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                                                                                                                                                                   Invest in your Education
                                                                                                                                                   Floristry Training


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                                                                                                                                                                            at Challenger TAFE
                                                                                                                                                   The largest award-winning deliverer of floristry training
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 J Advanced Floral Design
 J Advanced Floral Design [Bunbury]                        EVENTS
 J Christmas Workshop in a Day                             Come and find out how to arrange your new career, expand your
                                                           existing skills or discover a new interest at our bi-annual
 J A New Beginning in Floristry                            Information Evenings. Designed to give individuals the
                                                           opportunity to meet with lecturers and discuss learning
 J Go Go Commercial Designs                                opportunities, the evenings are held in mid January and early July
 J Develop Your Own Business Plan                          (just before the start of each Semester).
                                                           Stay tuned for date and venue details of our annual Floristry
 J Wedding Workshop: 2-day Intro                           Graduation show at the end of June.
 J Wedding Workshop Level 2
                                                           LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
 J 2009 Floristry Information Evening                      To enrol or find out more about our Floristry training or events,
                                                           contact the Commercial Course Coordinator on 9229 8432, or

RETURN TO                                                  WA Horticulture & Environmental Science Skills Centre
                                                           Challenger TAFE
Commercial Course Coordinator
WA Horticulture & Environmental Science Skills Centre      130 Murdoch Drive, Murdoch, Western Australia 6150
Challenger TAFE
                                                           Visit our website:
PO Box 1498, Canning Vale WA 6970
Fax: 9310 6264
                                                           All dates, prices and information are correct at time of publication.
Alternatively you can directly enrol online by going to:

                                                                                                                                                      FILL IN THE
                                                                       Christmas Workshop in a Day BY CLEMENT LEE                                     APPLICATION FORM
  INSPIRING SHORT COURSES IN FLORISTRY                                 1-day workshop, Saturday 7 November 2009, 9.30am-4.30pm.
                                                                       Cost $385 (flowers and lunch included)                                         (OVER)
  In response to industry demand, Challenger TAFE is offering
                                                                       Don’t wait for the rush, start preparing now! Come and spend the day
  the opportunity to study units that will give you valuable           with Clement Lee, be inspired, learn techniques to create several
  accreditation.                                                       designs that will begin your winter wonderland Christmas theme for
                                                                       the shop display. Entice those customers through the door!
  Update your recent practical skills or learn better business
  management and selling skills.                                       A New Beginning in Floristry
  Our training will help you meet ever-changing market trends          Wednesday 6pm-8.30pm; or Friday 10am-12.30pm (10 weeks). Starts
                                                                       mid-February and runs throughout the year (enrol any time). $350.
  by giving you practical skills to create unique design
                                                                       If you love flowers and floristry, join our industry professionals to create
  concepts through an economic use of materials.                       some practical floristry designs including techniques for simple bouquet
                                                                       and bowl designs. Learn how to use the Principles and Elements of
                                                                       Design, the tools of our trade, to add depth to your work and find out
                                                                       about the care and conditioning of your materials. A must for anyone
                                                                       who enjoys floristry activities or is interested in a floristry career!

                                                                       Go Go Commercial Designs WITH ANNITA ORRELL
                                                                       1-day workshop on Sat Sept 12 9.30am-4.30pm.             NEW!
Individual Professional Coaching BY BEVERLEY MILLING                   Cost $385 (flowers and lunch included).
By appointment only. Contact Beverley Milling on 9229 8421 or email:                              Time is money – come and get into the commercial corporate groove,
                                                                       create designs using techniques that can be incorporated into quick
For professionals who wish to hone their personal skills.
                                                                       current commercial trends.
In a series of one-to-one coaching consultations, our senior
lecturer, Beverley Milling, will coach you through areas of concern    Develop your Own Business Plan
nominated by you (for example, principles and elements of design,      Wed or Thurs (depending on numbers) Feb to July 2009.
creative process, competition preparation, business promotion,         Cost approx $650 (conc. $385). Call for more info.
strategic planning, interpersonal skills, people management skills,    A must for anyone who wants to operate their own business!
customer services, assertiveness training).                            Strategically plan and prosper by making informed decisions.
                                                                       Training is part of the Certificate IV in Floristry.
Advanced Floral Design BY CLEMENT LEE
1 day workshop on Saturday 18 July 2009, 9.30am-4.30pm.
Cost $385 (flowers and lunch included)
                                                                       Wedding Workshop: 2-day Intro. WITH TAMARA HARRISON
                                                                       Sat 30 & Sun 31 May 9.30am–4.30pm.
For professionals who wish to refresh and upgrade their skills.        Cost $490 (flowers and lunch included)
Be guided through the theory and practice of innovative current        Join our 2-day wedding workshop and enhance or update your
design trends by well- known Florist, Clement Lee, and find out        floral skills in this blooming area. Learn how to put together and
how to begin the creative design process. Includes a homework          co-ordinate weddings along with the technical aspects of wedding
task to be completed before the workshop.                              bouquet construction, how to advertise and promote yourself and
                                                                       how to choose the right flowers for the job.
Advanced Floral Design BY EILEEN WENN
10-week course on Mondays 6-8.30pm starting 11 May                     Wedding Workshop Level 2 WITH TANIA LEE
Red Mill Store Gallery, 59 Stirling St, Bunbury. Cost $350             1-day workshop Sat Aug 8 9.30am–4.30pm.                  NEW!
Floristry professionals in the South West can refresh and upgrade      Cost $385 (flowers and lunch included).
their skills with evening classes run by Challenger TAFE. Be guided    Working florists and current students can further develop their
through the theory and practice of cutting edge advanced floristry     expertise at this workshop which looks at character flowers such a
design covering current trends in the corporate, bridal and special    tulips and phalaneopis. Covers care and handling techniques as
event markets. Attendance in class is every 2nd week to allow for      well as developing skills with new design styles to expand your                See over for more information...
your own creative input into each design.                              wedding design options.