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                               We think educating                              Rockville Centre
                                  the children                             Education Foundation Gala
                              of Rockville Centre
                                is so important,
                             we make an issue of it
                                   every week.
                               Congratuations to tonight’s honorees
                                                                           with the Teachers
                                               Mathew Kakis
                                               Matthew Kakis               Nineteenth Annual Gala
                                          Carol Burris, Ed.D.
                                                Burris, Ed.D.
                                          and to the
                           Rockville Centre Education Foundation               Saturday, March 7, 2009
                       for its dedicated efforts on behalf of the entire
                                 Rockville Centre Community

                           Rockville Centre                                            Honoring
                                                                                 MATHEW KAKIS
                                      Stuart Richner & Cliff Richner
                                                   Publishers                            and
                                                 Judy Rattner
                                                      Editor                   CAROL BURRIS, Ed.D.
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                                                                                                PROVIDING SAFE AND SECURE ACCESS
                                                                                                               FOR TODAYS SCHOOLS

Dear Friends,

   Rockville Centre is a community that cares deeply about all its children. The residents
of our village have always exhibited a resolute commitment to provide for its youth the
highest quality educational and recreational opportunities as well as social programs. It is
through the generosity of our community that each of these programs is maintained at its
high level.

    The Rockville Centre Education Foundation was formed to provide support to the
educational programs in our schools. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded over
$325,000 in grants to teachers for educational programs that were not funded in the regular
operating budget of the district. These projects have benefited every school in the district,
including the high school’s science laboratory and its youth court, Rockville Centre’s
participation in the first robotics competition, the computer based homework center located
                                                                                                 A proactive approach to understanding risk will help you address:
in the library, the middle school’s scrabble club and numerous arts, music and summer
reading programs in the elementary schools.                                                     • Protecting Information
                                                                                                       o Ensuring appropriate access to Financial and Student Information Systems.
    I wish to extend heartfelt gratitude to our Gala Co-Chairs, Delia Garrity and Heather       • Systems & Application Availability
Petrie DeTommaso, and all who served on the Gala committee for many months of working                  o Providing authorized users ready access to systems.
tirelessly to bring this event to life. Additionally, I wish to extend my gratitude to the      • Student Safety
many individuals and merchants in our community who contributed to the success of                      o Assuring the proper access to and integrity of content.
the Gala. The funds raised tonight will further our mission of serving the children in our      • Affordability
                                                                                                       o Right sizing solutions to accommodate tight budgets
                                                                                                • Compliance
                                                                                                       o Maintaining adherence to Financial Audits, CIPA and FERPA.
   I hope that you enjoy the evening. I thank you for your support. The young people of our
community are our future. The Education Foundation is proud to support our educational                                         
programs by enhancing and enriching the experiences of the children in the Rockville
Centre public schools.

Very truly yours,

Patricia Sullivan-Kriss
                                                                                                Please feel free to contact us at or
Patricia Sullivan-Kriss, President                                                                                                631-730-7175 ext 77501
RVC Education Foundation                                                                                           1373-10 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Hauppauge NY, 11788
                          THE RVC EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC.
                                  Dear Friends,

                                  How blessed we are to have your support for the children of the Rockville Centre Public
                                  Schools! This year at our Gala, we celebrate the nineteenth year of the Rockville Centre
                                  Education Foundation by honoring two outstanding community leaders, Carol Burris and
                                  Mathew Kakis, and by enjoying the dancing talents of eight teacher volunteers. Carol is the
EXECUTIVE BOARD                   epitome of educational excellence; Mathew Kakis is a pillar of our local business community.
Patricia Sullivan-Kriss           We thank them for their commitment to our school district and our village.
Nancy Richner
  Vice President
Heather DeTommaso                 The gala committee would like to thank the teachers who worked so tirelessly to make
  Vice President                  “Dancing with the Teachers” a reality:
Donna Haynes
  Vice President
Delia Garrity                     Meryl Goodman - Covert              Bill Chiofalo – Wilson
  Secretary                       Susan Kromol – SSMS                 Delores DeCabo - Riverside
Diane McGaughey                   Gina Peck – SSHS                    Sarah Henyan - Watson
                                  Nancy Rickman – Hewitt              Katie Mark - SSMS
Maggie Britt                      We are very fortunate to live in a community where educators donate their personal time
Charles Bronfeld                  and hard work to enrich the lives of our children. These teachers have been preparing since
Tavora Buchman
Alison Carey                      October through weekly dance lessons and multiple rehearsals. They have also provided
Ronald Carman                     their own costumes and shoes for this evening’s dance exhibition. We are also thankful to
Lisa Carcaterra                   their friends, families and coworkers for showing their support for our Foundation through
Sylvia Chertow                    their attendance this evening. You continue to do such important work, both in and out of the
Valerie Collins
Nick DeVito                       classroom, and tonight we thank you.
Joel Ditchik
Gale Greenberg                    We sincerely thank our local merchants and sponsors who so generously contributed to
Norma Koppel                      our cause. We know in these tough economic times, donations are more difficult and we
Eileen McHugh
Diane Neyland                     truly appreciate their generosity. We strongly urge each of you to SUPPORT OUR LOCAL
Tina Rekus                        SPONSORS!
Stuart Richner
Sam Rieff                         Each member of the gala committee brought a unique talent to the group and devoted
Karin Ryan
Amy Sherlock                      countless hours in making this a successful event. Our thanks to committee members:
Barbara Schmidt
Wendy Spelfogel                            Maggie Britt          Ron Carman                Valerie Collins
Harold Thomas                              Nick DeVito           Norma Koppel              Eileen McHugh
Debra Wade
Hon. Frank Yannelli                        Tina Rekus            Amy Sherlock              Debra Wade
Dr. Brian Zuar
                                  The gala offers a means to develop and nurture a creative and unique relationship between
HONORARY DIRECTORS                the members of the community and the students in the Rockville Centre schools. We return
Elaine Ajello
Chris Amato                       all monies from this event directly to our schools via grants that our teachers submit to the
Dr. William Johnson               Foundation. Thank you for dancing with us this year!
Mathew Kakis
Hon. Eugene Murray                Yours in education,
Rabbi Barry Schwartz
Hon. Dean Skelos

DISTRICT LIASONS                  Heather Petrie DeTommaso
Mark Masin                        Delia Garrity
Christopher Pellettieri
                                  Gala Co-Chairpersons

                          P.O. Box 361 • Rockville Centre • New York 11570 • (516) 764-2423
               Gala Honoree Mathew Kakis

   Mathew Kakis stated, ”It seems that God has strange ways of shaping our lives and when
we accept His way in this short life, He showers blessing far beyond our needs.” Truly, Mat has
showered the RVC Education Foundation and the village with years of dedicated service.

    Mathew Kakis is a loyal “Friend of the Foundation”. He is an Honorary Director and former
member of the Education Foundation’s Board. He has generously continued to support the
organization. Mat’s involvement in the community of Rockville Centre reaches far beyond the
Foundation. Mat and his son, Billy, own and operate Mormile Florist, a family business that
opened in 1958. Mat credits the success and expansion of the business to Billy’s exceptional
talents with specialty parties and the good friends and neighbors in the village. Mat also served
as a Village Trustee and was former Mayor Gene Murray’s first Deputy Mayor.

   Following the tradition of Greek American families, Greek was the only language spoken in
Mat’s home as a child and Greek lessons were mandatory. Music in the home was constant and
he was exposed not only to Greek but Spanish, Italian, and Middle Eastern music. His love and
appreciation for music led him to study classical and flamenco guitar.

   While attending college, he felt the calling to the ministry and entered Holy Cross Theological
seminary in Brookline, MA. This was one of his happiest times learning the hymnology of the
church. His most rewarding exercise to this day is as assistant cantor at his beloved St. Paul’s
Greek Orthodox Church.

   In 1958 Mat’s father bought Mormile Florist. In 1960 he suddenly passed away while Mathew
was in his second year of the seminary. He felt his ministry changed to help his family and he
took over the family business, Mormile Florist.

    Mathew graduated Hofstra University with a BBA. In 1966 he met and married his life partner
the former Betsy Geones. They were blessed with three children: Billy, Arthur and Mersina.
Billy and Mat operate Mormile Florist. Billy married Lisa blessing the Kakis family with four
grandchildren. Alexi 14, twins Alyssa and Matthew 11, and Christopher 6. Arthur is with the
NYS Police mobile response unit. He is also a member of the 102nd Air Rescue wing in the Air
Force National Guard. He served in Desert Storm and the Iraq war. He has been deployed to
Afghanistan and the Middle East many times. Mersina, newly married, worked in marketing with
a financial publication. She and her husband, Christian, now live in Seattle.
Ruth Fins Memorial Award Carol Burris

    Carol Corbett Burris, Ed.D. has served as principal of South Side High School since 2000. Prior
to becoming principal, she was the assistant principal of South Side. Dr. Burris is an exceptional
administrator who firmly believes that all students deserve access to a quality education. During
her tenure at South Side High School, Dr. Burris has provided the leadership to transform the
high school by opening academic doors to honors and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes
to all students, thus closing achievement gaps. As a result, the overall Regents diploma rate has
increased from 84 to 98%, with remarkable changes in the Regents diploma rate for minority
students soaring from 32% to 92%. The percent of South Side’s IB diploma candidates has
grown from 27% of the graduating class to 51%. Each year since Dr. Burris has been principal,
South Side HS has ranked in the top 100 in Newsweek’s ranking of high schools in the United
States. Dr. Burris also values extracurricular activities at South Side High School. She is a devoted
cheerleader for the athletic teams, supports the many music and drama programs, and encourages
the continuation and creation of student clubs. Working with a dedicated faculty, Dr. Burris
ensures that each student at South Side has equal access to a high quality academic program and
a full range of student activities; thus making South Side an extraordinary public school.

    Dr. Burris received her doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University, and her
dissertation, which studied South Side Middle School’s detracking reform in math, received the
2003 National Association of Secondary Schools’ Principals Middle Level Dissertation of the Year
Award. She has taught graduate courses on school reform at Teachers College, and she regularly
presents on the positive effects of detracking to school districts and research organizations. Articles
that she has authored or co-authored have appeared in Educational Leadership, The Kappan,
the American Educational Research Journal, Theory into Practice, The School Administrator and
EdWeek. She recently co-authored a best selling book, Detracking for Excellence and Equity.

    Carol and Jesse Burris have been married since 1973. Jesse recently retired from Williamsburg
Prep High School, where he taught mathematics. Carol and Jesse are most proud of their three
daughters; Sarah is the director of technology for, Katy, a resident in Dermatology
at Downstate Medical School, and Bridget’s a psychologist in San Diego. Sarah will marry Garrett
Walker in June, and Katy will marry David Metz in September.
       Continued Success
            To the
Rockville Centre School District
           And the
  Rockville Centre Education

       The Kakis Family
        Mormile Florist
Kudos to our 2009

    Mathew Kakis
Exceptional Excellence in
  Community Service

     Carol Burris
Exceptional Excellence in
 Education for Everyone

 Cris and Ron Carman

 Mathew Kakis
       Gala Honoree
Carol Burris, Ed.D.
Ruth Fins Memorial Award

    Compliments of
Steven M. Napolitano
 President, Chairman & CEO
    Donna Haynes
       Vice President

 Corporate Headquarters
        633 Third Avenue
      New York, NY 10017
 (212) 922-9700 (800) 437-1234
       to our
   2009 Honorees

 Mathew Kakis

  Carol Burris

Diana and Robert Silon
                   Roe’s Casa Dolce
                 486 Sunrise Highway
               Rockville Centre, NY 11570

               Roe’s Casa Dolce Salutes the
               RVC Education Foundation

Serving the finest Old World Italian Pastries, Specialty Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Breads and Cookies

               Also Serving Prix Fixe Dinners Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

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 Mention RVC Education Foundation and Receive 10% Off your in store breakfast or lunch, valid
                                 through March 20, 2009

                    At Roe’s Casa Dolce all you have to do is ask!!!
           Village Liquor
          Would like to extend its
       congratulations to this year’s
      Honoree and Award Recipient.
      It’s our pleasure to support the
        Rockville Centre Education
     Foundation’s goal to enrich and
   enhance the education of all students
attending the community’s public schools.

     Neal Barbiero, Roger Barbiero,
          Christopher Jansen
      & The Staff of Village Liquor

 Carol Burris & Mathew Kakis

For the outstanding contributions they
make in the lives of our children and to
           their community.

        Sky Athletic Club is proud to be the
     neighborhood health club to the residents
     of Rockville Centre over the past 12 years.

        Sky looks to enrich the community
        it serves as inspired by the actions
            of Ms. Burris and Mr. Kakis.
          D.J. Services
           provided by

Coppersmith’s Bar and Grill
  793 9th Avenue (at 53rd Street)
          New York, N.Y.

        Ed Britt, Proprietor
joins in honoring

Mathew Kakis
Honorary Director of the Foundation
Owner, Mormile Florist
Gala Honoree


Carol Burris, Ed.D.
Principal, South Side High School
Ruth Fins Memorial Award Recipient

at the Nineteenth Annual
Education Foundation Gala

          1000 Hempstead Ave., PO Box 5002
          Rockville Centre, NY 11571-5002


                                  founded by the Dominican Sisters of Amityville
Mathew Kakis
        A Bountiful Harvest
 Congratulations to two individuals who have
generated a bountiful harvest in our community

              Carol Burris
For ensuring a high quality academic and social
      education for each student at SSHS


            Mathew Kakis
 For his steadfast and generous support of the
           RVC Education Foundation

             The Garrity Family
              Peter and Delia
                 Maura ’02
                 Trish ‘08

            Carol Burris


           Mathew Kakis

             Thank you
for all you do for Rockville Centre.

Lisa, Larry, Benjamin and Gabriella Mack

 The Brady Family
    Here’s a middle school tribute to Katie and Sue
          We’re awed at what you agreed to do
             When dancers were needed by
              the Education Foundation
   You both volunteered – not a minute’s hesitation

           For months now you’ve worked
              at perfecting your moves
       You’ve picked costumes, sewn sequins,
             bought new dancing shoes
   As you tango you’ll both shine with the elegance
                      and grace
    You carry each day to our favorite workplace

     So tonight we salute you for all that you do
   We’re raising our glasses to our Katie and Sue
We’re proud of our colleagues but when this night ends
    We’re prouder to be able to call you our friends

             With love and appreciation,
    Your friends from South Side Middle School
   South Side High School’s
Student Government Association
   congratulates our very own
           Dr. Burris
on receiving the Ruth Fins Award
for her hard work and dedication
      to making our school
         a better place.
 Congratulations and Best Wishes
                    to the

Rockville Centre Education Foundation

   Hempstead Golf & Country Club
                  60 Front St.
                Hempstead, NY

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            jÉâÄw Ä|~x àÉ vÉÇzÜtàâÄtàx
            atÇvç e|v~ÅtÇ
   T fàtÜ ã|à{ gxtv{xÜá 9 fàâwxÇàá tÄ|~x4

 Congratulations to Mathew Kakis, Gala Honoree &
Carol Burris, Ruth Fins Memorial Award Recipient
                                         Gala Honoree
                                       Mathew Kakis
                             Ruth Fins Memorial Award
                               Car ol Burris. Ed. D.

Long Island Office Diane McGaughey
         41 Front Street, Rockville Centre, New York 11570   phone (516)766-7345   fax (516)766-7363

New York City Office        Peter Graf       John Repetti
         1114 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036 phone (212)302-3300       fax (212)302-9660

           to the Honorees
            Thank you to
    the Education Foundation
  for all they do for our children.

          The Mandinach Family
Watson School is so very proud of
   our colleague and friend
       Sarah Henyan.
  Congratulations and Thank You
          Mathew Kakis
             Gala Honoree

       Carol Burris, Ed.D.
Recipient of the Ruth Fins Memorial Award
        The Motschwiller Family
   to the
 The Sherlock Family

      to the

 The Ditchik Family
Good Luck Gina!

South Side High School
       is proud
    of our dancer!

to riverside teaCher

  delores deCabo
(516) 747-1422-23

          Town MeaT MarkeT
    prime meats • poultry • fish • produce • prepared foods

        Continuing the tradition of excellence & service

                   Richard Spoering
                     156 7th Street
                 Garden City, NY 11530
   Congratulations to the

          488A Sunrise Highway • Rockville Centre, New York 11570
          Phone: 516.763.3222 • Fax: 516.764.9334 • 516.763.1081
               Email: •

  Typographer and printer of the 2009 Rockville Centre Education Foundation Gala

                                                  Mathew Kakis!
                                                    From your friends at
 Compliments                                            Greek Town

Ingerman Smith
                             Best wishes to two of
Congratulations                    our finest.
      to                      Their dedication to
                             all makes us proud to
 our Honorees
                              be part of the RVC
  Diane and Peter
                             Mary Ann & Bill Johnson

                               Congratulates Gala Honoree
     (516) 489-5000
                                     Mathew kakis,
       Town Board            Honorary Director of the Foundation
    Town of Hemsptead                       and
   1 Washington Street         Ruth Fins Award Recipient
Hempstead, N.Y. 11550-4923        Carol Burris, ed.D.,
                             Principal of South Side High School

       Mathew Kakis
   RVC Ed Foundation Gala


        Carol Burris
  Ruth Fins Memorial Award

Mark Masin – Kathy Horace – Lorrie Brady
    Doreen Cordova – Stephen Kriss
          Board of Education

       Wilson PTA
 takes great pleasure
      in extending
       its warmest
    to the honorees
  Rockville Centre’s
  talented teachers,
  especially our very
   own dancing star,
      Bill Chiofalo
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 Education and Academic Intervention
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