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Homecoming 2009
09.16.09 Announcements Remarks
 As we cover what is planned, we are going to do our
   best to talk about the events in the order they are
   scheduled, so lets start off with Homecoming
   Games, the night of Sunday, Sept. 20th.

 You can register your teams in the Office.
   Registration will close on Friday, Sept. 18th.

 The price is $5 per person or $30.00 per team;
   there are six people per team.
   On Wednesday, Sept. 23st the Homecoming skits will be
    presented during Advisory.

   The skit forms are available in the Office or Mr. Chadwick’s

   Remember that the skits are to have 10 or more students and
    must have a dress rehearsal in front of the administration.

   Dress rehearsals will be at 3:30 in the Auditorium on Friday,
    Sept. 18th.

   I repeat: Dress rehearsals will be at 3:30 in the Auditorium on
    Friday, Sept. 18th.
 PowderPuff shirts have been ordered and the cost
   will be only $10 this year!

 We have the Senior Sumoz facing the Junior Jiu

 The shirts look awesome so we encourage everyone
   to support the PowderPuff game by showing in your
   teams colors. They will be available for pick up
   Thursday morning.
 The Senior shirts are bright green with white
   lettering. On the front it will have a sumo wrestler
   drawn by one of our own DCG Classmates. On the
   sleeve it will have the Kanji word for Sumo.

 Junior shirts are electric blue with black lettering.
   The sleeve will have the Kanji word for Jiu Jitsu and
   on the front will have Judo’s signature hip toss.
 Both shirts will have their team name and
   PowderPuff 2009 on the front as well.

 Junior and Senior females are welcome to add a
   number and a name.

 And Junior and Senior Males can add a name.

 Freshman and Sophomores, your time will come,
   but for now you can only purchase the shirt – it is
   still a great DCG shirt for a low price.
 You can order your shirts today in the office, please
   bring the exact amount of $10. PowderPuff Shirt
   Sales will end this Friday.

 While on the topic of ordering, Homecoming Tickets
   will be available starting Monday next week and will
   be on sale through Friday.

 Purchase your tickets early for $5.00 and receive a
   two dollar discount from the $7.00 ticket price at
   the door.
 Purchasing tickets before the dance really helps us
   with knowing what numbers to expect. So if at a
   possible, please pre-purchase; if not we understand
   and tickets will be sold at the door.

 The form to register a guest from outside our
   building will be in the office and you can purchase
   tickets any day from now to the dance. We will have
   ticket sales set up in the commons during lunch
   starting next week.
 If you would like to order before next week, or
   outside of lunch, you can do so in the office.
 The PowderPuff game itself will be Thursday, Sept.
   24th at 6:30pm. Admission is only $1 or a canned
   food donation for the local food pantry. Mr.
   Mangler is coaching the Seniors and Mr. Donahue is
   coaching the Juniors.

 Remember to stick around after the game for the
   Bonfire! It is going to be a great pre-Homecoming
   game tailgate with the grill going for some BBQ.
   Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy!

 The cost of food at the Bonfire will be similar to that
   of the concession stand during a game.
   The next day, Friday, Sept. 25th – We will be showing off our
    artistic abilities with sidewalk chalk after the cookout. The
    best drawing will have its picture in the Mustang Monthly and
    our schools website.
   Freshmen and Sophomores will start at noon in the front of
    the building while the Junior and Seniors eat.
   At 12:30 we’ll switch and have the Juniors and Seniors draw
    between the back of the school and the stadium while the
    Freshmen and Sophomores eat.
   Students will be paying for their own lunches during the
    cookout. They will punch in their numbers and then proceed
    to eat.
   Advisors, we ask that you stay with your groups at all times.
 At 2pm we will have the Homecoming Parade.

 Remember that all school affiliated groups are
   encouraged to create floats. If you have not started
   yet and would like to please see your group advisor
   and get started today!
 At the end of the parade we will have our
   Homecoming Coronation and Pep Rally at the
   Community Center in Grimes. Cheer on your King
   and Queen, which you will vote for this Friday, Sept.

 (Starting on Main Street from South 2nd to the
   Community Center)
 Later that night we will recognize the Homecoming
   Court before the game at 7:15. The Official kick off
   vs. the Tigers will take place at 7:30; GO
 Celebrating the game will be our Homecoming
   Dance on Saturday from 8 to 11pm. If you would
   like to help us decorate please see Mr. Chadwick,
   we will be meeting up Saturday before noon at the
 We have put a lot of work into the dance this year
   and we think everyone will really enjoy it.

 There is going to be a live DJ, food, drinks,
   professional photographers, and some great
   activities that will make this like no Homecoming
 This dance is semi formal, which means appropriate
   clothing includes slacks with a polo, or a button
   down shirt with the option of a tie for the guys; and
   dresses for the girls. We will have at least one non-
   formal mixer that will follow a basketball game
   planned where jeans and t-shirts will be just fine.
   But this is Homecoming! And it is time to step it up. So dress
    up, take your date out to a nice dinner and come to the dance
    around 8.

   Remember guys, the girls will treat you to dinner later in the
    year when we hold our winter Sandi Hawkins dance.

   Don’t have a date, no problem! Come and meet your friends
    at the dance, you don’t want to miss out this year, it is going
    to be a really fun social event.

   So just to clarify, Formal is Prom with Gowns and Tuxes, semi-
    formal is Homecoming where you dress up nice, and non-
    formal, aka mixers, is causal clothes.
   We have finalized our Spirit Week Themes and are really excited
    about them.
       Monday is Chillin’ in Maui Day, a Hawaiian based theme with a
        special surprise from the student council in the morning.
       Tuesday is Blast from the Past: 80’s Day
       Wednesday is Steve Urkel Tribute Day, a nerd based theme so have
        fun and geek yourself out!
       Thursday is Bruise ‘Em! Day
           9th: Blue
           10th: Black
           11th: Powder Puff Shirts
           12th: Powder Puff Shirts
       And Friday is Tame the Tigers Day
           Show your school pride by wearing Mustang shirts, sweatshirts, or
 Quick note about Thursday aka Bruise ‘Em! Day
    If you are a 9th or 10th grade whom has purchased a
      PowderPuff Shirt we encourage you to wear it on this
      day. If you are a 11th or 12th grader who has decided
      not to purchase a shirt we ask that juniors wear blue
      and seniors will black.
 We recently read an article about a Ninja Parade in
   Modesto, CA where the Parade was a success be
   due to the stealthness of Ninjas none were actually
 After reading this we feel this would be an unfair
   advantage to the pirates so we have removed that
   theme from this years spirit week and replaced it
   with the “Chillin’ in Maui” theme which is going to
   provide an awesome opener for Monday that we
   think everyone will enjoy.

 Please remember that for any dress up day, the
   student handbook rules concerning dress code still
 This Saturday we will be meeting in the evening to
   decorate the hallways for Homecoming week. We
   invite anyone willing to help draw and put up
   posters to join us. If you would like to help, please
   sign up with Mr. Chadwick.
 Thank you for listening and make it a great day

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