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									Administrative                                          08-03
 Services                               Motor Vehicle Accident
   Letter                                     Reporting

Signed By            /s/ Marie Stephans, Chief                         Number        08-03
                     Administrative Services Division
Distribution         All Employees                                     Date Issued   April 17, 2008

Subject              Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting                  Expires       When Canceled

Guide Section        Safety                                            Reference     SAM Section 2430 and 2440;
                                                                                     §1806 California Vehicle
                                                                                     Code; Cancels ASL 02-01

This ASL is reissued under a new Administrative Services Letter (ASL) number to demonstrate that review
of the policy has occurred and no significant changes were necessary.

The Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting ASL provides information about the appropriate procedures to follow
when an employee is involved in a motor vehicle accident. ALL motor vehicle accidents involving a state-
owned vehicle or any vehicle being used on state business must be reported within 24-hours to
Administrative Services Division (ASD), Management Services Branch (MSB). The Office of Risk and
Insurance Management (ORIM), Department of General Services, is responsible for the centralized
management of risk and insurance needs. The Management Services Branch (MSB) will serve as a liaison
with ORIM and the employee.

The employee involved in an accident should be aware of the following:
      •        A supply of Accident Identification forms (STD. 269) should be located in the glove compartment of
               all State vehicles. Employees who travel frequently on state business should carry an Accident
               Identification form with them as they could be in a rental vehicle or their personal vehicle. The form
               is to be completed at the accident site by the driver. In case of injury, secure medical aid first.
               Obtain names and addresses of witnesses. The employee is only required to give the operator of
               the other vehicle his/her name, show his/her driver's license, and state the agency with whom
               he/she is employed. There is a perforated portion of the STD. 269 that can be given to the other
               driver that provides them with ORIM's address (707 Third Street, 1st Floor, West Sacramento,
               CA 95605) and telephone number (1-800-900-3634). The employee must notify his/her immediate
               supervisor of the accident as soon as possible.
      •        An employee involved in a motor vehicle accident must complete a Report of Vehicle Accident
               form (STD. 270) and forward the form to MSB or fax the form to (916) 322-5982 attention MSB
               within 24 hours of the accident. Do not wait for police reports or other information, even a revised
               STD. 270 can be sent later. The signed original form MUST be sent to MSB. If the accident
               resulted in bodily injury or significant property damage to a non-state party, the employee must
               contact the MSB immediately at (916) 323-1158, who will report the accident to ORIM. If the

       accident occurs on a weekend or after business hours, the employee must contact ORIM directly at
       (916) 376-5295 and leave a voice mail message. The caller will be contacted on the next business
       day for details. The employee must still complete a STD. 270, Report of Vehicle Accident form and
       forward it to MSB.
   •   If the employee is driving their personal vehicle while on state business and is in an accident, the
       employee must contact their personal insurance company to handle the claim. The employee must
       still complete a STD. 270, Report of Vehicle Accident form and forward it to MSB.
   •   Employees are not to release the STD. 270 to anyone; as it is an internal form, not a public
       document. It contains confidential information and should only be shown to the employee's
       supervisor and MSB. Employees should not make any written or recorded statements to an
       insurance company. Employees may talk with law enforcement, their supervisor, or
       representatives from the ORIM. All communication regarding vehicle accidents occurring while on
       state business, including telephone calls, claims summons, or complaints must be immediately
       referred and forwarded to MSB.
   •   The employee's supervisor is responsible to investigate the accident promptly and signs as the
       Reviewing Officer on the STD. 270. The supervisor must also prepare a Supervisor's Review of
       State Driver Accident form (STD. 274) and forward it to MSB within one week (5 working days)
       of the accident.
   •   If you are involved in a vehicle accident that occurred in California, you must report it to the
       Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if: (1) there was property damage of more than $500 dollars;
       or (2) anyone was injured (no matter how minor); or (3) anyone was killed. Each driver involved in
       the accident must make a report to DMV (Form SR 1) within 10 days, whether they caused the
       accident or not including if the accident occurred on private property. The form is available on
       DMV's website at This does not apply if the motor
       vehicle involved is owned or leased by the state.
   •   If an employee is injured in the accident (driver or passengers) they may choose to file a workers
       compensation claim. Contact the Workers Compensation Analyst listed on the Directory of
       Administrative Services.
Questions regarding the Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting ASL should be directed to the Management
Services Branch at (916) 323-1158.


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