Property Insurance Liability limit blanket buildings and contents limit Deductibles by bluffdaddy


									Property Insurance:                                                                                                    •    Accidental Loss of Life, Limb or Sight: Up
Liability limit: $1,00,000,000 blanket buildings and      Exclusions include:                                               to $10,000.
contents limit.                                               • Serious and willful misconduct;                        •    Medical Expenses up to $10,000 for medical
                                                              • Knowingly employing someone in violation                    services includes hospital stays, medical or
Deductibles:                                                      of the law;                                               surgical treatment by a doctor, and services
Program A:                                                    • Failing to comply with a health or safety law               of licensed or graduate nurses.
 Bond Funded Facilities                                          or regulation;                                       •    Dental care, as needed.
   • $100,000 per occurrence “All Risk” and                   • In violation of WC law, employer
   • $100,000 per flood occurrence                                discharged, coerced, or knowingly                Special Event Insurance Requirements:
                                                                  discriminated against any employee;              In the event that a third party wishing to lease a
Program B:                                                    • Violation or failure to comply with a WC           campus facility cannot meet the campus insurance
   Non-Bond Funded Facilities                                    law.                                             requirements, they may purchase insurance coverage
   • $100,000 per occurrence “All Risk” and                                                                        from the university. Insurance costs are based on the
   • $100,000 per flood occurrence                        Student Travel Accident Insurance Summary:               type of activity for which the campus facility will be
                                                          Medical expense benefits provided under this policy      used and the number of people participating in the
Exclusions:                                               are excess insurance. No expense is covered if it        activity. The Office of Risk Management & Safety
    Earthquake shock is not covered.                      would be covered by another health care plan in the      determines the insurance cost, receives payment and
                                                          absence of this insurance. This policy pays after any    issues a Certificate of Insurance to the lessee. There
General Liability, Errors and Omissions:                  other health care plan, regardless of any coordination   is a zero deductible for Special Event insurance.
Policy aggregate limit: $15,000,000 per occurrence.       of benefits provisions in the other plans.               Costs are based on a prescribed schedule. Cal State
                                                                                                                   San Marcos is named as ‘additional insured’ on the
Deductible:                                               Eligibility:                                             policy/certificate with an additional insured
   $35,000 per occurrence campus wide.                    Any (California State University) student, including     endorsement from the off-campus insurer. Also,
                                                          students enrolled only in extended studies programs      when determined necessary by the campus, Nominee
Deductible:                                               of the California State University.                      (campus units) coverage is available for campus
   $35,000 for Dorm Revenue Fund Facilities,                                                                       events.
   Student Health Center, Parking, Extended               Students are insured if injuries occur while away
   Studies (CERF), and other self-funded                  from campus, while traveling to or from, and while       Foreign Travel Liability Insurance Program
   operations.                                            participating in a short-sponsored activity, which       (FTLIP) Summary:
                                                          includes travel or participating in activities away      This insurance is available for purchase by traveling
Covers past or current elected or appointed officials,    from campus which:                                       faculty, staff, and students participating in academic
employees or appointed volunteers (duly registered)            • Are a mandatory part of course                    related activities. It addresses the financing of losses
whether or not compensated while in an official                    requirements; or                                related to foreign travel and is intended for short-term
capacity of the University. Non-member                         • Are sponsored by a University auxiliary           foreign travel.
organizations may include, but are not limited to, the             organization (including but not limited to
following: auxiliary organizations (excluding grant-               Associated Student associations) or other       Background:
related activities), alumni associations, and volunteer            recognized student organization or club; and    Existing general liability and workers’ compensation
university support groups are not covered under this           • Includes travel to or from intercollegiate        insurance coverage may not provide adequate
policy.                                                            athletic events away from campus, but does      protection against litigation brought in foreign
                                                                   not include participation in such events or     countries or for injury or illness experienced by
Workers’ Compensation (WC) Program:                                practices.                                      faculty or staff in foreign countries. FTLIP provides
Provides statutory coverage (Coverage A) and                                                                       critical primary coverage for otherwise uninsured
employers’ liability coverage (Coverage B).               Coverage and Benefits:                                   exposures for the University, which includes:
    • The limits of liability for Coverage A are as          • Medical Expense Limit: $10,000 maximum
        mandated by statute.                                     per covered person, per covered accident.
    • Coverage B liability limit is $10,000,000.
1) General Liability:
Existing university general liability financing          Purchase can be made at any time and the cost of the
provides coverage up to $1,000,000 general               insurance is borne by the requesting department,
aggregate limit and FTLIP primary coverage for the       college or administrative unit. The deductible rates
University with a zero deductible.                       start at $500.

2) Automobile Liability Coverage:                        Standard Insurance Provisions for University
Existing university automobile liability financing       Contracts:
provides coverage that is not limited to the USA.        Chancellor’s Office Executive Order 849, dated
FTLIP provides $1,000,000 foreign commercial auto        February 5, 2003, requires that for certain contracts
liability primary coverage for hired and non-owned       vendors must secure the appropriate insurance up to
(by the University) standard passenger vehicles and      the limits for that category of work. Exceptions to
their operating with a zero deductible.                  these requirements may be approved following the
                                                         campus’ Insurance Requirements for Contracts policy               Risk Management & Safety’s Mission:
3) Workers’ Compensation:                                and procedure to amend the standard practices to use
FTLIP provides $1,000,000 primary coverage for           either higher or lower limits. The types of contracts       Contributing to a total learning environment by
employees with a zero deductible.                        covered by this E.O. are: Public Works Construction,          providing support, guidance, and leadership,
                                                         Service Agreements, Hazardous Substance and                 promoting safety, and preserving the human and
Cost of Coverage:                                        Waste Removal Services, Campus Facilities and                 physical resources of the campus community.
The FTLIP is provided as a package, which includes       Property Lease, Auxiliary Operation Agreements,
all coverage and services for a premium that is based    and Student Placement Agreements.
upon factors that include the destination, number of                                                              Location........................................Craven Hall, ste. 4700
participants, and number of days of travel. Coverage     Under the terms and conditions of a contract or
is subject to a minimum premium of $500 per trip.        agreement for services, the contractor, consultant, or   Telephone................................................. (760) 750-4502
The cost of this insurance premium is the                vendor must be required to provide evidence of           Facsimile .................................................. (760) 750-3208
responsibility of the requesting academic department     adequate insurance coverage by furnishing to Cal
or administrative unit and is not automatically          State San Marcos a certificate or certificates of        URL.....................................
applied to foreign travelers. Additionally, FTLIP        insurance accompanied by additional insured    
provides accident and sickness medical services          endorsements. Questions pertaining to any aspect of
coverage for students participating in the foreign       insurance for the University or methods of risk
travel insurance program, excess of any primary          reduction or mitigation should be directed to Risk                        UNIVERSITY
coverage they may have. Since FTLI P coverage is a       Management & Safety at ext. 4502.
pay-as-you-go program, you must contact Risk
                                                                                                                              INSURANCE PROGRAMS
Management & Safety at ext. 4502 for further             For additional resources go to:
assistance.                                                                                                       RISK MANAGEMENT & SAFETY OFFICE
                                                         •   CSU-use of university and private vehicles           Cal State San Marcos is a member of an annually
Inland Marine Insurance:                                     policy guide @                                       renewable liability program that funds losses for the
Limits of Liability (see policy for declarations): Not        following exposures:
to exceed $7,500,000. All limits and deductibles are         shtml
per occurrence.                                          •   Government Claim Form @                              Property, General Liability (Errors and Omissions),
                                                                       Workers’ Compensation, Student Travel Accident
The policy covers such items as: musical                 •   Department of General Services @                     Policy, Foreign Travel Liability, Inland Marine, and
instruments, fine arts, art gallery exhibitions,                       Boiler and Machinery.
electronic data processing equipment (EDP), camera       •   CSU Risk Management Authority’s website @
equipment, and other miscellaneous equipment for   
standard perils such as fire and theft.

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