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Immigration Questions - Download as DOC

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                                  Immigration Information
Asian Immigrants
   1. Why did so many Chinese immigrants come to the United States in 1849?

   2. What does the term “prejudice” mean?

   3. In what jobs did most of the Chinese immigrants work?

   4. Why did so many Americans want to stop Asian immigration?

Mexican Immigrants
  1. How did the fact that the Southwest region of the United States had originally bee part
      of Mexico help Mexican immigrants who arrived there in the late 1800’s?

   2. What was a barrio?

   3. In what jobs did most of the Mexican immigrants work?

   4. How did living in the barrios help immigrants from Mexico?
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European Immigrants
   1. Why did so many irish immigrants leave to come to America?

   2. Why did European immigrants who had arrived earlier treat later arrivals badly?

   3. Where did the majority of European immigrants find work?

   4. What was a “tenement”?

African American Immigrants
    1. Why were African Americans not considered to be immigrants?

   2. How was the African American experience similar to that of other immigrant groups?

   3. What were the costs and benefity to African Americans of moving to northern cities?

   4. Why did many African Americans move north?

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