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MHS PTSA Newsletter                                  Edition 1                                   October 2006

                           From the Desk of Principal Miyashiro
                           Welcome back from summer. I hope all of you have had a great time. I want to extend
                           a warm welcome to all students and families, especially our in coming Freshman Class of

                           A newsbreak that did not make our last PTSA newsletter was the great news of Moorpark
                           High School being awarded a six-year clear accreditation from the Western Association of
                           Schools and Colleges (WASC). This is the highest accreditation a school can achieve.
                           This truly reflects the great things going on here at Moorpark.

Over the past 2 summers, Moorpark has sent teams of teachers, counselors, and administrators to a model high
school conference to network with the best high schools in the nation. One strategy that has come out of these
conferences is the need to increase adult contact with students on campus. Many schools agreed that there must
be a connection between students and adults on the campus and it must start with the 9th grade. Some of the
models we viewed had and administrator, counselor, or a dean in charge of a grade level. We originally planned
for a 2007 – 2008 implementation of grade level teams, where an administrator, counselor and clerical staff
member teamed together to service the needs of a particular grade level. This team would then follow the
students as they moved to completion of high school. The 06-07 school year would be spent on planning for this
implementation. The team that attended this year’s conference came back so enthused about this team model
they asked the question, What is holding us back from starting with our 9th grade this year? I challenged the
administration, counseling, teachers, and clerical staff to begin implementing a 9th grade transition team. Well,
Team 2010 has formed. Team members include Carrie Pentis – Administrator, Anglea Ryals – Counselor, Debbie
Davis – Clerical support, Class Advisor Victoria Weiss and all our 9th grade teachers. Team 2010 began with a
free lunch for all freshman and teachers. Look for upcoming events in the near future.

We have formed 4 other teams. They are:

All students 10th, 11th, 12th Alpha A-Go                   All students 10th, 11th, 12th Alpha Op-Z
Dave Baldwin – Administrator                               Ruby Delery – Administrator
Darcy Demmon – Counselor                                   Barbara Lubaczewski – Counselor
Delia Perea – Clerical Support                             Rosemary Grossman – Clerical Support

All students 10th, 11th, 12th Alpha Gr-On                 *All students 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th plus
Mike Agnitch – Administrator                                       English Language Learners (ELL) and AVID
Adam Rauch – Counselor                                    Mike Agnitch – Administrator
Gloria Downen – Clerical Support                          Manuela Twitchell – Counselor
                                                          Gloria Downen – Clerical Support

* All ELL and AVID students will have support from their grade level and ELL/AVID team members.

In the 2007-2008 school year, Team 2010 will follow their class to the 10th grade. One of the alpha teams will be
assigned to the incoming freshman. The three remaining alpha teams will service our 11th, 12th, and all ELL and
AVID students. I look forward to the positive results these teams will have on the students here at Moorpark.

Our Academic Performance Index score took a dip this year from 808 to 796. Have we fallen out of favor with
the state? No, not at this time, but we must strive to keep our scores up and all subgroups doing well. WASC
has confirmed that we are doing some great things here at Moorpark with our accreditation. One area of
improvement for this year will be to focus on having all students take the STAR test seriously. This is one
variable that can greatly affect our scores. Please encourage you students to do their best on STAR testing in the

Have a great start of school!
Kirk Miyashiro
From the PTSA President
I can hardly believe it is October already! So much has happened at Moorpark High School since I took office on
July 1. Many, many thanks to all of the moms and students who helped with the summer mailing; copying,
addressing, filling, and sorting packets. Thank you also to everyone who volunteered their time to distribute
programs and be on hand to provide information and direction during the week before school began. Many of
those same parents were back Wednesday morning to pass out schedules on the first day of school. Thank you
to everyone who helped the school year begin so smoothly!

As our kids become high school students, many parents think that the time for volunteering is over. Even though
we may not spend time in the classroom helping, our help is very much needed and wanted in many areas of the
campus. Our PTSA provides thousands of hours of service to the MHS community each year – and we
encourage you to please get involved. Whether you have one hour to give, or would like to work on a committee –
we can use your help and would love to have you! Some of the many programs that our PTSA is involved in

•   The newsletter that you are reading is compiled and edited by PTSA volunteers. We are committed to
    maintaining and improving the School to Home connection, and we hope this newsletter is a means for you to
    obtain vital information about your students’ activities, and the myriad of other activities happening on a
    weekly basis at MHS.
•   The PTSA at MHS sponsors the “Reflections” program. This Nationally sponsored arts recognition program
    is a great opportunity for students to express themselves through the arts. This year there are two new
    categories: Dance Choreography and Film/Video Production. Please see the additional information in this
•   The MHS PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) is committed to involving more students in our
    organization. We are working to increase student participation on our board and to provide training and
    mentorship to student clubs and organizations throughout the campus.
•   We raise the majority of our funds through a single fundraiser – the “Mug-a-Thon”. Look for a special pre-
    order form in this newsletter, and our regular phone calls and mug delivery in November! The funds that are
    raised from the Mug-a-Thon are used primarily for classroom support and graduating senior scholarships.
•   Our PTSA sponsors “Mock” SAT exams on the MHS campus for 10th, 11th and 12th graders. The test gives
    the students a ‘risk free’ way to take the test, and become familiar with the new format which includes an
    essay. We are very proud to offer this program, and we hope your students will take advantage of it
•   Our PTSA staffs the teacher’s workroom five days a week. With three parents working most days, the
    teachers can leave their copying to be done by PTSA volunteers. This service allows the teachers to spend
    additional time with students or preparing curriculum for their class.
•   Our PTSA volunteers assist with Career Center activities, the “Econ Summit”, ASB sponsored events, and
    much more.

These are only a few of the many programs that PTSA participates in during the year. Our most vital time is NOW
– we need your membership. Even if you choose not to volunteer, please consider joining PTSA so that we may
continue these programs and begin others. Your voice counts! We welcome you to our meetings, held the first
Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the staff lounge.

Thank you for your support. Here’s to a GREAT school year!

Vickie Sweitzer
MHS PTSA President

             Moorpark High School’s website is your gateway to a school calendar, your child’s
              grades and so much more! Be sure to check out our award-winning website!
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                                        NEED HOMEWORK HELP?
"Project Pride", the after-school tutoring program, is up and running, and ready to assist you with homework help!

Our hours are Mon.-Thurs., after-school from 2:30pm-4:30pm. Mon.-Fri. at lunchtime & Friday, after-school by
appointment only. We are located in room D-5.

We offer tutoring services in efforts to improve grades. We offer tutoring in the following subjects: English, History,
General Math-Calculus, Science, Health, Spanish, Political Systems, and Economics.

No sign-up required; walk-ins are welcome! Please take advantage of this free service. Need supplies to get a project
done? No problem, we've got them! Need to get information for an essay off the computer? We've got those too.

"Project Pride" also provides bus passes for students for transportation home (provided you stay for a minimum of
one-hour after-school). A bus schedule is provided and buses run every quarter till the hour across from the high
school at Mountain Trail & Tierra Rejada.

Please stop in and say hello to Mrs. Fidani, the program coordinator. Check us out and see
if "Project Pride" is right for you! Please call (805) 378-6305 ext. 3148 if you have any questions.

Carol Fidani
"Project Pride" Coordinator

   Community Service Hours Update
 We are making a change to our Community Service
 Programs. All community service information and forms
                                                                                MHS Band & Colorguard
 will now be housed in the Counseling Office. There                                  Information
 you can find the proper forms to log your hours (Form D),
 a list of possible community service opportunities, and rules             This year, the Marching Musketeers will be
 and requirements to fulfill the 40 hours community service                          performing their show:
 requirement for graduation.                                                "The Music of Earth, Wind & Fire.
 Along with a change in location, will be a change in how               Be sure to catch one of their shows at the home
 we operate. Students will be responsible to find their own
                                                                         football games, a field show – or Battle of the
 community service opportunities, with the help of the MHS
 website and a quarterly community service flyer. In
                                                                         Bands on November 18th at MHS. Or - check
 addition, Moorpark High School will only log the 40                        the website,
 required hours of community service for graduation. Any                                 for more info!
 additional community service hours completed need to be
 logged personally by the student. Any additional questions                The concert band(s) and jazz band(s) are
 regarding service hours need to be directed to each                      auditioning and getting ready to perform in
 student’s individual counselor.                                         November at the PAC. Be sure to take in one
                                                                                    of the concerts this year!
 “All for one and one for all”
 Your Moorpark High School Counseling Staff

    The Moorpark special education advisory group, will meet Friday, October 13 at 9 a.m. in the MUSD offices on
    Maureen Lane. ASK sponsors the Disability Awareness Fairs for all District fourth graders. This year ASK will
    invite speakers to present on special education topics such as reading and sensory overload. Please come and
    help us do more for our kids in special education! For information email

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College Career Center News

Have you signed up for the College Career Center’s Web Page? You can go to: and get all of the information that is
going on at the College Career Center. To be sent reminders of events, you
need to go to the top left side of the page and sign up. Parents and students can
sign up.

The CSU and UC Information Night will be held on Thursday, Oct. 5th in the Educational Center.
Rep.’s from UCLA and CSU Channel Islands will be here to give information on all of the Cal State
School and UC schools. Please be aware that the SAVE the DATES information page states 7 p.m. but
the actual time is 6:30 p.m. Sorry for the mix-up.

Registration is now going on for the PSAT (Pre-SAT Test) Test, which will be given on Oct. 21st here
at Moorpark High School. Students can register in the Student Store and the cost is $20.00. (Checks can
be made out to MHS) The test will be starting at 8:00 a.m. and go until approx. 12:00 noon.

There will be College Fair at Royal High School on Mon. Oct. 16th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. They will have
over 70 college reps available to speak to.

Tuesday, Oct. 24th at 7 p.m. we will be holding a SAT Essay Writing Workshop. We will have a
specialist who reads and grades essays here to help you with your SAT essay writing.

We need Career Day Participants for Career Day here at Moorpark High on Thursday, Nov. 16th.
Please contact Diana Prickett at . We can use just about any Career Field. A
reminder that Friday, Oct. 27th is the Deadline for Career Day Participants to turn in their applications.

Applications will be available for all Juniors & Seniors that are interested in Job Shadowing on Feb. 2,
2007 starting Nov. 6th. This day is set aside for students to visit businesses for the day to see if this is
the career field that they would like to major in or go into. The deadline for students to turn in their
application will be Thurs., Nov. 30th.

PTSA Mock SAT test at Moorpark High School will be held on Sat. Nov. 4th from 9-1 p.m.
Registration forms will be available and can be turned into the CC Center mid Oct. The cost is $20.00
and checks can be made out to MHS PTSA. This practice test is recommended for Juniors and

PLAN (Pre-ACT Test) test Registrations starts on Tues., Oct 7th and the test will be given here at
Moorpark High School on Sat., Dec. 2nd. Student’s register at the Student Store and the cost is $20.00.
Make checks out to MHS. The test will start at 8 a.m. and go until approx. 12:00 noon.

Save the date of Thursday, Dec. 7th as we will be having a Financial Aid Night in the Educational
Center at 7 p.m. A specialist from CSU Channel Islands will be here to inform you of all of the different
types of financial aid.

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                          PTSA-Sponsored Mock SAT Exam
The Moorpark High School PTSA has again teamed up with Revolution Prep to provide a
MOCK SAT exam on campus at MHS. The exam costs $20 individually, with proceeds
going to the MHS PTSA and benefiting the Moorpark students.

This Mock SAT exam includes an essay, which Revolution Prep tutors will evaluate and
assign personalized essay comments. The practice SAT provides a perfect chance for
students and parents to gauge the level of preparation that will be necessary to ensure a
student’s success on the actual exam. Please be aware that this is NOT the PSAT
offered by our counseling center and given by the college board. We encourage all
Sophomores and Juniors to take the PSAT offered in October through MHS

By participating in this opportunity, there is no obligation on the part of students and
their families to take the Revolution Test Prep classes being offered at Moorpark High
and other local high schools. Families are encouraged to do their own research and take
any test prep program that best meets the individual student’s needs. It should be noted
that students who sign up for an SAT preparation program with Revolution Prep will
receive a $20 credit toward the price of their course for participating in this mock exam.
(See attached flyer).

The Mock SAT will take place at MHS on Saturday, November 4th 2006, from 9:00 a.m.
to 1:00 p.m. The price is $20 payable to MHS-PTSA. Students must bring the tear-off
from this letter, along with their check, to Diana Prickett in the College Career Center or
leave it in the designated box in the main attendance office.
Please direct questions regarding this mock exam to Revolution Prep at (310) 458-1000.
Thank you for your support, as always.

Most Sincerely,
Cindi Feig,                                                                         Diana Prickett
PTSA Vice President                                                           College & Career Counselor

                                             **Tear off and return**
                                     PRACTICE SAT REGISTRATION
                                      Test date: November 4th, 2006

Name: _____________________________ Phone Number _______________________
E-mail: _________________________________________________________________ (to
receive password and instructions for internet access results and essay comments).
                        ACTIVITIES and UPCOMING EVENTS
                                 OCTOBER 2006

Thursday, October 5
On Thursday, October 5, all seniors will be involved in the senior panoramic. All seniors will be
excused during period 4 to take their class picture.

Friday, October 6
All students who missed Picture Day in August will have the opportunity to get their pictures taken on
October 6. Students will be given a reminder notice.

October 13
On October 13, ASB will host its second dance of the year. All grade levels are invited to attend.
Students with ASB cards are free. Students without ASB cards will have to pay $3.00

Monday, October 16 through Friday, October 20.
ASB will sponsor various activities during lunchtime on the quad.

Friday, October 27
Mark your calendar for the biggest event at MHS. MHS football team will square off with Newbury
Park. All are welcome to attend.

Saturday, October 28
The Homecoming dance will be held in the new gym this year. It is open to all MHS students. The time
and price information will be announced at a later date.

For More Activities – check our website:

                    Purchase your ASB card in the Student Store. The cost is $60.00

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                   All For One and One For All!
                       Remember to join Moorpark High School PTSA today!

                                                            $10.00 Adults $5.00 Students

                                       Your membership helps to provide:

                                       *Scholarships to graduating student members

                                       *Educational/Informational Programs

                                       *Student activities and clubs

                                       *Teacher support

                                       *Mock SAT Program

                                       *and much more

Parents, Teacher, and Students,
Your time and expertise are needed for:
       Career Day (Fall): arrange for lunch for the presenters, check in presenters, staff the PTSA table
       Mug-a-thon (our primary Fall fundraiser): callers, drivers, and delivery persons
       Dance Chaperones (Fall): primarily for Homecoming
       Reflections Art Program (Fall/Winter): set up art display, shrink-wrap art entries
       Senior Year Committee
       College Fair (Spring): set up, clean up, arrange dinner for representatives, check in representatives,
                                staff the PTSA table
       Senior Picnic (Spring): senior parents serve lunch
       Graduation Reception (June): staff the refreshment table
       Program Distribution (Aug ’07): hand out student schedules the week before school starts
       Baked goods (on going): donate baked goods for various functions throughout the year
       Teacher Prep Assistance (on going): copying, etc.
       Office Assistance (on going): filing, answer phones, assist at main desk
       Classroom Volunteer (on going): teacher assistance

Questions, ideas, just want more information? Contact Denise Anderson, VP
Membership at 529-4198 or Vickie Sweitzer, PTSA President at 529-7978

                       Important Information about On-Line Courses
 Moorpark Unified is in the process of rethinking policies related to on-line courses. The number of
 students taking courses has increased just as the number of companies that provide on-line courses.
 Mike Agnitch must approve all on-line courses. At this time, the only on-line program that will be
 recognized at Moorpark High School will be the program provided through UCCP. The courses
 provided through UCCP are recognized by the University of California and meet the A-G
 requirements. We are confident that the level of rigor in these courses will result in a positive
 learning experience for our students. For more information on UCCP, go to

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In the past 11 years the PTSA has been raising funds for student scholarships and PTSA
sponsored programs. This year is no different and we are asking for your help.
During Mug-a-thon week, volunteers make phone calls within the community for four
consecutive evenings, seeking $20 donations for a unique collector’s mug. Standing by
are drivers who deliver the mug to the donor’s home by the end of each evening.

Help us by Volunteering                   call Heike @ 805-298-2401 to be a caller or driver -
                               Or by Pre-ordering you Mug today.

           Tear off, include your payment and return to MHS PTSA Box (in office) or mail to MHS-PTSA Attn: Heike Grimaldo
                                            4500 N. Tierra Rejada Rd,. Moorpark CA 93021

Last year’s 10th anniversary mug also available: Qty:__________

       NEW 2006/2007 Mug :                                     Qty:__________

Each $20.00                                                  Total:$__________



Phone: ________________________________________________________________

Delivery Option: Pickup                                 Delivery

(Pickup or delivery during Mug-A-Thon week)

Questions please call Heike Grimaldo @ 805-298-2401
Please do not call the school office
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                        New Student Information System
Moorpark High School, along with the rest of the District, has changed its student information
system. For the past 15 years MHS has been using a system known as SASI. We have switched
to a new Internet based system called Zangle. The new system will offer parents the ability to
see student’s grades and attendance for all classes. Switching to a new system is never simple.
We are in the process of training staff and working out a few “bugs”. One current issue is the
printing of transcripts. At this point in time we are unable to print complete transcripts. At the
moment our transcripts only include work completed as of June 2006. Our transcripts do not
include courses taken during the summer, or courses taken fall of 2006. It is expected that
Moorpark High School will be able to provide complete transcripts by November. If you
absolutely need a transcript before November, we will provide a transcript with a letter to the
college describing our problem and verifying current work completed.

Note to the Freshman Class of 2010:
Welcome Class 2010 to Moorpark High School! This year our school has made a commitment to help
the freshmen transition from the middle school to the high school. The transition program, entitled
“Team 2010” includes a support staff consisting of our Dean of Students, Carrie Pentis, Freshmen
Counselor, Angela Ryals and our 2010 Classified Staff Member Debbie Davis. This group, along with
our very dedicated and enthusiastic teachers made a commitment to create an educational
environment that supports academic success and school connectivity.

We would like to invite our Freshmen Parents to a special night just for them! We will be holding
a Team 2010 Parent Meeting, before Open House, on September 27th at 5:00pm in the
Performing Arts Center. Come out and meet the support team and find out more about Team

Please feel free to contact any member of Team 2010 with questions or concerns regarding your
student. We are here for you as much as we are for them!

Upcoming Events:
September 27th 5:00pm – 2010 Parents Meeting – Ed Center – MHS
October 4th –       Activity/Club Fair – Lunchtime – Quad Area

        Moorpark High School Reflections 2006-2007
Reflections is a program that is put on by the National PTA to showcase the
talents of students across the United States. Moorpark High PTSA is proud to
be a part of this program. Students can demonstrate their creativity in the
following areas: photography, visual arts, literature, film/video production,
dance choreography, and musical composition. Rules and Entry forms are
available in the school office or from your teachers. Many teachers give extra
credit for participation in this program. The deadline for entry is October 23.
All students are welcome to enter. If you have any questions, please contact
either Linda Twitty at 553-9275 or Stacey Worthington at 523-8692.
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                           IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT YOUR
                              MHS/PTSA NEWSLETTER
      MHS PTSA would like to enhance the school-home connection by making sure you find it
convenient to read each newsletter edition. If you would like notification about the
newsletter each time it is published and placed on the MHS website, please email . Your name will be put on a distribution list and the
newsletter will be emailed to you. Thank you for being involved in your child’s
education – and for reading this newsletter.