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                ‘OFA’ Ohio Florist Association
                The biggest floricultural gathering
                of the year happened in mid-July
                when the OFA (Association of
                Horticulture Professionals) held its
                annual trade show and seminars in
                Columbus, Ohio. Over 10,000
                attendees visited the three-day
                trade show with 500 plus exhibitors
                in one building covering 3.5
                acres. The event included tours,
                workshops, and 130 educational

                McHutchison was there in force
                with twenty-five managers and
                sales reps. Janet Thibault and
                Melanie Byrne designed a colorful
                McHutchison booth displaying new
                introductions and a Hort Couture

                The attendees were upbeat and
                positive. This was a great place to
                view new products and equipment,
                to see new trends, to network with
                suppliers and customers, and to
                catch up with old friends.
                ~ Scott Sauer
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              2009 Peachtree Road Race
                                      Soldiers in both Iraq &      He's been communicat-
                                      Afghanistan have been        ing pretty regularly with
                                      running a simultaneous       Patty & me via email &
                                      July 4th version of the      he seems to be doing
                                      Peachtree Road Race for      well & working very hard.
                                      the last few years. Chris
                                      participated with some of    Some of you don't know
                                      his buddies this year &      Chris (or haven't seen
                                      sent us a couple of pho-     him in a long time) - he's
                                      tos. The race was held in    the one on the far left.
                                      & around a large Afghan
                                      Army base in Kabul. He's     Thanks to all for
                                      stationed at Camp Black-     your support!
                                      horse within the perime-
                                      ter of that large base.      ~Daniel Hutton

                 Carmel Fest Freedom Run
                                      While in Indianapolis to     We had looked at the
                                      celebrate her nephew’s       finish time list, but with-
                                      wedding over the 4th of      out our reading
                                      July weekend, Janet          glasses none of us
                                      Thibault and her sib-        could read the fine
                                      lings ran in the Carmel      print. My brother Tom
                                      Fest Freedom Run, a          said I came in 54th…he
                                      4.5 mile event that          was looking at the age
                                      draws over 900 con-          column. Not bad for my
                                      testants.                    first race in over 15
                                      Both Janet and her           years, and I thought it
                                      younger brother Dave         was just a fun run so I
                                      (left) placed 5th in their   wore sparklers on my
                                      respective age groups.       head!”
                                      “I was shocked to hear
                                      my name called during        ~Janet Thibault
                                      the awards ceremony.

                                  Mike Pezzillo - Golfer
                                  Mike Pezzillo warming up for the New
                                  Jersey Amateur Golf Championship.

           MCHUTCH   IN   TOUCH
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   LOUISVILLE, KY. - Flash
   flooding has left part of the
   famed Churchill Downs track
   under water, and some
   horses stabled at the Louis-
   ville facility were moved else-
   where due to high water.

                                                                                              All the
                                                                                              product, sold
                                                                                              is completely
                                                                                              under water.
                                                                                              Photos courtesy of
                                                                                              Don Blocker

   Welcome Tina Monji, Southern California Rep.
                                     Please welcome Tina Monji to
                                     McHutchison. Tina comes to
                                     us with a background in Horti-
                                         cultural broker sales.
                                     She is very friendly and ener-
                                     getic, please feel free to give
                                     her a call and welcome her to
                                             our Company.
                                      We all wish Tina good luck       Donna, Tina and Menai going over
                                          and great sales!                  Florexpo procedures.
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                                                                 Fun & Games
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         Phone: 800-943-2230
         Fax: 866-243-8884

                                                                 Like Pappy, like Grandbaby.
         Kathie Nemec                                            Terry McCullough and Eva…Born 10/22/07 .
         Phone: 800-943-2230 Ex:239                              Looks like Pappy is teaching Eva to never take no
         Fax: 973-317-5750                                       for an answer when it comes to making a sale.

First NJ had Monopoly with all the streets of Atlantic
City featured on the game board. Monopoly has been
in homes since 1935. Move over Monopoly, Weird
N.J. Trivia Game has arrived on store shelves.
                                                                      Weird N.J. Trivia Game
“Weird New Jersey Trivia Game was released mid-July.
Proceeds from the game will go to charity.

New Jersey is about to have its very own game, and it is all
in the name of New Jersey’s fastest-growing volunteer or-
ganization, Jersey Cares.

The Weird New Jersey Trivia Game incorporates all things
“weird” with more than 1,000 questions.

“Weird New Jersey Trivia game is based on New Jersey’s
local legends and best kept secrets,” states Mark Moran,
Weird New Jersey co-founder. “It is the ultimate test of all
things weird in New Jersey.”

Proceeds from the sale of the game will be donated to Jersey
Cares, a nonprofit organization that coordinates volunteer
projects to address community needs, and will support the
engagement of volunteers in strengthening New Jersey’s

The limited edition Weird New Jersey Trivia Game is avail-
able at selected retailers for $29.99 in mid-July, but you can
order the game online at http://www.thegameshop.com/
WNJ at 50% off list price!”

Weird N.J. website is: http://weirdnj.com/
Check it out for everything weird about NJ.

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