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					                                                    ARVADA WEST HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                 11595 Allendale Drive Arvada, CO 80004
                                                                           Phone (303) 982-1303

                                                           From the desk of Rob Bishop, Principal

                                    Dear Jeffco Parents,
“ Excellence is our Expectation ”

                                    As you and your student begin spring break, we would like to remind you that
                                    Monday, April 5th is now a regular school day. Because of the snow closure on
                                    March 24th, students must make up the missed day in order to meet state and dis-
                                    trict requirements. School is important and we hope your student will attend class
                                    on this day. We do understand that many people have plans that could not be
                                    changed at the last minute. If your student cannot attend class on April 5, please
                                    call the school to arrange for an excused absence.

                                    Thank you,

                                    Robert Bishop

To respond to the call for more student centered time to get extra help and make up
assignments, we have instituted EMBEDDED ACCESS. This has prompted an ad-
justment to our bell schedule on Wednesday and Thursday. A new bell schedule and
expectations for EMBEDDED ACCESS are included in this newsletter.

Each academic core subject (math, science, social studies, language arts, world lan-
guages) is hosting a weekly “8th Hour” study hall. Students are assigned to this study
hall by their teachers who instruct that core class. Reasons for a student to be in aca-
demic study hall include:
1. Deficient grades
2. Make-up testing
3. Study hall before sports practice

                       SNOW DAY MAKE UP

Two days of school need to be made up because of the snow days on
October 28th and 29th. The make-up days will be June 1st and 2nd.

Finals will be on May 26th, 27th and 28th. Make up finals will be on June
1st and 2nd. Final times will be posted soon.

1st                7:20 - 8:12
2nd                8:19 - 9:11
3rd               9:18 -10:20
4th              10:27 -11:19
5th              11:26 -12:18    Lunch B      12:25 - 12:55
Lunch A          11:26 -11:56    5th          12:03 - 12:55
6th                1:02 - 1:54
7th                2:01 - 2:53

Student Access     8:00 - 8:50
2nd                8:57 -11:02   (Announcements, Access 10:27-11:02)*
4th              11:09 - 12:39    Lunch B     12:46 - 1:16
Lunch A          11:09 - 11:39    4th         11:46 - 1:16
6th                1:23 - 2:53

1st                7:20 - 8:50
3rd               8:57 - 11:02   (Announcements, Access 8:57-9:32)*
5th              11:09 - 12:39   Lunch B       12:46 - 1:16
Lunch A          11:09 - 11:39   5th           11:46 - 1:16
7th                1:23 - 2:53

*No bells ring for Embedded Access
Seniors, are you ready to graduate? Graduation day is fast approaching. Here is
some important information:

Senior Parent Meeting   April 29 or May 4
Senior Finals           May 19 & 20
Senior Daze-Last Day    May 21
Graduation Practice     May 25, 9:00am Arvada West High School
Graduation              May 26, 2:00pm CU Events Center in Boulder

Have you ordered your cap and gown? Please contact Unique Recognition at
1-800-336-3141 or online at to order your cap and gown!

                              ACT TESTING
Juniors will be taking the state mandated ACT test on Wednesday, April 28.
Registration for this test is scheduled for Wednesday, April 7 at 7:30am.
Juniors are asked to bring two #2 pencils. Attendance at registration is
                    A PAGE FROM THE LIBRARY
                                          February Statistics

                              Collaborative Instruction for 56 classes
               Video Conferencing (remote access to library instruction) for 11 classes

                                     Average daily patrons = 759
                             Average Wednesday morning access = 214
                            Average Wednesday embedded access = 93
                                  Thursday Embedded access = 104
                                      Books checked out = 895
                                   Computers checked out = 3212
February Instructional Highlights
Over 56 classes worked collaboratively in the library experiencing instruction from both the Teacher
Librarian and the classroom teacher.
Video Conferencing (remote access to library instruction) occurred for 11 classes of Earth Science 9
students. These classes were accessing the collaborative instruction via webcam in both the tech
lab and classrooms using mobile laptop carts.

   ◊   Biology 10: All 10th graders worked collaboratively and conducted research on a genetic dis-
       order incorporating Jeffco Public Library databases. Skill instruction included source citation,
       use of text, website evaluation and Microsoft Word 2007
   ◊   Earth Science: All 9th graders have been working collaboratively on an authentic research
       project involving research databases and incorporating technology as a means of displaying
       their knowledge gained about a natural disaster. Students are using such tools as Windows
       Movie Maker, templates from Microsoft Word 2007 and a variety of Web 2.0 tools such as
       Voice Thread and
   ◊   Family Consumer Sciences:
       Child Development: Birth Defects Research
       Foreign and Gourmet Foods: Research
   ◊   Embedded Access: Provides our students with additional time to not only see their teachers,
       but also to utilize the library for both research and tech support. As you can see by our statis-
       tics above, over 400 students have been using the library during access alone

Read and Return Rack – Students began donating previously read paperbacks for our future Read
and Return Rack. This rack will provide books for students that they do not have to check out, but
are asked to return when finished reading. If you have appropriate books to donate to this rack, don’t
hesitate to send them to school with your student. There will be a “thank you” drawing for Starbucks
and Barnes and Noble gift cards in mid- March.
Book Lovers Month Give-a-Way – We gave away 15 different books, magazines and reading related
items in celebration of February Book Lovers Month. Students could enter their top three choices
into a drawing and names were drawn @ the end of the month!

Our library is a very busy place. As always, we welcome visitors and volunteers to our library.

Susie Lackey
Teacher Librarian
                    WAY TO GO WILDCATS!!
A big Wildcat Roar goes out to these students and their accomplishments!

Dan Nord and Tia DiMasi have been selected to participate in the CU Honor Band.
Over 400 students auditioned and these two gave a winning performance!

Warren Tech had their SkillsUSA District Contest and these Arvada West
students were winners:

Scott Bailey—Broadcast News
Cole Guffey—Broadcast News
Kelsey Kemp—TV-Video Production
Garrett Lipker—Technical Drafting
Remie Luong—Job Demo Open & Advertising Design
Jackie Thrapp—Broadcast News

These are the winners from the Health Occupations Students Association (HOSA)
State Competition:

Jessica Forbes—Community Awareness
Lauren Gustafson—Public Service Announcement
Lauren Holmes—Community Awareness
Michelle Martinez—Community Awareness & Kaiser Permanente exam winner
Ashley Menk—Community Awareness Team
Leandre Miller—Medical Reading
Evan Schur—CERT
Some of these students are eligible for the National Competition that will be held in
June in Orlando.

Juli Williams placed 1st in the Optimist Club Essay Contest. She now moves on to
the district level.

Arvada West congratulates all these students!
            2009-2010 IMPORTANT DATES
Sept. 2/Wed.    Back to School Night (6:30pm)          Jan. 4/Mon. Teacher Work Day – No School
Sept. 7/Mon.    Labor Day –No School                   Jan. 5/Tues. Teacher Work Day – No School
Sept. 16/Wed.   Purple Pride Sale 3-7pm                Jan. 6/Wed. Choice Enrollment-1st Round
Sept. 24/Thurs. CDE 11-Day Count Begins                Jan. 6/Wed. School Resumes
Sept. 25/Fri.   End 1st Grading Period                 Jan.18/Mon. MLK Holiday-No School
Sept. 28/Mon.   Hearing/Vision Screening               Jan. 25/Mon. Choice Enroll. Ends-1st Round
Sept. 29/Tues.  Progress Reports on Parent Portal      Feb. 12/Fri.   Teacher Work Day – No School
Oct. 2/Fri.     Picture Retakes                        Feb. 15/Mon. President’s Day Holiday-No School
Oct. 4/Sun.     Race for the Cure                      Feb. 16/Tues Choice Enrollment-2nd Round
Oct. 7/Wed.     P/T Conferences 4:30-8pm               Feb. 19/Fri.   End 1st Grading Period
Oct. 8/Thurs.   P/T Conferences 4:30-8pm               Feb. 22/Mon. Spring Sports Begin
Oct. 14/Wed.    Future Day                             Feb. 23/Tues. Progress Reports on Parent Portal
Oct. 16/Fri.    Teacher Work Day – No School           Feb. 25/Thurs. P/T Conferences
Oct. 27/Tues.   Trick or Treat Street                  Mar. (TBA)     CSAP, All 9th /10th Graders
Oct. 30/Fri.    Homecoming Assembly/                   Mar. 29/Mon.- Apr 2/Fri.. Spring Break
                Food Fest/Football Game                Apr. 16/Fri.   End 2nd Grading Period
Oct. 31/Sat.    Homecoming Dance                       Apr. 20/Tues. Progress Reports on Parent Portal
Nov. 6/Fri.     End 2nd Grading Period                 Apr. 24/Sat.   Prom
Nov. 10/Tues. Progress Reports on Parent Portal        Apr. 28/Wed. Colorado ACT, All Juniors (no school
Nov. 11/Wed.    Veteran’s Day Activities                             9, 10, 12 Grades)
                In-State College Fair 6-7:30pm         Apr. 29/Thurs. Senior Parent Meeting
Nov. 12/Thurs. Winter Sports Begins                    May 4/Tue. Senior Parent Meeting
Nov. 23/Mon-27/Fri. Thanksgiving Holiday               May 19/Wed. Senior Finals
Dec.1/Tues.    Choice Enroll. Interest Night           May 20/Thurs. Senior Finals
Dec. 15/Tues    Finals (Access,1, 2, 3)                May 21/Fri.    Senior Daze-Last Day
Dec. 16/Wed.    Finals (Access, 4, 5)                  May 25/Tues. Grad. Practice AWest 9:00am-Noon
Dec. 17/Thurs. Finals (Access, 6, 7)                   May 26/Wed. Graduation at CU Events Center, 2pm
Dec. 18/Fri.    Make up finals, by appt. only/ First   May 26/Wed. Finals
               Semester Final Grades Posted on         May 27/Thurs. Finals
               Parent Portal                           May 28/Fri.    Finals
Dec. 21/Mon.-Jan.1/Fri. Winter Break                   June 1/Tues. Make up finals
                                                       June 2/Weds Make up finals

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