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									                                                                               Integrated Natural Business.

Carthamus—an exciting new product for                                                                12th September 2006
our customers.
                                                                                                      Special points of interest:
A new product to add novelty to                                                                       ??Carthamus—a new product
your arrangements                                                                                     ??Flower Power—website
Carthamus tinctorius (also        ties. The stem is long                                            ??Integrated Natural Business
known as the Saffflower) has      (between 70 and 80cm),
become popular as a cut           straight and very strong.
flower in recent years. Its       Leaves should be removed
brightly coloured, fluffy         from the stem as they dry out
heads add novelty and texture     quickly. The flowers are
to any arrangement. Cartha-       brightly coloured and come
mus is used extensively           in three main colours—
throughout the world for dy-      yellow, orange and white. The Carthamus tinctorius
ing purposes. The flower          flowers last between 10 and
heads produce a chemical          15 days, and their life can be
called Carthamin which is the     extended if the product is            Integrated Natural Business
main ingredient of the dye.       dried. Carthamus flowers add
The seeds yield an edible oil     brightness to any arrange-          Flower Dynamics if focused on the development of an
                                                                      integrated linkage between local and international production
rich in vitamin E. These seeds    ment, as well as a fineness of
                                                                      and end-consumer demand. With this as a central tenet of the
are also used as a nutritious     texture due to their fluffy
                                                                      business, we strive to bring you the top quality products you
feed for livestock.               heads. This product is avail-       require.
                                  able through our sales of-
                                  fice—please contact us should
As a cut-flower, Carthamus        you want to purchase this
has many outstanding quali-       novel product.                                     Happy Birthday
                                                                                      Israel Baffin (our Quality Controller at Flower
                                                                                      Dynamics) and Gerard Cully celebrated their
                                                                                      birthdays in August. Happy Birthday to them.
Flower Power Website Launch
Our newest exciting project
                                 door in a specially de-
is set to launch on the 1st      signed, trendy box.
of October this year.            These attractive boxes of
‘Flower Power—your               flowers are perfect cor-
online florist’ . Same-day       porate gifts, as well as
deliveries of bouquets,          for personal occasions
roses, plants and other flo-     such as birthdays, anni-
rist gifts for any occasion      versaries, mothers day
                                 and more. Visit our web-
are guaranteed. The flowers
                                 site at                             Israel Baffin
are delivered direct to you

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                                                                                     Integrated Natural Business.

Ethiopian Roses—
beautiful and original.                                                                                Special Points of Interest
                                                                                                       ??       Ethiopian roses

                                                                                                       ??       Zimbabwe
Ethiopian revenue from the           several of the Ethiopian roses
                                                                                                       ??       Our Auction team
sale of cut-flowers has grown        on offer. The head sizes are
significantly over the last few      large and there is a striking
years. The climate in Ethiopia       array of colours. Some of the
                                                                                                            Our Auction
is ideally suited to floriculture,   varieties we offer are Indian
as well as to agricultural pro-      Sunset (deep orange tips with                                          Team
duction. The climate is warm         yellow at the base of the                                              Situated at Mulitflora in City
                                                                                                            Deep, Johannesburg, our
and water is easily available.       flower), Shanti (pink with a red
                                                                         Indian sunset                      Auction Team provides key
Large tracts of land are leased frill on the petal), Soraya                                                 services to our customers.
out by the government for long (bright yellow) and Sweet                                                    They unpack product for
                                                                                                            auction sales, operate buy-
term rentals at attractive           Candia (pink). These varieties
                                                                                                            ing services and organize
prices. Labour is accessible         are very popular as they are of                                        wholesale and bulk party
and foreign investment into          high quality and outstanding                                           orders. Please contact Rich-
                                                                                                            ard Small on (011) 613
the country has increased with beauty. Please contact our
                                                                                                            1504 for further information.
improved economic condi-             office should you wish to order
tions. In the light of this posi-    these superb products.
tive picture of growth and pro-
gress, the cut-flower industry
throughout the world is being
exposed to new products that
are exciting and of excellent
quality. Recently, Flower Dy-
namics has been bringing in

Zimbabwe— still going strong.
Despite the political difficul-       flower production. Despite        be available in the upcom-
ties in Zimbabwe, the pro-            these confounding factors,        ing months, just in time for
duction of flowers for the            farmers continue to supply        summer sales. We will
cut-flower industry is still          us with excellent quality         keep our customers up to
going strong. Winter is a             Solidago tara, Hypericum          date with new arrivals on
difficult time for farmers, as        and Roses. New crops are          our variety list.
the cold temperatures and             in the fields for production
frosty conditions hamper              of Sunflowers which should

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                                                                                                Integrated Natural Business.

    The Beautiful Art of Floristry
                                                                                                         Dynamics we have our own in-
Floristry is a highly skilled art. A feel for
                                                                                            house florist. Pauline has several years of
design is essential, as well as knowledge
                                                                                            experience, and an excellent sense of style.
about the product you are working with.
                                                                                            She produces bouquets of all sizes, bunches
Florists need to understand factors such as
                                                                                            and essentially any type of arrangement you
flower treatment, cutting and vase life.
                                                                                            require. Flowers are combined with beauti-
The skills of a florist don’t stop there.
                                                                                            ful materials such as beads, silk and ribbons
Understanding the needs of the customer
                                                                                            to produce an exceptional product, perfectly
as well as the trends occurring in the mar-
                                                                                            suited to your needs. In addition to these
ket place are vital in order for the florist
                                                                                            services, Pauline will be involved in training
to best provide an excellent end-product.
                                                                                            our staff in the arts of floristry. Our staff are
Arrangements range from the classic and
                                                                                            therefore gaining skills that can be directly
simple bunch to complicated bouquets
                                                                                            used to add value to our products and there-
and wreaths. Almost any taste can be ca-
                                                                                            fore to our service to you. Please contact our
tered for by a skilled florist. The use of
                                                                                            Auction branch should you have any enquir-
‘timeless’ flowers (such as the ever-
popular Rose) in arrangements always                                                        ies regarding this service.
results in a delightful outcome, while new
and unusual flowers can add extra interest
and novelty. Overall, a florist is a multi-
talented person with an eye for design,
fashion and creation as well as an in-
depth knowledge of products and cus-            Some of Pauline's beautiful arrangements.
tomer and market relations. At Flower

    Pot-plants to enhance your home
    Pot-plants bring the outdoors indoors.            Bromeliads are striking for their unusual
    They are low maintenance and bring life           and bright flowers, and the leaves are
    and beauty into your home. There are so           beautifully glossy. Pot-plants also make
    many varieties of indoor pot-plants to            excellent gifts. Cyclamen are exotic to
    choose from these days, that the sky is the       look at and have fascinating flowers, a
    limit when you are looking for an interest-
                                                      lovely gift for any occasion. Flower Dy-
    ing plant. Varieties have been bred specifi-
    cally for indoor conditions, so that they         namics can provide you with an excel-
    will flourish in your home. Colourful flow-       lent range of top-quality pot-plants. Visit
    ers are always popular – Chrysanthemums           our website at
    and Violets are the most well-known of   to view our
    indoor flowering plants. They add a splash        range. These products can add value to
    of colour to any part of your home. More          your florist shop and attract the attention
    unusual plants can add interest and a focal       of any customer.
    point to a room.
    Contact Details:
    Head Office: (011) 390 2026
             Fax (011) 394 3329
                                                                                                        Guzmania (a type of Bromeliad)

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