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        Bangkok Hospital Acquires World's Most Advanced CT Scanner for Cardiac Patients

       By Bangkok Hospital
       Dated: Mar 02, 2009

       Bangkok Hospital recently acquired the world's most advanced piece of imaging equipment for diagnosing
       and imaging heart conditions, a 256-slice CT scanner.

       Bangkok Heart Hospital – one of the four hospitals that make up the Bangkok Hospital campus - recently
       acquired one of the world's most advanced pieces of equipment for the diagnosis and imaging of heart
       conditions, a 256-slice CT scanner. This machine is an upgrade to the 64-slice scanner, previously the most
       advanced technology available.

        Bangkok Hospital is working on creating a cut-price package for the 256-slice CT multi-detector. While
       the details are not currently finalized, current packages at the hospital usually represent savings of between
       50% and 95% over comparable procedures in the US. Please contact Bangkok Heart Hospital for the details

        The 256-slice scanner, such as Bangkok Hospital now has, was in prototype stage as recently as 2006. The
       system is most widely used for cardiac imaging, but can also be used for other large organ imaging, such as
       liver, brain and lung imaging.

        The advantages of the new 256-slice system over lower slice-count machines include:
        •Extremely high image quality and picture clarity
        •Medication for reducing the heart rate prior to test is not required
        •Radiation exposure to the client is clinically proven to be lower
        •Use of contrast media is minimized
        •Patients who previously could not undergo the test because of tachycardia, severe renal failure, cardiac
       arrhythmia, contrast media and/or seafood allergy are not precluded from 256-slice tests

        Dr Rapin Kukreya, one of the heart hospital’s Interventional Cardiologists, is looking forward to helping a
       high volume of patients with the new package and machine. "Heart disease is one of the most common
       conditions that bring people to Bangkok Hospital. We should be able to save thousands of people
       significant amounts of money, and greatly improve their health outcomes also with this new technology and

        About Bangkok Hospital:

        Bangkok Hospital is one of the most technologically sophisticated hospitals in the world today. Located in
       Bangkok, Thailand, the hospital is an expansive state-of-the-art medical campus providing comprehensive
       medical care through multidisciplinary teams of highly trained specialists. With its four hospitals and broad
       range of specialized clinics, the hospital is equipped with all of the diagnostic and treatment facilities not
       generally available at local hospitals. The center has received Joint Commission International accreditation
       and is known throughout the world for delivering world-class, award-winning healthcare.

        For more information contact Chris E-Marketing Manager, Bangkok Hospital.


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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

Bangkok Hospital Medical Center (BMC) is one of the most technologically sophisticated hospitals in the
world today.

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