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                                                                                                                            PET WONDER
                                                                                                                            Natural Dietary Food Supplement for Pets
        What are Others Saying                                     Pet Wonder...turning your pet
         About This Product?                                    into a young puppy or kitten again
I have a 10-year old Miniature Schnauzer who over the                                               Pet Wonder assists
past few years has developed several lumps which the                                                in the natural repair
vet says are fatty deposits. In March, the vet removed                                              and maintenance of
four of these lumps, one of which returned at twice the                                             your pet’s joints. It
size. Deciding not to take my little dog back for more                                              also assists in
operations, I seeked an alternative procedure and started                                           increasing        its
mixing a tablespoon of Northern Seas’s equine/ canine                                               overall health and
product into her food just over two months ago.                                                     energy levels, while
                                                                                                    protecting it against
Over the past two months I have noticed that the lumps                                              debilitating
have not become any larger and seem to be flattening                                                diseases such as
out. They are also not as round as they used to be before                                           cancer or arthritis.
I started her on the product. Her overall health has also     Start your pet on Pet Wonder today and add years of a
improved, especially her hind legs, which previously          healthy quality of life. Other pets are gaining relief
seemed to be failing her as she moved up and down the         already. Doesn’t your pet deserve the same treatment?
stairs. They now seem to be much stronger.                    Call today for a Pet Wonder distributor or store near you.
Since she seems to like the product and the lumps ap-
pear to be shrinking, I plan to continue feeding the North-
ern Seas product to her to see how the lumps react over a                  ®
                                                               Pet Wonder® contains glucosamine sulfate,
longer period of time.                                         chondroitin sulfate and shark cartilage, three of the         Makes an Old Arthritic Dog Feel
                                                               leading natural anti-inflammatory ingredients for               Like a Young Puppy Again
Nora Fursevich, Delta, BC                                      dealing with arthritic pain                                   Brings out the kitten in your cat

This letter is to convey the results of using your product
Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate with Shark                             Company Information
Cartilage. My Labrador dog has a condition called             Northern Seas Products has been designing, developing
O.C.D. (Osteo Chondritis Disicans) in his right shoulder.     and producing specialized innovative, natural formulas for
With exercise he becomes noticeably lame.                     the past seven years. Initially, the company specialized
                                                              primarily in shark cartilage products for human
I began giving him four capsules daily approximately 5        consumption before expanding it’s product line to include
years ago. Within 1 week the lameness was gone. I now         several formulas addressing such ailments as cancer,
only give him 1-2 capsules daily. He is now seven years       arthritis, tendonitis and prostate problems. Pet Wonder
old and runs every day. I have clocked him at 40Km/hr.        was established to provide a presence in the alternative
If I miss giving him his capsule daily the lameness returns   pet food market for products similar to those found to be
in 2—3 days. As a veterinarian I strongly recommend           very beneficial for humans.
this product for lameness.
                                                                        For further information call:
Dr. C.M. Smith, DVM, London, ON                                         Northern Seas Products
                                                                  (800) 545-9940 (East USA & Canada)                                         produced by
                                                                 (800) 882-3213 (West USA & Canada)
                                                                      (604) 244-8174 (International)
        What is Pet Wonder and                                             Role of Glucosamine
        How Can it Help My Pet?                                           & Chondroitin Sulfates                                       Natural Chondroitin Sulfate
Pet Wonder is a natural health product designed to assist       Glucosamine Sulfate is a naturally occurring amino sugar          Shark Cartilage also contains approximately 8-15%
your dog or cat overcome arthritic problems induced by          found naturally in the body and is an integral part of the        natural chondroitin sulfate, raising the overall product
aging. Pet Wonder contains glucosamine sulfate ,                “glue” which holds tissue cells together. It is also one of       content of this powerful ingredient.
chondroitin sulfate and shark cartilage, the three top          the biological chemicals that forms the major cushioning          More importantly, this natural chondroitin sulfate has
natural ingredients for fighting arthritic problems,            ingredients of the synovial fluids in the joints and              smaller molecules which are broken down and digested
particularly inflammation and pain. The product is              surrounding tissues. By adding natural body ingredients           more easily than traditional chondroitin sulfate (derived
completely natural with no side effects and can help            such as glucosamine sulfate and protein back into the             from bovine or swine) additives by both humans and
restore your pet’s vivaciousness, energy and health to          system, the mobility and cushioning of arthritic joints is        animals.
the level of a puppy or kitten. Your pet will feel young        enhanced.
again and provide you with extended years of
companionship, and you will save on veterinarian bills
and prescriptions.                                              Chondroitin sulfate is the key part of the proteoglycans,                                Results
                                                                a key component of natural body cartilage. The
Over an active life your pet’s joints can break down in         development of excess free radicals can trigger the release       Pet Wonder was subject to a controlled trials over a period
similar ways to a human joint, with a reduction of              of damaging enzymes which break cartilage down as well            of a year with the participation of several dogs and cats
membrane tissue between limbs, as well as deterioration         as inhibit the body’s natural production of proteoglycans.        of various sizes. In most cases, the effects of the product
of interspatial (synovial) fluids. This leads to pain and       They may also block the transport of much needed                  were noticeable in three to four weeks with regular use.
discomfort, and therefore the reluctance or inability for       nutrients to the damaged cartilage. Excess free radicals          In no cases were any side-effects noted
your pet to be mobile or move around the house. This            are caused by infection, diet and general wear and tear.
can be demoralizing for both the pet and owner, who             By reintroducing chondroitin sulfate into the body, the           Over the past two years many elephant trainers and zoo
may also wish to continue walking or exercising with the        release of these damaging enzymes can be inhibited.               keepers worldwide have been employing this product in
animal.                                                         Taking additional chondroitin sulfate may aid in restoring        larger quantities (Super Sea Horse) to help promote relief
                                                                the normal chondrocyte metabolism, and thus may help              to large animals such as horses, elephants and giraffes
                                                                stop the natural breakdown of cartilage.                          suffering from health problems, in particular arthritic
                                                                                                                                  conditions. This unique combination has also been
                                                                                                                                  employed by human customers over the past several years
                                                                                                                                  to offset the effects of arthritis.
                                                                      Function of Shark Cartilage                                 If you would still like further information, please give us
                                                                                                                                  a call on our toll-free line and we will be happy to discuss
                                                                Shark Cartilage is an excellent source of natural protein,        the benefits of the product with you. We are sure that you
                                                                the essential ingredient for repair and maintenance of            and your pet will be excited about the results it will bring.
                                                                damaged body tissues suffered from the wear and tear of
                                                                everyday activities. Protein also plays an important role in
                                                                the formation of the skin, hair, connective tissue and the
                                                                nervous system. High level protein intake is necessary for
Pet Wonder can help change this degeneration of your pet’s      the development of muscle strength and stamina in larger
health and rejuvenate both it’s health and your happiness.      animals. Shark cartilage is also an excellent natural source
Your pet will thank you with added spirit and energy. It        of mucopolysaccharides which ensure blood vessel
will turn it into the puppy or kitten it once was.              elasticity and haemoglobin production, thus ensuring proper
                                                                oxygen transport throughout the vascular system. This is
Pet Wonder is completely natural and costs a fraction of        essential in addressing such ailments as reduced power and
many pharmaceuticals or veterinarian procedures.                stamina.
Furthermore, Pet Wonder helps restore your pet’s health,
not act as a band-aid solution to mask problems in the short-   The abundant natural carbohydrates found in shark
term. The product is available in capsules so you can easily    cartilage serve as additional readily available energy, similar
mix the capsules into your pet’s food or feed directly on a     to pasta carbohydrate loading employed by human athletes.
daily basis.