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									                                 Program Benefits
    Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Employment Practices Liability Insurance provides protection for an employer against
claims made by employees, former employees, potential employees and guests. It covers
discrimination (sex, age, disabled guests, race etc.), wrongful termination, sexual
harassment, refusal of service, and other employment-related allegations.

    Can you imagine any of the                                  EPLI Facts
       following situations                               For ALL Businesses
•    A disabled guest is unable to access the
     shower and files suit for humiliation and        Statistics confirm an employer
     ADA violation.        Average defense cost       is more likely to have an
     $75,000 - verdicts $30,000.
•    An employee, who had a consensual
                                                      employment claim than a
     relationship with another employee, asserts a    property or general liability
     claim         for sexual harassment when the     claim.
     relationship sours? Average defense and          The average amount paid for out-of court
     verdict $85,000.                                 settlement is $40,000
•    A staff member claims a guest “hit on her”       Defense of the average EPLI case, through
     and you, as the employer, did nothing to         trial, costs over $45,000
     stop it? Average defense cost $25,000            The median compensatory award in EPLI
     verdicts $25,000                                 cases is $218,000
•    An employee asserts he or she was                67% of all employment cases that litigate
     discriminatorily discharged, even if you had     results in a judgment for the plaintiff.
     documented and justifiable reasons for the       10% of awards in cases involving
     termination? Average defense cost $55,000        discrimination and wrongful termination are
•    A job applicant claims he or she was denied      in excess of $1,000,000.
     a job because of legal status, gender, race,     Six out of ten employers have faced
     ethnicity or disability? Average defense cost    employee lawsuits within the last five years.
                                                     Society for Human Resource Management
•    An injured employee, who files for workers’
     compensation benefits and is later
     terminated, asserts a claim for retaliatory      41% of all EPLI claims are brought
     discharge? Average defense and verdict           against small employers consisting of 15 to
     $218,000                                         100 employees EEOC

If you can, then you need Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). EPLI is fast
becoming a critically important coverage for Hotel owners to properly protect their
business and assets. Six out of 10 employers have faced employment lawsuits within the
past five years, with smaller businesses least able to afford the financial burden of
That’s why the Edgewater Program not onlyoffers protection against judgments and for the
cost of defending against such allegations, but also provides insureds and their staffs with
the proper training to help avoid being the subject of litigation.
                           Program Benefits

Superior Coverage from an “A Rated Carrier. Unique “All Risk” coverage for
violation of any state, federal or local civil rights or anti-discrimination law including
USERRA, FMLA, ADA, ADEA.Covers all Common Law Tort violations in the course
of employment.“Wrongful Termination” includes constructive discharge.Vicarious
liability coverage for intentional acts.Coverage available for all employee types (i.e.
Independent Contractors, Temporary Employees, Leased Employees, Volunteers, full-
time, Part-time, Seasonal, etc.) This product is competitively priced and

Our Helpline is manned by the attorneys who also will conduct the initial charge
response should a claim arise. Their business is to handle trouble when it arises. This
service is confidential. The insurance company does not know who calls or what they talk
about. Most calls involve questions about specific employment situations in the
workplace and how best to handle those situations. If your inquiry requires legal advice
and consultation, the Helpline attorney will inform you of this and may refer you to an
employment law attorney.The service is brought to you by Burke Warren MacKay and
Serritella under the direction and supervision of Martin LaPointe. Mr LaPointe or a
designated attorney from his firm will assist you with your inquiry. Any manager, officer,
owner, principal, supervisor or designated employee of an EPRMA member may call the
Helpline at the number above. There is no charge and you can call as often as you like
Protect your Managers, Protect your Business
For the first time, California now mandates that employers with fifty (50) or more
employees provide sexual harassment prevention training. After January 1, 2006,
employers must provide the two-hour training to all supervisors at least every two years.
The new law does not impose any monetary penalties for violating the statute. If the
employer fails to provide the training, however, the real “penalty” will occur in the
undermining of an employer’s defenses in the event of a sexual harassment claim. Suffice
it to say, employers must heed the warning and take immediate steps to ensure they
comply with this statute. The mandate applies with equal force to insurers providing
Employment Practices Liability (“EPL”) coverage in California.

Comply America's interactive compliance training program is a program that has been
reviewed by the EEOC and endorsed by a federal court. After reviewing demonstrations
of our courses, I feel confidant that you and your colleagues will agree that we provide
the finest discrimination and harassment prevention training programs available today. It
is used by American express, Hitachi, the largest Law firm in Florida and is available to
you at no extra charge.

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