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									It’s 21st Century

                       It’s a Mod ..Mod ..
                    Every thing computer
Robots- Computer controlled
Health Care – Computer controlled
Games- Computer Controlled
Cars –Engine, Interiors – computer
House hold equipment – Computer
Work Area – Computer controlled
Computer Controlled ??!!

 Didwe see anycomputers
 on these machines??
 None of them had computers in

   accept these gadgets are
 We
 computer controlled……
Why ? !!

   Because it’s hardware, architecture,
    algorithms or other aspects owe allegiance to
    a computer.
Now.. Take this…
Mathematics owes allegiance to
Mathematics in Vedam
    ‘Ganita’ the term, is derived from the root ‘gana’, which means to count or to
    ‘Raashividya’ is used for mathematics in Chhandogya Upanishad (7.1.2).
   Shuklayajureda reveal the knowledge of odd numbers and tables (18/24,25).
   The Brahmana texts like ; ‘ekasmai svaha, dvabhyam svaha, tribhyah svaha’
    reflect the vedic concept of arithmetical progressions.
   Pingala sutra discourses on the calculation of squares and square roots.
    Brahma-sphuta-siddhanta’ covers very briefly the arithmetical operations,
    square and cube roots, interest, progressions, geometry and simple algebraic
   Lilavati, Bijaganita of Bhaskaracharya, Ganitasarasangraha of Mahaviracharya,
    Trishati of Shridhara, Bijaganita of Narayan are some prominent treatises on
    Indian Mathematics based on Veda sutras.
Chemistry, Alchemy, Medicine… owe
allegiance to Vedam
Chemistry, Alchemy, Medicine… all
from Vedam

   Advanced chemical science have distinct feature in the Vedic contents
    like the Brahmanas.
   The knowledge of chemistry was current since the Vedic era, praising
    Agni (The fire), as we see in the first sukta of the Rigveda.
   The chemical action was known as the pakaprakriya.
   Metallurgy, one of the main branches of chemistry has remained as
    the central key to all the civilizations owes inputs to Vedas. Infact, the
    basic idea of smelting is the Rig vedam.
   The Caraka Sath Samhita mentions how to prepare sulphuric acid,
    nitric acid, the oxides of copper tin and zinc, the sulphate of copper,
    zinc and iron and the carbonates of lead and iron.
   The weapons mentioned in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana were
    actually the products of Chemistry.
Architecture, Civil Engineering, Town
Planning... Owe allegiance to Vedam
Architecture, Civil Engineering, Town
Planning... from Vedam

   Mayamata, Manasara, Vishvakarma - VastuShastra,
    Samaranganasutradhara, Aparajita - Priccha,
    Manasollasa, Prasadamandana, Shilparatnam
    etc. are treatise on Architecture based on Vedic
   There are innumerable references in Rigveda which
    indicate a very advanced Vastushilpa.
   The Vedic deities Mitra and Varuna are described
    residing in a great palace with thousand pillars and
    thousand gates.
Engineering, Automobile, Weaponry..
Owe Allegiance to Vedam
Engineering, Automobile, Weaponry..
All from Vedam

The samarangana-sutradhara describes three classes
  of yantras
 (i) yana yantra – conveyances like vimanas and
 (ii) udakayantra – water machines – variyantra and
 (iii) sangramayantra – weaponary - like Agneyastra,
  Varunastra, bhushundi, shataghni, sahasraghni etc.
Astronomy, Astrology… Owe
allegiance to Vedam
Astronomy, Astrology… All from

   The word ‘Nakshatradrashta’ is used for an Astronomer in
    Shuklayajurveda (30/10) and ‘Nakshatravidya’ for Astronomy in
    Chhandogya Upanishad (7/1/2).
   Many stars are mentioned in Atharvaveda. We also find natural
    scientific observations regarding the course of the planets. The
    Aitareya Brahmana (3/44) says that the sun actually neither
    rises nor sets but through earth’s revolution round the sun,
    causes day and night.
   The Astronomy is closely associated with astrology and both
    owe allegiance to the Vedam
Vedam has always been the root of all
knowledge base in this world.

 Be it.. Mathematics, Physical Sciences,
  Engineering, Alchemy, Metallurgy, Medicine,
  Astrology, Astronomy, Sociology, Physiology,
 Of course now universally known Eastern
  Philosophy (Vedic Philosophy), Yoga,
  Astrology and Ayurveda…
Vedam has been the root of all knowledge
Vedam – The Knowledge
Timeless & All encompassing

 No     Wonder why our ancestors had complete
    faith in Vedam
   No Wonder why our seers always studied the
    Vedam and followed it.!!
   No Wonder why a few still hold Vedam in high
   No Wonder why India is looked up for its
But !!....The Wonder of Wonders!!!

   Most Brahmanas don’t take up Veda
    Adhyayanam, in fact they are discouraged !!!
   It is in fact never an option for a Brahmana
   Most of us don’t find the relevance of Vedam
    in our life !!!
   Tch! Tch!, we don’t even realize that we miss
    it !!!
Wonder Why??

   Myth : ‘not meant for me’… ‘Those were olden
  days’ …. ‘very tough’ ….. ‘No practical use’…’Tough
  living conditions’ in Veda Patashala
 Social Stigma: ‘won’t suit us’ (social/cultural
  background)…’we don’t want our boy to be a
  Shastrigal’… ‘change of life-style, dressing and
  eating habits’…
 Practical difficulties: ‘Where/What is the
  scope for Vedam???’…. ‘How to make a
  respectable living?..’ ‘Is it a proven path? Can you
  prove it?.. ‘
Now Wonderful!!!!

Yes!! Veda Adhyayanam for kids is possible even in
    the pristine form…now with…
   Con-current secular education in Patashalas
   Children pass out 8th and 10th class while in
    Patashala itself
   Bridge/Finishing School to enable pass 11th and 12th
    class and at the same time enable finishing touch for
    an interface with the present world.
   Help for furthering Vedic / Modern education and to
    pursue vocation apart from Purohityam but lead a
    Vedic life style.
Proposals are being readied for
1. Vedic Scholars to interact with present day Research Scholars
   on various subjects to identify more intensive research in
   Vedam with modern scientific temper
2. Vedic scholars to take up atleast graduate degrees in
   conventional subjects and teach in present day primary and
   secondary schools with a Vedic touch.
3. Research on Vedam as a means of education for primary,
   secondary grades initially
4. Identifying more conventional jobs which would be
   suitable for a Vedic life style.
5. Vedam a way of life for people who are willing to exert
   themselves … and more…
Let’s make Vedam relevant in our life!!

   Look, perceive and appreciate Vedam in your
    everyday life - the ancient but also the timeless
   Modern is not Western… – Appreciate Vedam - the
    traditional and timeless wisdom.
   Seek Veda Adhyayanam for your child – the
    treasure for holistic future
   Seek to lead a Vedic life, Vedic life style and initiate
    yourself in traditional wisdom.
How? When? Where?
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