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									BISON BULLETIN                                                                                                                       Curriculum Night
            Fenton Community High School - District 100
                                                                  Family Newsletter - September 2009 - Volume 8, Issue 2
                                                                                                                                                    Thursday, September 10 at 6:55 pm
                                                                                                                               It’s time for school! Parents who have dreamed of reliving their high school days will get their chance
                                                                                                                           on Thursday, September 10 at Fenton’s annual Curriculum Night. From 6:55 pm to 8:30 pm parents will
                                                                                                                           follow their student’s daily class schedule to experience first-hand a day-in-the-life of a high school
                                                                                                                           student. While at Curriculum Night, parents can expect to learn several things from their student’s teach-
                                                                                                                           ers including academic and behavior expectations, course outlines, homework, and make-up work.
                                                                                                                               Please have your student write his/her daily schedule on the form on the next page and follow the
                                                                                                                           schedule period by period during the evening. If your student has a study hall period, you may wish to visit
                                                                                                                           the Media Center, Guidance Office, the Athletic Office, Community Service Office, or the Main
                                                                                                                           Office. Student volunteers will be in the hallways to assist you in locating classrooms. Be sure to attend a
                                                                                                                           parent meeting held prior to Curriculum Night - see page 2 for more information. We hope to see you
                                                                                                                                     Turn the page for the Curriculum Night schedule -

                                                                                                                                          Homecoming 2009
                                                                                                                                                              “Red Carpet”
                                                                                                                                                         September 28 - October 3
                                                                                                                                            Turn to page 5 for the Homecoming schedule →

  Fenton Preschool and PUPS Programs Now Enrolling                                                                                                                               Fenton Parent’s Corner
    The Fenton Preschool is now registering children ages 3-5 years old                                                                                                        Calling all Parents. Join us in Room 50 at 6:15
 for the 2009-2010 school year. The preschool runs from September                                                                                                           pm before Curriculum Night on September 10.
 through June following Fenton’s calendar and costs $15 per month. For                                                                                                      Get to know other parents, learn about two really
 more information, contact Ginny Oelslager at oelslager@fenton100.com                                                                                                       important new programs to help your student's suc-
 or by phone at 630-860-4935.                                                                                                                                               ceed, and have a snack before you make the
    PUPS (Parents Using Preschool Skills) is now accepting registration                                                                                                     rounds of your student's classes. Information on the
 forms for the Infant/Toddler and Preschool room for the 2009-2010 school                                                                                                   Safe Home Parent Pledge/Director and the Young
 year. Children can range from six weeks to five years of age. The cost is                                                                                                  Hearts for Life programs will be presented, and op-
 $50.00 per family. For additional information, please call the Family and                                                                                                  portunities for you to be involved in these two activi-
                                       Consumer Science Department at                                                                                                       ties will be offered. For more information, contact
                                       630-860-4935.                                                                                                                        Principal Todd Leden or Parent Association Presi-
                                          The Fenton Preschool and PUPS                                                                                                     dent Jill Rodriguez (jillrod@comcast.net).
                                       programs are happy to begin the
                                       new school year with a new play-                                                                                                           La primera reunion y cafecito de
                                       ground. The bright orange and blue                                                                                                              PADRES UNIDOS es:
                                       playground was purchased using
                                       ARRA Preschool Stimulus Money.                                                                                                                            El 11 de septiembre
                                       The new playground replaces an
 older, rundown playground and will provide the preschool and PUPS chil-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    7-9 de la noche
 dren, and their high school teachers, with a more fun place to play.                                                                                                                           En la Cafetería Grande
                                                                                                                                                                                                Cuido de niños gratis.
     Adult College of DuPage ESL classes held at Fenton will begin
 registration on September 9 at 6:00 pm. For more information, con-                                                                                                          Vengan todos Uds. para aprender como
 tact Lillian Reed at 630-860-4799.                                                                                                                                                  NAVEGAR FENTON!
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        Curriculum Night Schedule
       Have your student fill out his/her schedule below to bring with to Curriculum Night.
     Period            Time              Teacher                           Course                  Room #
        0       6:45 - 6:55 pm

        1       7:00 - 7:08 pm

        2       7:13 - 7:21 pm

        3       7:26 - 7:34 pm

        4       7:39 - 7:47 pm

        5       7:52 - 8:00 pm

        6       8:05 - 8:13 pm

        7       8:18 - 8:26 pm

A Note from the Principal
Dear Fenton Parents,
Welcome back to another great school year at Fenton High School. We’ve enjoyed a smooth start to the year and
are pleased to welcome 6 new faculty members and 3 new support staff members. Please look through the bulletin to
find out more information about the new faces at Fenton.
Parents are invited to join the Fenton Parent Association at their first meeting of the school year. The meeting will
be held at 6:15 pm in room 65 on September 10th. Please join us as we discuss Young Hearts for Life and topics for
future FPA meetings. At the conclusion of the meeting, all parents are encouraged to attend Curriculum Night be-
ginning at 6:45 pm for zero hour and 6:55 pm for the regular school day. This is an opportunity to meet the new
teachers. Curriculum night is designed to allow parents to follow their student’s schedule, meet their teachers, and
hear about course curriculum and classroom expectations. Please take a moment to fill out the template above with
your student’s schedule and bring it with you to Curriculum Night.
Homecoming is another exciting activity and will take place the week of Monday, September 28th through Saturday,
October 3rd. Please read page 5 of the bulletin for times and locations of the many exciting activities.
I look forward to seeing you at one or more of these Fenton events. I wish you and your family a successful school
Go Bison,

Todd Leden
Page 2

      Important Parent Meetings Prior to Curriculum Night
   Fenton Parent Association Meeting                                                    Bilingual Parent Meeting
   The first meeting of the Fenton Parent Association will be held          There will be two Bilingual Parent Committee meetings prior to Cur-
prior to Curriculum Night on Thursday, September 10 at 6:15 pm in        riculum Night on Thursday, September 10 at 6:00 pm. Parents of ESL
room 65. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend this           students are encouraged to attend a meeting in Room 51. This will be
informative and enriching meeting. Information will presented            an opportunity for parents of students in the ESL program to get to know
about the Safe Home Parent Pledge and Directory and the                  one another, as well as to meet the teachers in the ESL/Bilingual pro-
Young Hearts For Life Cardiac Screening Program. The pur-                gram. Parents of students not in ESL are encouraged to attend an infor-
pose of the Fenton Parent Association is to improve communica-           mational meeting in Room 50. These meetings will be immediately be-
tion between the home and the school. Please make sure to attend         fore the Curriculum Night activities.
this important meeting! Bring your questions and suggestions - no
committee assignments or homework, we promise!                              Vengan a una reunión para Padres de Familias Bilingües el jue-
                                                                         ves, 10 de septiembre a las 6:00 antes de la Noche Curricular. Los
                                                                         padres de los estudiantes en el programa de ESL (Inglés como
 Don’t Forget to Turn in Young Hearts                                    Segundo Idioma) van a reunirse en el salón 51 y los padres de los
    For Life Forms by October 23                                         estudiantes en clases regulares deben reunirse en el salón 50.

    Fenton is pleased to welcome Midwest Heart Community Founda-              We encourage you to discuss this screening with your child. Your
tion on November 6 as they bring the Young Hearts For Life Cardiac        child’s participation in the screening is your decision. We want to as-
Screening program. All students whose parents authorize them to be        sure you that students’ confidentiality, privacy and individual modesty
tested will be screened.                                                  will be respected throughout all aspects of the program.
    Midwest Heart Community Foundation provides free cardiac                  More information about the Young Hearts For Life Cardiac Screen-
screenings to identify high school students at risk for sudden cardiac    ing Program can be found on Fenton’s website www.fenton100.org.
death and to increase the public’s awareness of this issue. To date
over 32,000 students have been screened .

                         Fenton Administrators
                                    Welcome You to A New School Year

            Kathie Pierce                      Todd Leden                       Michael Connolly
           Superintendent                       Principal                     Director of Curriculum

            Todd Becker                      Jill Kingsfield                     Carrie Pomahac                     Mike Chappell
         Assistant Principal-              Assistant Principal-                 Assistant Principal-              Assistant Principal-
                Dean                              Dean                                 Dean                        Athletic Director
Page 3

       Fenton Secures Dual Credit Opportunities with College of DuPage
   Fenton High School is pleased to announce that a number of its courses have been approved for Dual Credit with
College of DuPage starting with the 2009-2010 school year. Courses that have been approved for Dual Credit with COD
allow students that complete the Dual Credit registration process to earn college credit at the same time they earn high
school credit. The program is free of charge to students and many Dual Credit courses transfer to four year universities.
This is a great way for students to get an early start on earning college credit and will help defray the cost of college
tuition while giving students the potential to earn a college degree at an accelerated pace. Approved Dual Credit
Courses for 2009-2010 include: Graphics I, Painting A and B, Environmental Science, Preschool I and II, and Computer
Art A and B. Dual Credit registration will begin for those students enrolled in approved courses at the beginning of the
2009-2010 school year. If you have any questions regarding Dual Credit opportunities, please contact Dr. Michael Con-
nolly, Director of Curriculum at 630-860-6253 or by email at Connolly@fenton100.org.

                College Information Night                                                        Upcoming College Visits
    The Counseling Department will host a College Information Night on Wednesday,               See Mrs. Radek in the Guidance Office to
September 23 from 7:00-9:00 pm in the auditorium. Fenton High School counselors will         sign-up for these college visits.
provide information about college preparation, college searches, specific college require-   Sept. 18 - North Central College - 9:00 am
ments, and the application process. A college admission representative will also share
                                                                                             Sept. 22 - Illinois Center for Broadcasting - 11am
information about how college admissions decisions are made and what students can do
to maximize their chances for admission to the college of their choice. Parents and stu-     Oct. 6 - DePauw University - 1:15 pm
dents of all grade levels are welcome to attend. This program is especially important for    Oct. 15 - Northern Michigan University - 9:30 am
juniors and seniors, but freshmen and sophomores will also find the information benefi-
cial. For additional information contact the Counseling Department at 630-860-4925.

                       Fenton Introduces PowerSchool
PowerSchool is Fenton’s new student information system that manages student data related to
grades, attendance, course schedules, demographics, etc. PowerSchool will be replacing Edline as
Fenton’s primary source for online student information.
Why the Change?
Sasi, Fenton’s previous student information system, will be discontinued by the manufacturer in 2010. With this an-
nouncement, Fenton saw an opportunity to improve the way student data is managed. Errors should be reduced and
updates will be available in real time.
How Do I login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a secure, web-based system that can be accessed from any location with an internet
connection. The Parent Portal login page can be accessed at the following address: http://powerschool.fenton100.org.
Additional links to PowerSchool are listed under the “For Students” and “For Families” sections of Fenton’s website.
Account information will be distributed to students during the first week of school. In addition, a packet will be sent home
that will include usernames and passwords for parents and/or guardians.
How do I use the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
The PowerSchool parent portal is intuitive and easy to use. The complete user guide for the Parent Portal can be
downloaded from Fenton’s website. In addition, training will be offered to parents and guardians during the fall semester
term. Training dates will be announced shortly.
When will Grade and Attendance Information be Updated?
Attendance will be posted daily to the Parent Portal. Teachers are required to update grades weekly; however certain
factors may influence when grade updates appear. Assignments such as an essays or research papers may take
longer to grade. We urge parents and guardians to be patient as teachers do their best to post grades as promptly as
    Sunday          Monday                        Tuesday                      Wednesday                            Thursday                            Friday                    Saturday
                                             1                                 2                                3                                 4                   5
                                                Choir Boosters                 GCC A St. Patrick ALL 4:30pm         2:07 pm Dismissal             Orange and Blue Day GCC H Early Bird ALL 9:00am
                                                Meeting 6:00 pm                BCC A St. Patrick ALL 4:30pm           Advisory Day                                            BCC H Early Bird ALL 9:00am
*Sports schedules are subject                   Bison Boosters                 GVB H Proviso W. FA/S 4:30p                                        FB H Glenbard So. S/V 5/7pm FB A Glenbard So. F 9:00 am
to change. Please call the                      Meeting 7:00 pm                GVB H Proviso W. FB/V 5:30p      BSOC A Addison Trl. V 4:30                                    BSOC A Addison Trl. S/V 10a
Sports Information Hotline at                BSOC A Addison Trl. V 4:30p                                        BSOC H Addison Trl. S 4:30                                    GOLF H Fenton Invite V 6:15
630-238-7100 for up-to-date                  BSOC H Addison Trl. S 4:30p                                        GOLF H York JV 4:00 pm                                        GTEN A Addison Trl. V 8am
sports information.                          GOLF H Fenwick JV/V 4pm                                            GVB H Morton FA/S 5:00pm                                      GVB A Geneva V 9:00 am
                                             GTEN A Maine W. V 4:00pm                                           GVB H Morton FB/V 6:00pm                                      GVB A Leyden F 9:00 am
                                             GTEN H Maine W. JV 4:00pm
                                             GSWIM H Plainfield C. JV/V 5

6              7                              8                                 9                                10                                11                           12     ACT Test
                                              BSOC H Lake Park S 4:30                 Yearbook Pictures             2:07 pm Dismissal              Orange and Blue Day             www.actstudent.org
                                              BSOC H Lake Park V 6:30              Jrs, Sophs, Fresh, & Staff                                                                   Northwestern Univ Band Day
                    No School                 GTEN H River.-Brk. 4:30pm             7:00 to 3:30 Front Gym       Curriculum Night                                               GCC A Lake Park ALL 8:30
                                                                                                                                                    12:12 pm Dismissal          BCC A Gordon Tech. ALL 9a
                                              GTEN A River.-Brk 4:30pm                                               6:55 pm
                    Labor Day                 GSWIM H Maine E. JV/V 5
                                                                                GCC A St. Viator ALL 4:30 pm                                                                    FB A Walther Luth. S 10:45
                                                                                GOLF A River.-Brk. JV/V 4pm      BSOC A Elmwd Prk S/V4:30                                       FB A Walther Luth. V 1:00pm
                                                                                GTEN A Leyden V 4:30pm                                              Padres Unidos Mtg.          GOLF A Notre Dame F/S 7a
                                                                                GTEN H Leyden S 4:30pm                                                7:00 - 9:00 pm            GOLF A Batavia V 8:00 am
                                                                                GVB A Leyden FA/S 5:00pm                                              Small Cafeteria           GTEN A Willowbrk. V 8:00am
                                                                                GVB A Leyden FB/V 6:00pm                                                                        GTEN A York S 8:00 am
                                                                                                                                                                                GVB A Yorkville V 9:00 am

13             14                             15 Sr. Yearbook Picture           16                               17                                18                           19
               FB A Walther Luth. F 4:30pm       During lunch & after school                                        2:07 pm Dismissal              Orange and Blue Day          GCC A Warren Twn. ALL 9a
               BSOC A St. Joseph JV 4:30         Audit. Foyer 11:45 to 3:30     GVB A Glenbard W. FA/S 5p             Advisory Day                                              BCC A Warren Twn. ALL 9a
               BSOC A St. Joseph F 4:30       GCC A Elmwd Prk ALL 4:30          GVB A Glenbard W. FB/V 6p                                             Middle School Band        FB H River.-Brk. F 9:00 am
                                              BCC A Elmwd Prk ALL 5:00                                           GOLF H Timothy Ch. JV/V 4                Night at the          BSOC A Elk Grove F 10am
                                              BSOC H Illiana Ch. S 4:30                                          GTEN A Elmwd. Prk. V 4:30              Football Game           BSOC A Elk Grove S 12pm
                                              BSOC H Illiana Ch. V 6:15                                          GTEN H Elmwd. Prk. S 4:30         FB H River.-Brk. S/V 5/7pm   BSOC A Elk Grove V 2pm
                                              GOLF H Illiana Ch. JV/V 4pm                                        GSWIM H Proviso W. JV/V 5         BSOC H St. Joseph S 4:30     GOLF A Willowbrk. S 8:00am
                                              GTEN A Illiana Ch. V 4:30                                          GVB H River.-Brk. FA/S 4:30       BSOC V St. Joseph V 6:15     GTEN H Invite F/S 9:00 am
                                              GTEN H Illiana Ch. S 4:30                                          GVB H River.-Brk. FB/V 5:30                                    GVB A Fremd S 8:30 am
                                              GSWIM H Will./Ad.Trl. JV/V 5

20             21                             22                                23                               24                                25                           26
                                              BSOC A River.-Brk. S 4:30             College Information             2:07 pm Dismissal              Orange and Blue Day          BCC A Palatine ALL 9:00am
                                              BSOC H River.-Brk. F 4:30                    Night                                                                                FB A Ridgewood F 9:00 am
                                              BSOC A River.-Brk. V 6:15               7:00 - 9:00 pm             BSOC H Ridgewd. S 4:30            FB A Ridgewood S/V 5/7pm     GOLF H Scramble JV 6:30a
                                              GOLF H Ridgewd. JV/V 4pm              Fenton Auditorium            BSOC A Ricgewd. F 4:30                                         GTEN H Invite JV 9:00 am
                                              GTEN H Timothy Ch. V 4:30         GTEN A Willowbrook V 4:00p       BSOC H Ridgewd. V 6:15                                         GSWIM A York V 12:00 pm
                                              GTEN A Timothy Ch. S 4:30         GTEN H Willowbrook S 4:00p       GOLF H Elmwd. Prk. H 4pm                                       GVB A Add. Trl. JV 8:30 am
                                              GVB A Illiana Ch. F/S 4:30                                         GTEN A River.-Brk. V 4:30
                                              GVB A Illiana Ch. F/V 5:30                                         GTEN H River.-Brk. S 4:30
                                                                                                                 GVB A Tim. Chr. FA/S 4:30/5:30
                                                                                                                 GVB H Tim.Chr. FA/B 4:30/5:30

27             28                             29 BSOC A Illiana Ch. V 4:30      30
                 District 100 School          BSOC A Illiana Ch. S 4:30         GVB A Walther Luth. F 4:30
                 Board Mtg. 7:30 pm           GOLF A Ridgewd. V 9:00 am         GVB A Walther Luth. S 5:30
               BSOC H Kennedy S 4:30          GTEN A Walther Luth. V 4:30       GVB A Walther Luth. V 6:30
               BSOC H Kennedy V 6:30          GTEN H Walther Lth. JV 4:30
               GOLF A Lake Park ALL 3:30p     GSWIM A Ressur. JV/V 5pm
               GVB A E. Aurora F/S 4:30 pm    GVB A Ridgewood F/S 4:30
               GVB A E. Aurora F/V 5:30 pm    GVB A Ridgewood F/V 5:30

                                                         HOMECOMING WEEK - RED CARPET
 Page 5

                             Homecoming 2009 “Red Carpet”
 Monday, September 28                          Tuesday, September 29                      Wednesday, September 30
 Pajama, Robe & Slippers Day                   Dress Like a Movie Star Day                Twin Day
 6 on 6 Football                                                                          6 on 6 Football

          Thursday, October 1                                                 Friday, October 2
          Sports Attire Day                                                   Fenton Spirit Day - Orange and Blue
          Powder Puff Football                                                      Homecoming Assembly 12:30 pm
                Freshmen vs. Sophomores 6:00 pm                                     Homecoming Parade 2:00 p.m.
                Juniors vs. Seniors 7:00 pm                                         Football vs. Elmwood Park High School
                                                                                    Sophomores – 5:00 pm
                                                                                    Varsity – 7:00 pm

 Saturday, October 3
 Homecoming Dance – “Red Carpet”
 Student Cafeteria – 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm
 *Dance Tickets cost $9.00 per person with activities paid, $10.00 per
 person without activities paid, and $15.00 per person at the door. Tickets
 will be on sale at the Bookstore from September 21 through October 2.

               Fenton Presents The Good Woman of Setzuan
    Shen Te lives among the poor in the fictional city of Setzuan. After a random act of kindness, she
is given a “gift from the gods” as a test to see if good people can stay good in a world that seems to
reward those who are bad. Written by Bertolt Brecht, “The Good Woman of Setzuan” promises to be
a highly entertaining and thought provoking piece of theatre.
    The play will be performed October 8, 9 and 10 at 7:30 pm in the Lewis-Huffman Auditorium.
Tickets cost $5 and can be purchased at the door or put on reserve by calling the theatre box office
at (630)860-4928.

      Senior Citizens Invited to a Free Matinee Performance
   An exclusive performance of The Good Woman of Szechwan will be given to senior citizens of Bensenville
and Wood Dale on Saturday, October 10 at 12:30 pm. There is no admission charge and complimentary re-
freshments will be served during intermission.
    Any senior citizen interested in attending the matinee should make reservations by calling 630-860-8620
beginning September 21 through September 30. Please leave a voice mail indicating your name, phone num-
ber, and the number of people in your party.

                                                                         Students “Hang Ten”
                                                                        in Blue Hawaiian Run
                                                     Several Fenton students participated in Bensenville Park District’s Blue
                                                  Hawaiian 5K and earned the title of “Big Kahunas”! Congratulations to Carsyn
                                                  Rodriguez ‘11, Ashley Falco ‘11, Allie Wright ‘11, Charles Fleischaker ‘11,
                                                  Coach Berago, Masa Arifovic ‘12, Jenny Macko ‘12, Casey ODonnell ‘12, and
                                                  Sam Kubica ‘12 for participating in the race. Everyone in the group finished
                                                  strong and had fun supporting one another. Coach Berago hopes that even
                                                  more Fenton runners will participate next year!
Page 6

     Fenton Welcomes New Faculty and Staff Members

                   Mallory Beagley                      Janet Best                          Mick Kahler                        Erin Kapolnek
                   Math Department                    Math Department                     Special Ed. Dept.                  Social Studies Dept.

 Elizabeth Longeway                   Andrea Wysopal                         Lisa Olson                         Davina Stauch                        Daniel Wilson
 English Department                  Social Studies Dept.                 Computer Lab Aide                   Daytime Custodian                     Academic Tutor

                                        MUSIC NOTES
Band News                                                                            Choir News
    The Fenton High School Bands have many exciting events going on for the              Welcome Back! I hope that you had a wonderful summer…and are prepared for
month of September.                                                                  an even better school year!
    You can see the FHS Marching Bison Band performing at the following events:          We are hitting the ground running with lots of new music to learn, and material to
-August 25: Bison Booster BBQ Kick-Off                                               prepare. We started our Market Day Fundraiser on August 31 and it will be running
-September 4: 1st Home Football Game Halftime                                        through September 14….If you are interested please see any choir member. Swing
-September 11: 2nd Home Football Game Halftime                                       Choir Auditions will take place on September 1 and 2 in the Choir Room - for more
-September 12: Northwestern University Band Day during halftime of the NU vs.        information please see the choir director. Lastly, we hope to see all interested par-
Eastern Michigan football game (for tickets, visit www.nusports.com)                 ents at the choir booster meeting on Sept. 2 at 6:00 pm in the Choir Room (room
-September 18: Middle School Band Night (an event where Blackhawk Middle
                                                                                     10). Thanks! Mrs. Seredy Williams
School and Wood Dale Junior High School perform with us that evening)
    Do you have a Marching Band Practice and Performance calendar? If not, visit     September
www.fenton100.org/musicweb/marchingband.htm to view one.                             Swing Choir Auditions: 1st & 2nd @ 3:15-5:00 p.m.
    The FHS Band Boosters will be having their first meeting of the school year on   Choir Boosters Meeting: 2nd at 6:00 pm
Monday, August 31 at 6:00 pm in the band room. All interested community mem-         Fall Fundraiser-Catalog (Selling Dates: 8/31-9/14, Pick up date: October 19)
bers and parents interested in furthering the successful support of the band are
welcome.                                                                                                 Fenton Choir Boosters
    The FHS Bands will be selling 2009-2010 Entertainment books to the Fenton        Join us the first Wednesday of each month at 6 pm in the Choir Room (rm 10)
community. Please call the band office at 630-860-4944 or see a band student to      September - Choir Boosters Meeting: 2nd at 6:00 pm
purchase yours come September.                                                       October - Choir Boosters Meeting: 7th at 6:00 pm
    Don't forget to order your Scrip (gift cards) for any occasion at                November - Choir Boosters Meeting: 4th at 6:00 pm
www.fenton100.org/musicweb, click on the Band Booster button at the top and
                                                                                     December - Choir Boosters Meeting: 2nd at 6:00 pm
scroll down to the New Scrip Order Form link.
                                                                                     January - Choir Boosters Meeting: 6th at 6:00 pm
    The Band Boosters are sponsoring a whole school Market Day delivery this
school year. Our first delivery will be Wednesday, September 9 in the small cafe-    February - Choir Boosters Meeting: 3rd at 6:00 pm
teria between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. For an order form contact booster president          March - Choir Boosters Meeting: 3rd at 6:00 pm
Donna Lange at del6164@sbcglobal.net or order and pay on line at                     April - Choir Boosters Meeting: 7th at 6:00 pm
www.marketday.com.                                                                   May - Choir Boosters Meeting: 5th at 6:00 pm
  Page 7

                                             Preparing for Flu Season
      Although summer is just ending, cold and flu season is already hitting headlines in newspapers and news broad-
  casts. Fenton High School is committed to helping keep students and staff healthy and safe during flu season and is
  working closely with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stay up-to-date on the latest information.
  Fenton families can find information regarding the seasonal flu and the H1N1 flu (formerly the swine flu) on Fenton’s
  website www.fenton100.org, as well as in upcoming issues of the Bison Bulletin.
      Federal, state, and local officials will be encouraging all individuals to receive a yearly seasonal flu shot as soon as
  the vaccine is available. The federal government is currently working to develop a vaccine for the H1N1 influenza as
  well and it is expected to be available mid-October. These vaccines are the single most effective way to prevent the flu
  and families are encouraged to speak with their doctor or local health department for more information regarding vac-
      Besides vaccinations, Fenton encourages students and staff to exercise good personal hygiene habits. Remember
  the three C’s: Clean - Wash your hands frequently to prevent the spread of germs; Cover - Your cough or sneeze with
  a tissue or sleeve, not your hand; and Contain your germs - stay home if you are sick.

                                                 BEAT Tip of the Month
                                                       Bison Environmental Activist Team: BEAT
                   We have heard the words REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE. The emphasis seems to be on recycling which is great and as we
  saw last can save trees, electricity, and water. However we can save a lot more if we focus on Reducing our consumption. One of the things we
  can do is try to look for produces that do not come with a lot of packaging. If a product has a lot of packing material, it will take up more space and
  use more gas and energy to ship it and that extra material will have to be recycled to use more energy or take up space in a landfill.
              Plastic bottles are another big energy drain and take up much needed landfill space. Instead of buying water from
  the store, purchase a reusable water bottle and use water from your tap. You can always use a water filter and fill up you bottle
  with filtered water. The other thing about plastic bottles is that they are made from petroleum, so we can save more petroleum
  for our cars. The more we can reduce the less energy and landfill space we need.
              Students do not forget that is you are interested in the Bison Environmental Activist Team, Come see Mr. Baeder.

 Changes to the Student Handbook                                                                         YEARBOOK PHOTOS
     The following changes were omitted from the 2009-2010 calendar and student                    Spelman Studios, Fenton’s official school
handbook. Please be advised of the changes listed under “Co-Curricular Activi-                 photographer, will be on campus Wednesday, Septem-
ties” in the handbook.                                                                         ber 9 to take student yearbook photos. Pictures will be
Jazz Ensemble                                                                                  taken during all physical education classes in the front
Jazz ensemble is and extra-curricular ensemble that gives students at Fenton an oppor-         gym. Students who do not have a physical education
tunity to explore a uniquely American genre of music. This ensemble is open to all stu-        class may take their photo before school, during lunch or
dents by audition. Students can expect to be exposed to advanced jazz literature and           after school. Students and parents should look for photo
learn how to improve on their instruments. Performances will be at all Band Concerts,          order forms in the September Bison Bulletin mailing or
community events, Jazz Concerts and Jazz Festivals.                                            can pick them up in the Main Office, Student Center,
                                                                                               and cafeteria. Any students that miss the September 9
Marching Band                                                                                  photo date or students who would like to retake their
The FHS Marching Band is a unique ensemble that allows high school students to per-            photos may do so on Tuesday, October 20 between
form in an outdoor setting. This gives students and exciting musical experience set to         7:30 am and 3:30 pm in the back hallway during lunches
marching formations and drills. All Fenton students enrolled in curricular bands are re-       and before and after school.
quired to be in Marching Band. This ensemble performs at every home football game,                 Seniors should call Spelman Studios at 630-208-
homecoming parade and one - two marching festivals a year. The Fenton Community                0099 for information on senior photos. Seniors can take
High School Marching Band is also in high demand for community performances.                   or retake their senior photos on Tuesday, September 15
Pep Band                                                                                       from 11:45 am to 3:30 pm in the auditorium foyer during
Pep Band is an exciting part of being a wind & percussion instrumentalist. It is an oppor-     lunch or after school. Seniors unable to take or retake
tunity to positively support the basketball/football team, community, parents, school and      their senior photos on September 15 have one last
peers. It also allows us to perform fun and powerful music in front of an excitable audi-      chance to take their senior photos at Fenton on Tues-
ence. Pep Band performance dates and guidelines will be distributed in November. All           day, October 20 from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm in the back
Fenton students enrolled in curricular bands are required to be in Pep Band.                   hallway. Photos can be taken on the 20th before school,
                                                                                               during lunch, and after school.
Color Guard (formerly Flag Corps)
                                                                                                   Any questions regarding
Color Guard is a combination of movement, dance, and equipment performance (flag and
                                                                                               school yearbook photos should
rifle) during live musical performances, which is why it is one of the more unique sections
                                                                                               be directed to Spelman Studios at
in marching band. The FHS Color Guard performs along with the FHS Marching Band
and is open to any FHS student or band student interested.

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