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									TK-2260EX                      VHF FM Transceiver
TK-3260EX                      UHF FM Transceiver

ATEX certified Transceivers, the TK-2260EX (VHF) and the TK-3260EX



  TK-2260EX (136-174MHz)

  TK-3260EX (440-470MHz)


ATEX Certified Radio
The TK-2260EX/3260EX are products designed for use in potentially explosive
atmospheres. They meet European Union Directive 94/9/EC, commonly called the
ATEX Directive. The products are designed to ensure the safe functioning of
equipment and protective systems with respect to the risks of explosion, as covered
by the scope of this Directive.

The certified classes are as follow, providing comprehensive protection for
professional radio users:

        II2G Ex ib IIC T4 for Gas protection
        Group “IIC” is suitable for use in most of types of gas atmospheres including
        Hydrogen. “T4” temperature class covers most gases and vapours
        II 2D Ex tD ibD A21 IP6X T110°C for Dust protection
        IM2 Ex ib I for Mining protection

1.2W Output power
The TK-2260EX/3260EX strike a successful balance between a high protection class,
excellent performance and effective output power.

Ready for Various Emergency Scene (STAFF SAFE Functions)
These functions provide security and safety for users who work remotely as well as
for those who work in hazardous areas. If the operator is in an emergency situation,
the transceiver automatically sends a help signal to a pre-determined person or

        Standard Man-down
        Standard Man-down function is available as a factory setting.
        If the operator (and the radio) are horizontal (or slanted)* for a pre-set period,
        an alert signal is transmitted.
        Can be activated as the default option
        * The angle value can be pre-set
        Advanced Motion Detection (Software License Option*)
        * Need activation file
        Stationary mode
           When the operator (and the radio) do not move for a pre-set period, an
           alert signal is transmitted.
        Motion mode (Panic)
           When the operator (and the radio) moves a lot for certain period, an alert
           signal is transmitted.
        Lone Worker Function

        This ingenious feature provides an extra layer of security and safety for
        individuals. As long as the buttons are pressed regularly, the radio operates
        normally; however, if there is a long lapse (programmable), it will sound an
        In the absence of further response from the user, the TK-2260EX/3260EX
        will place an emergency call to a pre-determined person or group of people..
        Lone Worker function can be used in combination with other Emergency
        Emergency Key (Orange Key)
        A clearly identified Orange key can be used exclusively for emergency
        signalling to send a help signal to a pre-determined person or group of

16 Channels
The TK-2260EX/3260EX provides plenty of capacity for multiple channels or radio

Variety of Signalling

        5-Tone Signalling
        Built-in 5-tone encoder/decoder provides 6-different formats, ZVEI, ZVEI2,
        CCIR, EIA, EEA and the Kenwood format. It is also possible to set not only
        5-Tone but up to 8-Tone, 2-flames 5-Tone and the 3-flames 5-tone signalling.

        The Encoder/Decoder function uses QT/DQT to segregate talk groups, so
        users only hear calls from their own group.
        DTMF PTT ID is included for dispatch operations or for a simple remote
        control application. The DTMF decode capabilities include a selective call
        ID, transpond with ID, “wild card” group calling and radio stun.

        FleetSync® PTT ID, SelCall & Emergency
        Utilizing Kenwood’s FleetSync® digital signalling protocol, the TK-
        2260EX/3260EX have PTT ID (ANI: automatic number identification) and
        Selective Calling capabilities for managed dispatch operations. For
        hazardous/hostile duty environments, a PF key can also be programmed for
        Emergency status to alert the dispatcher and/or operator to a user in

Enhanced Kenwood Audio
The TK-2260EX/3260EX provide loud clear audio even in noisy environments.
Kenwood has utilized its longstanding audio heritage to optimize voice frequency
components so that the audio output cuts through typical ambient noise. This

enhancement and the companded noise reduction provide clarity and low distortion
especially on narrow bandwidth systems.

Priority Scan
Scanning is a simple way to monitor multiple channels. There are both standard and
priority scan modes available to the TK-2260EX/3260EX. In addition, Talk Back
allows you to respond immediately to a call regardless of the pre-programmed or
selected scan revert channel.

Programmable Function Keys
3 x PF Keys (including Orange key) are programmable for any features allowing the
transceiver to be customized to fit users’ specific requirements.

In addition to the Priority Scan function, the TK-2260EX/3260EX supports Voting
function, which will look for and lock on to the best repeater signals automatically in
multi site system. This feature enables users to communicate without compromise.

Built-In Voice Inversion Scrambler
Built into the TK-2260EX/3260EX is a scrambler that offers convenient confidentiality.
The audio will be indecipherable to any third party picking up your signal, although
all group members will receive you loud and clear.

VOX Ready
The TK-2260EX/3260EX offer convenient hands-free operation with the KMC-46EX.
The TK-2260EX/3260EX internal VOX (voice-operated transmission) circuitry
provides automatic PTT and a 10-level sensitivity adjustment for different ambient
noise levels.

    Wide/ Semi Wide/Narrow per channel
    Companded Audio per Channel
    Talk Around
    B.C.L. (Busy Channel Lockout)
    Key Lock
    3-colours LED (Red, Orange, Green)
    Scan Del/Add function
    KENWOOD ESN (Electronic Serial Number)
    Adjustable Microphone Gain by FPU only: High or Normal
    Microsoft Windows® PC Programming & Tuning

    Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and
    other countries.


Made in Japan with ISO 9001 Quality Management
The TK-2260EX/3260EX are manufactured in Kenwood’s factory in Japan, which has
been certified to ISO9001 international quality management standard.
High-level quality system produces excellent quality product.

Kenwood Original Quality Test Standards for Products
Each transceiver has passed Kenwood’s original quality tests, which simulate years
of sustained, demanding use in harsh operating conditions. These tests have higher
thresholds than any other accepted industry standards in the market.

EU-Directives RoHS / WEEE compliance
Kenwood is committed to design and manufacturer of products that are
environmentally friendly. Kenwood factories have been assessed and registered as
ISO 14001 compliant, the international standard for Environment Protection
Management. The TK-2260EX/3260EX are designed and produced without using
hazardous substances. They will comply with the EU-directives of RoHS and WEEE.

The TK-2260EX/3260EX are fully compliant with U.S. Department of Defence
environmental standards for US MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F for;
  Low Pressure, High Temperature, Low Temperature, Temperature Shock, Solar
  Radiation, Rain (incl. Blowing Rain), Humidity, Salt Fog, Dust, Vibration, Shock
 5. Applicable Standards

      Standard                                          Detail                ID
                                             EN 60065, EN 60950-1, EN
      Low Voltage Directive
                                             EN 300 086-2, EN 300 113-
      R&TTE Directive                         2, EN 300 219-2, EN 301     CE0168!
                                                 489-5, EN 301 489-1
      ATEX Directive
       Gas: II 2G Ex ib IIC T4               EN 60079- 0, EN 60079-11,     TÜV 09
       Dust: II 2D Ex tD ibD A21 IP6X        EN 61241- 0, EN 61241- 1,      ATEX
      T110°C                                       EN 61241-11             7759 X
       Mining: I M2 Ex ib I
      IECEx Scheme
                                              IEC 60079- 0, IEC 60079-     IECEx
       Gas: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
                                                11, IEC 61241- 0, IEC       TUR
       Dust: Ex ib tb III C T110°C Db IP6X
                                               61241- 1, IEC 61241-11     09.0004X
       Mining: Ex ib I Mb
      International Protection Standard
                                                        IP 64
        Dust & Water Protection:


    KBH-16EX         Belt-Clip
    KNB-58LEX        Li-Ion Battery (1,880 mAh)
    KRA-22           VHF short Antenna
    KRA-23           UHF short Antenna
    KRA-26           VHF Antenna
    KRA-27           UHF Antenna
    KSC-32           Rapid Charger for the KNB-58LEX
    KSC-326          6 Pocket Multiple Charger for the KNB-58LEX
    KMC-46EX         Heavy-duty Speaker-Microphone (Future available)
    KLH-168EX        Leather Case
    KSL-3SF          Enhanced Staff Safe Software License

 Programming Accessories for Dealers;
    KPG-36A         Programming Interface cable
    KPG-123D        Programming Software

    Li-Ion Battery   (KNB-58LEX)
    Users Manual
    Safety Manual
    Belt-Clip        (KBH-16EX)


General                                              TK-2260EX                    TK-3260EX
Frequency Range
                                                    136-174 MHz                 440-470 MHz

Number of Channel                                                    Max. 16ch
Channel Spacing
                                                               25 / 20 / 12.5 kHz
Antenna Impedance                                                     50 ohm
Operating Voltage                                                7.5V DC±20%
Battery Life (5-5-90)      Bat. Save ON                              23 hours
 with KNB-58LEX            Bat. Save OFF                             18 hours
Operating Temperature Range                                     -20°C to +50°C
Frequency Stability                                     ± 2.5 ppm (-20°C to +50°C )
Dimensions (W x H x D)
                                                           61.8 x 128.3 x 49.5 mm
with KNB-58LEX
                                                               Main body: 279g
                                                          (with KNB-58LEX : 484 g)
Applicable Standards                                                IP64
                EIA 12dB SINAD                    -6 dB μV (0.25 μV) / -6 dB μ V (0.25 μV)
                25 / 20 / 12.5 kHz                          / -4 dB μV (0.32 μV)
                EN 20 dB SINAD:                   -4 dB μV (0.32 μV) / -4 dB μ V (0.32 μV)
                25 / 20 / 12.5 kHz                          / -3 dB μV (0.36 μV)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity
                                                             70 dB / 70 dB / 62 dB
25 / 20 / 12.5 kHz
Intermodulation                                                        65dB
Spurious Response Rejection                                            70 dB
Audio Output (16 ohm impedance)                                       400 mW
RF Power output                                                   1.2W
                                                            ±5.0 kHz at 25 kHz
Modulation Limiting                                         ±4.0 kHz at 20 kHz
                                                           ±2.5 kHz at 12.5 kHz
Spurious Emission                                    -36 dBm≦1 GHz , -30 dBm>1 GHz
FM Noise (EIA)
                                                             45 dB / 43 dB / 43 dB
25 / 20 / 12.5 kHz
Audio Distortion                                                     3% typical
Specifications shown are typical.
Kenwood follows a policy of continuous advancement in development.
For this reasons, specifications may be changed without notice.


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