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March 2010 Newsletter - Rocklin


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									PURPOSE: To support the Rocklin community with art activities and exhibits, encourage the participation of Rocklin
businesses, schools and artists in the community through exhibits, art demonstrations, lectures, and workshops, and to support
local artists, art in public places and art shows.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Spring is in the air and flowers are in bloom so this might inspire you to create a new
piece for our upcoming 3rd Annual Membership Show scheduled for 15 and 16 May 2010. The show will again be
held at the Rocklin Community Center, next to the Rocklin Library. Gini Crepps is the Chairperson and Jer Jarrett
is Co-chair this year. They had their first planning meeting on 24 February. More information will follow so please
give them all the support you can.

The Rocklin Snowflake Show was held on 13-14 February at Finn Hall. Donald MacDonald was the Chairman and
did a great job organizing the show. There were fewer entries this year 73 compared to 84 last year. RFA came
through again by being an exhibit participant.

Not only did RFA members support this event with art pieces, they volunteered to help. Many thanks to that
volunteered and entered this event. There were Thirteen RFA winners:-

Oils:                 1st    Donald MacDonald
                      2nd    Shirley Pruitt
                      3rd    Jill Maddex

Mixed Media:          1st    Ken Maddex
                      2nd    Linda Pike
                      3rd    Linda Hoschler

Pen/Pencil            1st   Paul Mitchell
Charcoal:             2nd Janet Danzi
                      3rd Paul Mitchell

Acrylics:             2nd    Bonnie Armstrong
                      3rd    Randy Thatcher

Photography:          2nd    Lindy Atoms

Pastel:               3rd    Jer Jarrett

Watercolor:           3rd    Mariko Leonard, Second in

A meeting is planned with Sharon Brooks, Pam Brown, Donald MacDonald and I to discuss the artist feedback
from the evaluations to determine possible improvements for next year.

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Jer and I met with Angela Tahti, the Executive Director of Placer Arts. The highlights of our discussions are
outlined below:
    -Angel would like to include RFA events onto the Placer Arts calendar. Jer Jarrett has the action to follow up
      on this activity.
    -Placer Arts has a free Art Registry that can accommodate 16 pictures per artist. Check out their web site:
    -The 2010 Auburn Art Walks (April, June, August, and October) were discussed and Angela stated that
      interested RFA artists need to submit a letter of intent form. Artist applications need to be in by 3/20/10. See
      the placerarts.org for more information.
    -Also discussed was the upcoming 16th Annual Art Studio Tour on November13, 14, and 15, 2010. Angela
      encouraged us to have RFA members sign up. Please contact Bill Jarrett if you are interested in applying for
      the 2010 show. Those living in a gated community such as Springfield, the art studio at the Gables could
      possibly be one of the tour spots in 2011. RFA Board of Directors will have further discussion on this topic.

At the General Meeting Judy Larson (who is in charge of Finn Hall for the Annual Art Studio Tour) stated that
there are 6 artists to exhibit for the 2010 Studio Tour, but there may still be room for more.

The current RFA Board has served for almost 1 ½ years and board members’ terms expire at the end of this year. It
is a good time for all members to think about volunteering for one of these positions. There are many opportunities
in this club and we need new people with fresh ideas. Just let me or any Board Member know if you are interested
in becoming a Board Member. Serving on the Board is interesting and fun, so don’t be shy.
Thanks for your continuing support to RFA.                                          Bill Jarrett, RFA President

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL: Registration Forms are available on our Web Site. Please make out your check to the
City of Rocklin and mail to the address on the form. We are planning more guest artists to keep our members
motivated. We welcome any new members that you might like to invite to our meetings. Any questions, call me
(Jer Jarrett) at 435-3066.

1-Kathleen Ryan teaches watercolor and drawing to adults and children, at Newcastle Packing Sheds Studios.
Give a call at 530-823-3020 -kathyinauburn@sbcglobal.net
2-Joyce Williams, Joyce Williams is continuing pastel lessons on Wednesdays and Thursdays and is starting a
Friday drawing class at The Packing Shed Studios in Newcastle. Oil painting and watercolor classes are also
offered there. Call 916-663-1516.
3-Jan Joslin will be teaching her Techniques in Oil - @ Newcastle Packing Sheds
4- Gayle Rappaport Weiland Teaches numerous classes in the Sacramento Valley. Consult the following page for
Listings and details. http://www.grappaport.com/gayle_schedule_spring2010_page1.pdf
For complete information check her web site, http://www.grappaport.com/ Call 916-435-4096 or Email her:
5-Watercolor Classes at Sun City Lincoln Hills: Anthony Rogone will be teaching a Watercolor Painting Class at
the Orchard Creek Lodge Sun City Lincoln Hills on Friday afternoons from 1:30 to 4:30. Please check your Sun
City "Compass" or inquire at the lodge information desk. This class is for all levels; beginners are welcome.

RFA CLUB HISTORY: When you find newspaper articles promoting art activities of Rocklin Fine Arts members,
forward them to Historian Chairperson, Marilyn Heyman, heymarilyn2@gmail or give them to her at a monthly

PUBLICITY: To announce an art activity of a Rocklin Fine Arts member, please give your article with associated
photos to Publicity Chairperson, Linda Hoschler, at a monthly meeting or by email cobalt.glass@yahoo.com

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1. Placer Arts "Out of the Box" event: Each artist is given a plywood cube 9''x9"x9" and are asked to create
   something by tearing the box apart, decorating it, reassembling it and producing something which can be
   Auctioned with proceeds going to Placer Arts. Submit entry by March 31rst.
2. Blue Line Gallery: your opportunity to exhibit in the Blue Line Gallery's WestPark Workshop Gallery through
   an ongoing cycle of monthly exhibits. Each month's exhibit opens during the 3rd Saturday Art Walk reception.
        a. 2010 Member Theme Exhibits:
           Mixed Media.                                   Deadline: June 1
           Black & White.                                 Deadline: Aug 1
           It's the Journey, Not the Destination.         Deadline: Sept
        b. Juried Membership Show. Deadline: March 20, 5pm
3. Deadline March 10, 2010: “Still-life & floral” – Richeson School of Art & Gallery – June - July 19, 2010
4. Deadline April 1, 2010: Emerging Artists Competition “21 under 31” – Southwest Art Magazine
   www.southwestart.com (Must be under 31 years of age to enter)
5. Deadline May 3, 2010: Artist’s Magazine 27th Annual Art Competition - www.artistsmagazine.com
6. Deadline June 1, 2010: “University Art Open Exhibition” – University Art San Jose Store – Sept. 11 – 30,
   2010 www.UniverityArt.com
7. PlacerArts - 17th Annual Autumn Art Studios Tour - visit the home page of PlacerArts.org, and refer to the
   calendar listing Call to Artists: 2010 Autumn Art Studios Tour. - Applications must be emailed, postmarked or
   hand delivered by 5pm on Friday, March 26. Notification of acceptance by May 7. You may also request an
   application by contacting Rosie Stilwell at (530) 885-5670x119 or rosie@placerarts.org.

NEWSLETTER: Your newsletter will be emailed bi-monthly. Forward your art information/events for inclusion in
the Newsletter and notify of any email changes. Newsletter Chairperson, Michele Feinberg,

RFA WEB SITE: www.rocklinfinearts.org/. To have your artworks displayed on our web site, please email Web
Site Chair, Jer Jarrett, jerjarrett@sbcglobal.net with your photo, your bio, and 3 pictures of your art. These will be
listed under “Artists” on the home page. If you find anything on the Web Site needing correction, please send your
changes to Jer. All members are encouraged to participate.

   1. Marilyn Heyman exhibited paintings at JD's Bakery and Sandwich Shop, 300 Midas Ave., in February.
   2. Jill and Ken Maddex will display at Rocklin Library from March 10th through May 1st.
   3. Placer Arts "Out of the Box" event participants are: Ken Maddex, Bill Mang, and Tye and Travis
      Trevethick will do one together.
   4. The Second Saturday and Patris S12 Gallery includes Gayle Rappaport–Weiland

2010 MEETING AND EVENTS CALENDAR                           All meetings begin at 10am - 3rd Friday of each Month
                                                           Sunset Community Center 2650 Sunset Blvd. Rocklin, Ca
March 19             General Meeting          -
April 16             General Meeting          -
May 22-23            3 Annual Membership Show
June 18              General Meeting

November             Rocklin “Toast of the Town” -4:00 – 8:00 PM - Wine Tasting & Art Show - Rocklin Sunset
November             Ctr. Autumn Art Tour 09, Finnish Temperance Hall - 4090 Rocklin Road, Rocklin.
                     NO General Meeting
December -           YEAR-END GALA

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RFA Monthly ARTIST COMMUNITY SHOWINGS: If interested in exhibiting at one of the following locations,
Contact Exhibitor Chair, Ken Maddex. jikenmad@ssctv.net Rocklin Florist can show 7-10 pictures and JD's
about the same or one or two more. We have lost one of our sites: Sierra Roasting has closed down. The remaining
sites available are:
1 -Rocklin Florist                     5885 Pacific Street - (800)228-7673
2 -JDs Bakery and Sandwich Shop        Midas at Pacific
3 -Auburn Friends-of-the-Library

President                              Vice-President                          Secretary
Bill Jarrett                           Donald MacDonald                        Jill Maddex
billjarrett@sbcglobal.net              donaldjmacdonald@hotmail.com            jikenmad@ssctv.net

Treasurer                              Membership Chair                        Exhibitor Chair
Jer Jarrett                                                                    Ken Maddex
jerjarrett@sbcglobal.net                                                       jikenmad@ssctv.net

Historian Chair                        Publicity Chair                         Newsletter Chair
Marilyn Heyman                         Linda Hoschler                          Michele Feinberg
heymarilyn2@gmail                      cobalt.glass@yahoo.com                  michelefeinberg@hotmail.com

Hospitality Chair                      Web Site Chair
                                       Jeri Jarrett

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