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									                                                                                            September 2004 Vol. 38 No. 1

  Providing Services to International College Students & Department of State Visitors

         Welcoming Event
What a tremendous success the 2004 Welcome
Reception was! There were about 67 members
and guests and at least 108 students from 4
colleges: 45 from the University of Rochester; 39
from Rochester Institute of Technology; 13 from
SUNY Brockport; and 11 from Monroe
Community College. We have never had such a
varied mix of students.
The venue at the Greece Canal Park was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Due to the start of football season, most of
the general public stayed home and we virtually had the park to ourselves.
Many thanks to Jeff Cox who provided games, set up the volleyball
and badminton equipment, and ably assisted with the cooking; Hugh
and Barb Outterson for chairing the welcoming table; Paula
Mamuscia for orchestrating the kitchen; Doug Potter for manning the
grill and helping me with the transport of equipment needed for the
reception; and Sheila McLeod, Marilyn Potter and Char Holt who
set up and coordinated the activities in the pavilion. Sheila also did the
shopping and the running around prior to the event to get the necessary
items. Other helpers included Yeh-Her Lee, Dick Pestke, Randy
Weaver, Jeff Hering, Terry May, Jane Cole, and John, Kathy, and
Mary Grace Velekakkan.
                                                                Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, participating in
                                                                conversation and getting acquainted. This year I had the
                                                                privilege of meeting people from at least five countries that I
                                                                have not been acquainted with before. The student
                                                                population is becoming more globally diverse and I was
                                                                excited to see racial and cultural barriers being broken down.
                                                                Over the past 14 years we have met, entertained, became
                                                                acquainted with and even
                                                                great friends with many
                                                                wonderful people from ALL               What’s Inside...
                                                                around the world. Some of
                                                                                                   Page 2 In the News
them are like sons and daughters to me. It is a privilege to serve this special population
and the RIC thanks you for all of your efforts on their behalf.                                    Page 5 President’s
See you at the Square Dance on October 1.                                    Hank McLeod
                                                                                                  Page 6    In Memoriam
Note: When the chairs of this event were forced to bow out in early summer because of                      AND MORE!
family responsibilities, Hank stepped into the void. Thanks, Hank!

                                                                                                                       Page 1
   In the News          Keith Kroon was quoted extensively in an article in the Democrat and Chronicle on August
                        31, 2004. The article about improvements to the Erie Canalway Trail quoted Keith in his
                        capacity as president of the Canalway Trails Association.

                        Shahin Monshipour was featured in an article in the D&C on September 6. The article
                        discussed the garden parties that Shahin hosts for her neighbors.

                                                               Executive Director of the National Women’s Hall of Fame,
Women as Political & Economic Leaders                          discussed the exhibits celebrating the women inducted into
                                                               the Hall of Fame. Afterwards, she hosted a luncheon,
Eight women from seven African countries accompanied
                                                               which included Diane Smith, the first and current mayor of
by two English Language Officers were in Rochester in
                                                               Seneca Falls.
July. Josephine M. Perini scheduled appointments that
centered on their focus, “Women as Political and Economic
Even before their official appointments began, Sherry
Tshibanyu and a dozen community members hosted the
delegation to an evening of African food and music at her
The next morning, the participants met with Maggie
Brooks and visited the Susan B. Anthony House. They
were then guests at a luncheon hosted by the Rochester
Business Alliance, coordinated by Wyoma Best, with
women from the business community. Jean Carroll,
President and CEO of the YWCA, held a round table
discussion with women from different social service
agencies. That evening, the eight women were joined by 10      That evening, the visitors enjoyed a picnic with thirty Girl
RIC members and other members of the Rochester                 Scouts and scout leaders that was organized by Dorothy
community for “A Gathering of Notable Women – 2”, at           Drazhal, Director of Development of the Girl Scouts of
Abyssinia Restaurant.                                          Genesee Valley. After the official ceremonies, each girl
                                                               asked each of the guests for her autograph.
The next day, the group went to the Women’s Rights
National Park in Seneca Falls. This was followed by a
conversation with Dr. Vivien Rose, Chief of Visitor
Services and Cultural Resources. Billie Luisi-Potts,                                                   Josephine M. Perini

                                        St. Pauly Textile has moved!
One of our fundraisers in the past has been the donation of textile or leather items for recycling to St. Pauly. We receive
$40 for every 1,000 pounds that we turn in. They accept clothing, bed and kitchen linens, curtains, shoes, handbags, etc.

Unfortunately, St. Pauly has moved from Henrietta to Farmington. They are still accepting contributions of materials and
will still credit our account for your donations. Should you be able to make the trip to St. Pauly, you will be keeping those
items out of landfill and we will receive funds.

Their new location is 1067 Gateway Drive, Farmington, very close to the Thruway exit. Mention RIC when you drop off
your recycling items and you will be given a receipt with the date, weight, and RIC’s name. Please mail a copy of the
receipt to the office so that we can keep track of our account. For more information or directions to St. Pauly, call 292-

                                                                                                                     Page 2
                                                    Sports Day
Yes - there was one dry day this summer and the                very busy schedules to come and have what turned out to
Smethursts took advantage of it by holding a Sports Day        be a lot of fun. Among the guests were Yan Zhang,
and picnic at their home in Pittsford. A croquet lawn          Weixing Cai, Yunliang Hu, Xiaomin Su, Elain May,
was set up in front of the house, a professional               Kuangfu Hsiao and J.J. We also invited some friends
                                                               from Moscow now living in the USA, Julia and Beryl
                                                               Stein; Jane Labrum; and Christine Geiselhardt.
                                                               The croquet and badminton matches proved to be very
                                                               competitive and when the students and guests were
                                                               totally worn out we gathered our picnic together. Peanut
                                                               chicken with sauce, Indonesian salad, sliced tomatoes,
                                                               noodle soup, grilled bacon, a wonderful salmon mousse
                                                               from Jane, a Russian beet dish by Julia and Beryl, plus
                                                               fresh fruit salad and a delicious almond cake brought by
                                                               Three tables were set up on the deck and we all tucked in
                                                               and enjoyed a delicious supper, a great exchange of
                                                               cultures, ideas and much laughter. Everyone enjoyed
badminton net and racquets were provided in the back,
                                                               themselves very much and we look forward to our next
along with frisbees, soccer balls and golf clubs.
                                                               event which will be an outing to a driving range for golf
Our students from China and Taiwan, all studying for
                                                               practice and mini golf.              Doreen Smethurst
their PhD's at the University of Rochester, took time out
of their

                                            Visitor from Australia
                 The Honorable Jacinta Marie ALLAN, a member of the Australian Parliament from Bendigo East, and
                 Minister for Education Services, Employment, and Youth Affairs, visited Rochester in July. The focus
                 of Ms. Allan’s visit was to learn more about education, politics, and social issues in our schools. Ms
                 Allan, along with Michelle Cramer and Kathleen Bush, met with Linda Dinnocenzo, Assistant
                 Superintendent for Instructional Services at the West Irondequoit Central School District and discussed
                 the U.S. education system policies and school infrastructure development. Elaine Leshnower,
                 Coordinator for Representative Louise Slaughter’s Campaign Committee, spoke with Ms. Allan about
                 campaign practices and procedures. Ms. Allan also met with Matthew Hurlbutt, Director of Operations
                 for Rochester Works, Inc. Mr. Hurlbutt explained to her that Rochester Works was created as a result of
the Workforce Investment Act and the organization connects 18 different federally funded employment and training
programs in Monroe County. In a meeting with Stuart Mitchell, President/CEO, and Velma Smith, New York State
Division Director of Rural Opportunities, Inc., Ms. Allan heard about their role in developing economic growth and
stability in small communities. In addition, she visited the offices of Senator Hillary Clinton, Representative Louise
Slaughter, and New York Senator Susan John.
Ms. Allan also had appointments with Sandra Frankel, Brighton Town Supervisor, and Molly Clifford, Chair of the
Democratic Party, Monroe County. At a lunch hosted by Marjorie Lefler, Rochester School District Coordinator of
Human Services Systems, a wide range of topics were discussed that included: Safe and Drug Free Schools program;
implementation of research-based programs; agency collaboration in school, telemedicine; and school based health
clinics. After a meeting with Lois Giess, President, Rochester City Council, Ms. Allan visited the Susan B. Anthony
House, where she was greeted by Ms. Anthony herself.
Jen and Jay Perena provided an enjoyable evening of dinner and conversation.

                                                                                                                Page 3
                    Update on Former International Student Joseph Kigunda
                                           While all the International Students who pass through our lives leave an
                                           impress-sion on us, it is inevitable that some remain in our thoughts for long
                                           after. One such student was Joseph Kigunda, who came to Rochester as a
                                           mature man, leaving his wife and children behind in Kenya. He was very lonely
                                           in the beginning but several members of RIC “adopted” him and his wonderful
                                           charm and personality made him a welcome guest. After Joseph returned home,
                                           his wife, Jennifer, came to RIT so that she also could learn about helping deaf
                                           children in her country.
                                           I would like to report on the latest about Joseph and Jennifer and their life in
                                           Kenya. We have to say that they have certainly lived up to the “caring”
                                           potential that we saw in them when they were in here.
                                           Dr. Elizabeth Kelts from the University of Rochester Family Medicine
                                           Department met Joseph and his wife Jennifer at the Tania Integrated School
                                           for Disabled Children in the Maasai area of Kenya. Dr. Kelts provides some
                                           medical care to the children at the school when she visits, and this summer she
                                           based one of her first year medical students at the school, living with the
                                           Kigundas. It was a learning experience for everyone.
The school has a boarding school for 58 students and a day school for another 50. All of the children have some sort of
medical or mental limitations. All are cared for in difficult circumstances by Joseph and Jennifer. They are the only
training facility for the deaf in a large area and so they have high hopes of being able to train others in both prevention of
deafness and the training of deaf students for a better life in Kenya.
I think it is thrilling when we hear of past students doing such great work, partly made possible by the time they spent in
If you knew Joseph and Jennifer during their time here and would like to learn more about their work or how you can help
their school, please contact me.
                                                                                                            Judy Kroon
                                 He who learns, teaches. African Proverb                            Judykroon@aol.com

                    Golf Outing                                  particular seemed a natural as did Elain. Emily made

On what looked like it might be yet another rainy Sunday
in Rochester, we decided to go ahead with our plans to
introduce our student "family" to the golf driving range at
The Belfry International. A total of 9 of us piled into two
cars and headed for the driving range. We had two new
students, a delightful young man attending RIT called
Amit Batra from Delhi, India, Emily Mutter arrived in
the USA only two weeks ago from China and our usual
crowd of Kuangfu Hsiao, YanZhang, Weixing Cai,
Xiaomin Su, and Elain May.

We purchased six large baskets of over 100 balls per
basket, divided our own golf clubs between the group and
after showing them how to grip, stand and swing, left them       some excellent shots, Albert (Kuangfu) was a steady hitter
to their own devices. They all did really well and enjoyed       and Yan focused and made some excellent drives way up
the experience. Of course, practice is needed but in no          in the air and far reaching. Xiaomin is a squash player so
time flat we should have some pretty fine players. Amit in                                             Continued on Page 5

                                                                                                                      Page 4
Continued from Page 4                                          was warm and clear as we sat on the deck eating lots of
her natural eye-hand coordination helped a lot and             potato chips, cookies and lemonade.
Weixing showed skills even he did not know he possessed.
                                                               As usual, the conversation flowed as did good humor and
After hitting hundreds of balls we then moved to the           plenty of laughter. A great day for golfing - the day also
miniature golf course of 18 holes and had a great deal of      that Vijay Singh won the tournament we later watched
light-hearted fun. I might say that the only person to make    taped on television.
a     hole     in    one     was    Doreen     Smethurst!
Rain clouds were developing overhead as we entered our                                              Doreen Smethurst
cars for the ride back to the Smethurst's home but the night

                                      Home Hospitality Hosts Needed
               Linda Downes, Denise Paley, Deb Koen, Kay Wallace, and many others can tell you about the
               wonderful experiences they have had with the international visitors that they have entertained in their
               homes for dinner. As we increase the number of international visitors we serve, we need additional dinner
               hosts. Neither a large home nor a lavish meal is needed; just an interest in extending friendship. If you
               would like to have the opportunity to host international visitors, please contact Josephine M. Perini at
               288-5607 or jmblackbird2000@yahoo.com.                                               Josephine M. Perini

                                          In the words of a student:
Talking about unique American life experience? Clubbing at New York City? Too ordinary! One week trip at
                      Disneyland? Too commonplace! One-day getaway at a 180 acre working tree farm and summer
                      cabin near Naples, NY with my host family and other new friends is the authentic one that I can
                      really boast to my fellow countryman for the next 10 years.

                          Taking the fading, old tire trails up and down mountain hills, cranking the
                          old fashioned ice cream machine for homemade ice cream, riding on hay-
                          ride trails through bumpy country roads, fishing and swimming at the pond
                          isolated from the bustling city and roaming the branches-laden forest on a
four wheeled ATV at 30 miles per hour down the hill to the meandering creek were things that, as an
international student seeking and trying to learn American culture, I am glad I didn't miss out.
I had met the most amazing people who opened their arms and shared their family joy and personal life experiences with
me, making me feel like part of them. Their hospitality, humor, music and great food made this day an unforgettable one.
At the end of the day, I was all tanned, sweaty, stinky and muddy but hey, my stomach was full and my spirit was still
high in the sky. I know my day could not have been better!
                                              President’s Corner
                             Sheila and I, along with Judy     events. Many events are being planned, including our
                             Weinstein, were at the            annual Welcome Reception, Square Dance, Winter Cabin
                             University of Rochester and       Party and Line Dancing. Members as well as students have
                             RIT new International Student     a great time at these events and we encourage you to call
                             Orientation meeting recruiting    the office if you would like to volunteer to help out at any
                             students for our faithful         of these activities. Even if you can’t volunteer, come and
friendship family volunteers. We met some wonderful            enjoy the festivities and support YOUR organization.
people who represent their countries well and look forward
to becoming acquainted with an American family or              Our International Insights (II) coordinator, Heidi
person. Hopefully, the coordinators, Jane Cole (A-K) (654-     Kozireski, had to leave the Board and her position to
9234) and Sheila McLeod (L-Z) (621-1054), will be able         pursue her professional career. We are hoping to fill that
to place them all.                                             position quickly for this is one of our important community
                                                               outreach programs. The International Insights program
Plans are currently under way for our student and member                                              Continued on Page 6
                                                                                                                   Page 5
Continued from Page 5                                          to be done, and Kathy did a tremendous job getting the
gathers several students from a country or region for a        newsletter in our hands. Thank you Kathy.
panel discussion or presentation on their culture. This is
how we, as Americans, can learn about other people and         Welcome to Linda O'Connor as Interfaces editor.
improve our cross-cultural understanding.                      Already she is prompting me to do my part and I am sure
                                                               she will do well in her new position.
Our membership continues to decline because a significant
number of our faithful and dedicated members are in their      In closing, I am looking forward to meeting and working
80s and 90s and can no longer participate due to poor          with all the wonderful students with which we are
health, moving south, or inability to drive. I would like to   privileged to be acquainted. I am also looking forward to
enlist your help and dedicate this year to recruiting new      working with a Board that is willing and able to meet the
members that will faithfully support the organization. The     tasks at hand. It's going to be another great year. Thank you
challenge is to get one hundred new members this year. It      for your participation.
is possible if we all get behind the task.

I would like to thank Kathy Gamlen for her years as                                                         Hank McLeod
Interfaces editor. This is another thankless task that needs
REMINDER: The membership renewal and contribution notices were mailed in June. Please do your part to help fund
and subsidize the activities and events that we provide free for the students.

            Art Zuckerman (August 28, 2004), survived by his wife of 53 years, Pearl; children, Mark (Gaye Putnam)
            Zuckerman of NH, Judith Zuckerman of MA, Robert Zuckerman of Tokyo, Japan. Art and his wife Pearl
            worked with many charitable organizations including the Rochester International Council from 1986-2001.
            Art served on the board and Pearl worked on Cabarets.

  Photography Museum                      Conservation; Rick Hock, Director of     involved in conventional photographic
                                          Creative Services; and Wataru            work and digital scanning.
  Visitors from Mexico                    Okada, Registrar, Loans: Incoming
                                          and Outgoing. They also met with         Denise Paley and Robert Leavens
Ms. Rosa Edelmira Casanova                Kathy Connor, Curator of the George      hosted them for an evening of fine
Garcia, Director, and Ms. Mayra           Eastman House. Kathy Carroll,            food and conversation.
Soledad         Mendoza         Aviles,   Manager of Visitor Services, gave
Management Assistant of Photography       them a tour of the museum.               The visitors’ evaluation forms included
Museum National System at the                                                      the comment “It was a pleasure to be
National Institute of Anthropology and                                             in Rochester and realize how much it
History in Hidalgo, Mexico visited                                                 has contributed to and influenced the
Rochester this past winter for a                                                   world of image.” The final report to
program on Photography Museum                                                      the Department of State said that
Management in the United States.                                                   “Rochester was the most successful
                                          The next day they met with Douglas       segment of program.” Josephine sent
Josephine M. Perini planned a full        Nishimura, Research Scientist at the     these comments to Anthony Bannon,
day of appointments at the George         RIT Image Permanence Institute to        Director, GEH. Mr. Bannon expressed
Eastman House, International Museum       discuss archiving of various types of    his appreciation and said that he had
of Photography and Film. They met         film including feature, short, silent,   forwarded the report to his staff.
with David Wooters, Archivist; Sean       and documentaries. In the afternoon,
Corcoran, Assistant Curator of Still      they met with Michael Hager of
Photography; Grant Romer, Director        Museum photographics. Mr. Hager is                          Josephine M. Perini
Residency Program and Photography

       !See the Bottom of Page 10 for upcoming RIC Events!

                                                                                                                    Page 6
                     Stargazing                                  dark and safe place to undertake his project. So there we
                                                                 were, trying to pick out the double star in the Big Dipper,
                 Why were we in our backyard offering
                                                                 and trying to find the 5th star of Cassiopeia and being
                 ourselves up to the mosquitoes,
                                                                 proud that at least we could locate the big dipper. Victor
                 shivering, and staring at the night sky?
                                                                 got us a real close-up of the double star, a deep space star
                 Blame it on the Thanksgiving turkey.
                                                                 that looks like a snowball, and the moon, and we
                 This event all developed from one of            marveled at the electronics of the telescope with
                 those unexpected threads that come              everything motorized.
about when you are involved with international students.
Last fall we were holding our annual "Turkey Day"                This little happening reminded us of a couple of
Thanksgiving for our students and Shubing asked if she           things…..first of all…..the more students the better, you
could bring her classmate who wanted to visit an                 never know when the "extra" one you choose will be a
American home. So of course Victor joined us and was             real gem. And the other thing is…..take time to listen to
added to the family.                                             what "they" are interested in…..you could go in some
                                                                 interesting new directions.
We volunteered our back yard when we learned of his                                                        By Judy Kroon
life-long interest in astronomy and his search for a

                                              Raffle/Silent Auction
Although this year's raffle and silent auction proceeds didn't quite match last year's, we still did very well with a gross
total of $4,640. This was my fourth and last year chairing the raffle and I feel gratified that so many people bought raffle
tickets and silent auction items. I am also grateful to all of the merchants who donated gift certificates and items to this
fundraiser, some of whom have faithfully participated for four years. I hope that everyone will make a point of thanking
the owners whenever you patronize their restaurants or places of business (whether or not you won anything). The
success of this event is dependent on their generosity. Thank you to the record-setting number of members who provided
services or made items for this year’s silent auction. I'd also like to thank Judy Weinstein and Jane Cole for taking care
of many details and Dottie Roat for handling the bookkeeping tasks.
                                                                                                            Susan Levinson
Susan announced that her husband, Steve, will be taking a sabbatical and she will not be able to chair the raffle/silent
auction next year. Her enthusiasm for this job will be greatly missed!

  Our congratulations to all the winners of the raffle prizes. The following are the winners of the major prizes:

                GRAND PRIZE - Barbara Outterson - pair of round-trip business-class tickets for the Fast Ferry, 2
                Geva tickets (donated by Dottie Roat), 2 Downstairs Cabaret tickets (donated by Nannette Nocon), 2
                RPO lawn tickets for the FLPAC summer series, 2 Little Theatre tickets, $75 gift certificate to the Grill at
                the Strathallan*, $50 gift certificate to Lola's Bistro & Bar, $50 gift certificate to Remington's, $15 gift
                certificate to Lorraine's
FIRST PRIZE - Barbara Rappaport - $25 gift certificate to 2 Vine, $25 gift certificate to the Winfield Grill, $25 gift
certificate to the Olive Tree, $25 gift certificate to Atomic Eggplant
SECOND PRIZE - Andrew Fleming - $25 gift certificate to 2 Vine, $25 gift certificate to Thali, $25 gift certificate to
the Newport House

THIRD PRIZE #1 - Richard Rice - $40 gift certificate to Abyssinia, $10 gift certificate to First Taste Grill

THIRD PRIZE #2 - Charles Carlton won - $30 gift certificate to Tapas 177, $20 gift certificate to Shanghai Chinese

                                                                                                                     Page 7
We acknowledge and greatly appreciate the generous contributors who have donated above the general level of support.
We received contributions from the following members since acknowledgments were printed in the May 2004 issue of
Mr. Charles M. Goodwin                     Arthur & Judy Weinstein                    Ms. Dolores Kleinberg
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Ingalls                    Mr. Karl Wessedorf                         Ms. Deb Koen
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Ingalls                   1 Anonymous                                Mr. James Kremer
Dr. Terry May                                                                         Dr. Paul La Celle
Michael & Kelly Messier                    Contributor                                Stephen & Susan Levinson
Ms. Susan Quick Rice                       Mr. and Mrs. Asish R. Basu                 Mr. William Mathews
Mrs. Dorothy Roat                          Ms. Beth Nolan Beal                        Ms. Peggy McCabe
Miss Helen Vogel                           Mr. David Berg                             Mr. & Mrs. Henry McLeod
                                           Mr. Al Biles & Ms. Susan Herzberg          Ms. Ingrid Mesa
Sponsor                                    Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carlton                 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Miller
Mr. John D. Brush, Jr.                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carpentier               Mr. Peter Oddleifson & Ms. Kay
Mrs. Ruth Estes                            Ms. Jo Cone                                Wallace
Dr. & Mrs. Alinaghi Farrokh                Mr. & Mrs. Todd M. Coulter                 Dr. Ali Ogut
Mr. & Mrs. James Genthner                  Mr. Alfred Davis                           Mr. & Mrs. Harris Rusitzky
Ms. Rhona Genzel                           Ms. Linda Downes                           Dr. & Mrs. Alvani Santos
Dr. Y.M. Jay                               Ms. Mary Jo Ebner                          Mrs. Stanley Saunders
Mr. Cary Jensen                            Mr. & Mrs. Harold Feinbloom                Ms. Tanya R. Schueler-Choukairi
Mr. & Mrs. John Lynd                       Ms. Cheryl Gavenda                         Mr. & Mrs. Al Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Neivert                  Ms. Virginia Graham                        Ms. Miriam I. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Venkat Purushotham              Mr. & Mrs. Bert Hall                       Randy & Teresa Weaver
Mr. Ralph Raimi                            Mr. & Mrs. David Hall                      Ms. Irene White
Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson                Mrs. Lloyd Hunter                          Ms. Susan B. Wilson
                                           Mrs. Marcia Karch                          2 Anonymous

We apologize if your name is listed incorrectly or was omitted. Please call the office or send an email to correct any error.
Again, thanks to all who support us with your generous contributions!

                                       RIC Brings the World to You!
                              In March of 2002, I hosted       After his visit, we kept in touch by email. Last fall, he came
                              my      first   of     many      to study at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at
                              International Visitors. It       Tufts University on a Fulbright Scholarship. This August, I
                              was a group from various         had the pleasure of hosting Das and his wife on their way
                              countries:         Trinidad,     back to Boston after a tour of Montreal, Toronto, and
                              Singapore, Ethiopia, and         Niagara Falls. It was great to see him again and have the
                              Oman. This group’s topic         chance to meet his wife, Ai Ling. We went to dinner at
                              was       Narcotics      and     Cobblestone Country Club so I could show him were we
Contraband Interdiction. They visited with FBI, DEA, and       spend most of our time and made a visit to the Port of
Customs Stations.                                              Rochester to see the Fast Ferry. They left the next day with
                                                               an invitation to visit both Somerville, Massachusetts, where
Their purpose of visiting Rochester was to study the           they are residing while attending Tufts, and Singapore,
interdiction procedures at the Coast Guard base and the        when they return home. I hope to see them again before
airport. Devadas Krishnadas, or “Das” as he become             they leave the United States.
known, was one of the visitors. At the time of his visit, he
was holding the position of Assistant Director, Joint          Das is just one of the many International Visitors that I
Operations Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, with            have kept in touch with. Having these visitors is like taking
responsibility for policy development concerning the           a vacation without leaving home.            Linda Downes
Department of Prisons and the Central Narcotics Bureau in
                                                                                                                     Page 8
                                                Nigerian Visitors
                                                       RIC hosted a group of judges and court staff from Nigeria this
                                                       August. The judges, who serve on the National Labor Court, were
                                                       interested in the U.S. system of labor and industrial courts; the use
                                                       of alternative dispute resolution in industrial disputes in the U.S.;
                                                       and the use of modern technology in case flow management;
                                                       particularly internet use.
                                                       This group differed from our usual international visitors because
                                                       the chief judge was accompanied by his wife and teenage son. The
                                                       wife and son did not attend the professional meetings. Instead, we
                                                       arranged for Ibukun Ogunbekun, a Nigerian former graduate
                                                       student at the Simon School, to take them sightseeing and Kay
                                                       Wallace hosted a tea for RIC members to meet informally with
Mrs. Adejumo.
They learned about labor dispute resolution in meetings with Adam Urbanski, President of the Rochester Teachers
Association; James Bertolone, President of the Rochester and Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, and
Michael Harren, Esq. of Chamberlain D'Amanda Oppenheimer & Greenfield, who represents many of the local unions;
and with Lou Papenfuse of Farmworker Legal Services of New York. Andrew Thomas, Executive Director of the
Center for Dispute Settlement, discussed the various kinds of dispute resolution available at the CDS.
The group spent a morning in the Hall of Justice. Honorable Thomas M. Van Strydonck, District Administrative Judge,
7th J.D. and Judy Ging, court reporter, demonstrated the amazing technology in the Courtroom of the Future. It wasn’t
computer monitors, SMART boards, internet connections, or document cameras that got them excited. What caught their
attention was the ordinary court stenography machine. It seemed that there is no court reporter in Nigeria; the judge makes
notes in longhand.
They also spoke with the Honorable Thomas A. Stander, Presiding Justice of the Commercial Division in Supreme
Court. The visitors were interested in the work of the Commercial Division, but enjoyed discussing the merits of elected
versus appointed judges. They are appointed for life and they see that as freeing them from politics in making decisions.
Stephen LaLonde of the Cornell School of Industrial & Labor Relations and the Cornell Labor Studies program in
Rochester, presented information on labor relations in the United States and the use of Alternate Dispute Resolution in
labor issues. During a visit to Eastman Kodak, Judy Toyer, Counsel, Employment Law and Personnel Relations Legal
Staff; Kevin Darby, Director, Office of Employee Relations; and Mary Harris, Director, Resolution Support Services
discussed Kodak’s use of internal dispute resolution.
Their stay in Rochester was not all work, however. They started with a trip to Niagara Falls that was enjoyed by all,
including Mrs. Adejumo and her son. Home hospitality for this group was very special. Tony Anih hosted a dinner
attended by members of RIC and members of the Nigerian Association for Greater Rochester. Many of the Nigerians
(both Rochesterian and visitors) wore traditional dress and the meal included traditional foods, including Tony’s famed
plantains. The visitors were thrilled to eat traditional Nigerian food after several weeks of unfamiliar American food. It
was an evening that all who attended will remember for a long time to come.                               Judy Weinstein

 International Visitors Program Becomes International Visitor Leadership Program
During the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the International Visitor Leadership Program in Japan, acting Under
Secretary of State, Patricia Harrison, announced that the International Visitors Program will now be known as the
International Visitors Leadership Program. The name of the program was changed to highlight the leadership qualities of
the participants.                                                                                Josephine M. Perini

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                               Please mark the dates:

             Friday, October 1, 7 – 10 pm. Square Dance at the RIT Barn,
                             bring your students or come alone, but come have fun!

Saturday, October 16, Niagara Falls Excursion for Students.
                                Encourage your students to sign up.

                    Sunday, October 31, Mt. Hope Cemetery Tour & Tea for Students.
                        Only 25 students can participate. Have your students email Terry May,

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