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					                    Volume 2 Issue 2                            Message From Our
                     October 2008

                                        Woodbridge Senior High School Makes Adequate Yearly
                                        Progress (AYP)

                                        Woodbridge Senior High School has met the standards for AYP for the 2007-2008 school
                                        year. Congratulations to all of our teachers and students who work so hard each and every

                                        Senior Parent Breakfast a Success!

                                        Thank you parents for attending our second annual Senior Parent Breakfast, held Saturday,
                                        October 4. There was such an overwhelming response to our invitation we moved our loca-
                                        tion from the cafeteria to the auditorium. The annual information session gives our senior par-
                                        ents the information they need for the year and to hopefully put their minds at ease as we
                                        move towards graduation.

                                        Graduation Date

                         Viking Voice

                                        Graduation will be held here at Woodbridge Senior High School on Saturday June 13, 2009 at
                                        10 a.m. The ceremony will take place at A.T. Howard Stadium, here on campus. If it should
                                        rain, the event will take place in the gymnasium and families would receive a limited number
                                        of tickets for the event.

                                                                                       David J. Huckestein

                                        Inside this issue:                                         Counseling Office News                                                  8

                                         Driver’s Education                                  2      Special points
                                                                                                   2008-2009 Testing Calendarof                             interest:      9
                                                                                                      •    Briefly highlight your point of interest here.

                                         Soon-To-Be-Teen Drivers                             3         Briefly highlight Counseling Staff
                                                                                                   Guidance and your point of interest here.
                                                                                                    •                                                                     10
                                         Dr. Walts’ Welcome Letter (English version)         4
                                                                                                           Briefly highlight your point of interest here.

                                                                                                   Belvoir Federal Credit Union
                                                                                                    •  Briefly highlight your point of interest here.                     11
                                         Dr. Walts’ Welcome Letter (Spanish version)         5
                                                                                                   Junior Reserve Training Corps (JROTC)                                  12
                                         MADD Crash Car Exhibit; Cell Phones                 6

                                         Electronic Devices; WSHS Web Store                  6     PSO/ABC; Athletic Boosters Club                                      13-14

                                         Homecoming 2008                                     7     College 4 U; Internet Safety for Parents                             15-16
                                  DRIVER’S EDUCATION
                                  We strongly encourage parents/guardians to limit a new driver’s privileges. It is the decision of
                                  the parents/guardians when and how often their student may drive, even though a license has
                                  been issued. Let’s work together to keep our students safe.

                                  Attention Parents/Guardians of Soon-To-Be Teen Drivers:
                                  All parents/guardians of student drivers are required to take a 90 minute Parent Information
 WSHS Administration              Class prior to their student receiving a Virginia Driver’s License. This was voted and passed by
 David J. Huckestein, Principal   the Prince William County School Board in February 2005. Parents/guardians may attend any
                                  one of these classes at any of the Prince William County high schools. A complete list of the
                                  dates and locations is listed on the Web site. The fall meeting at Woodbridge
                                  Senior High School was held on October 6, 2008. A second meeting is scheduled for Monday,
  Assistant Principals            February 9, 2009 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Please make sure you mark your calendar for this
         Carla Badger             important date.
         Ginny Kubiak             Students are encouraged to attend this meeting with their parents.
         Dot McCabe
     Andrea Sparks-Brown          Range and Road:
                                  The procedure for signing up for the Range and Road is listed below.

Administrative Assistant          Reminder: A student must take both the classroom course and the driving course in order to
                                  obtain a Virginia driver’s license before the age of 19.
         Debbie Floris

                                  ♦   Obtain a Virginia learner’s permit.
                                  ♦   Pay fee: The cost is $225.00. All sign-up information was distributed to students the first
   Activities Director                week of school.
          Dan Forgas
                                  ♦   Once the fee has been paid, students will be scheduled in the next available range group.
                                      New Range and Road lists are posted on the bulletin boards at the front door of the boys’
                                      and girls’ locker rooms.
  Counseling Director
                                  ♦   New Range and Road groups begin approximately every 15days. Sign-up early; the sched-
       Rebekah Schlatter              ule usually fills rapidly.
                                  ♦   A student may only be scheduled out of their P.E. class, aide period, or OER period.
Center for Fine and Per-
     forming Arts                  If you have any questions, please call Mr. Hurst, Mrs. Jones, or Mrs. Bona-Bonacquisti at
       Coordinator                703.497.8033 during school hours.

       Melvin Goodwyn

                                                               WE WELCOME YOUR
                                                                        CHECKS AT
                                                WOODBRIDGE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL

                                  If your check is returned for insufficient funds, we will present it to your bank for the face
                                  value, plus a $25.00 processing fee. This action will be taken without further notice.

                                  Mrs. Tamra Koca, Bookkeeper

         PAGE 2                                                                                                      V IK ING V O IC E
Attention Parents/Guardians of Soon-To-Be Teen Drivers:
Please select a date as noted below and mark your calendars!

   VOLUME 2                                                    VIKING VOICE
Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the 2008-09 school year. We are happy that you have chosen Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS)
as the place where you believe your children will thrive. We have a highly qualified staff, safe schools, and an educational
program second to none. Prince William County Public Schools is the second-largest school division in Virginia, with a
projected enrollment of approximately 73,321 students in 88 schools and nearly 10,000 employees. This year marks my
fourth as Superintendent of Prince William County Public Schools. It is my pleasure to work with our dedicated School
Board; and outstanding teachers, support staff, and administrative leadership team.

I encourage you to become familiar with all of the educational opportunities offered in our schools. We have programs in
environmental sciences, biotechnology, information technology, fine and performing arts, international studies, auto
technology, engineering systems technology, pre-engineering, medical and health science/practical nursing, television
production, cosmetology, welding, and Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. We also have the world-renowned
Cambridge and International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs. The IB program is offered at all levels.

In all our schools, we provide a World-Class Education where the focus is on teaching and learning. All students achieve
high standards; instruction is engaging and rigorous; reading and writing is taught in all content areas; children feel a sense
of belonging; and offices are inviting, welcoming, and student-oriented. We place special emphasis on reading and
mathematics in the early grades so students will gain the understanding so necessary for advancing to the next grade. We
continue to focus on including all students in classroom settings; helping students develop positive characteristics in a safe
and caring environment; and promoting the health and wellness of our entire PWCS family.

Your child’s success in all aspects of school is important to us. We are here to make a positive difference in your child’s
life and to support you in helping your child discover his or her potential. We ask you to help us help your child excel.
Making education a family priority sets a great example for children to follow. Exercise and good nutrition are essential to
a student’s ability to stay focused on classroom instruction. We appreciate you reminding your child of the appropriate
behavior toward other students and staff. A good night’s sleep is also important.

Our highest priority is safety. We encourage you to report any wrongdoing that affects our schools, our students, or our
staff. Just call 703.791.2821 to leave your information. Your call is completely anonymous and when we receive your
message, appropriate action will be taken.

Please become involved in the many and varied activities at your child’s school. Check out our Web page at for
the latest news and communications from schools and departments. Our School Division cable television station, PWCS-
TV, shown on Comcast Channel 18 and Verizon Channel 36, provides outstanding programs, news, and broadcasts of
School Board meetings.

I truly enjoy greeting our students, parents, and teachers as I visit our classrooms throughout the year. On behalf of our
staff and School Board, we look forward to an enjoyable and productive year as we continue to build our World-Class
School Division.


Steven L. Walts
Superintendent of Schools
Estimados Padres / Guardianes:

Bienvenidos al año escolar 2008-2009. Nos alegramos que ustedes hayan seleccionado las escuelas públicas del Condado de
Prince William (PWCS) como el lugar donde ustedes están seguros que sus hijos triunfarán. La División Escolar de las Escuelas
Públicas de Prince William es la segunda más grande del estado, con aproximadamente 73,321 estudiantes en 88 escuelas y casi
10,000 empleados. Éste es mi cuarto año como Superintendente de las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Prince William. Es un
placer trabajar con una Junta Escolar tan dedicada y con destacado personal de liderazgo, enseñanza y servicios de apoyo.

Ojalá que ustedes se familiaricen con todas las oportunidades educativas que se ofrecen en nuestras escuelas. Brindamos
programas en las ciencias medioambientales, biotecnología, informática, bellas artes y artes teatrales, estudios internacionales,
tecnología automotriz, tecnología de sistemas integrados en ingeniería, introducción a la ingeniería, ciencias de la medicina y de
la salud / la enfermería práctica, producción televisiva, cosmetología, soldadura, y programas militares para estudiantes de
secundaria JROTC. También tenemos los programas de fama mundial Cambridge y el de Bachillerato Internacional (IB).
Ofrecemos el programa IB en todos los niveles.

En todas nuestras escuelas, proveemos una Educación de Primer Nivel, haciendo énfasis especial en la enseñanza y el
aprendizaje. Todos los estudiantes alcanzan metas académicas altas; las clases son interesantes y exigentes, y se incluyen
instrucción de lectura y redacción en todas las clases académicas. Los estudiantes se sienten afiliados con sus escuelas, y las
oficinas les ofrecen la bienvenida y están abiertas para servirlos. Hacemos énfasis especial en las clases de lectura y
matemáticas en los primeros grados para que los estudiantes logren los conocimientos necesarios para ser promovidos al
próximo grado. Seguimos enfocando nuestros esfuerzos en metas importantes: incluir a todos los estudiantes en las clases,
ayudar a los estudiantes a desarrollar características positivas dentro de un ambiente seguro y comprensivo, y promover la salud
y el bienestar de toda nuestra familia de PWCS.

El éxito de su hijo es muy importante para nosotros. Estamos aquí para hacer una diferencia positiva en la vida de su hijo y para
apoyarlos a ustedes en sus esfuerzos de ayudar a su hijo a descubrir su potencial. Les pedimos que nos ayuden en nuestros
esfuerzos a ayudar a su hijo a tener éxito. Establecer la educación como una prioridad familiar es un modelo excelente que su
hijo podrá seguir. El ejercicio y la buena nutrición son esenciales para la habilidad del estudiante de mantenerse atento en la
clase. Agradecemos su ayuda en cuanto al buen comportamiento hacia otros estudiantes y el personal escolar. Dormir bien
durante la noche es también muy importante.

Nuestra máxima prioridad es la seguridad. Les pedimos que denuncien cualquier delito que afecte nuestras escuelas, a los
estudiantes o al personal escolar. Sólo tiene que llamar al 703.791.2821 con la información. Ustedes no serán identificados. Al
recibir su información, tomaremos la acción correspondiente.

Les pedimos que participen de las muchas y variadas actividades que su escuela ofrece. Les sugerimos que echen un vistazo a
nuestra página de internet para ver las últimas noticias y comunicados de varias escuelas y departamentos. Los
canalesl de televisión de nuestra división escolar son Comcast, Canal 18, y Verizon, Canal 36. Transmiten excelentes
programas, noticias, y las reuniones de la Junta Escolar.

Me encanta saludar a los estudiantes, padres y maestros, mientras visito los salones de clase durante el año. Por parte de nuestro
personal y la Junta Escolar, esperamos un año feliz y productivo mientras seguimos formando nuestra División Escolar de
Primer Nivel.

                                          MADD Crash Car Exhibit
Drunk and impaired driving is the leading cause of death among adolescents aged 15 to 20. Impaired driving results
in over a million arrests each year, and a surprisingly high percentage of these arrests are teenagers. Adolescent sub-
stance abuse continues to be an issue, and impaired driving by these teenagers is on the rise. Many adolescents think
they are “invincible” and can drive even after drinking at a party. Recent accidents and injuries involving youth in our
community have proven this is not the case. Have you spoken with your children about the dangers of drinking and
impaired driving? At the end of October, the MADD crash car exhibit will be on display near the driver’s education
lot. Students will have a chance to visit the exhibit and see first hand the impact drunk and impaired driving can have.
Parents are also encouraged to come see the exhibit, and have a discussion with their students about responsible deci-
sions. If you have any questions, or you are concerned your child may have a substance abuse issue, please contact
the New Horizons therapist, Tina DiGiacomo, at 703.497.8157.

                             CELL PHONES/ELECTRONIC DEVICES

Cell phones, IPods, and other electronic devices may be carried, but may not be visible or turned on from 7:20 a.m.
– 2:00 p.m. If a student is found with the device on during this time and refuses to cooperate with a staff member,
the student will be subject to disciplinary action. If we confiscate a student’s cell phone, IPod, or electronic device,
a parent will be required to retrieve the item from the security office between the hours of 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

                                              WSHS WEB STORE

Order and pay for gym suits, athletic passes, textbook obligations, and much more without having to worry about
sending money to school with your student. The WSHS Web Store is now available. You will be able to use a credit
card to pay for whatever you need. The link can be found on our website

Our bookkeeper, Mrs. Tamra Koca, can address any of your questions or concerns.

        PAGE   6                                                                                            V IK ING V O IC E
                                         HOMECOMING 2008
Homecoming is just around the corner. The football game will be held on Friday, October 24, 2008 at 7:30
p.m., and the dance will be held the following evening, Saturday, October 25 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the
school gymnasium.

The event is semi-formal and therefore, no casual attire will be permitted. Ladies may dress in semi-formal
or formal dresses/gowns; long or short dresses that are not see-through; blouses and either skirts or dress
pants. Skirt slits, necklines, and other features should be appropriate for a school function. Young men
should wear a dress shirt and tie, dress pants, and dress shoes. Suits and sport coats are optional. No one
wearing costumes, denim, flannel, corduroy, jeans, sneakers, or other casual attire will be permitted to enter
the dance.

 Woodbridge students may bring ONE guest with them to the dance. Students may register outside guests
from October 8 – October 17. There will be a sign-up sheet at the security desk located in the main lobby.
A contact number and age is required for all outside guests. Outside guests cannot be over the age of 21.
After October 17, outside guests will NOT be approved or changed. (Outside guests will not be ap-
proved/changed during the week of October 20 – October 24.)

Tickets will be sold Monday, October 20 – Thursday, October 23. Tickets will NOT be sold on Friday,
October 24 or at the door on Saturday, October 25. The cost of a ticket is $20 per person. Once a ticket is
purchased, there are no refunds for any reason.

DANCE. If you do not have a photo I.D. and ticket, you cannot enter the dance.

NOTE: Students who have invited an OUTSIDE guest MUST enter the dance with that guest. No
outside guest will be allowed to enter the dance without their Woodbridge sponsor.

If you leave the dance for any reason, you will not be allowed to re-enter. Parents, please arrive at 10:45
p.m. to pick up your student(s) as the dance will end at 11 p.m.
  ** Students are expected to behave appropriately at the dance and maintain compliance with the
                                county/school Code of Behavior. **

                               HOMECOMING DANCE AGREEMENT
All students attending the Homecoming Dance will be given a Dance Agreement Form that requires their signature as
well as that of a parent or guardian. Students will have to produce the signed form in order to purchase a ticket. The
purpose of the form is to remind students that inappropriate dancing will not be allowed. In addition to dancing
appropriately, staff members and chaperones should be able to move freely among the students on the dance floor.
Students in violation of this agreement will be given a warning for the first offense. If the inappropriate behavior
continues, the student(s) will be removed from the dance and will not receive a refund for their ticket.
               Please read the form carefully and discuss this with your student prior to signing.
                                                           SOL TESTING
                                                       The Virginia Department of Education began a new
Senior Interviews:                                     testing program in the spring of 1998. The tests ad-
Counselors have completed Senior Interviews with       ministered are designed to measure students' aca-
all members of the class of 2009. During the senior    demic progress on the state curriculum known as the
interview your student discussed after high school     Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs). The tests
options, the college application process, graduation   are untimed and are all multiple-choice with the ex-
requirements, and much more. Parents/guardians of ception of the direct writing test that is administered
seniors should keep in close contact with their stu-   in 11th grade. Tests are administered in the follow-
dent’s counselor if they have any concerns during this ing 12 courses:
important year.
                                                           Algebra 1             English: Reading, Literature,
Graduation Reminder:
                                                                                 and Research
A reminder to all senior parents/guardians:
                                                           Algebra 2             English Writing
                                                           Geometry              World History from 1500
                                       Biology                                   World History to 1500
DIPLOMA PRIOR TO GRADUATION IN ORDER Chemistry                                   World Geography
TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GRADUATION CERE- Earth Science                             US History

                                                           Beginning with the graduating class of 2004 and all
Course Selections/Scheduling for 2009-2010:                subsequent classes, students will be required to pass
We are already starting to think about the course se-      SOL tests to earn a standard or advanced studies di-
lection process for the 09-10 school year! Students        ploma. Students must achieve a passing score on at
will receive information about the scheduling process      least 6 high school level end-of-course SOL tests to
during the month of January. This year, we will hold       receive a Standard Diploma or 9 high school SOL
a lunch time curriculum fair so students may learn         tests to receive an Advanced Studies Diploma.
about elective choices available to them. Scheduling       Students who must pass SOL tests to
will occur during the month of February. Now is the        earn a diploma and who have previ-
time to start discussing course selections for your stu-   ously failed a high school SOL test
dent for next year. Please contact your student’s          will be offered the opportunity to
counselor if you have questions at this time.              retake the SOL test at Woodbridge
                                                           Senior High School in January.

Freshman Class Visits:                                  All students who will be involved in this testing will
                                                        meet with our testing coordinator, Mrs. Charlton,
At the end of October, all 9th grade students will have during the month of December. If your student
a 30 minute visit with their counselor. At this meet-   failed the class and is repeating the class, he/she will
ing, students will discuss the importance of the cumu- have the opportunity to retake the SOL test at the end
lative GPA, school procedures, and the services pro- of the class. If you have questions about this, please
vided by the counseling office. Please talk with your contact your student’s counselor.
student about this visit and encourage them to see
their counselor any time they have a need.

          PAGE 8                                                                                    V IK ING V O IC E
                         WOODBRIDGE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
                             TESTING CALENDAR

                  DATE                         TEST                                          WHO

January 5 through 9, 2009      SOLs (non-English 11 Writing) (individual    Students who have passed an SOL class, but
                               students will receive a pass to attend the   have not yet either taken or passed the corre-
                               testing session)                             sponding SOL

February 2 through 6, 2009     SOLs (non-English 11 Writing) (individual    Students who took an SOL in January 2008
                               students will receive a pass to attend the   and did not pass, but achieved a score of 375
                               testing session)                             to 399

March 3 through 6, 2009        English 11 Writing SOL – End-of-Course       All students who are currently enrolled in
                               Test                                         English 11, but have not passed the English
                                                                            11 Writing SOL

May 4 through 15, 2009         AP Testing                                   All students enrolled in an AP class

May 11 through 22, 2009        SOLs (non-English 11 Writing) – End-of-      All students who are currently enrolled in an
                               Course Test                                  SOL class, but have not passed the corre-
                                                                            sponding SOL

May 26 through June 12, 2009   SOLs (non-English 11 Writing) (individual    Students who were absent during the end-of-
                               students will receive a pass to attend the   course testing and students who took an
                               testing session)                             SOL and did not pass, but achieved a score
                                                                            of 375 to 399

             PAGE 9                                                                                        V IK ING V O IC E
                                Guidance and Counseling Staff
                                       2008 – 2009
Guidance Director
Mrs. Rebekah Schlatter                                

Mrs. Leah Byrd                                        
                           Assignment: D, G, J, X, Z

Mrs. Carol Carpenter                                  
                           Assignment: H, I, Q, U, W, Y

Mrs. Nancy Doggett                                    
                           Assignment: M, N, T

Mrs. Christina Langley                                
                           Assignment: A, B

Mrs. Jenifer Fitzsimmons                              
                           Assignment: C, E, L

Mr. Bruce Ker                                         
                           Assignment: R, S

Mrs. Lien Weakland                                    
                           Assignment: F, K, O, P,V
Career Counselor
Mrs. Beth Edwards                                     

Mrs. Joanne Estoclet                                  

Mrs. Jennie Logan                                     

Testing Coordinator
Mrs. Jean Charlton                                    

        PAGE 10                                                                     V IK ING V O IC E
BELVOIR Federal Credit Union

Financial Security with Five-Star Service

The Viking Vault is looking forward to an amazing year! We started the year off with a great giveaway of
Money, Gas, and Parking Pass to 3 lucky students announced on October 10th. We are open during all
lunch hours everyday of the week for your convenience. Students have been coming in everyday to open
savings and checking accounts with only a $5.00 minimum deposit! The students that do so, have access to
several products and services that are tailored to meet their STUDENT needs. They can deposit payroll
checks, withdraw lunch/spending money, and students that want to have access to even more convenience,
can open a FREE checking account. That’s right! FREE. No monthly fees, no minimum balance. Students
even have the opportunity to qualify for a FREE VISA® Check Card, which allows them to access their
money at over 32,000 surcharge-free ATM’s nationwide, great for students who are going off to college!
Along with many other products such as our First Time Car Buyer Loan or 0% Interest Computer Loan,
students can apply for a Student VISA® with a low, fixed-rate.

 Belvoir Federal Credit Union believes it is key to promote financial literacy within the schools and com-
munity. This provides students with a “real world” understanding of how to manage their finances. The Vi-
king Vault is a place where students can learn how to maintain and manage their finances while gaining
knowledge and experience that will follow them through college and beyond. Students are encouraged to
come in before the last lunch bell rings and begin taking advantage of all the products and services Belvoir
Federal Credit Union has to offer. Stop by our main branch conveniently located off of the Prince William
County Parkway, next to BJ’s (14040 Central Loop, Woodbridge, VA 22193) or contact Lorelei Niemeyer
at 703.730.1800 ext. 5186 or log on to and open an account with just $5!
I look forward to working with all the students, parents, teachers, and staff. Belvoir Federal Credit is dedi-
cated to providing financial security with Five Star Service.

Lorelei Niemeyer
School Branch Coordinator
Belvoir Federal Credit Union
(703) 730-1800 ext. 5186
                                                    L CREDIT UNION
 14040 CENTRAL LOOP        WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA 22193   703.730.1800   FAX 703.730.1410   Toll-Free: 888.503.2328
Greetings from the Woodbridge Senior High School Junior                                                Reserve
Training Corps (JROTC), Viking Battalion:
Cadet Battalion Commander, C/Major Dantrell Royal and Cadet Battalion Sergeant Major Julia Ganoe

Battalion Drill Practice:
Our first Battalion Drill was on Saturday, September 13 and it was a great success.

Our next Battalion Drill is on Saturday, October 11 from 9 a.m. - noon. Battalion "T" shirts are required and all ca-
dets are required to attend. We will meet in the School's auditorium and key leaders will meet in the main JROTC
classroom at 8 a.m. This event is part of each student's grade. This is a critical event because we will continue to
prepare for our parade and other key JROTC events.

Viking Battalion Drill Team:
On Saturday, October 18 two of our drill teams will compete against other JROTC teams. This will be our first com-
petition of the year. Let's go Vikes!

Homecoming Parade:
On Friday, October 24 (after school) the entire Viking Battalion participates in our school's homecoming parade. Fi-
nally, all of our drill and ceremony practices (D&C) will pay off.

The Viking Battalion Rifle Team:
The team is sponsored by the Army Cadet Command and the American Legion of Woodbridge VA, Post 364. Team
members are WSHS JROTC Cadets, and other Woodbridge high school students of American Legion members. Our
team has a wholesome spirit of competition and rivalry between each member and other local high schools. Students
are currently trying out for the team and must meet the following requirements: pass a written safety and firearm
exam; be physically fit; have/maintain a grade point average 2.00 or higher. The team practices each Thursday at the
American Legion Post from 6 - 9 p.m. The team sponsors are SFC (R) Elliott and LTC (R) Burnette.

The Viking Color Guard Team:
The JROTC Color Guard is formed from exceptional cadets and represents the Cadet Corps and the school at com-
petitive and civic events throughout the year. The team consists of two to three teams of five cadets each. Practice is
each Tuesday and Thursday after school. Team sponsors are LTC (R) Burnette and SGM (R) Neely.
In the next issue I will inform you about the Raider, Armed and Unarmed Drill teams.

Victor W. Burnette
Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) U.S. Army
Senior Army Instructor

     PAGE 12                                                                                             V IK ING V O IC E
                    It is never too late to join our organization. Visit our
   Web site
                There you will find the form(s) needed to join the PSO/ABC.

                          Capital Steps will be performing on
   November 16, 2008 here at our very own WSHS. Performance starts at 7 p.m.

                      If you don’t know who they are please visit their
                                Web site

                                 Tickets are on sale now!!!

                     Get yours before they are all gone by going to our

  Web page

            Any questions please contact Annette Hammersten 703.491.0229 or

PAGE   13                                                                      V IK ING V O IC E
                                                               HOLIDAY POINSETTIAS!!

The WSHS Viking Athletic Boosters Club is selling poinsettias for the holidays.

 Continued: WSHS PSO NEWS
Beautiful red poinsettias in 8” pots with blooms approximately 24” x 24” are available for $15 and 10” pots with blooms approxi-
mately 26” x 26” are available for $20. THESE ARE FLORIST QUALITY, LARGE, AND EXTRA LARGE BEAUTIFUL
Please mail your check and the completed order form to:
                                                          SCA News

 The WSHS Talent Show will be held on Friday, May 16. Tickets are $4.00 at school and $5.00 at the door.
TO:   Terri Hinrichsen
        3273 Chancellor Drive
        Woodbridge, VA 22192
                                 form and check at for the 2008-2009 School
You may also drop off your order New Officersthe WSHS Activity Director’s Office.         Year

Please make checks out to VABC.

Forms and checks must be mailed or dropped off NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2008.
 President:    Francis Wilson
 Vice President: Monasia Ray
Poinsettias are available for pick up on: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4
 Secretary:      Theresa McElroy         WSHS LOWER CAFETERIA FROM 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
 Treasurer:       Ashleigh Lanza
 Historian:      Krishilda Zabala
For questions, please contact Terri Hinrichsen,, or call at 703.497.2139.

                                                CLASS PRINT
                                               PLEASEOF 2009
. President:
              Holly Gautier
 Vice President: Alexis Elder
Phone Number________________________________________________
 Secretary:   Heidi Koehler
 Treasurer:       Caroline Strand
Email Address________________________________________________
 Historian:    Mary Grace Sunga

Number                                                    CLASS OF 2010
_______ 8” Poinsettias @ $15 for a total of_______
  President:      Adrienne Castro
_______10” Poinsettias @ $20 for a total of_______
 Vice President: Neal Sweeney
 Secretary:        Allison Mayberry      Grand Total________

        PAGE 14                                                                                                    V IK ING V O IC E
Special Education Transition News:

                                                        College 4 U
Hosted by: Virginia Commonwealth University
                 University Student Commons, Richmond, VA

                                                    December 6, 2008
                                                         8 - 8:30 a.m.
                                                     8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
                                                    Conference Sessions

COLLEGE 4 U (previously College Quest) is a free college event for high school students
with disabilities, parents, guardians, and professionals.
   Learn how to prepare for college
   Hear student experiences and perspectives
   See technology demonstrations
   Talk with Virginia college representatives
   Build knowledge of supports or resources

This event is co-sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education’s Training and Technical Assistance Center (T/TAC) at VCU, the
VCU Professional Development Academy (PDA) and VA Higher Education Leadership Partners (VA-HELP).

For more information please contact Kim Albrecht, Transition Specialist, WSHS 703. 497.8093 or

Prince William County Needs Assessment Survey

 The Committee for Persons with Disabilities, serving Prince William County Disability Services Board is conducting a survey for the
Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services. The data from this survey will be presented to local and state officials to inform them of
the unmet needs of those with disabilities. This survey is being conducted by all Disability Services Boards in the state of Virginia. If
you have a physical or sensory disability, please contact our office for a survey at 703.792.7649 or by email at The
survey is also available on our Web site at

Survey deadline is January 31, 2009.rmation       visit:

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                          INTERNET SAFETY FOR PARENTS
                           BATTLEFIELD HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM – October 20 – 7:30 p.m.

                              HYLTON HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM – October 29 – 7:30 p.m.

                     STONEWALL JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM – November 4 –7:30 p.m.
                                      (Light refreshments will be served at 7 p.m. at each location)

The Internet can:
•   Help with research and homework
•   Facilitate easy communications with family and friends
•   Be educational and entertaining

Potential Internet dangers include:
•   Inappropriate information for children
•   Anonymous communication which may target children for harassment
•   Computer viruses and spy ware
•   Identity theft

Parents should:
•   Talk with their children about safe and appropriate Web sites
•   Encourage children to report anything they feel uncomfortable about
•   Create rules about what children can and cannot do online
•   Place computers in family areas and monitor computer, cell phone, and wireless device usage
•   Bookmark suitable sites and check back regularly to ensure that content on those sites has not changed
•   Check history, bookmarks, and favorites sites

                                                    Online Internet Safety resources:

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