10th grade Latin bases

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					10th grade Latin bases

Latin List 1:                                                       Words:
   1. Line- line                                           linear, line
    2. Nihil- nothing                                      annihilate
    3. Part- part                                          depart, partition
    4. Alien- of another                                   alien, alienate
    5. Firm- firm, strong                                  confirm, affirm
    6. Fin- end, limit                                     finite, infinite, final
    7. Nul- nothing                                        annul, nullify
    8. Verb- word, verb                                    verbage, verbose
    9. Fort- strong                                        fortify, fortitude
    10. Grav-, Griev- heavy                                grave, grievance
    11. Grand- great                                       grandiose, grandeur
    12. Vest- garment                                      vestment, vest
    13. Art- art, skill                                    artist, artifact, artisan

Latin List 2:                                              Words:
1. Ced-, Cess- to go, yield                                accede, secede, process

2. Duc-, Duct- to lead                                     conduct, aquaduct

3. Judic- judicial, judgment                               judiciary, judicial

4. Jur-, Just- right, law, take an oath, form an opinion   jury, justice

5. Lev- light (in weight), to lift                         elevator, levitate

6. Loqu-, Locut- to speak                                  soliloquy, eloquent

7. Lud-, Lus- to play, mock                                illusion, ludicrous

8. Prec-to request, beg, pray                              precedent

9. Trud-, Trus- to push, thrust                            intrude, intrusion

10. Ven-, Vent- to come                                    advent
Latin List 3:                                                   Words
   1. Greg- flock, herd                                  congregation, gregarious
   2. Cruc- cross                                        crucify, crucial, crucifix
   3. Hab-, Ab- to have, to hold as customary            habit, abnormal, habitual
   4. Ped-, Pod- foot                                    pedestrian, pedal, podiatrist
   5. Pung-, Punct- to prick, point                      puncture, pungent
   6. Sacr-, Secr- sacred                                sacred, sacrilegious, secret
   7. Sanct- holy                                        sanctify, sanctuary
   8. Sent-, Sens- to think, feel                        sensitive, senses, sensation
   9. Turb- to disturb                                   turbulence, disturb, perturb
   10. Vert-, Vers- to turn                              revert, reverse
   11. Vi(a)- way, road                                  via, viaduct

Latin List 4:                                                   Words:
   1. Clud-, Clus- to shut                               include, exclude
   2. Cur-, Curs- to run, go                             precursor, cursive
   3. Grad-, Gress- to step, go                          gradual, graduate
   4. Pend-, Pens- to hang, weigh, pay                   pension, pendulum, pendant
   5. Ple-, Plet-, Plen- to fill, full                   replete, plenty, deplete
   6. Spect-, Spect- to look                             inspect, spectator, spectacles
   7. Und- wave                                          undulate
   8. Vid-, Vis- to see                                  visual, video
   9. Voc-, Vok- voice, to call                          vocal, revoke

Latin List 5:                                                    Words:
   1. Un- one                                   unity
   2. Prim- first                               primary
   3. Semi- one half, partly                    semiannual
   4. Sesqui- one and a half                    sesquicentennial
   5. Bi-, Bin- two times                       binary
   6. Du- two                                   duplex
   7. Tri- three                                triple
    8. Quad- four                                        gradruped
    9. Quart- fourth                                     quarter
    10. Quint- fifth                                     quintuplets
    11. Sext- six
    12. Sept- seven
    13. Oct- eight
    14. Octav- eighth
    15. Novem- nine
    16. Deci- tenth                                      decimal
    17. Cent- one hundred                                centennial, centipede
    18. mill- thousand

Latin List 6:                                            Words:
1. Anim- mind, feeling, life                   animate, animal
2. Ann(u)-, Enni- year                         annual, perennial, anniversary
3. Bene-, Bon- well, good                      beneficial, benefit
4. Cant-, Cent- to sing                        cantata
5. Cur- to cure, care                          curator, cure
6. Equ- equal, even                            equity, equality
7. Fer- to bear, carry                         transfer
8. Lat- to bear, carry
9. Magn- great                                 magnitude, magnanimous, magnify
10. Mal- bad                                   malicious, malice, malignant
11. Mult- many                                 multitude, multiply
12. Optim- best                                optimistic, optimum
13. Plic-, Plex- to fold, tangle, interweave   complex, complicate, perplex

Latin List 7:                                            Words:
1. Aqu(a)- water                               aquatics, aquamarine
2. Corpor- body                                incorporate, corporation
3. Omn- all                                 omniscient, omnipotent, omnivore
4. Reg-, Rect- right, straight, to rule     regulate, rectify
5. Simil-, Simul- like, similar             similar, simultaneous
6. Temper-, Tempor- time, season            temperature, temperate
7. Ten-, Tent- to hold                      attention, tentative, detention
8. Tend-, Tent-, Tens- to stretch, strive   tendon, tension
9. Tenu- stretched, thin                    tenuous

Latin List 8:                                         Words:
1. Dom(in)- house, master                   domain, dominion, dominate
2. Flag-, Flam- to burn, a flame            flammable, inflame, conflagration
3. Flat- to blow                            inflate, deflate, flatulence
4. Gen- to give birth, to produce           generate, engender
5. Gen-, Gener- race, kind, origin          gender, generation
6. Later- side                              lateral
7. Luc-, Lumin- light, to shine             illuminate, luminary
8. Par- to ready, bring forth, provide      partake, participate
9. Sen- old                                 senile, senior, senator
10. Serv- to serve, save                    servant, service

Latin List 9:                                         Words:
1. Cumb-, Cub- to lie down                  succumb, encumber
2. Feder- league, treaty                    federal, federation, confederate
3. Fid- faith                               confide, confident
4. Fidel- faithful                          infidel, fidelity
5. Her-, Hes- to stick                      adhere, adhesive, heresy
6. Ord(in)- to put in order, power          order, ordain, ordinance
7. Pot-, Poss- to be able, have power       possible, potential, potent
8. Sal-, Salt-, Sil- to leap                resilient
9. Sed-, Sess- to sit, settle               session, sediment
10. Terr- land, earth                   territory, terrain

Latin List 10:                                            Words:
1. Cred- to believe, trust              incredible, credit, credulous
2. Doc-, Doct- to teach                 doctrine, indoctrinate
3. Fall-, Fals-, Fail- to deceive       fallacy, falsify, failure
4. Fat-, Fat-, Fess- to speak, reveal   confess, profess, confession
5. Mod- measure                         moderate, modify
6. Mut- to change                       mutate, mutant, immutable
7. Tang-, Tact- to touch                tangible, tactile, contact
8. Tract- to drag                       traction, retract, tractor

Latin List 11:                                            Words:
1. Fac-, Fic-, Fact- to do, make        manufacture, factory, fiction
2. Ax(u)-, Acr-, Acet- sharp, bitter    acrid, acrimonious, acetate
3. Cad-, Cid-, Cas- to fall, befall     cascade, accident, cadence
4. Flu-, Flux- to flow, a flow          fluid, influx, fluctuate, reflux
5. Noc-, Nic-, Nox- to harm, kill       nicotine, noxious, innocent

Latin List 12:                                                      Words:
1. Flor- flower                         floral, florist
2. Foli-, Foil- leaf                    foliage, folio
3. Cap-, Cip-, Capt- to take, seize     capture, captive, captivate
4. Nov- new                             novel, innovation, novice

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