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         South Carolina News                                                                           NO VE MB ER 2004

         2004                                                                     COURTROOM
   SCSDB HOMECOMING                                                               EXPERIENCE
                        BY DAISY FOSTER, SCSDB                                        Columbia—As a Deaf or
                                                                                  Hard-of-Hearing person, you have
    Editorial Note: This article has not   Center. The Pageant Committee          the right to an interpreter in any
been edited for grammar, spelling, or      sold refreshments. Alumni Adam         federal, state, or local court. My
content.                                   Wilson was the DJ. Students were       advice to you is to call the clerk of
    Spartanburg—Homecoming                 perfect hosts and hostesses to the     court beforehand to arrange for an
2004 was a record of memories for          visiting teams.                        interpreter on your court date. If
students, staff, alumni and visitors.           Saturday was a busy day for the   the court cannot find an inter-
During the week, students and staff        students. At 10:00 am, they at-        preter, ask for an adjournment
dressed according to theme. Tues-          tended the Dedication and Open         (postpone) until an interpreter can
day started the themes with Tacky          House of the new Hughston Transi-      be found. The right to effective
Day. Wednesday was Twins Day.              tional Living Center. Several TLC      communication using an inter-
Thursday was Green and White               seniors participated.                  preter is protected under both the
Day. Friday was Farmer’s Day.                   The volleyball team won one of    Americans with Disabilities Act
    On Thursday night, the cheer-          four games against Georgia School      (ADA) Title II and South Carolina
leader led the Bon Fire. The stu-          for the Deaf. Many bought crafts,      Code of Laws 15-27.
dents cheered.                             bake goods, Hornets shirts and hats        I didn’t do this, and this is my
    Afterwards, they gathered in           and beverages. The Hornets de-         story….
Bock for a pre- homecoming dance.          feated Georgia School for the Deaf         My husband and I went to the
    The center of attraction on Fri-                                              Aiken Country Probate Court to
day night was again Bock Activity                         Continued on page 4     discuss his grandfather’s estate.
                                                                                                  Continued on page 4

            IMPORTANT ADVICE:                                                     Inside this issue:
  KEEP YOUR TDD/TTY FOR EMERGENCY CALLS                                           A Note From the President         2
                                                                                  Gallaudet Essay and Art Con-      3
                                                                                  test/Clemson Hires ASL Lecurer
     Is it a good idea to throw your       on the computer screen when you
TDD/TTY away or disconnect the             dial 911. It has software which        ASL Class at USC                  4
phone services when you have               will instantly relay the information   2004 SCRID Conference             5
your videophone and you are us-            to an emergency service such as        Thanksgiving Dinner Party Flyer   6
ing Video Relay Services (VRS)?            emergency medical technicians
                                                                                  Christmas Dinner Party Flyer      7
     Answer is NO!!! Why? It is            (EMT), rescue and police with or
because of the 911 system.                 without a response from the call       SCSDB DOS Program Update          8
     Many cities in South Carolina         that they will come to your resi-      Deaf Fishers News/SCSDB Team      9
have a special emergency system            dence or the place where you           Deaf Golfers News                 10
called an extended 911 system              called from.
                                                                                  Calendar of Events                11
that automatically pinpoints the                A regular telephone and/or
specific location of your residence                       Continued on page 5     Board Members                     12
PAGE 2                                   SOUTH CAROLINA NEWS                                NOVE MBE R 2 004

                                      A Note From the President
          South Carolina                  There is not much going on at     on October 9th was a very profit-
            Association               SCAD. I would like to apologize       able fundraiser. They are working
          of the Deaf, Inc.           for canceling the Special Confer-     on the combos and will have the
          437 Center Street           ence for September 18th. We           combo flyer ready to be sent out
          West Columbia, SC           thought that Hurricane Ivan would     real soon.
               29169                  be coming through the upstate.
          (803)794-7059 (TTY)         As it turns out, it came through on       The Executive Director Search
         (803)794-3175 (Voice)        Friday, while Saturday, September     Committee has had meetings
          (803)794-4420 (FAX)         18th the weather was sunny and        to work on the ED position de-
                                      nice. As for now, the hurricane       scription so it should be sent out
                                      season is over. Whew.                 very soon.
         Steve Fitzmaurice
      SCIRT Project Director
                                         October 2nd, I went to the            Be safe during the upcoming
                                      SCRID Conference and I attended       Holiday season.
          Lee Anne Glover             the Certified Deaf Interpreter
       Administrative Assistant
            Notary Public             (CDI) workshop. Lynn Dey was a                Anita Steichen—President        very good presenter. She gave us
             SCAD Office              the idea of the CDI test. It was
                                      very beneficial workshop.                                                       Sympathy
     Identification Statement             LCAD has worked very hard            To Cathi A. Holst and Billy
     The “South Carolina News”
     is published bi-monthly by       planning the SCAD 2005 Confer-           (Douglas, Jr.) Cooper for
     the South Carolina Associa-      ence. The date of the Conference          the loss of their father,
     tion of the Deaf, Inc. This is   will be on July 28th - 30th so           Douglas W. Cooper, Sr.
     the November 2004 issue.
                                      please mark these dates on your
     The “South Carolina News”                                                 “Sorrow for loss but memories
     is sent to SCAD members,         calendar and make plans to attend
                                                                                   will always cheer you”
     educational programs, and        the Conference. The Garage Sale
     other interested parties.
     You can find membership
     rates on the back of this            Need a Notary Public?
     newsletter.                                                                  Adopted Baby
     Articles must be submitted           Lee Anne Glover, SCAD
     by the 15th of the month.           Administrative Assistant, is a         A 10 month old baby girl,
     The preferred method of
                                               Notary Public.                            Talia,
     submission is via email.                                                    from Saratov, Russia to
       PUBLISHING NOTE                   Contact Lee Anne Glover in            Cara and Mike Senterfeit, Jr.
     THE SC News is returning            advance, to set up a day and         Adopted on October 12, 2004
     to it’s bi-monthly publish-          time before coming to the
     ing schedule in order to                SCAD Home Office.                     Congratulations!
     provide more high quality
     information to SCAD
     members while controlling
     increasing costs.                                     PUBLISHING NOTE
                                       THE SC News is returning to a bi-monthly publishing sched-
                                        ule in order to provide more high quality information to
                                           SCAD members while controlling increasing costs.
NOVE MBE R 2 004                                SOUTH CAROLINA NEWS                                                   PAGE 3

   Gallaudet to Sponsor National Essay and Art Contest for
   Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teenagers Scholarship Awarded
     Washington, DC—Every year               scientist and decide to make science      nounced and winning entries will be
Gallaudet University challenges deaf         a career.”                                printed in the spring issue of World
and hard of hearing students to ex-                                                    Around You magazine published by the
press their thoughts about a particu-            “If you know of any deaf or hard      Laurent Clerc National Deaf Educa-
lar topic. The theme for the sixth           of hearing teenagers between the          tion Center.
annual Gallaudet National Essay Con-         ages of 15 and 19 who like to write,
test for Deaf and Hard of Hearing            we encourage you to share with                “We would like to express ap-
Students and the World Around You            them the contest information and          preciation to the generous donors
magazine art contest is “A Life Turning      encourage them to send in an essay        who have once again offered books
Point.” Students have the option of sub-     or art submission. All entries must be    for our contest place winners,” said
mitting a written essay or sharing their     postmarked by February 11, 2005,”         Carroll. “They include Eric Albronda
turning point through the medium of art,     said Carroll.                             for his donation of Douglas Tilden: The
including pen and ink, pastel, watercolor,                                             Man and His Legacy, a story of the
mixed media, acrylic, crayon, or pencil.          All contest participants will re-    famous deaf sculptor, and Gallaudet
                                             ceive certificates of meritorious en-     University Press for books on deaf
    “Some students may face a turn-          try. Essay place winners will receive     culture.”
ing point when they participate in           scholarship money for the college or
their school’s work experience pro-          postsecondary training of their               For more information, contact:
gram and decide to pursue a specific         choice ($1,000 first place, $500 sec-     Cathryn Carroll, Editor, World Around
career,” said World Around You editor        ond place, $300 third place, $100         You, Gallaudet University, KDES,
and contest director Cathryn Carroll.        two honorable mentions). All schol-       Suite 3600, 800 Florida Avenue, NE,
“Other students may face a turning           arship awards will be DOUBLED for         Washington, DC 20002-3695; or visit
point when they finally tell a parent,       winners who choose to attend Gal-         the contest website at: http://
counselor, teacher, or friend about a        laudet University. The first place win-
problem (i.e., depression, an eating         ner will also receive a scholarship to    WorldAroundYou/essay.html for
disorder, a bully, drug abuse). Even         Gallaudet’s Young Scholars’ Program.      contest rules and an application form.
reading a book can be a turning              The first place art contest winner will
point. A student may read about a            receive $100. Winners will be an-                         - Gallaudet Unviersity

 Clemson University Hires New ASL Lecturer
     Clemson—Clemson University              both Spartanburg Technical College            Ms. Jordan is currently working
recently hired a new faculty member          and Clemson University before be-         with Dr. Alton Brant to offer ASL as
as part of the American Sign Lan-            coming a fulltime faculty member.         a minor at Clemson University by
guage (ASL) Program. The new fac-                                                      the 2005-2006 academic term. The
ulty member is Ms. Billie Jordan.                Clemson University began its          long-range plans are to eventually
Ms. Jordan is the first ever, deaf fac-      ASL Program in August of 2000.            offer ASL as a major and possibly an
ulty member to work at Clemson               Since it's inception, the program has     interpreter training program in the
University. She is a graduate of the         grown exponentially in numbers.           future. According to Dr. Brant, "Ms.
Arkansas School for the Deaf. She            Today a total of 142 students are         Jordan is a welcome addition to the
attended Gallaudet University and            now taking ASL as part of their bac-      ASL program. She brings energy,
finished with a Bachelor of Arts in          calaureate training. Clemson Uni-         knowledge, and an array of talent to
Drama. She has worked in a variety           versity remains the only public uni-      our program. We compliment one
of settings including the Internal           versity offering ASL for language         another and work well together as a
Revenue Service, Sprint Relay, the           credit in SC. This Spring (2005) the      team."
Arkansas School for the Deaf, and            ASL program is projected to reach
most recently with Caption Media             160 students. ASL is now the fourth             Billie's new e-mail address is
Program in Spartanburg. Ms. Jordan           largest language program at Clem-
taught ASL on an adjunct basis at            son.                                                              - Alton Brant
PAGE 4                                     SOUTH CAROLINA NEWS                                    NOVE MBE R 2 004

   ASL Class at University of South Carolina
    Columbia—After a two-year           Carolinians are hearing impaired.        happy with the courses success, but
promotion by the Student Govern-        This is a group of residents that stu-   representatives can see more po-
ment Association, an American Sign      dents have not been able to com-         tential than just an elective class.
Language class has been added to        municate with until now.                 SG representatives are in the proc-
the University of South Carolina's                                               ess of the seeing that this new
course offerings. With an over-              This new class received a lot of    course be recognized as a foreign
whelming response from students         press before it was officially offered   language,
and faculty alike, the new ASL class    to students. With many feature arti-
has given USC students the oppor-       cles in The Gamecock, the Univer-             Members and allies of the deaf
tunity to learn to communicate with     sity of South Carolina school news-      community are strongly encouraged
the hearing impaired members of         paper, students of the university        to write or e-mail the university to
the community.                          were eager to take advantage of this     express their feelings towards this
                                        unique opportunity. When the new         initiative.
    This ASL course is in great need    class was announced as being open
for the students at the University of   during fall registration, it was full                          Zachery Scott
South Carolina. According to the        within two days.                                    Student Body President
South Carolina Association for the                                                      University of South Carolina
Deaf about one-percent of South             Student Government has been        

2004 SCSDB                              Courtroom Experience
Homecoming                              (continued from page 1)
(continued from page 1)
                                        There was no interpreter in the          was a lot of mean comments and
Tigers with a score of 38 to 24.        courtroom. We thought it was a           misinformation being said. But, we
This made the Hornets’ record, 7-       small and simple proceeding, but         didn’t know it, and we couldn’t
0.                                      we were wrong. This was a real           respond. Now the case is closed
     The Homecoming Court win-          court! We didn’t know what to            and it is too late. We are now
ners were a repeat of the Mr. and       do. My husband with his brother          asking for another hearing, but
Miss SCSD Pageant. Lordwin Ben-         sat down with his aunt and his           who knows what will happen.
nett and Jillian Price were crowned     cousin. The judge asked everyone             I strongly urge each one of you
Homecoming King and Queen               in the room to state their name. I       to consider if something like this
2004 by Dr. Sheila Breitweiser.         was stunned and I asked my sister-       has happened or could happen to
    The students danced the night       in-law to speak my name for me. I        you. Make sure you know your
away while entertaining the GSD,        would have preferred to have an          rights, and most importantly make
Saturday night. Dance competi-          interpreter. We tried to under-          sure you have access to communi-
tions were held. The Pageant            stand what the judge was saying          cation through an interpreter.
Committee sold refreshments.            but we missed the most important
Winners of the Pumpkin and              information. We didn’t under-                    - Andrea Martinez-Johnson
Candy Corn “how many” contests          stand hardly anything and now feel               SCAD Secretary/Treasurer
were announced. Adam Wilson             discriminated against. The court
was the “DJ”.                           took advantage of us because we
    On Sunday, the students slept       couldn’t hear what was being said         Your SCAD membership
in. Socialization and relaxation        in the courtroom. As a result, the
                                        family started a rivalry about the
                                                                                      expiring soon?
were the only tasks for the day.
Congratulations Hornets on a job        will of my husband’s grandfather          Don’t forget to Renew!
well done!                              and I have found out later there
NOVE MBE R 2 004                           SOUTH CAROLINA NEWS                                              PAGE 5

        2004 SCRID Conference                                                           September
    Aiken, SC—The 2004 SC RID           SC RID Service Provider of the Year.
conference has come and gone, and                                                          and
what an excellent conference it was!        The new SC RID Board of Direc-               October
From October 1-2, 2004, working         tors are as follows:
interpreters, interpreting students                                                     Membership
and soon to be Certified Deaf Inter-        President: Steve Fitzmaurice                      New
preters (CDIs) converged on the             Vice President: Martha Ingel
USC Aiken campus to attend some             Secretary: Emily Walker
                                                                                           Stacy Boyd
excellent workshops.                        Treasurer: Eric Treiper                   Terry & Lynn Watson
                                            Member at Large:                               Renewals
    Attendees also had lots of fun as           Greg Leatherman-Sommers
they learned some new skills.
                                                                                          Megan Covert
                                            Finally, kudos and appreciation is            Patricia Manigo
    Congratulations goes to Marlene     sent to Marlene Lewis and her top                 Joel Silberstein
Lewis who has been named the 2004       notch conference planning comittee          Allen & Tania Washington
SC RID Interpreter of the Year.         for a job well done!                          Charlie & Lois Carter
Congratulations also goes to Joe                                                    Kathy Mahoney Schneider
Bath, DEAFinitely Taking Requests                           Steve Fitzmaurice         John & Jewell Hackett
and to SCAD as winners of the 2004                           SCIRT President               Ruth Moore
                                                                                          Barbara Porter
                                                                                        A. Hunter Wilson
Important Advice: Keep Your                                                          Eric & Kathy Monson, III
TDD/TTY for Emergency Calls                                                                 Max Brown
                                                                                       Carolyn Williamson
(continued from page 1)                                                                   Mara Hawkins
                                                                                            Betty Epting
TDD/TTY are best used to call           Sprint VRS, Sorenson VRS and IP
                                                                                          Louise Parham
911 because it is on a hard-wired       Relay cannot automatically trans-
                                                                                       James & Judy Riddle
telecommunications system. The          fer to the nearest Public Safety
911 system includes software            Answering Point (PSAP) at this
                                                                                         Alberta Robinson
which instantly locates a location      time.                                              Cathy Stegall
of all emergency calls from the              Same goes for IP relay services             Martha Saunders
regular telephone system. The           or America Online’s Instant Mes-                   Diane Hardy
newer 911 extended 911 system           senger’s “My IP Relay” which ap-                  David Duncan
also includes cell callers; however,    pears on your AIM buddy list. We                   Vickie Joyner
it is not available in all areas.       strongly encourage you to use                   Rev. Claude Boling
     American with Disabilities Act     your traditional TDD/TTY or
(ADA) clearly states that all cities    phone to call 911 directly for
which use the 911 system must           prompt emergency services.
provide TDD/TTY access for deaf              However, if you call for any           This is because the 911 sys-
callers to request emergency ser-       emergency services through VRS           tem’s software is set up to auto-
vices. It is required by the law        or any other relay services, you         matically intercept your telephone
under ADA.                              will risk losing valuable time in ob-    number (either regular phone or
     Because of some technological      taining prompt emergency service.        TDD/TTY).
limitations, (and as well as due to     It will take more time for a Relay          Therefore, it is best to keep
its being so new in this telecom-       operator or Video interpreter to         your TDD/TTY available for the
munications field) all Video Relay      pass on your information, such as        911 emergency calls.
Services (VRS) like Communica-          your location and the nature of
tion Service for the Deaf (CSD) or      your emergency.                                                     -SCAD
PAGE 8                                        SOUTH CAROLINA NEWS                                    NOVE MBE R 2 004

    South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind (SCSDB)
   Division of Outreach Services: Serving Statewide Customers
                who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
                        Program Updates
                          By Carol Marby Garrett,Vice President, SCSDB
    Spartanburg—The Division of Outreach Ser-                  *Customer Satisfaction Rate:                    100%
vices is booming with activity! Under the Outreach             (school districts and parents)
umbrella, we are now implementing seventeen (17)
programs, most are statewide, to serve individuals             SOUTH CAROLINA TELECOMMUNICA-
with sensory disabilities, their families and the profes-      TIONS EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTION PRO-
sionals who serve them. For the purpose of this                GRAM (SCTEDP) DEPARTMENT
publication, we would like to provide you, our read-           FY '03-'04
ers and consumers, with an update regarding pro-               Number of Equipment Distributed:           4,367
grams that serve our wonderful customers who are               Number of Installations/Training Sessions:  126
deaf and hard of hearing or those who have a vested            Number of Applications Processed:          1,378
                                                               *Customer Satisfaction Rate:               96.6%
interest in the field of deafness. This is an exciting
time in our history and a delightful place to be as we
                                                               EARLY INTERVENTION DEPARTMENT
pursue the present and plan for our future. Please             FY '03-'04
read!                                                          Number of Infants/Toddlers and Families Served: 412
                                                               Customer Satisfaction Rate: 97.4%
FY '03-'04                                                     SOUTH CAROLINA INTERAGENCY DEAF-
Statewide Interpreting Services Provided: 6,304                BLIND PROJECT
hours                                                          FY '03-'04
On-Campus Interpreting Services Provided:  897                 Regional Deaf-Blind Education Teams have been estab-
hours                                                          lished to represent each geographic region of the state.
*Customer Satisfaction Rate:              98.7%                Approximately twenty (20) SCSDB teachers of the
                                                               deaf, teachers of the visually impaired, early interven-
Community Sign Language Classes - Provided in Colum-           tionists and orientation and mobility specialists are at-
bia and on the SCSDB campus to interested individuals          tending training sessions prior to educational reviews
in the community.                                              of students with deaf-blindness across the state. Stu-
                                                               dents served are those identified on the Deaf-Blind
Wofford College Success Initiative - Provision of Ameri-       Census.
can Sign Language and deaf culture immersion activities
to selected students at Wofford College with an empha-         REGIONAL OUTREACH CENTERS
sis on the student based arts program at SCSDB.                FY '03-'04
                                                               The focus of outreach center development is the build-
HEARING OUTREACH SERVICES DEPART-                              ing and expansion of the customer base in geographic
MENT                                                           catchment areas of the state. Outreach Center Direc-
FY '03-'04                                                     tors are meeting and partnering one on one with re-
The purpose of this program , to serve students who            lated sister agencies and groups. They are identifying
are deaf and hard of hearing in their local school district,   gaps in services in the state to creatively meet the
was piloted in FY '03-'04. The program has now ex-             needs of clients and students with sensory disability,
panded, with an addition of another full time teacher, to      parents, families and statewide professionals.
serve school districts throughout the state.
                                                               *Percentage reflects customers who agreed or strongly
Number of Students Currently Served:             25            agreed services were highly valuable.
NOVE MBE R 2 004                             SOUTH CAROLINA NEWS                                                 PAGE 9

                 Deaf Fishers News by Bassin’ Bob
     Lake Wylie—September 11                         Fishing Result:              ness, supposedly had hooked the
was a day to remember as our na-                (Place, Fish/dead, Weight)        biggest fish he ever saw in his life,
tion mourned those who were killed          1)Edward Montgomery, 1/0, 2.0 lbs     only to lose it when it jumped out of
in the terrorist attack in New York.         2)Lester Forde, Jr. 1/0, 1 lb 2 oz   the water, spit out the hook and
     The South Carolina Bass Anglers            3)Steve McAteer 1/0, 1 lb         swam away. Oh man! You should
of the Deaf were fortunate enough                                                 have seen the look on Billy’s face
                                                    Pacifico Santiago, 0
to be able to host their 6th fishing                                              when he returned for the weigh-in.
                                                    Jerry Hammond, 0
tournament of the year and first                                                  He was as pale as he could be and
since the summer break. The wa-                      Richard Hiott, 0             looked like he was very sick. Billy,
ters of Wylie were high and muddy,                   Harland Bryant, 0            keep your head and rod up, because
but that did not stop 10 members                      Richard Price, 0            there is always a next time!
from participating.                                   Bob Morrow, 0                   The next tournament will be
     Local favorite, Edward Mont-                         Lunker:                 Hickory Knob State Park (Lake
gomery from York, SC fishing with              Edward Montgomery, 2 lbs           Thurmond) on October 16. Lake
Lester Forde, Jr. took home the                                                   Thurmond is located on the South
lunker championship as well as the        (Columbia), a late entry, caught one    Carolina and Georgia border near
regular tournament with a catch of        fish weighing 1 pound.                  McCormick, SC. Hopefully we will
one fish weighing 2 pounds. Lester             Billy Cooper (Columbia) had the    have a good turnout for this tourna-
Jr. (York) took second place with a       Honor of telling about the “Big One     ment.
catch of one fish, weighing 1 pound 2     that Got Away”. Billy, with fishing
ounces. Newcomer Steve McAteer            partner Steve McAteer as his wit-                                  Bassin’ Bob

  SCSDB remains county’s only undefeated football team
    Editorial Note: This is reprinted     from Columbia, touched the ball, he          SCSDB’s defense did its job, re-
from Spartanburg Herald—Journal news-     scored on runs of 47-,50-, and 88-      covering five fumbles.
paper which was published on October      yards. Williams finished with 218            GSD’s Randy Johnson carried 13
24, 2004. It was written by Hugh Rist.    yards on eight carries.                 times for 101 yards and completed a
     Spartanburg—The South                     “Most teams try to stop            14-yard pass on the option. He
Carolina School for the Deaf and the      (quarterback) Rickey (Gadsden) and      scored on runs of 10-, 40-, and 64-
Blind may be the best kept—or least       we know that, “SCSDB Mike Sims          yards to account for all of the Tigers’
known—Football secret in town.            said. “So we try to take what they      touchdowns.
     SCSDB entered Saturday’s game        give us. Today they gave us the in-          SCSDB kick returner Jamal Shaw
as the only undefeated team in the        side and so we had Williams go          returned a kickoff 72 yards for a
county and remained that way after        there and he did what he has done       touchdown with 1:24 left in the
a 38-24 victory over Georgia School       all season. We are proud to be un-      game to give SCSDB a 38-16 lead.
for the Deaf.                             defeated and would like it to con-           There were a couple lowlights
     SCSDB scored 30 unanswered           tinue.                                  for the Green Hornets as well, in-
points in the first 12 minutes of the          “But we tell our players that      cluding losing four fumbles and col-
game.                                     every game is like a new season be-     lecting 70 yards in penalties.
     The Green Hornets collected          cause we just need to win that game.
238 yards of offense in the first quar-   We were happy to keep it
ter and never trailed in the home-        (the undefeated season)
coming victory in an eight-player         going today, but I was espe-
game.                                     cially proud for the kids
     After Pacolet’s Lee Kirby scored     because homecoming is
on a 42-yard run just 48 seconds          about the only time their
into the game, it soon became the         parents get to see most of
Xavier Williams show.                     them play since they come
     The first three times Williams,      from all over the state.”
PAGE 10                                    SOUTH CAROLINA NEWS                                      NOVE MBE R 2 004

 Deaf Golfers News
                                                                                   September Tournament
                                                                                         Individual with Handicap
     West Columbia—On Satur-            Jeff McManus, Joe Healey, and Jerry           Tee, Course, Slope, Yard
day, September 11 the South             Nine!                                             White, 69.5, 124, 6052
Carolina Deaf Golfers Association            Our next tournament will be                  Blue, 66.9, 113, 5586
(SCDGA) gathered at Indian River        Albert Gibson, Sr. Memorial               Name, Gross—HC = Net Score
Golf Course in West Columbia for        Championship on Saturday, Octo-               1. Victor Cassell, 88—17 = 71
                                                                                     2. Joe Healey, Jr., 109—32 = 77
it’s 7th 2004 golf tournament. Jeff     ber 2 and Sunday October 3 at              3. Rodney Saunders, 115—36 = 79
McManus hosted this tournament          Lake Marion Golf Course in San-              4. Jeff McManus, 100—19 = 81
event and there were 9 golfers          tee. Michael Lozynsky will be              5. Fred Dangerfield, 110—25 = 85
                                                                                   6. Ronnie Riddle, Sr., 112—27 = 85
who participated in the individual      chairperson of SCDGA’s Albert                 7. Mark Bivins, 115—29 = 86
with Handicap format tournament.        Gibson, Sr. Championship tourna-               8. Jerry Nine, 108—20 = 88
     Victor Cassell won first place     ment in Scratch and Tournament               9. Michael Bates, 117—27 = 90
in this golf tournament.        Jeff    Handicap format. For more infor-                    Closest to Pin
McManus (Hole 2 and Hole 7),            mation on SCDGA and upcoming                      Hole 2—Jeff McManus
Victor Cassell (Hole 9 and Hole         tournaments, please check                         Hole 7—Jeff McManus
                                                                                         Hole 9—Victor Cassell
12), and Joe Healey (Hole 17) won                                   Hole 12—Victor Cassell
closest to the pin contests. Jerry                                                       Hole 17—Joe Healey, Jr.
Nine (Hole 3) and Victor Cassell                                                              Long Drive
(Hole 16) won Longest Drive.                               Jeff McManus                   Hole 3—Jerry Nine
Congratulation to Victor Cassell,                   SCDGA Vice President                 Hole 16—Victor Cassell

                                                                                      Tournament Results
          SCDGA’s Albert Gibson, Sr.                                                            Format
                                                                                       Scratch and Tournament HC
           Memorial Championship                                                      Tee, Course, Slope, Yard
                                                                                 Santee-Cooper Country Club, Round 1
     Santee—On Saturday, Octo-          Lake Marion Golf Course with the                 White, 69.0, 118, 6094
ber 2 and Sunday, October 3 the         right number of golfers that will play           Gold, 66.2, 114, 5576
                                                                                  Lake Marion Golf Course, Round 2
South Carolina Deaf Golfers Asso-       on Saturday. The guy at Lake                     White, 70.2, 119, 6283
ciation (SCDGA) gathered at San-        Marion Golf Course made arrange-                 Gold, 67.3 116. 5768
tee-Cooper Country Club and Lake        ments for us to play their “sister”                 Scratch
Marion Golf Course in Santee for        golf course: Santee-Cooper Coun-           Name, #1 + #2 = Total Gross
it’s Albert Gibson, Sr. Memorial        try Club on Saturday. It is located            Mark Bivins (1), 91 + 99 = 190
Championship. Mike Lozynsky was         less than ¼ mile down the road               Jeff McManus (2), 107 + 92 = 199
                                                                                   Michael Bates (3T), 111 + 112 = 223
chairperson for this championship       from Lake Marion Golf Course.
                                                                                   Joe Healey, Jr. (3T), 119 + 104 = 223
tournament and there were 6 golf-             We played our first round at        Michael Lozynsky (5), 113 + 120 = 233
ers and 1 visitor who participated in   Santee-Cooper Country Club on             Rodney Saunders (6), 122 + 125 = 247
this tournament.                        Saturday and final round on Sunday         George Heinen (V), 120 + 102 = 222
     Congratulations goes to Mark       at Lake Marion Golf Course. The             Tournament Handicap
Bivins! He won the Albert Gibson,       Albert Gibson. Sr. Memorial Cham-        Name, Tour HC, #1, #2, total Net
Sr. Memorial Championship 2004 in       pionship 2004 was a successful one.          Mark Bivins (1), HC 27, 64, 72, 136
                                                                                    Jeff McManus (2), HC 21, 86, 71, 157
both tournament formats! (Scratch       Many thanks go to Michael Lozyn-           Joe Healey, Jr. (3), HC 30, 89, 74, 163
and Tournament HC)                      sky, AGMC 2004 chairperson for all        Michael Bates (4T), HC 27, 84, 85, 169
     We had to play two different       the hard work to make this two-day       Michael Lozynsky (4T), HC 32, 81, 88, 169
golf courses: Santee-Cooper Coun-       golf tournament a very memorable         Rodney Saunders (6), HC 36, 86, 89, 175
                                                                                  George Heinen (V), HC 36, 84, 66, 150
try Club and Lake Marion Golf           one!
Course. There was a breakdown in                                                 Tournament’s Closest to Pin and Longest
                                                                                     Drive results posted on http://
communication between Clark’s Inn                               Mike Bates        
and us. Clark’s Inn did not inform                         SCDGA Secretary
NOVE MBE R 2 004                                      SOUTH CAROLINA NEWS                                                                   PAGE 11

                      SCAD SCHEDULE OF EVENTS                                                          vices (CCOS), 1920-C Dunbar Street,
             NOVEMBER                             Thursday, November 11, 2004 - SCAD
                                                                                                       Charleston, SC. 6:00 pm. We will provide
Thursday, November 4, 2004 - SCSDB                Home Office Closed for Veteran's Day.
                                                                                                       the ham. The admission price for LCAD and
Football Game vs. Tennessee School f/t                                                                 SCAD members with a covered dish is
                                                  Thursday, November 25 and Friday
Deaf, SCSDB Campus (HOME), 7:00pm.                                                                     $5.00. Member and non-members without a
                                                  November 26, 2004 - SCAD Home
This is for the make up game that was post-                                                            covered dish is $7.00. Non-member with
                                                  Office Closed for Thanksgiving .
poned due to the Hurricane Ivan.                                                                       covered dish is $7.00. This is a fundraising
                                                  Saturday, November 13, 2004 -                        project for the 2005 SCAD Conference and
Saturday, November 6, 2004 - SCAD
                                                  SCBAD's fishing tournament, Calhoun                  we need your support!!! Check for flyer on
Special Conference. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
                                                  Falls State Park, State Road 81, Calhoun             page 7 of this newsletter. For more informa-
Student Services Building, Commissioner's
                                                  Falls, SC, 7:00am Blast off, 4:00pm weigh-in,        tion, please contact Carolyn Williamson at
Dining Room at Spartanburg Technical Col-
                                                  Bob Morrow is tournament director.         
lege in Spartanburg, SC. For more informa-
tion,     please      contact     us    at        Saturday, November 20, 2004 - 2005                   Friday, December 24 and Monday,                            SCAD Conference Fundraiser Thanks-                   December 27, 2004 - SCAD Home
                                                  giving Party, Colson Center Outreach                 Office Closed for Christmas
Saturday, November 6, 2004 - 5:00 pm,
                                                  Services (CCOS), 1920-C Dunbar Street,
SgAD & WPAD will host the Palmetto                                                                     Friday, December 31, 2004 - SCAD
                                                  Charleston, SC. 6:00 pm. We will provide
Deafest following the SCAD Special Con-                                                                Home Office Closed for New Year's
                                                  the turkey and ham. The admission price for
ference at Spartanburg Technical College.                                                              Day
                                                  LCAD and SCAD members with a covered
The admission price for Adults over 14
                                                  dish is $7.00. Member and non-members
years old, $25.00 before noon on November
                                                  without a covered dish is $10.00. Non-
6th, $30.00 after noon on November 6th
                                                  members with covered dish is $10.00. This
                                                                                                           For Your Information
and at the door. For more information,                                                                    SCAD Meeting Rooms can be
                                                  is a fundraising project for the 2005 SCAD
please contact Sherry Williams at sher-
                                                  Conference and we need your support!!!                   reserved for any meeting or
                                                  Check for flyer on page 6 of this newsletter.          workshop that your organization
Saturday, November 6, 2004 –                      For information, please contact Carolyn                            may host.
SCDGA’s monthly golf tournament, Fort             Williamson at
Mill Country Club, Fort Mill, SC. Format is
                                                                                                           All you need is to stop by the
captain’s choice. Meeting time is 10:30 am,                        DECEMBER                             SCAD Office and fill out a form. A
tee time is 12:00 noon. Mark Bivins is tour-      Saturday, December 18, 2004 - 2005                     refundable deposit of $25 will be
nament host chairperson. Check for more           SCAD Conference Fundraiser Christ-                                 required.
information on                      mas Party, Colson Center Outreach Ser-

                                     Join SCAD Today!
                                                   - SCAD Membership Form -
                     Remember, your membership includes SCAD publications and rights to voice and vote.
                                                                                             Please Check One                         New   Renew

                                                                                                 Individual - $20/yr
                                                                                                 Married Couple - $25/yr
                                                                                                 Senior Citizen Couple - $15/yr
 Address                                                                 Apt.                    Senior Citizen Individual - $10/yr
                                                                                                 Student - $10/yr
 City                                             County                 State    Zip Code   Tax-deductible Donation
                                                                                             SCAD is a nonprofit organization, designated 501 C-
                                                                                             3 by the IRS. Your additional donation to SCAD
 Telephone Number   Circle: TTY / Voice        Fax Number                                    helps us continue our work, and may be tax
                                                                                             deductible for you!
 Spouse’s Name                                 Member of Chapter or Association
                                                                                                 Donation Amount $____________________

                                                                                             The total amount of $______________________
 Email Address                                 2nd Email Address                                    Method of Payment (Circle One):
    We now Accept Credit             Charge to my Credit/Debit Card (circle one):                      Check      Money Order
      and Debit Cards!                  Visa    MasterCard       Debit Card                          Make payable to: SCAD, Inc.

                                  Card #:____________________________________________ Expire Date:________________
                                                                                         Membership Information
   SCAD Officers:                       Board Members:                                            Annual Dues
            President:                                                              Individual               $20.00
         Anita Steichen                     Chapter Representatives                 Married Couple           $25.00
         (843) 554-2024                 Low Country Assn. of the Deaf:              Senior Citizen Single    $10.00                Ricky Hiott,
                                                                                    Senior Citizen Couple $15.00
                                           Midlands Assn. of the Deaf:
         Vice-President:             Mike Senterfeit, Jr.,
                                                                                    Student                  $10.00
          Joseph Price                  Spartanburg Assn. of the Deaf:
                                                                                    Corporate                $250.00                           Harland Bryant                             Membership includes
                                     Western Piedmont Assn. of the Deaf:            all publications for ONE FULL YEAR!
      Secretary/Treasurer:          Pamela Jordan,
    Andrea Martinez-Johnson                                                                    Contact SCAD
                                     Organizational Representatives/Other:                for a Membership form!
                                            SC Black Deaf Advocates:
    Member At Large:                             Patty Manigo (Alt.)
            Upstate                                                                        Advertising Rates:
                                    SC Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf:
   (Including Columbia Area)                                                            (Suggested Contribution)
                                         Glendia Boon,
Teresa Rogers,                                                              Full Page -- $50
                                       Miss Deaf South Carolina Pageant:
                                     Sonja Conyers,                   1/2 Page -- $35
          Low Country                                                                         1/4 Page -- $20
                                           SC Deaf-Blind Association:
    (Including Coastal Area)           Jorge Aristizabal,                   1/8 Page -- $15
Donna Jones,                                                           Business Card -- $10
                                                                                      Flyer Inserts– Call for pricing
                                                                                     Deadline for submission is the
                                                                                      15th of each other month.
                                                                                    Please include payment with ad.

                                  Address Service Requested

                                                                                                    Citizens since 1911
                                                                                                    Hard of Hearing
                                                                      Deaf and
                         (Email)                                     Serving
                                        (803) 794-4420 (Fax)
 Permit No. 855
  Columbia, SC
                                       (803) 794-7059 (TTY)
                                      (803) 794-3175 (Voice)
                                    West Columbia, SC 29169
                                         437 Center Street
     ORG.                     Association of the Deaf, Inc.
 NON-PROFIT                         South Carolina

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