spring green-up counts     YES and the Landowner Appreciation program are
are taken and we know the numbers of animals surviving          helping. We must figure out a plan to keep the good
the winter. Why do we decide how many animals will be           habitat available to the wildlife. Other States are doing
harvested and where and how they can be hunted before we        this with more success than we are experiencing here in
know how many we can afford to take out of the breeding         Idaho. We must come up with a plan that will encourage
population?                                                     farmers and ranchers to be willing to put up with more
                                                                wildlife and also allow the hunting public access to that
fuel                                                            wildlife.
    Will fuel costs affect your hunting this fall? They will        I would like to commend the SEIMDF for its’ effort
mine. I usually take a few days to drive around by myself in    in the fight to return big Bucks to Idaho economy. Your
the fall, chasing doves, sharptails, coyotes, huns; you know,   organization has consistently shown a commitment to
all the usual small game. I enjoy the solitude and freedom of   put up dollars in this effort. I am confident this will
getting out and spending a day eating junk food and seeing      continue.
the marvelous state in which we live. Unless fuel prices come      I would like to say thank you for you support. I will
down, there probably won’t be many of those days this year.     always cherish the experiences, memories, and new friends
It’s easy to burn a tank of fuel on a day of hunting when       that I have acquired the last seven years as your Fish and
you’re just cruising around, and that’s $60-$70 at today’s      Game Commissioner.
prices. So, it’s either take fewer trips or find someone with       Marcus J Gibbs
whom I can share the trips and split the fuel.

CoNVerted to Camo
—— by Debra Probart Cheatum

    It’s late September, the leaves are a combination of green,    of a prizefighter, and you sense his power, his strength. And
red and yellow, and the wind is whistling thru the pines           then, he is gone.
with the promise of winter. You are dressed in full camo,
                                                                       You are frozen in a moment in time. Your heart is
sitting against the trunk of an old quaking aspen, listening
                                                                   beating rapidly, your grip on the binoculars still intense as
to the sounds around you while glassing the hillside across
                                                                   you try to the find the creature that so briefly walked into
the narrow canyon for elk, deer or maybe a bear. Your bow
                                                                   your life. You realize you have been holding your breath
is lying across your knees with an arrow ready for a quick
                                                                   and you gulp for air. You set down your binoculars and
response to your quarry.
                                                                   look around you. The forest; so silent just moments before
    You see movement, a dark object moving among the               is beginning to stir. You feel the breeze again on your face
trees. It has to be a bear; it has long, dark hair glistening in   and your mind begins to wonder if you saw an illusion or
the sunlight. It has to be a bear. The birds suddenly stop         were you dreaming? Your brain is still not able to register
singing; the chipmunk on the log next to you freezes and           the image you saw in your binoculars. You look to see if
then scurries for cover. It seems as if the forest is holding      your binoculars are working properly and they are perfectly
its breath. The hair on the back of your neck is standing          fine. What did you see?
on end, you feel the adrenaline rushing thru your veins,
                                                                      It was Sasquatch, right? Big Foot. You just saw a Big
and your heart is racing. Is it a bear?
                                                                   Foot. It can’t be real. You look around for your hunting
    It’s too tall for a bear; the creature is moving fast, its     partners and their assurance, that they also saw him, but
head well above the shrubs and bushes and nearly hidden            they are nowhere in sight. You tell yourself it was a dream.
in the tree branches. It moves gracefully thru the trees, not      You went to sleep for a few minutes and you were dreaming.
slowing its easy rhythm as it strides over the deadfall as if      You look down at your hands; your knuckles are still white
it wasn’t there. Then you smell a very strong odor. Not the        and aching from holding the binoculars so tight. Your
distinct smell of an elk, but it is very strong and unpleasant.    heels have made deep ruts in the soft earth. This was not
You can’t identify the smell. What is it?                          a dream.
    Your binoculars are glued to your eyes, your grip almost           After you have controlled your breathing and your
painful as you follow the animal thru the trees. What is it?       heart rate is almost back to normal, you feel your courage
What’s on the hillside moving so rapidly and so silently?          returning and realize you must investigate further. You
Could it be a bear? It’s the color of a bear. Maybe it’s a         prepare to hike across the canyon to the hillside where you
moose. No, it can’t be a moose, it doesn’t look like a moose,      last saw the creature. Your mind is still not able to wrap
it doesn’t move like a moose, but it’s big, whatever it is.        itself around the idea of Sasquatch; it must have been a
   And then the animal moves into a small clearing. It is          dream. You check your equipment to be sure your bow
walking upright, it’s a man; he’s enormous, he must be             and arrows are readily accessible and your “back-up” .41
seven or eight feet tall. You finally take a breath and begin      mag Taurus pistol is in your holster, loaded and ready if
to relax. But no, this is not a man. He is covered in long         necessary. You decide you are as prepared as you will ever
black hair, like a bear, but most definitely not a bear and        to be and you head across the canyon.
not a man. The creature slows his stride as he enters the             It was a dream; it had to be a dream. Sasquatch or Big
small clearing and looks around; he looks your way and             Foot or “Tso-Aveich” as the Bannock-Shoshone tribes call
meets your eyes from across the narrow canyon.                     them, is just legend, it’s only Indian lore. It can’t be real.
    You are looking directly into the eyes of Sasquatch. The       You approach the clearing where you thought the creature
piercing gaze from his intelligent eyes so intense you feel he     stopped and looked at you.
is looking into your soul. He watches you briefly and then             His tracks are very clear and distinct in the soft earth,
rapidly moves away into the trees with a long gaited stride.       still wet from the morning rain. They are at least 15 inches
He looks over his shoulder at you, stops for a moment to           long with 5 toes and your boot print looks small and
look again. You see his magnificent body with the muscles          childlike next to them. The creature’s tracks are easily five

feet apart and in a straight line as if the his stride was so   to preserve the moment for yourself and for history. You
long he could place one foot in front of the other with no      can panic later.
need to side step as a human would.                                Make a note of the exact location so casts can be made
   You have indeed, seen Sasquatch. You have looked             of any tracks and report your findings to a reputable
into the eyes of a Big Foot. Now, who will believe you?         researcher such as Dr Jeff Meldrum at Idaho State
Your own mind is still struggling with the idea so how          University. Preserve the location as you would a crime
can you possibly share this story with others? Where was        scene so professional researchers can explore the area for
your camera to record this incredible moment in time?           possible forensic evidence of Sasquatch.
No one will believe you. “Tso-Aveich” has walked briefly           Dr Jeff Meldrum, who is an Associate Professor of
into your life. You saw Sasquatch, you were hunting for         Anatomy and Physical Anthropology at ISU, has devoted
elk and instead, you have met Big Foot.                         much of his professional and personal time to the research
   *** You are not alone, as I recently learned while           of Sasquatch. Dr Meldrum can be contacted thru Idaho
attending the “Big Foot Rendezvous” held at Idaho State         State University’s Anthropology Department.
University on June 17 and June 18, 2006. The scientific            Keep your mind and eyes open as you hike thru our
symposium featured experts, eyewitnesses, researchers,          mountains this summer and fall, and keep your camera
and authors along with an anthropologist, archaeologist,        ready, you just never know who is watching.
aerospace engineer, wildlife biologist, renowned filmmaker,
several photographers, and Bannock-Shoshone tribal                 As for me? I believe.
   The conference was a thought provoking weekend of            isCaC
lectures, films, power point presentations, discussions            The Board of the SEIMDF has voted to join the
and displays of various artifacts, including casts of Big       Idaho Sportsman’s Caucus Advisory Council. ISCAC
Foot tracks from various sightings across the country. I        was formed two years ago to act as an advisory group
extend my compliments to Brandon Tennant with Falling           to legislators who want more information on matters
Rock Productions for bringing the experts together and          affecting wildlife, hunting, fishing, trapping and other
presenting this scientific symposium to the public.             sporting issues. The group studies these issues as they
                                                                come before the legislature, asks member organizations
   Whether you are a believer, a non-believer, a skeptic or     to vote on them to determine the groups stand, and
just curious, one should always keep an open mind to the        then advises legislators on the ISCAC stand and why the
possibility of the creatures known as Big Foot wandering        member groups voted the way they did. Membership
thru our Idaho mountains. There is still so much we do          in ISCAC gives us a more direct contact with legislative
not understand about our Universe that denying the              matters, something that has been very hard to accomplish
possibility of Sasquatch could be ignoring a crucial piece
of our own history.
   These creatures, if they do indeed exist, deserve             How to CoNtaCt us:
enormous respect for their ability to survive so many                    Phone: 237-9045 (Rick Cheatum) or
centuries with so few sightings or impact on the human                      208-233-3095 (Terry Taysom)
race. They DO NOT belong mounted in someone’s trophy
room. If indeed, Sasquatch walks this earth, they deserve
and have earned our respect and protection.                                  Web:
   As sportswomen and men we are morally obligated to            WHEN WE MEET:
help protect and preserve our wildlife and Sasquatch or
Big Foot or “Tso-Aveich” or whatever name you choose for          all meetings and the annual banquet are held at
this creature, would fit into that category. It would be wise      the red Lion inn in Pocatello. meetings begin at
on our parts to respect the significance that this creature            6:30pm. regular meetings for 2006 are
potentially has on the history of our Mother Earth.               scheduled for the first tuesday of every month. if
    Besides, you just never know when someday you                               meetings are changed,
maybe out hunting and glassing a hillside and you may see          an email notice will be sent to all members for
Sasquatch. If you are so fortunate, quickly set aside your
                                                                          whom we have an email address.
rifle or bow and grab your camera. Take some pictures
otHer issues
     By Terry Taysom                                 STATE OF
   As most of you are probably aware,                TYLER G
the heinous deer poaching case that                 124 W 1900 JILLO
occurred earlier this year has been                          UTAH 8404
solved. We all owe a big thanks to all              Actual Pen
                                                               al ties Imposed
the people that ponied up the monies                                             Now
for a reward. This crime, as I have                            NT:
been told, may not have been solved               COURT C                                    NT OF CO
                                                              OSTS:                                    NVICTIO
                                                                                 $80.00/CH                        N
without the reward monies being                   PROCESS
                                                             ING FEE:
                                                                             $50.00/CH                        X 8 CHAR
available. We also owe a thanks to the           CIVIL PEN                                ARGE                        G    ES
                                                              ALTY:                                          X 4 CHAR                         $ 640.00
County Prosecutors Office and Judge                                                                                  G    ES
                                                PROBATIO                                                                                      $ 200.00
Rick Carnaroll for following the case                        N:
                                                                            24 MONT
                                                GUN FOR                                 HS X 8 CH
through and delivering punishment                         FEITED T
                                                                       O IDAHO
that is more than a slap on the wrist,          HUNTING                             FISH & G                                            192 MON
                                                          /FISHING                             AME                                                THS
                                                  MAY REA               /TRAPPIN
which so seldom seems to happen                            PPLY IN 16               G PRIVILE
                                                                                                 GES SUSP
                                                                          YEARS.                           ENDED F
in fish and game violations. I have            PENALTY
                                                         TO BE PA                                                    OR LIFE,
                                                                     ID WITHIN
obtained a copy of the judgment               Suspended                             2 YEARS
                                                        Penalties to
in this case and am passing on the                                   be Imposed
                                              FINE/FIXE                           if Parole Vio
                                                        D PENALT                                lated
information.                                                          Y: $400.00/
                                                                                                         X 8 CHAR
    In conversing with Judge                                            30 DAYS/C
                                                                                                                                        $ 3,200.00
Carnaroll, when I obtained a                                                                            X 8 CHAR
copy of the judgment, he felt the                                                                                                     240 DAYS

defendant would most likely appeal
at least the Judgment of Conviction
as this is on his record and would
be visible to any employers, etc. My             feelings to contact the County Prosecutors Office and let them know you are
personal feeling is that, given the              adamantly opposed to any reduction in this judgment. The prosecutor for this
extreme nature of this crime, the above          case is Mr. Cleve Colson in the County Prosecutors Office. Thanks in advance
enumerated judgment should stand.                for your help and maybe our continued efforts will help prevent more crimes
I ask all of you that agree with my              of this nature in the future.

                     PurPoses and oBJeCtiVes of seimdf
   The purposes and objectives of the Southeastern Idaho Mule Deer          4.     To protect, defend and preserve the lawful right and privilege of
Foundation are:                                                                    recreational hunting through education of the general public as to the
                                                                                   conservation benefits of lawful hunting, and to vigorously respond
1. To promote and enhance increasing populations of mule deer in                   in a positive manner to those anti-hunting individuals and groups
     Southeast Idaho by promoting and cooperating in any items of                  who strive, either legally or unlawfully, to prohibit this legitimate
     business that are beneficial to or concern mule deer.                         recreation.
2.   To promote the professional management of Southeast Idaho Mule         5.     To encourage all men and women hunters to be responsible
     Deer in order to augment the number and size of game herds, such              conservationists who harvest animals humanely and utilize their
     professional management to include the use of regulated hunting               meat without waste, while hunting under conditions of fair share
     as a legitimate tool of conservation and game management; and                 and good sportsmanship.
     to achieve optimum populations of mule deer wherever possible
     throughout Southeast Idaho, and to safeguard against the decline       6.     To advocate the funding of both federal and state fish and wildlife
     of mule deer populations.                                                     departments and agencies through the purchase of hunting licenses,
                                                                                   federal and state game stamps, and the payment of excise taxes on
3.   To promote biologically supported management of all species                   firearms and other sporting equipment, the combination of which
     indigenous to Southeast Idaho and to ensure that no species is                continues to provide funds for fish and wildlife management.
     managed to the detriment of any other species.
                                                                            7.     To advocate the legal use of all methods of travel on public lands
                                                                                  and to support enforcement of travel laws and regulations.
CoNGressioNaL CaNdidates rePLY
We had several comments and compliments on the last newsletter article on the stand of the three Idaho primary gubernatorial candidates on
wildlife issues. In an attempt to follow up on that theme, I sent a list of questions to six of the local congressional candidates. Unfortunately,
only two candidates responded to our inquiry about their position on issues facing wildlife. Below are the responses from Rich Kirkham and
Diane Bilyeau.
   If we are going to be successful in changing the management of wildlife in Idaho, sportsmen and women have to vote
the issue, beginning this fall.

                                                                               2. What would you do to maintain access to public lands
                                                                               for sportsmen of Idaho?
Rich Kirkham                                                                   All our public lands should be managed with the needs of
Candidate for the Idaho House of                                               local people in mind. We must ensure agencies elicit input
Representatives                                                                from citizens who use the land and that decisions are not
Legislative District 29 Seat B                                                 made on the state or federal level that close off land to those
P.O. Box 4026, Pocatello, Idaho 83201                                          who love and enjoy it.

   Thanks for the letter and questions regarding my                            3. What is your position on returning the Idaho
                                                                               Department of Fish and Game to an autonomous state
positions relative to wildlife issues that impact Idaho. I
have grown up in Idaho and live in a beautiful rural area
                                                                               I do not know enough about this issue to effectively
in Southeast Idaho on a 400 acre family ranch. I have
                                                                               comment. Fish and Game should have the ability to make
grown up hiking and camping in the great outdoors and
                                                                               decisions based on what is best for the wildlife and the
I enjoy them so much. I have always felt that the sports
                                                                               people in a given wilderness area and should take into
of hunting and fishing were a part of what defines the
                                                                               account input from citizens.
fabric of Idaho.
   However, from a political standpoint I am not well                          4. Do you feel general tax revenue should be used to
informed about many sportsman’s issues and concerns.                           supplement portions of the budget of the Department of
Therefore I will appreciate hearing more from you and                          Fish and Game?
your group so that I can work to help foster a responsible                     Fish and Game should be adequately funded to accomplish
balance of resources including the use of public lands and                     the responsibilities set forward in its mission. If they
wildlife resources.                                                            are not adequately funded currently, I would support
                                                                               improvements to the process.
    My fundamental philosophy is that that the earth
is intended for man’s use and management, and it was                           5. What is your view on management of wolves in Idaho?
never intended that public lands and resources should be                       Wolf management in Idaho should have a balanced
locked up nor irresponsibly mismanaged.                                        approach to protect the interests of environmentalists,
                                                                               ranchers and all those who use and enjoy public lands. As all
    I hope that somewhat defines my stand on the issues
                                                                               parties come together and discuss their needs and concerns,
generally. I will look forward to talking more with you
                                                                               I am confident that a consensus for wolf management can
about the specific issues and learning more about each
                                                                               be reached.
issue outlined in your letter.
                                                                               6. What is your position on the establishment of additional
                                                                               enclosed-pen ‘hunting’ enterprises in Idaho?
Diane Bilyeu                                                                   I am not familiar with this type of operation, but it generally
Candidate for the Idaho State Senate, District 29                              sounds inappropriate, unsportsmanlike and cruel to our
1. What is your position on maintaining the current level                      wildlife resources.
of Federal land in Idaho?
Generally, I believe federal lands should be protected                         7. What changes would you support in the Idaho
                                                                               Department of Fish and Game?
and reserved for use by citizens to enjoy wildlife habitat
                                                                               I would ensure that citizens have more access to Fish and
and recreational opportunities. Our public lands should
                                                                               Game to influence policy and protect their use and access
not de sold off for short-term profits to developers or
                                                                               to public lands.

                                                                                          PRSRT STD
                                                                                         U.S. PoSTage

                                                                                        PocaTello, ID
                                                                                          PeRmIT 67

P.O. 2724

                   Application for membership

                   SoUtHEASt iDAHo mUlE DEEr foUnDAtion
                   P.O. 2724, POCATELLO, IDAHO 83206
                   TELEPHONE (208) 237-9045 or (208) 233-3059    E-MAIL

ApplicAnt informAtion                              Date


Mailing Address

City                                                             State         Zip

Phone (       )                    E-Mail                           @

mEmBErSHip tYpE

       LIFETIME       $750.00

       ANNUAL            $25.00

       CORPORATE     $1,000.0
                                                    Remit form with total payment to address above.

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