CMPT 371 Homework Assignment 2 Programming Assignment by kol12169


									CMPT 371: Homework Assignment 2: Programming Assignment
            Due either of the following:
            Write a telnet client. You can use any platform, as long as you explicitly
        deal with sockets. If you need to limit the features of your client, make
        sure that your client is functional for the subset of features that you have
        implemented, and give a list of these features.
            Write a simulation for the following problem. You have links (x, y), (z, y),
        and (y, w), all with bandwitdh B bits/s. We want to consider the router at y,
        which has a FIFO queue of k packets. Any new packets arriving at the router
        while its queue is full will be dropped. A packet is generated at z or x with
        probability α each second, and packet size is p (pick a reasonable number
        yourself). Assume that the propagation delay and the nodal processing delays
        are 0. Plot link utilization (in terms of successfully delivered packets) in terms
        of α if the other values are fixed. Now, plot the number of dropped packets
        as k varies. Then, keep everything fixed and observe the effects of varying B.
        You should decide which values to pick for your variables and justify your
            For either question, turn in your code and some output showing that
        your code actually works. Write your design and implementation choices,
        important observations, etc. on a single sheet of paper that turn that in
        with the rest of the project. You can choose any platform you like.


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