Joe Massie Floristry by wanghonghx


									Joe Massie: Floristry

Competed in:                       WorldSkills Calgary 2009 – Team UK
Awarded:                           Bronze medal
Home town:                         Liverpool
Region:                            North West
Date of birth:                     30/01/1988
Age at competition:                21
Employer whilst competing:         Fishlocks Florist
Employer:                          SpringBank Flowers
Learning provider:                 St Helens College

•	 	 ity	&	Guilds	Level	2	National	Certificate	in	Floristry
•	 	 evel	1	&	2	Balloon	Art	

What was your route into Team UK?             What training did you undertake as                  What did you have to do during the
                                              part of your journey to WorldSkills                 competition?
Joe was working full time when he saw
                                              and what impact did this have on
an advertisement for the WorldSkills UK                                                           Joe had to create 9 different floral
                                              your life?
competition in a trade magazine. Joe                                                              pieces during the 22 hour competition.
put on a winning performance at the           The intensive training schedule took Joe            Each task was designed to test a
regional competition and was invited          all around the UK and Europe. Visiting              different aspect of floristry. A range of
to attend the national final. The final       France, Germany, Sweden, Greece and                 techniques and styles had to be used
didn’t go to plan and Joe finished in 5th     Holland, Joe trained with some of the               to tackle the demands of each task;
place, however the judges realised his        most gifted individuals in industry.                they ranged from wedding pieces, body
potential and invited him to try again                                                            adornments to funeral pieces.
                                              “Because floristry techniques are
at the WorldSkills shortlisting. Back
                                              regional it was important to get a
on form, Joe excelled with a winning
                                              wide range of training. I learned                   Who inspired you during your
performance at both the Squad and
                                              loads of different techniques from                  journey to WorldSkills?
Team selections, earning himself a place
                                              almost everyone within the floristry
in Team UK.                                                                                       Joe trained with such a range of Florists
                                              trade; it was incredible.”
                                                                                                  that it is difficult to pick just one
                                                                                                  individual, but there is one that sticks
Why did you choose to get involved            What was WorldSkills like?                          out in his mind.
with WorldSkills?
                                              On the advice of his training manager,              “Ely Lin from Taiwan was a
Joe met Natalie Stanyer, past                 Steph Willoughby, Joe prepared himself              real inspiration. Her focus and
WorldSkills competitor in Floristry, at       as much as possible for the actual                  determination to create the
an event organised by the American            competition.                                        very best designs was obvious
Institute of Floral Design and got
                                              “WorldSkills was just like I imagined               throughout my training with her
chatting to her about her WorldSkills
                                              it. I have had some competition                     and this was really inspirational to
experience. Joe quickly realised what a
                                              experience and that helped me                       me.”
fantastic opportunity WorldSkills was
and seized the chance to be part of it.       build up a mental picture. When I
                                              arrived at the competition, the scale
                                              of the event didn’t worry or shock
                                              me because of the preparation I had

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What did being part of Team UK           What has competing done for you                      business created around my own
and competing at WorldSkills mean        both personally and professionally?                  style of design that could succeed
to you?                                                                                       in both the artistic and also the
                                         WorldSkills has done wonders for Joe’s
                                                                                              commercial elements of the
“It was the coolest thing I have         career. It has opened doors and given
ever done. I didn’t expect the team      Joe the confidence and ability to enter
to be such an important part of          even more competitions. Joe recently
the experience, but when I was           won the title of ‘Youth Florist of the
                                                                                              Would you encourage others to get
in Calgary competing the team            Year’ and intends to go for the title of
                                                                                              involved in WorldSkills?
became the most significant thing        ‘European Youth Florist of the Year’
for me and offered some real             over the next 9 months.                              “Absolutely; it is the best thing I
support during the competition.”                                                              have ever done and would have
                                         “Competing at WorldSkills has really
                                                                                              no hesitation in recommending
                                         helped further my career. The BBC
                                                                                              WorldSkills to others.”
                                         are now covering my journey to the
How did it feel to win the Bronze
                                         European finals which is fantastic
                                         for both my career and building a
                                                                                              What do you think of the event
Throughout the competition Joe was       reputation in the industry.”
                                                                                              being held in London in 2011?
building up an idea of where he was in
comparison to the competition.                                                                “It’s very cool that it’s coming to the
                                         What is the dream?                                   UK. It will help showcase the value
“I was able to see all the other
                                                                                              of skills and their importance to UK
work and judging my performance          Joe has been so busy with work and
                                                                                              industry. Students that are able to
against the other competitors I          competitions that he has not been able
                                                                                              visit the competition will be able to
didn’t think I had done very well.       to prepare a plan for the future, but
                                                                                              see a range of possible careers that
It was a huge surprise when my           he has some idea of what he wants to
                                                                                              will help them make the difficult
name was called for the medal and I      achieve.
                                                                                              decisions they face when planning
couldn’t have been happier.”
                                         “I’d love to be able to create my                    for the future.”
                                         own brand within floristry - a

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