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									                             CARBONDALE COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL                                        November, 2003

                             Terriers Bleed Black and White!!
                             By: Cara Sronce, Staff Writer

Inside this issue:                The reputation that   week      would        surely               coming festivities can
                             CCHS came across going     change their mind. The                      always sit back and
Front Page          Pg. 1    in to spirit week as be-   week was filled with                        watch as the rest of
                             ing the “Worst Sports      strange clothes, extrava-                   the school goes spirit
Editorial           Pg. 2    Town” in Sports                                                        crazy.
                             Illustrated appar-                                                        The day began with
Feature             Pg. 3    ently ceases to                                                        a pep rally, the first to
                             apply to Carbon-                                                       be held in the new
Sports             Pg. 4-5   dale’s high school                                                     gymnasium. Technical
                             fans.                                                                  problems limited the
Special Interest    Pg. 6         During    the                                                     cheerleaders’ perform-
                             CCHS homecom-                                                          ance, but couldn’t hold
Entertainment       Pg. 7    ing week, displays                                                     the seniors back as
                             of school spirit                                                       they once again pulled
Pictures            Pg. 8    range everywhere                                                       off a win for the spirit
                             from hippies, poo-                                                     stick.   Many seniors
                                                                         Photo by Cara Sronce
                             dle skirts, and Seniors celebrate in the stands the Home-              went home with more
                             togas.     So who coming Pep Rally.                                    than they came with
                             says Carbondale                                                        after   winning      the
Weather                      doesn’t     show    their  gant floats, and cam-                       PSAE...
                             school spirit? Any skep-   paign posters galore.
                                                                                                    (continued on pg. 2)
Sat                          tic arriving at the high   And those not directly
Nov 08 Partly Cloudy         school during spirit       involved in the home-
Nov 09 Partly Cloudy         Colorguard Season Full of Color and Awards!
60/42                        By: Michelle Bilderback, Staff Writer
Nov 10 Light Rain                 Congratulations go out to     This is especially rewarding
                             the Carbondale High Color          for Junior, Naomi Eklund,
63/42                        Guard for bringing home 1st        who helped bring them to
Tue                          place at the Drums at Apple        victory by performing on a
Nov 11 Scattered             Time contest in Murphy.            bad knee. After the perform-
Showers                      Every year after the Apple         ance Eklund was taken to
58/42                        Festival Parade is a contest       Carbondale Memorial where
                             for area bands and color           they discovered that she had
Wed                          guards. Every year Carbon-         pulled a ligament and badly                       Photo by Rachel Padgett
Nov 12 Few Showers           dale High performs. But this       bruised her knee. Who ever     Guard members Sharmayne Porter and
                                                                                               Brandon Rogers show off their Salsa danc-
64/48                        year CCHS color guard won          said color guard was easy?     ing skills for the audience during a field
                             first place out of all the color                                  show the group put on for the local media
                                                                So congratulations to them     Thursday.
                             guards at the performance.         and we hope to see more.
                                                                                                            NOVE MBER , 2 003

Terrier Homecoming (Cont.)
(Continued from page 1)                    fans went home to ready themselves         dresses, some came in poodle skirts,
...drawing. Prizes ranged from re-         for the evening that lay ahead. A          and all came completely shoeless. In
served parking spots to DVD play-          crowd of black and white showed up         efforts to preserve the new gym
ers.                                       at 7:00 on Friday, ready to cheer for      floor, this years dance was donned,
     After the pep rally, students         the Terriers. These included parents,      “Sock hop.” Despite the long lines
made their way down to Lewis Lane          booster club members, and students         waiting to check shoes, most stu-
and Walnut Street to watch the             with “CCHS” painted on their stom-         dents agree that the music selection
homecoming parade. This year’s             achs.     The new bleachers were           was much better than previous
parade featured all of the home-           packed with cheering fans, only to         years, the plethora of dance space
coming attendants, the High School         be disappointed by the 20-0 loss to        was appreciated, and the no-shoe
and Jr. high school bands, the Men’s       Cahokia. While Justin Dentmon and          rule wasn’t too bad, considering it’s
Barbershop Choir, and the with-            Rachael Steudal were crowned               not easy to dance in heels anyway.
standing tradition of class floats.        Homecoming King and Queen, and                  All in all, this year’s Homecom-
While sophomores portrayed the             fans rushed to avoid the rain, the         ing was a success. We showed any-
infamous Cahokia mound and the             Carbondale Terrier football team           one who would watch that we have
seniors wooed the crowd with hot-          lost their second game this season.        enough faith in our team, and when
dogs, the juniors took the gold for              The storm didn’t dampen spirits      everything doesn’t go as planned;
the second consecutive year for their      for too long, as the long awaited          we make the best of it. I mean,
portrayal of the 80’s.                     Homecoming dance approached the            who knew such a big bark could
     Following the parade, Terrier         next evening. Some came in fancy           come from such a little dog?

        Pros/Cons Closed Campus                                               Terrier Times Staff
 By: Brian Farn, Staff Writer

    This year at CCHS, students are going through many                   Editors:         Cory Frisby and Rachel Padgett
changes, from closed campus and no bottles, to no shoes at
homecoming. Some students aren’t quite ready to take on the              Layout:          Justin Peterman
new policies of a new school.                                                             Cara Sronce
    In particular, students are flustered at the closed campus
rule this year.                                                          Staff Writers:   Chelsey Baker
    “I don’t like it”, while shaking his fist in fury, is what Sen-                       Michelle Bilderback
                                                                                          Travis Drone
ior Ryan Courviousier said and did when asked about his
                                                                                          Brian Farn
thoughts of closed campus.                                                                Cory Frisby
    However, there are still other students that are in favor                             Luke Herron-Titus
over closed campus this year.                                                             Matt Lewis
    “At first, I thought it was bad, but later, after I thought                           Jon Logwood
about it, now there are no students smoking weed. School is                               Tim Lomax
suppose to be a good environment,” said another CCHS senior.                              Mallory MacCrimmon
    When asked about why campus is closed this year, Dr.                                  Timothy Mathis
Dively, Principal, says, “No students getting into mischief,”                             Anthony Miller
                                                                                          Rachel Padgett
because of the new facility, everyone can fit in as oppose to the
                                                                                          Brittany Page
smaller cafeteria at the old school”, and that “the pros of a                             Justin Peterman
closed campus just far outweigh the cons”.                                                Brittany Raney
    Well, then what are the cons? “The freedom aspect— stu-                               Bart Shelton
dents getting what they want and where to eat.” also stated                               Kyle Sherrill
Dively. Plus, it was not his decision but the “school board                               Cara Sronce
thinks it’s the best for students” to have a closed campus this
year.                                                                    Sponsor:         Mrs. Gwen Poore
     Page 3                                                                                                  S P E C I A L I NT E R E S T S

               Terriers Rush Best Season in Three Years
               By: Kyle Sherrill, Staff Writer

                  Toughness, challenges,                of the season has also aided in
               preparation, conditioning, and           the team’s improvement. Bo-
               winning are a few words Head             ley’s goal for this season is to
               Football Coach, Gene Boley,              have a winning record.
               associates with his 2003 Terrier           “The Teams biggest improve-
               Football team. The Terriers are          ment over last year is tough-
               coming off a 1-8 record under            ness,” says Boley. Boley and
               third year Boley.                        his Terriers closed their season
                   However, don’t let this team         with major improvements over
               fool you, the Terriers are off to        past years.
                                                                                                            Photo By: Valerie Alstat
               a much improved start with a                Something in the way the
                                                                                               Terrier defensive coach, Steve
               record of 2-3, beating Mur-              dogs play has changed, and
                                                                                             Murphy, motivates his team at
               physboro and Massac County.              hopefully this change will carry
                                                                                             homecoming. The Terriers fell to
                   Extensive summer condi-              on to the future.
                                                                                             Cahokia, 20-0.
               tioning from June 5 to the start

               Terriers March to Their Own Beat
               By Michelle Bilderback, Staff Writer

                     This year, the Carbon-             respectable band. And with            show for any interested media
                dale Community High                     the new high school, they             to take pictures of the band in
                School band is back and bet-            have their own room to do all         action and get interviews of the
                ter than ever. The band has             of their practicing. This has         members. They have marched
                had a few setbacks in the               made things much easier for           in the Apple Festival Parade
                past. Not having a steady               them. Additionally, you can           and competed at Drums at Ap-
                conductor and having to                 hear it in their music. They are      ple Time, making third place at
                share a room with the school            coming together as a band and         the Metro East Classic
                choir has not been easy.                making the music really re-           O’Fallon Field Show!
                Now, second year Band Di-               markable.                                 The band has been work-
                rector, Greg Townsend has                   They’ve had many per-             ing really hard, and they will

Ninety          brought them out of the gut-
                ter and made them into a
                                                        formances. On September 11th
                                                        they put on a media night field
                                                                                              continue working as hard as

                Lady Terrier Tennis Finish After A Slow Start
percent         By: Rachel Padgett, Staff Writer

                    The lady Terriers tennis          She has coached high school           classmen dominated team, expec-

of the          team, coached by Heather
                Favale, ended their 2003
                                                      tennis for three years and prac-
                                                      tices with the girls two hours a
                                                      day from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.
                                                                                            tations aren’t too high, although this
                                                                                            year, the team will gain a lot of ex-
                                                                                            perience needed for next year.

game is
                    When interviewing                 Favale says “I have not really
                Favale, she stated, “This is a        changed anything this year from
                rebuilding year.” Last year the       last year, The girls watch tennis
                team lost their top three play-       videos to help their game.

half            ers out of six due to gradua-
                tion and moving. “That really
                hurts a team, especially in
                                                      Favale also encourages them to
                                                      take tennis lessons. “There are
                                                      a couple of girls taking tennis

mental.         tennis,” Favale says.
                    Favale played tennis com-
                petitively at the age of ten.
                                                      lessons now,” states Favale.
                                                            She tells the girls different
                                                      motivational quotes and encour-
- Yogi Berra    Favale told the Times, “I moti-       age them to think about what                        Photo by: Rachael Padgett
                                                                                            Junior No. 2 seat Emily Maroney swings
                vated myself most of the time         the quotes really means. With         hard during a home tennis match.
                for a game.”                          such an under-
N OV E M B E R , 2 0 0 3                                                                                                                   Page 4

                           Terrier Volleyball Spikes Opponents, Finishes 2nd in Conference
                           By Matt Lewis, Staff Writer

                              The volleyball team is looking good! Head
                           Coach Jennifer Stanley says that they expect to
                           advance at least 2nd in the South 7 Conference
                           by the end of the year behind the first place
                           powerhouse, Belleville Althoff. Last year, the
                           Varsity volleyball team made it to the regional
                                                     finals and finished 3rd
                                                     in the conference.
                              “Beating Murphy        Stanley has been
                              was the most           coaching for 25 years,
                                                     but not consecutively.
                              exciting feeling that “I took 6 or 7 years off
                              I’ve had since         to do lifesavers,” says
                                                     the head coach who
                              coaching volleyball
                                                     took Carbondale the
                              at CCHS”               farthest it has ever                                      Photo by Sholony Hughlett
                                                                                The Lady Terriers Varsity Volleyball Team.
                              -Coach Gwen Poore      gone in volleyball
                                                     many years ago.
                                                     When asked if a boy is
                                                     able to join the volley-
                           ball team, Stanley stated, “It’s funny to think        fans would agree.
                           about; a boy can’t play in state tournaments,             Other key wins for Carbondale include
                           but can participate in regular season games.”          Centralia, Harrisburg, and Marion who are
                              And it seems that this year, the Lady Terri-        also long time rivals. So what’s the big differ-
                           ers don’t need any help from boys as they beat         ence from this team and the team last year?
                           their ace rival Murphysboro for the first time in      Probably experience. The Terriers lost three
                           over ten years in their season opener. Assistant       seniors last year, two of which were starters,
                           Coach Gwen Poore stated, “Beating Murphy               but brings back the rest of the team to have 6
                           was the most exciting feeling that I’ve had            seniors and 5 juniors composing it’s varsity
                           since coaching volleyball at CCHS.” I think            team. With such an experienced team, the
                           that the entire team and all of their cheering         Lady Terriers are expecting big things.

                           Want your team or club featured in the Terrier Times? Let us know. You can
                           email us at : Terriertimesports@hotmail.com

                           Girls Cross Country Fires up, Boys Cross Country Smokes
                           By Matt Lewis, Staff Writer
                              The Girls Cross Country            the way for an even better sea-                The top runner for the boys
                           team is doing outstanding.            son having won every race                  is Teddy Walker, a junior with
                           And who wouldn’t be? With             she’s entered.                             a promising future.
                           Caitlin Chrisman, one of the              The rest of the Lady Terri-                The boys have a hard time
                           top runners in the state, Julia       ers aren’t doing too poorly                living up to the girls’ team
                           Bates, and a star line-up be-         either.                                    who is dominating every meet
                           hind them, the Carbondale                 They boys team, is a differ-           they enter. No worries though,
                           girls are ahead of the pack.          ent story altogether. Head                 if we believe in them, and they
                               Chrisman is a name that           Cross Country Coach Gary                   believe in themselves, then
                           Cross Country girls from all          Holda stated, “As soon as                  they will grow into those large
                           over have learned well. Not           some of our JV runners step it             shoes they have to fill.
                           only did she place third in state     up to the Varsity group, then
                           last year, but she is also paving     we should be in good shape.”
November, 2003
                                                              SPORTS                                                                              Page 5

  Boys Soccer Team First CCHS Soccer Team to Place 2nd in State!
  By: Matt Lewis, Staff Writer
     Carbondale has always had a good soccer
                                                                                                    Mascoutah to earn their fourth regional champion-
team. Because of our early soccer program,
                                                                                                    ship in a row. The team then dribbled past Wa-
we are ahead of the pack. And this year, the
                                                                                                    terloo Gibeult in the sectionals, escaping in double
team advanced to the state quarter finals, the
                                                                                                    overtime with a shot by sophomore Brag
best finish of school history.                                                                      Magnuson. Carbondale went to Naperville on
     The team this year is loaded with tal-                                                         Friday with All-Staters Brian Summerville and Ross
ented, dedicated, hardworking young men.                                                            Grey, and a whole line-up of the best soccer play-
Head Coach Greg Kline thinks our team over                                                          ers in the region. Along with the team, a hopeful
the last few years have always been state cali-                                                     busload of fans, parents, and athletic supporters
ber teams, but unfortunate injuries, or misplay                                                     cheered the boys on as they beat Lansing and
on the field, have cost us victories. The Ter-                                                      Chatham, then fell in the finals, by a depressing one
rier soccer team didn’t let their injuries stop                                                     goal to speedy St. Viator. The guys didn’t return
them this year as they advanced to Naperville                                                       home too sad, as a reception and a police escort
for a chance to win it all. The team glided                                   Photo by Matt Lewis   welcomed them back. They didn’t return home
into the regional finals with their first seat in   Soccer team working hard at practice.           with the gold, but they did come with a lot of
the sectional, and then took the title over                                                         pride. It isn’t first– but it isn’t half bad.

  Senior Lady Golfers Strive For More
  By. Cory Frisby, Staff Writer
“The senior girls fight to make some-                needed to master the game also, and             she finishes high school, she wants to
thing of their last year”                            she did, becoming one of the top                play golf in college, and hopefully start a
                                                     players at Carbondale for the lady              career from it; but like any true athlete, if
     It’s the fourth year for the senior             Terrier golf team. Mogharreban made             she doesn’t make it, she knows she’ll
golf girls, Nessa Mogharreban, Mere-                 it to state her junior year, and be-            continue playing golf.
dith Mosel, and Lindsey Phillips, and                                                                     To coach the lady Terriers to victory
no one deserves to win state more                                                                    each year is Head Coach Marla Boyer,
than them. When the girls first came                                                                 Physical Education teacher at Carbondale
to Carbondale High School, they had                                                                  Community High School, and Assistant
high aspirations for their freshman                                                                  Coach Stan Curtis, the father of Paul
year, and that’s when they proved                                                                    Curtis, a Junior at CCHS, and a top play-
they were varsity material for the                                                                   ing for the boy’s golf team. Phillips
Lady Terrier golf team.                                                                              says, “without Stan Curtis we wouldn’t
     Mosel began playing golf way                                                                    have been able to play as well, and gone
before she started high school, so she                                                               as far as we have.” Boyer began coach-
knew when she got there, she’d blow                                                                  ing the Lady Terrier golf team four year
the team away, as she did. Mosel’s                                                                   ago which was the first year for the sen-
career doesn’t plan on ending at high                                                                ior players and it’s given them a bond
                                                                            Photo by Cory Frisby
school; she plans on playing golf in                Terrier Times Right to left senior golfers,      that no one could touch.
college, and hopes to take it beyond                Nessa Mogarrehban, Meridith Mosel, and                Ever since the girls freshman year,
college in the future.                              Lindsey Phillips.                                they’ve been able to form a wonderful
     Unlike Mosel, Mogharreban’s                                                                     friendship together, and grow off each
first love was basketball. Freshman                  lieves this year all three senior well          other’s skill. And with the strong bond
year she started varsity for the girl’s              make it.                                        the girls have together, it gives the
basketball team, and still plays bas-                     Phillips began playing golf the            younger girls on the team something to
ketball until this day. Mogharreban’s                summer before her freshman year,                look up to, and it also helps them im-
inspiration for basketball came from                 and when she got to high school she             prove their game. As they play on to the
Michael Jordan. She didn’t want to                   began playing golf on the varsity               end of the year, they hope to accomplish
just play like Jordan, she wanted to                 team. Ever since then, she’s been               many things, like, making it to state, get-
have fun like Jordan did too. So be-                 improving her swing, and lowering               ting into a college for golf, and basket-
cause of Jordan’s love for the game                  her score, for hopes to make some-              ball, and remaining to build strong rela-
of golf, Mogharreban decided she                     thing more of her golf skills. When             tionship together.
                    Page 6
                                             SPECIAL INTERESTS                                                    November, 2003

                                   Cracking Down On Downloaders
                                   By Anthony Miller, Staff Writer

                                        Lately there’s been a           names of these albums. I             We no longer can say
                                   lot of controversy about             own 11 of the 13 Now’s          that CDs cost too much
                                   whether or not download-             and I love them.         The    when CD prices have been
                                   ing should be illegal. The           types of music they have        dropping. I went out and
                                   truth is, whether we like it         are all different.      They    bought two new CDs,
                                   or not the law is cracking           have rock, rap, pop, and        which had just came out,
                                   down on downloaders.                 R&B.                            and they were only $10 a
                                       Universities are begin-              It’s true that we should    piece.      I had enough
                                   ning to fine students who            be able to do whatever we       money left over to get an-
                                   download. It may seem                want in our house and           other one. Album sales
                                   easier to download a song            downloading one or two          have gone down dramati-
“...People                         off the Internet then to go          songs for you to listen to at   cally compared to just two
                                   out and spend $20 on a CD            home might not seem like        years ago.        Now some
abuse the                          when you only want one               a crime, but think about        websites make you pay for
                                   song. $20 for one song is            the people who download         a song but that doesn’t
privilege and                      a little expensive, but              an entire CD and sell it.       satisfy the artist.   They
                                   chances are, if you like one         People abuse the privilege      work hard and they want
now they are                       song from an artist you’ll           and now they are trying         their fair share.
                                   like another from their al-          the take it away.                   Think about your par-
trying the take                    bum.                                     Downloading and sell-       ents or think about where
                                        The recording industry          ing music is like people        you work. How would you
it away…”                          has begun to take a group            who take clothes from the       feel if you or your parents
                                   of singles from different            mall and sell it on the         went to work, did a good
Quoted From,
                                   artists and put them on a            streets. You would con-         job, and then didn’t get
Anthony Miller, CCHS               CD. “Now That’s What I               sider that stealing, so why     paid? Think about that the
                                   Call Music”, and “Totally            is there so much contro-        next time you decide to
                                   Hits” are just some of the           versy about this issue?         download.

Student Opinions Of The New School
By: Brittany Page, Staff Writer

  “I feel that the High School is a bit strict. But overall I think that it’s okay.
I do believe that it could be better. The lunch is crowded and I believe
there is a need for three lunches; A, B & C.”
         - Sedrikka Hudson, C/O 2004

  “It is a nice school and all but it is really big. It would not hurt if they
gave an extra minute or two to get to our classes without any hassle.
Cause everybody is not the same and it would be a good help.”
         - Kevin Johnson, C/O 2005

  “I think the new school is okay…they are too strict about keeping it nice
though. The lunchroom is WAY TOO CROWDED! But other than that it is
pretty nice.”
         - Jeana Childers, C/O 2007
Special Interests
                                    Beyond the Breakfast Blues
                                    By Cara Sronce, Staff Writer

                                          Think about what you did this morning. Did defiantly aren’t getting by trying to
                                    you take a shower? Put on Make-up? Gel your lose weight. Plus, they are partaking in some-
                                    hair? Did you eat breakfast? Believe it or not, half thing called yo-yo dieting, where the dieter will
                                    of the students in this school are not eating break- lose weight quickly, and then gain it back even
                                    fast, and the results may be damaging to their quicker.
Teachers’ Birthdays                 health.                                                                  So maybe everyone should step back and
By Brittany Page, Staff Writer            The fact is, your brain needs nourishment take a look at their priorities. If you are trying to
                                    after the long night’s fast in order to become alert lose extra weight, then try eating fruit and toast
December                            and awake. One simply cannot function to their for breakfast. These will provide you with the
                                    fullest without this essential                     e n - essentials, and do not consist of a lot of fat or
Chris Berry                  6th    ergy. So why are you skip-                         p i n g calories. If you are a wrestler, then maybe you
Birdie Wiley                 6th    the most important meal of                                                             should try to wrestle in a higher
                                                                       “...building a routine that includes breakfast will
                                    the day?                                                                               weight class. You need to con-
Dinah Patton                 10th      It’s becoming more and          start your day off much better so that during       centrate more on what is right
                                    more common to see teen-                                                               for your body. If you don’t
Scott Ellis                  11th                                      school morning, you will find yourself waiting
                                    agers, both boys and girls,                                                            have time to eat breakfast, then
                                                                       for class to end for a reason other than lunch.”
Arlene Hill                  11th   restricting what they eat in                                                           wake up ten minutes earlier.
                                                                                      -Cara Scronce
                                    order to lose weight. A lot of                                                            If you aren’t hungry in the
Lindy Loyd                   11th   girls want to appear thinner,                                                          morning, then it’s probably
Brenda Keller                19th   but in actuality, girls that diet                                                      because your body is used to
                                    during their teenage years have higher risk of be- not having nourishment that early. Either way,
Jennifer Stanley 19th               coming obese as adults.                                           you will definitely notice how much better you
                                        Not only that, but restricting important meals feel after you’ve eaten breakfast for a couple of
Ruth Johnson                 26th
                                    like breakfast can slow down your metabolism and days. And building a routine that includes
Perry Hill                   29th   people who eat breakfast consume 40% less calo- breakfast will start your day off much better so
                                    ries later in the day. As for boys, we’ve all seen that during the school morning, you will find
                                    wrestlers walking around spitting in cups trying to yourself waiting for class to end for a reason
Not every-                          make weight. Come on guys, is it really worth it? other than lunch.
                                    Boys participating in vigorous activity should not
thing that                          be dieting to make weight, but should be eating
                                    more complex carbohydrates and things that they
can be
counted       Ask Anything!
                                     By: Bart Shelton & Chelsey Baker, Staff Writers

counts, and
not every-     Hey! Its Chelsey and I am reaching out to all




              you girls out there. If you have any questions
thing that
                                                                                                         -Ask Anything-

                                                                                                                                    -Ask Anything-

                                                                                                                                                               -Ask Anything-

                                                                                                                                                                                          -Ask Anything-

              about school, money, clothes, family, friends,
              BOYS or ANYTHING just email me and I’ll try
counts can be to all you guys out there, who have problems
              to help you out! I’m Bart, and I’m callin’ out

counted."     with school, friends politics, cars, sports, or
              GIRLS. If you need to talk about ANYTHING
                                     or have any questions just email us and we will
- Albert Einstein                    get a response back to you.

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