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									                                       Accident Investigation
                                                                 e-Learning Course
Learn a practical approach to organizing and
conducting workplace accident investigations.
Discover how to find the root cause and make
effective recommendations.

Course Objectives:
♦ Recognize the importance of planning for an effective investigation.
♦ Learn the steps to take to conduct a thorough investigation.
♦ Conduct an analysis to find the root causes.
♦ Develop effective recommendations.

Topics:                                                       Registration:
♦ What to investigate - and why                               Single-user (90 days): $80*+
♦ Developing a policy, team and investigation kit             Multi-user license (365 days):
♦ What to do first
                                                                 Number of Seats         Price per seat*+
♦ Conducting the investigation:
                                                                       5 to 9                   $64
     * Securing the scene
                                                                      10 to 24                  $56
     * Collecting evidence
                                                                      25 to 49                  $48
     * Interviewing witnesses
                                                                     50 to 199                  $40
♦ Identifying the root cause
♦ Report and follow-up                                              200 to 500                  $32

                                                              *Plus GST and other applicable sales taxes
          Complete this course in about 1 hr.                 +Orders for use outside Canada payable in $US

Course produced by the Canadian Centre for Occupational
Health & Safety, one of Canada’s leading OH&S information
3 Ways to Register:
⇒ Online registration at (e-Courses page)
⇒ Email
⇒ Call us at 1-866-374-1766 or (403) 818-8118

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