Cheerleading carries a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the
participant and coach are, how many spotters are used, or what landing surface
is used, the risk cannot be eliminated. The risk of injury includes minor injuries as
well as catastrophic injuries such as permanent paralysis or even death from
landing or falls on the back, neck, or head. This sheet is to give you a detailed
emergency plan for this squad. It outlines what will be done in the event that your
child does sustain an injury during any cheerleading events.

Scrapes, Cuts, Bruises and Bumps- All of these injuries will be treated with a
first aid kit by the coach at practice. The girl will be allowed to take a break until
she feels she is able to continue in practicing. Parents will be notified upon
picking their child up of what happened.

Scrapes and Cuts on the face- Because of scarring possibilities, any deep cut
or scrape on the face will be cleaned and treated by the coach with the first aid
kit. The parent will also be notified by phone of what has happened. The girl will
be allowed to take a break until she feels she is able to continue with practice.

Concussions or Bumps to the head- Concussions and hits to the head will be
taken seriously. A phone call to the parent will be made. If there is a trainer on
site the girl will be sent to him. If it is serious enough the parent of the girl can
come and take her to the emergency room. If needed, the coach can take the girl
to the ER following the conclusion of the practice. No girl will be allowed to
resume practice if a concussion has occurred.

Sprains and Muscle Pulls- If a trainer is on site then the girl will be treated by
them, if not the girl will ice the injury until the end of practice. Since sprains and
muscle pulls aren’t an immediate concern therefore the parent will be notified
upon picking their child up. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their child
sees a doctor. No girl will be allowed to resume practice until cleared by a doctor.

Muscle Tears- Any muscle tear resulting in the joint areas will be iced
immediately. Parents will also receive a phone call. A visit to the ER or Doctor is
highly recommended upon picking up your child. No girl will be allowed to
participate until cleared by a doctor’s note.

Broken Bones- Any broken bone will result in an immediate phone call to the
parent. If necessary an ambulance will be called to take the girl to the emergency

Neck and Spinal Injuries- If a girl should receive a neck or spinal injury an
ambulance will be called immediately. Parents will also be notified. The girl will
not be moved until the paramedics give the OK.
Passing Out- Any girl who passes out at any event will not be allowed to
participate in the remainder of that event. The parent will be notified immediately
of what took place.

Should something happen at practice that requires a phone call, one will be
placed. If the coach is unable to reach you or any of your contacts, she will do
what she feels is best for the situation. The coach will not be held responsible for
not being able to reach you. Any injuries not mentioned on this list will be dealt
with according to how the coach feels necessary.

My cell phone number is 615-498-6099. Please keep it available in case of


Please tear at the line, sign, and return to the coach. Please keep the rest of the
sheet so that you know the procedures for each injury.

I _______________________ have read and understand the emergency plan
and injury policy of this squad. Should something happen to my child I
understand what actions will be taken based on the injury she sustains. I will not
hold the coach, school, or other cheerleaders responsible for injuries. I
understand that in the event that I need to be reached an can not be I will not
hold the coach or school responsible.

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