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									                             Worth County Schools - Sylvester, Georgia

    Volume 2 Issue 2                                          504 East Price Street - Sylvester, Georgia 31791                                                                        September 2009

                                                            All Schools and System Make AYP
 Dates of Interest
                                                                                                               By: Amy Chafin, Director of Curriculum

1     WCHS Softball vs Cairo Home 5 pm     For the first time since the inception of No Child Left Behind’s (2002) mandate that schools show Adequate Yearly
      Senior Night
 1    JV Rams vs Cairo-Home-5:30 pm
                                           Progress toward statewide objectives, all schools in the Worth County School System (WCSS) have met that goal.
 1    Middle School Rams vs Cairo-Away      In addition, the system, as a whole, met AYP for 2009. Worth County was one of 73 of the 186 Georgia school
 2    Rams vs Cairo-Away-7:30 pm             systems that had all schools meet AYP. In addition, of the 16 systems in the Southwest Georgia RESA district,
 5    9th Grade Rams vs Thomas Co.
      Home 5:30 pm                          Worth County was one of only six that had all schools as well as the system meet AYP. This achievement is the
 6    TRS Pre-Retirement Workshop           direct result of intensive data analysis, job-embedded professional learning, focused curriculum, and rigorous and
      3:30 pm Central Office
 6    WCHS Softball vs Westover Away-5                                                 relevant instruction in classrooms.
 7    Pre-Retirement Counseling Session

 7    Partners in Education Meeting 2 pm
      Pre-Retirement Counseling Session
                                                     With 90 percent of all students in grades 1-8 meeting or exceeding state standards on the Reading/ELA
 8    JV Rams vs Thomas Co.-Away-5:30      CRCT, the WCSS has shown a 6.3 percentage point gain over the past five years. Students have also demonstrated
 8    Middle School Rams vs Thomas Co.        a gain in Mathematics, with 80 percent of all students in grades 1-8 meeting or exceeding the state CRCT
      Home 5:30 pm
 9    Rams vs Crisp Co.-Rec. Night-Home                             Mathematics standard, as compared to 76.6 percent in 2005.
10    WCHS Competition Cheerleaders
      East Laurens Competition-Dublin
12    End of 1st Nine Weeks
                                                       Furthermore, over the past seven years, the WCSS has significantly decreased the number of student
12    9th Grade Rams vs Lee Co. Home        absences in grades 1-8. In 2003, 33 percent of students in grades 6-8 were absent 15 or more days; in 2009, the
13    Powder Puff Game 7 pm Stadium        percentage has decreased to 7.9 percent. Students in grades 3-5 also experienced a significant decrease in student
13-14 WCHS Softball 1st Round Sectionals
15    Community Pep Rally 6:30 pm          absences with 16.3 percent of students missing 15 or more days in 2003 to only 4.9 percent in 2009. On average,
16    Homecoming Parade 1:30 pm             the WCSS (grades 1-8) has experienced a 12.6 percentage point decrease in students who have been absent 15 or
16    Rams vs Perry-Homecoming 7:30 p
16-17 WCHS Softball 2nd Round of                                                              more days.
17    WCHS Competition Cheerleaders
      “The Purple Blast” Fitzgerald, GA
                                                         For the third year in a row, Worth County High School (WCHS) has increased its graduation rate.
17    Homecoming Dance 8 pm                 Georgia has defined a graduate as a student who leaves high school with a regular diploma (this does not include
20    Report Cards                         Certificates of Attendance or Special Education diplomas) in the standard time (i.e., 4 years). WCHS’s graduation
20    Board of Education Meeting-7 pm
22    School Improvement Meeting-9 am                    rate for 2009 was 71.6% percent. This is a 9.3 percentage point gain from the last year.
22    Parent/Teacher Conference Day
      Students Released Early
22    JV Rams vs Dougherty-Home-5:30 p
                                                       In 2009, eleventh grade students scored higher than they have ever scored on the ELA portion of the
22    Middle School Rams Playoff Game         Georgia High School Graduation Test for AYP purposes. Ninety four percent of full academic year eleventh
      TBD at 5:30 pm                         grade students met or exceeded standard on the ELA test. Although WCHS’s Mathematics GHSGT scores for
22-23 WCHS Softball Semifinals
23    Rams vs Peach Co.-Home-7:30 pm        AYP remained static for 2009, there has been a 10.6 percentage point gain in eleventh grade students meeting or
24    WCHS Softball Finals                  exceeding the state mathematics standard over the past five years. Worth County High School is among the 55
24    WCHS Competition Cheerleaders
      South GA Cheer Fest-Colquitt Co.                          percent of high schools in the state of Georgia that made AYP for 2009.
28    SES Blood Drive 11 am-4 pm                      ELA and Math GHSGT 2005-2009 for All Grade 11 First Time Test
                                                             Takers (Proficient for AYP) w/summer retesters
      National Wear Red Day
      Due Date for Payroll
                                           100%                                                                                             Worth County Primary, Sylvester Elementary, and
                                                                                                                                  Worth County Middle have been labeled Title-I Distinguished
                                                  89.50%                                              85.60%
30    Rams vs Westover-Away-7:30 pm         90%
                                                                     89.60%         92%
31    WCHS Competition Cheerleaders         80%
                                                                                                                                  Schools for 2009. To become a Title-I Distinguished School,
      Worth County’s Last Chance Cheer
                                                   69.20%                                  72.40%
                                                                                                                                    the school must meet AYP for three or more consecutive
                                                                                                                                  years. Worth County Primary School has received this honor
                                            50%                                                                                     for nine consecutive years, Sylvester Elementary for four
Upcoming Events
1-31  Computer Learning Month
                                                                                    ELA (2010 AMO 87.7%)
                                                                                    Math (2010 AMO 74.9%)                         consecutive years, and Worth County Middle School for two              30%
                                                                                                                                                       consecutive years.
1-31 Crime Prevention Month
                                                                                                                                              The WCSS continues to meet the challenges of
4-10 Fire Prevention Week
                                                                                                                                     NCLB, with a determination to meet or exceed all state                          0%
12-16 National School Lunch Week                      2005           2006           2007              2008           2009
                                                    System Reading/ELA and Math CRCT 2005-2009 (AYP)                                                       Graduation Rate (2010 AMO=80%)
19-23 National School Bus Safety Week
                                           100%                                                                                       80%
                                                                                                      87.80%             90%
23-31 Red Ribbon Week                       90%                                      86%
                                                                    81.90%                                                            70%                                 83.70%
                                                                                                            78.80%       80.20%
                                            80%                                                                                             63.6%                  62.3%
                                                  76.60%                78.10%        79.20%                                                                                                   62.3%

       Open Enrollment                      70%



           State Health
                                            50%                                                                                       40%

          Oct. 9th-Nov. 10th
                                            40%                                                     Math


    American Fidelity &SEBA                 20%

     October 12th-November 13th             10%                                                                                       10%

                                            0%                                                                                         0%
                                                       2005          2006           2007               2008           2009                          2005        2006       2007         2008           2009
Page 2

                                                                                                                       “TERRIFIC KIDS”       Kim Pritchard
                                                                                                       Worth County Primary in partnership with our local Kiwanis Club hosted the “Terrific Kids”
                                                                                                       breakfast on Friday, September 4, 2009 to honor the first five“Terrific Kids” at WCPS for the
                                                                                                                                          2009-2010 school year.

                                                                                                       WCPS is very proud to announce that the “Terrific Kids” for August are Rachel Boyd of Ms.
                                                                                                        Raetzel’s class, Chloe Cook of Mrs. Clements’ class, Chloe Jackson of Mrs. Fletcher’s class,
                                                                                                             Hunter Holton of Ms. Majeski’s class, and Colby Bennett of Mrs. Isert’s class.
 Congratulations Coach Ward and the Worth County Rams Football Team!                                    Each student was presented with a T-shirt that states “I’m a Terrific Kid at WCPS,” a pin, a
       The Rams won their season opener against Turner Co. 39-0                                          bumper sticker, a pencil, and a certificate signed by a Kiwanis Club member and the Co-
                                                                                                                                            Principals of WCPS.
                                          Go Rams!
                                                                                                      Each student and their parents received an invitation to attend the breakfast. Also in attendance
                                                                                                        were Kiwanis Club members Butch Jenkins, Superintendent of Worth County Schools, Jim
                                                                                                       McMickin, Lester Potts, Greg Sellers, and Jamie Pritchard; Chairpersons of the Terrific Kids
                                                                                                       Committee Kim Pritchard and Maria Bennett; Members of the Terrific Kids Committee Kim
                                                                                                      Lavender, Mary Robinson, Cindy Bryan, and Mollie Cooper; and teachers of the Terrific Kids
                                                                                                                              Tammi Isert, Jan Majeski, and Brandi Fletcher.

                                                                                                          Each month five designated second grade teachers will choose a student that has shown
                                                                                                      exemplary behavior and citizenship. By the end of the school year, each second grade teacher will
                                                                                                                                        have chosen three students.

      Touchdown Pageant Winners
The Touchdown Pageant raised $4100.00 for the football players. A special
              thank you to all parents and participants.
   Left to right FRONT row Madison Chapman, Rachael McGee, Josie Roberts,
                 Tamayra Collins, Ashton Ward, and Jadien Thompson
BACK Row--- Hannah Bennett, JaiTai Elliott, Morgan Smith, Bristal Thompson, Taylor
                           Dupriest, and Lindsey Milner.

The Spotlight’s on You...                                                                                 From Left to Right/Back row: Stacey Rutledge, Tiffany Sevier, Butch Jenkins, Jamie
                                                                                                          Pritchard, Lester Potts, Jim McMickin, Greg Selllers From Left to Right/Front row:
          Dawn Doering is now the Parent Involvement Coordinator at Worth                                                                                        y                       J
                                                                                                          Colby Bennett, Hunter Holton, Chloe Cook, Rachel Boyd Not Pictured: Chloe Jackson
          County High School. She has also started The Rampage, Worth County
          High School’s newsletter. To view the newsletter go to www.worth.k12.

          Lester Potts has been named Director of Technology and Stephen Porter
          is Assistant Technology Director.

We would love to put you in the Spotlight. Send your accomplishments to

    National School Lunch Week
           October 12-16

                                                                                                              You can’t keep innovative ideas for instruction under your hat!
                                                                                                           Last spring, as part of the Environmental Education Alliance of GA annual meeting, the
                                                                                                          WCPS Outdoor Classroom areas hosted several visitors and a service learning project. Dr.
                                                                                                          Deborah Ricks, Assistant Principal at Putnam County Primary came back to Sylvester this
                                                                                                            month for another look at instructional models for science. “I was very impressed with
                                                                                                          your idea of the single teacher with science. So, we have taken your idea and used it at our
                                                                                                         primary location,” said Ricks. The visitors included Dr. Ricks, Fanicia Harris science teacher,
                                                                                                             and Master Gardner David Evans. They observed science lessons, toured The Lamb’s
                                                                                                           Yard, and visited various grade-level classrooms. Mr. Evans was amazed at the wealth of
                                                                                                            instructional materials inside and outside of the school. Dr. Ricks summed up the visit,
                                                                                                                     “You have a great idea going on here and we would like to learn more.”
  For more information visit:                                                                                                   Submitted By: Mary Beth Cary
                                                                                                                                                                                Page 3

  Social Worker Tracie Turner accepts school supplies that were donated by                   Character Education Students of the Month at
 the Youth Department at Isabella Baptist Church, Sylvester Ga. Mrs. Penny
                Davis delivered the supplies on their behalf.                                         Sylvester Elementary School
                                                                                     Each teacher at Sylvester Elementary chose a student that they felt best represented the character
                                                                                       education traits that they have been studying this past month. The students that were chosen
                                                                                     have shown that they possess one or more of these traits in the classroom. The month of August
                                                                                                    students learned about courage, patriotism, citizenship and honesty.

                                                                                      Front Row: 3rd grade (alphabetical order)-Tyra Jones, Jessica Lane, Abbie McDaniel, Amanda
                                                                                     Milner, Cheyenne Neal, Destiny Sellers (not pictured), Brandon Souter, Elizabeth Souter, Travis
                                                                                     Webb; Second Row: 4th grade (alphabetical order)- John Fullmer, Austin Haralson, Zach Hobby,
                                                                                     Sheronica Jackson, Mikhael Slaughter, Alexis Stephens, India Walker, Jeremy White, Kentavious
                                                                                      Wilson; Third Row: 5th grade (alphabetical order)- Cheyenne Arbuckle, Kyle Brooks, Shelby
                                                                                      Dobbins, Justin Hope, Jessica Houston, Jamey Medders, Kennedy Rutherford, Catlin Tucker,
                                                                                                             Wesley Weaver (not pictured), Ashley Wilcher

                                                                                     Worth County Primary School Holds
                                                                                                              Transportation Day

 In Honor And Remembrance
   Woodmen of the World sponsored a flag raising ceremony at the Worth
    County Board of Education on September 11, 2009. “This ceremony
  honors not only the heroes and victims of September 11, 2001, but those                                                                   vices
                                                                                      Students have been learning about how goods and services are provided to our
   who have lost their lives-and those currently serving-in the fight against           community in their social studies class. A fun day was planed by Mrs. Jane
 terrorism. We also want to honor the brave men and women who safegaurd
 our nation and our local communities every day.”- Woodmen of the World                 Long and Mrs. Ginny Pike in an effort to give students a hands on activity
                                                                                      to explore a few of the occupations held by local community members. The
    Since 1947, Woodmen of the World has promoted pride in our nation                   highlight of the day was when all students came outside to see the Lifeline
  through their Patriotic Program. Over the past 60 years, Woodmen of the                Helicopter with an Air Evac life team out of Cordele land on the school
  World members have presented more than 1.8 million U.S. flags to schools,
     churches and other non-profit organizations. Woodmen of the World                 grounds. Mrs. Long and Mrs. Pike hope that Transportation Day will be a
   members have also presented American Patriot Handbooks to schools and               huge success every year and continue to grow with community support. We
libraries, and newly naturalized citizens, as well as awards to students for their     would like to thank everyone involved and give a special thank you to Ginny
                         proficiency in American History.                                     Pike for her hard work in helping make this day a huge success!
   The Honor Guard raised the
  flag while the Vocal Ensemble
    from Worth County High
     School sang the National
   Anthem. Boy Scouts Troop
   100 saluted while the Alpha
   Company stood at attention
  as the flag was raised and then
  lowered to half staff in honor
   of the heroes and victims of
       September 11, 2001.
                       Mary Beth Cary, teacher of                                              Worth County High School Awarded
                       the gifted at Worth County                                                           Ready
                                                                                                       Work Read Grant
                       Primary School, was asked                                          Governor Sonny Perdue announced 56 high schools throughout the state have been
                       to review the first edition of                                 awarded
                                                                                      awarded Georgia Work Ready training grants that provide three-year access to skills-gap
                       How the Gifted Brain Works                                     training software, which help students improve their Work Ready Certificate levels. The
                                                                                      trainingg                      p               p
                       by David A. Sousa. She was                                      funding was made available through the Amer
                                                                                       funding                                       American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and
                       pleasantly surprised to find                                                            will provide each school $5,000 of software.
                       her review printed on the                                                                                         p
                                                                                          "Earning a Work Ready Certificate tells a potential employer that an individual has
                       back cover of the newly                                                                                          sa
                                                                                          the core job skills necessary for success," said Governor Perdue. "The Work Ready
published second edition. Mary Beth wrote “Pulls                                                                                          r
                                                                                         software helps students improve their work readiness, provides students with a better
together many areas of gifted research, knowledge                                      understanding of the skills employers look for in a successful employee, and help high
                                                                                       understanding                                    fo
and applications in a clear and concise manner. This                                                             schools improve their graduation rates."
is a one-stop book for teachers who have high-                                            Georgia's Work Ready program is based on a skills assessment and certification for
ability or gifted students in a classroom and need                                      job seekers and a job profiling system for businesses. By identifying both the needs of
                                                                                        job                                            bus
to understand how these students’ brains work and                                      businesses and the available skills of Georgia's workforce, the state can more effectively
                                                                                       businesses                               Georgia'
how to plan effective instruction.”                                                                                                     ri
                                                                                                      ensure that it is providing the right talent for the right jobs.
                                                     Submitted By: Diane Shaw         Each school will provide the Work Ready asse
                                                                                      Each                                            assessment to at least 50 percent of its senior
                                                                                      class each year for three years and will incorporate the training tools in its curriculum to
                                                                                      class                                       incorpo
                                                                                                                       ll i t t d t d
                                                                                                              ensure all interested students have access to it.
                                                                                         Schools submitted applications for the grants and included plans on how they would
                                                                                       implement the training. The school must ensure that 50 percent of the senior class has
                                                                                       implement                                                      percen
                                                                                         access to the training and has a plan for using the training in their curriculum to give
                                                                                                                           other grade levels access.

                                                                                                  The schools awarded the Work Ready training grants include:
                                                                                                  Th          aw rde th W
                                                                                                            s awarded the Work                g
                                                                                Appling County High School, Baldwin High School, Barrow County Schools, Woodland High
                                                                              School, Berrien County High School, Brantley County High School, Bryan County High School,
                                                                             Portal Middle High School, Southeast Bulloch High School, Statesboro High School, Burke County
                                                                              High School, Ringgold High School, Woodville Tompkins Tech & Career Institute, Chattahoochee
                                                                               County High School, Cherokee High School, Cedar Shoals High School, Clarke Central High
                                                                             School, Soar Academy High School, Colquitt County High School, Monroe High School, Westover
Pictured Left to Right: Janet Hudson-Quality/Safety Coordinator at Phoebe       High School, Sough Georgia Regional Achievement School, Dougherty High School, Albany
Worth, Suzanne Moree-Orthapedic Impairment Teacher at Worth County Schools, High School, Early County High School, South Effingham High School, Effingham County High
Jim McMickin-Superintendent for Worth County Schools, Suzanne Lasseter-Nurse School, Langston Hughes High School, Independence High School, Gilmer County High School,
at Worth County High School, Kim Gilman-Director of Nursing & EMS at            Cairo High School, Lanier Charter Career Academy, Gainesville High School, Jackson County
Phoebe Worth, and Stacey Bell-Principal of Worth County High School          Comprehensive High School, Commerce High School, Jeff Davis High School, Jones County High
Phoebe Worth donated 150 Medical Kits to Worth School, Liberty High School, Bradwell Institute, Valdosta High School, Lumpkin County High
   County High School and Worth County Middle School, Eastside High School, Newton High School, Oconee County High
  School. The medical kits will be given to each School, Pike County High School, Putnam County High School, Randolph
                                                                              High School, Rockdale Career Academy, Americus-Sumter High School,
    teacher at the schools. We would like to say                               Tift County High School, Treutlen High School, Turner County High
Thank You for their generous donation. This will School, Ridgeland High School, Ware County High School, Whitfield
help keep children in the classroom and limit the                                    County Career Academy, Worth County High School.
                                                                                                                   For more information
   amount of instructional time missed for minor                                 To learn more about the Georgia Work Ready certification process and view test schedules in
                           cuts and scrapes.                                                               your area, visit

                                                                                                   WOODMEN OF THE WORLD
                                                                                                  PRESENT DONATION TO WCMS
                                                                                 Members of Woodmen of the World Lodge 172 Field Representatives
                                                                                  Virginia Evans and Matt Barnes, President Margaret Giddens, Greeter
                                                                                  Beckie Nelms, Secretary Kay Baker and Trustee Jimmy Baker presented
                                                                                 a donation to Worth CountyMiddle School Principal Paul Zimmer and
                                                                                  student Ambassadors Kyle Evans and Joann Padgett and their advisor
                                                                                 Monabeth Parkman last Friday afternoon. Proceeds from this donation
                                                                                   will benefit the service the ambassador’s school store for supplies to

                      Worth County
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