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									Middleton High School                                                             October 2009


Homecoming Week
                                  U P DAT E F R O M P R I N C I PA L H E R R M A N N
                                  MHS Team to Attend                               century will need to develop unprece-
Application Deadline for Youth    Conference on Global                             dented levels of intercultural cooperation,
Option Program                                                                     mutual moral concern, creativity, and skill
(for semester 2)                  Education
OCTOBER 1                                                                          in effectively addressing the challenges of
                                  Six members of the MHS
                                                                                   the world today – challenges economic,
Homecoming Pep Assembly and       staff will attend the con-
                                                                                   ecological, and inter-cultural/religious in
Parade                            ference “Educating World
OCTOBER 2                                                                          nature. An education that will prepare
                                  Citizens for the 21st Cen-
                                                                                   young people to become competent and
Advisory Community Event          tury” on October 8-9th in
OCTOBER 2: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM                                                       compassionate world citizens in such a
                                  Washington DC. Conference attendees will
                                                                                   context cannot be measured only in terms
Homecoming Varsity Football       to learn ways our school can continue to
                                                                                   of cognitive skills and knowledge, but
Game                              evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st
OCTOBER 2: 7:30 PM                                                                 must address wider aspects of the heart,
                                  century and will share their professional
                                                                                   including skills and qualities of awareness
Homecoming Dance                  learning experience with others upon return.
                                                                                   associated with conscious self-regulation,
(Student IDs Required)            In addition, each member of the team is an
OCTOBER 3: 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM                                                      ethical and social responsibility, and em-
                                  active participant on one or more commit-
                                                                                   pathy and compassion for others.
Picture Re-take Day               tees at MHS and will share relevant informa-
MHS Courtyard                     tion with their group, including: K-12 Social
OCTOBER 5: 7:30 AM-3:30 PM                                                         CH 27-Madison Showcases Lori Hunt and
                                  Studies Curriculum Renewal; 6-12 World
                                                                                   “Moodle” Courses at MHS
Academic Letters Breakfast        Language Curriculum Renewal, 6-12 Mathe-
MHS Courtyard                                                                      On Thursday, September 29th, Channel 27
                                  matics Curriculum Renewal, 6-12 Science
OCTOBER 9: 7:00 AM - 7:45 AM                                                       news reported Lori Hunt’s innovative use
                                  Curriculum Renewal; Cardinal School Im-
                                                                                   of Moodle software to place the curricu-
Last Day to Drop a Class          provement Team; Attendance Cohort, and
OCTOBER 12                                                                         lum for her computer programming and
                                  Graduation Requirement Committee.
                                                                                   math courses on-line. This format of in-
Sophomore Class Ring Info. Dis-   Featured speakers at this international
tributed 2nd Hour                                                                  struction is referred to a ‘hybrid’ because
                                  gathering will include the Dalai Lama, US
OCTOBER 12                                                                         it combines on-line curriculum/ resources
                                  Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and
                                                                                   with face-to-face instruction. Ms. Hunt
PSAT Test : MHS Gym               our neighbor at the University of Wisconsin-
OCTOBER 14: 7:45 - 11:45 AM                                                        presented her work at the last Parent Con-
                                  Madison, Dr. Richard J. Davidson, Director
                                                                                   nection meeting in September and will
Sophomore Class Ring Orders       of the Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience
                                                                                   continue to hold after school “Moodle
Taken during lunch hours          and the Center for Investigating Healthy
MHS Courtyard                                                                      workshops” for the MHS staff. Please
OCTOBER 15-16                     Minds.
                                                                                   click on the following link to view the tele-
National Honor Society (NHS)                                                       vision story.
                                  Below is an overview of the conference.
Induction Ceremony                                                                 http://
MHS PAC                           Please visit the web site for more informa-
OCTOBER 18: 1:00 PM               tion. http://
Parent Connection Meeting
OCTOBER 20: 7:00 PM - LMC
                                                                                   ACT Scores Jump at MHS
                                  Conference Overview
Red Cross Blood Drive                                                              I am very proud to announce a significant
OCTOBER 22                        The urgent challenges of a globalized and
                                                                                   increase in ACT scores for the graduating
                                  interdependent world demand a new vision
CRT / Early Release (1:15 PM)                                                      class of 2009. The table below shows the
                                  of world citizenship that is not confined to
OCTOBER 28                                                                         trend data for the past five years. The
                                  national boundaries, but encompasses
                                                                                   composite score ranges tops out at 36, so
NO SCHOOL                         moral and ethical responsibilities to all hu-
STATE TEACHER CONVENTION                                                           a 0.8 point increase in composite score is
                                  manity. People coming of age in the 21st
Page 2                                                                                   MIDDLETON HIGH SCHOOL

 equivalent a 5% increase overall. Congratulations to the students and staff at MHS for working hard to improve
 student academic achievement.
 Grad        Total       English             Mathematics        Reading          Science             Composite
 Year        Tested      MHS     State       MHS    State       MHS     State    MHS     State       MHS     State
 2005        339         23.6      21.5      25.1     22.0      24.3     22.4    24.5      22.3      24.5       22.2
 2006        343         23.8      21.7      24.9     22.0      24.4     22.4    24.5      22.2      24.5       22.2
 2007        351         23.8      21.6      24.7     22.2      24.4     22.4    24.5      22.4      24.5       22.3
 2008        365         23.8      21.7      25.3     22.3      24.5     22.6    24.5      22.3      24.6       22.3
 2009        364         24.9      21.7      25.9     22.2      25.2     22.6    24.9      22.3      25.4       22.3

Hello All!

A new addition to the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District's goals for academic
achievement is the literacy initiative. As a part of this initiative, MHS and MASH in have
invited The Urban League of Greater Madison's Schools of Hope Program into the school community.

Schools of Hope is one of our community’s most important efforts to ensure that all students live up to their full
academic potential and realize their dreams. Together with numerous community partners in thirteen schools
throughout Dane County, the Urban League matches tutors with students to ensure that they are prepared to suc-
cessfully complete algebra early in their high school career and graduate on time. Currently we have both middle
school and high schools programs operating in Madison, Middleton, Oregon, Sun Prairie and Verona. However, due
to the Middleton-Cross Plains’ recent literacy initiative the primary focus for us at MHS and MASH students will be
bridging the literacy achievement gap.
We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to both the MHS and MASH community. Our names are
Ronnicia Johnson-Walker and Mary Beth Johnson. We are your tutor coordinators for the Urban League of Greater
Madison’s Schools of Hope Tutoring program. As your Schools of Hope Tutor Coordinator, Ronnicia Johnson-Walker
will interview prospective volunteers/tutors, train, and match students with tutors. Mary Beth Johnson, your
Schools of Hope AmeriCorps Tutor Coordinator, will interview prospective volunteers/tutors, train, match students
with tutors AND tutor/mentor students (yes, we know, it’s a lot).

There will be a procedure set up when it comes to referring students to our tutoring services. If your child is re-
ferred to our program, you will be contacted. As a part of the Schools of Hope Program your child will benefit from
one-on-one tutoring available both during and after school. We are currently accepting applications for volunteer
tutors. Please contact us for more information.

If you have any questions, or would like to contact us before we have a chance to reach out to you (we are still
learning our way around here!) please email either Ronnicia or Mary Beth or come see us in room 1003C (In the
business office, across from the Administration Office).

We are very excited to work with all of you! :)     Mary Beth Johnson            Ronnicia Johnson-Walker
                                                    Schools of Hope AmeriCorps   Urban League of Greater Madison
                                                    Tutor Coordinator            Schools of Hope Tutor Coordinator
                                                    Middleton High School        Middleton High School
                                                    (608) 829 9867               (608) 829 9862
CARDINAL CONNECTION                                                                                             Page 3

J I L L G U R T N E R , A S S O C I A T E P R I N C I PA L
EPAS Assessment Day
On September 29, freshmen participated in the Explore test and sophomores and
juniors participated in the Plan test. Explore and Plan are part of a series of assess-
ments which are designed to assist schools in determining strengths and areas for
improvement in their curriculum and instruction. These assessments are also great
tools for students as well. Not only can they give students a sense of how their skills
compare to their peers locally and nationally, but because students take these re-
                                                                                                 Jill Gurtner
lated tests multiple years, they are able to monitor their growth.                            Associate Principal,
                                                                                             Teaching & Learning
One of the other benefits to students is that these tests are designed to improve
their success on the ACT. Last year’s seniors were the first class to have all taken
the Plan test prior to taking the ACT. We were thrilled to see a 0.8 average increase
in scores over the previous year. Our ACT composite scores had been very consis-
tent over the previous four years, so a 0.8 point increase is quite significant.

Students will receive the results of these tests in late October or Early November.
Look for more information in upcoming newsletters on how to best use these results.

The literacy team has had a great start to our year. We have established action
plans related to four main goal areas: Improving content area reading for all stu-
dents, improving our system of identifying and supporting struggling readers, creat-
ing a literacy rich environment, and creating a common language around writing im-
provement. Within each of these areas we are working on plans for professional de-
velopment and putting structures in place for teachers to better support students as
readers and writers.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will see information about the Cardinal Book Club.
This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in reading, support our literacy ini-
tiative, and hopefully engage in some quality conversation with your teen. Please
also pay attention to the information from Ronnicia Walker Johnson and Mary Beth
Johnson about our Schools of Hope partnership with the Urban League and the
United Way. Ronnicia and Mary Beth are looking for tutors from the community who
would be willing to give a little bit of their time to make a big difference for a student
who may be struggling. If you would be willing to volunteer yourself or know of some-
one they should contact, please get them that information!

Curriculum Renewal
The K-12 curriculum renewal process continues this year. In the core content areas,
math is entering their second year. The math team is piloting some new materials
this year and will continue to study the effectiveness of this curriculum in order to
prepare for a curriculum adoption for the 2010-11 school year. Science and social
studies begin the three year cycle this year. It has been very exciting to be a part of
this process. It is inspiring to see a group of dedicated educators do this work to
support students!
Page 4                                                                       MIDDLETON HIGH SCHOOL

                          HOMECOMING NEWS
                          Homecoming is an annual fall tradition on most high school and college campuses. It
                          is held to celebrate school-community spirit and to welcome Alumni home. In keep-
   HOMECOMING             ing with this tradition, Middleton High school has a fun filled week of activities
                          planned that includes spirit night, a pep assembly, parade, advisory program potluck,
      WEEK:               football game and dance. Additional information is posted on our website.

         September 28 -   Although we have a lot of really great homecoming traditions, some schools are
                          struggling with the negative aspects of these traditions. Unfortunately harassment
              October 3   and vandalism are also associated with homecoming. One local school has even
                          canceled all homecoming activities this year. We have canceled our annual lip sync
                          contest. However, we are also very proud of our students for sponsoring the first
                          homecoming parade last year since the 1980s and we hope to continue this tradi-
                          tion for many years to come.

                          To keep our homecoming activities going in the right direction, we held a homeroom
                          and explained some of the guidelines to our students. Please help us celebrate our
                          school-community spirit in a fun, positive, and safe manner.

C A R D I N A L C O N N EC T I O N                                                                                   Page 5

                       HOMECOMING WEEK AT A GLANCE
                            Theme: Wild West
  Monday,                     Theme: Neon
  September 28                ♦ Class Banners Submitted to Director of Student Organizations by Noon
                              ♦ Dance Ticket Sales Begin (during lunch periods) $10
                              ♦ Sales will be held all week during lunch periods
  Tuesday,                    Theme Day: Hippy
  September 29                ♦ EPAS Testing for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors
                              ♦ Seniors: College Visits, Letter of Recommendation, Scholarship Searches, Career Planning,
                                 or Job Shadows
  Wednesday,                  Theme Day: Wild West
  September 30                ♦ Spirit Night in Stadium @ 7:00 PM
                              ♦ Snacks, Athletics Teams Recognized, Powder Puff Football, Relays, Inflatable Games, Tug-
                                 of-War, and Homecoming Court Introduced
  Thursday,                   Theme Day: Class T-shirt Day
  October 1
  Friday,                     Theme Day: Red and White Day
  October 2                   ♦ Pep Assembly and Parade (see alternative schedule above)
                              ♦ Assembly in Stadium: Class cheer and other class competitions; performances by Cheer-
                                  leaders, Dance and Drill Teams; Winner of spirit award announced. Parade: Approximately
                                  twenty co-curricular activities represented including the MHS Marching Band
                              ♦ Girls Swimming at 5:00 PM in the MHS Pool
                              ♦ Freshmen Advisory Program Potluck 5:00PM – 7:00 PM in the Courtyard
                              ♦ Football Game against LaFollette at 7:30 PM
                              ♦ Court introduced and class competition results announced at half time
  Saturday,                   Cardinal Invite: Boys Volleyball at 9:00 AM in the Field House
  October 3
                              Dance at MHS Field House with a Live Band and DJ, 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM, Admission $15
                              (when purchased at the door), coat/shoe check, snacks for sale, and Grand March at 10:00 PM
Note: All theme day attire must observe the dress code except hats worn as part of a costume.
Reminder: Toy guns, or look-alikes, are also against school policy.

                                        FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2009
PERIOD 1                                      7:55-8:25
PERIOD 2                                      8:30-9:00
PERIOD 3                                      9:05-9:35
PERIOD 7                                      9:40-10:10
PERIOD 8                                      10:15-10:45
PERIOD 4                                      10:50-11:20
PERIOD 5                                      11:25-11:55
PERIOD 6                                      12:00-12:30
ASSEMBLY                                      12:30-1:30
STAGING                                       1:30-2:00
PARADE                                        2:00-3:00
Page 6                                                                                            MIDDLETON HIGH SCHOOL

                                      S T U D E N T S E RV I C E S
                                                             Keeping on Track-
                                                             The ABCDs to a Successful School Year.
                                                           Attendance- The Middleton High School community approaches
                                                          the attendance/tardy procedure with the understanding that
                                                          something of educational value happens in class every day and
         Karen Strandt-Conroy                             that these activities and interactions can never be exactly dupli-
          Associate Principal                             cated. We encourage good attendance and punctuality. Stu-
           Student Services          dents are responsible for attending all classes, study halls, and functions scheduled
                                     within the school day.

     HOUSE - RED MAPLE               Students must check out or they will not be excused. It is the students’ responsibil-
                                     ity to check-out/check-in with their dean’s secretary in the Student Services Office.
                                     Appropriate check out is important for safety reasons and to verify that parental per-
                                     mission was received prior to leaving the building. Students must check-out through
                                     the Student Services Office with their dean’s secretary and pick-up a “leave school
             Dean:                   pass.” The only exception to this procedure is if students become ill during the
             Mr. Falcone             school day; then, they can check-out through the Health Office where the nurse can
              829-9922               assess and assist the student prior to leaving the building.
                                     Student attendance is posted in Infinite Campus on a daily basis. Look for YELLOW
       School Counselors:            or RED boxes as they highlight unknown or unexcused absences/tardies. If you be-
           Ms. Burke                 lieve an error was made, please encourage your student to take steps to correct it
           829-9654                  immediately. It is best to start with the staff member who marked the student ab-
             Mr. Needham
                                     Students who do not get to class on time will be marked as tardy (noted as a yellow
                                     “T” in Infinite Campus under attendance) and are given a consequence for the unex-
                                     cused tardy/tardies. Students should listen to the music in the hallways. The music
              Ms. Smith              will stop with one minute left in passing time. Students not arriving to class on time
              829-9909               will be marked tardy.
                                     The following is a schedule of consequences for being tardy to class:
         Social Worker / AODA:
              Ms. Wilson
                                         1-3 tardies – classroom teachers discuss need to be on time
                                         4th tardy – verbal warning (from Student Services)
                                         7th tardy – written warning to parent/guardian
         School Psychologist:            10th tardy – detention assigned to student (students continue to receive one
              Ms. Pyka                                detention for every three tardies after ten)
             829-9859                    13th tardy – second detention assigned, student placed on “No Pass” list
                                     Belongings.   Unfortunately, thefts do occur at school. Students should consider not
                                     bringing valuables to school or lock money and other valuables in their lockers.
          School Resource Officer:   Ipods, cell phones, and electronic items should be locked at all times. Often stu-
                                     dents say that all of their items do not fit in the locker. If that is the case, the student
                                     should consider locking valuable items in the hallway locker rather than keeping
                                     items out in locker rooms. When carrying these items in a back pack, students
                                     should keep them concealed and not flaunt expensive items.
      Officer Travis Kakuske
            829-9665         Parents, please be aware that while bringing cell phones to school is
                                     permitted, it is highly discouraged.
C A R D I N A L C O N N EC T I O N                                                                                      Page 7

We want to remind parents and students that if your student brings electronic devices
such as cell phones, ipods, MP3 players, etc., it is imperative that you have the serial
numbers of those devices recorded. Like any part of society, we have thefts at school.
It is very difficult to return stolen property without serial numbers or other identifying   HOUSE - WHITE SPRUCE
marks etched into the device. Students may only use the locker rooms during sched-
uled times. Violation of this rule will lead to both school and legal consequences.

Classes Keeping up to date on assignment completion and grades is important.      Use
Infinite Campus’ Parent/Student Portal. If you don’t have a log-in see Ms. Yaktus in
the MAC Lab. Students can then log into the system and:                                                 Dean:
                                                                                                     Ms. Maurice
1.CLICK the “missing assignments button” to see what work is not turned in yet.                       829-9920
2.CLICK on each instructor’s gradebook to check assignments and scores.            
3.CLICK on the monthly calendar to see what days we have school and any missing
  work.                                                                                           School Counselors:
                                                                                                     Mr. Athanas
4.CHECK your attendance to correct any unexcused absences that were errors.                           829-9916
Detentions.   Detentions will be assigned by the deans for three basic reasons: (a) for
being truant from study hall (including intervention study hall), (b) for disciplinary ac-          Ms. Pellegrino
tion resulting from unacceptable behavior, and (c) for accumulating multiple tardies.                829-9914
Students will are notified of their detentions on a weekly basis. Attendance is the stu-

dent’s responsibility and detentions will be cleared or served within one week of re-               Ms. Salzwedel
ceiving notice. Supervised Study (located near the Administration office) will be open               829-9910
during lunch periods 4, 5, and 6. Students who have not served detentions by the end
of the second week will be assigned to CRT or Saturday school. Failure to report for
CRT or Saturday school will result in in-school suspension. See the following impor-            Social Worker / AODA:
                                                                                                     Ms. Scallon
tant dates:
   • Students need to serve detentions before September 25 or on September 29       
       they will need to serve the detentions during CRT release time. Students with
                                                                                                 School Psychologist:
       unserved detentions will not be allowed to attend the Homecoming Dance on
                                                                                                      Ms. Pyka
       October 3rd.                                                                                  829-9859
   •   Students need to serve detentions before October 23 or on October 28 they will
       need to serve the detentions during CRT release time.
   •   Students need to serve detentions before November 20 or on November 25
       they will need to serve the detentions during CRT release time.                               School Nurse:
   •   Students need to serve detentions before December 4 or on December 12 they
       will need to serve the detentions during SATURDAY SCHOOL.
   •   Students need to serve detentions before January 8 or on January 14 they will
       need to serve the detentions during CRT release time. Detentions not served on
       CRT, must be served in-school during semester exams January 20-22).
   •   Students need to serve detentions before February 10 or on February 16 they                    Ms. Foster
       will need to serve the detentions during CRT release time.                                     829-9686
   •   Students need to serve detentions before March 12 or on March 17 they will    
       need to serve the detentions during CRT release time.
   •   Students need to serve detentions before April 23 or on April 29 they will need
       to serve the detentions during CRT release time. ALL Detentions must be
       SERVED TO GO TO PROM on May 8.
   •   Students need to serve detentions before May 14 or on May 18 they will need to
       serve the detentions during CRT release time.
   •   Detentions not served on CRT, must be served in-school during semester exams
       June 9-10).
Page 8                                                                                   MIDDLETON HIGH SCHOOL

Detentions MUST be served to attend Homecoming, Prom, and/or the Senior Trip. Detentions must also be
served in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. For any dance or mixer, detention reports will be run
three days prior to the dance. Any outstanding detentions will prohibit you from attending. Remember, attending
classes in a timely manner, monitoring attendance, and serving detentions is the students’ responsibility.

                                               WKCE Test Information
• All 10th graders in the state of Wisconsin are directed to complete the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts test
    during November.
•   The test will be administered over the course of two days: Thursday, November 5th and Thursday, November
•   On November 5th, sophomores will be tested from 7:55 AM until 9:15 AM. During that time Freshmen will be
    in their Advisory classes and Juniors and Seniors will be involved in variety of activities.
•   At 9:15 students will begin an eight period day (40 minute periods). Attendance is mandatory for all grade
•   On Thursday, November 12, 2009, only sophomore students will attend Middleton High School from 7:55 AM
    until 3:15 PM. There will be a sixty (50) minute closed campus lunch scheduled from 11:15 AM through 12:05
•   Freshmen, Juniors, and Seniors are asked not to attend school on that day (or visit any other school). It is im-
    perative that sophomores attend school on Thursday, November 12th.

Sophomores will need: Number 2 pencils, scientific calculators, homework or reading material to
utilize time when individual tests have been completed.
         Students not in school should refrain from visiting the middle or elementary schools!

Get ready, get set, and let’s go! The counselors are extremely busy throughout the 1st semester assisting seniors
with college applications, recommendations, scholarships, etc. Don’t wait to the last minute to make an appoint-
ment with your counselor or to have your applications processed. If you have not already done so, please make an
appointment with your counselor to discuss your high school plans.

Senior Meeting:
There was a senior meeting held for all seniors on Wednesday, September 9th. During the meeting the counselors
covered topics related to high school graduation and college entrance requirements, the effects of senioritis, col-
lege planning, online resources, application timelines and deadlines, standardized testing, letters of recommenda-
tion and scholarship information. Again, the senior meeting was just the start of our work with the senior class.
Seniors should make appointments with their counselor as soon as possible if they have not already done so.

College Preparation Timeline:
September:     -Double check graduation requirements
               -Get on the Naviance software and familiarize yourself with the program and all of its advantages
                to you!
               -See your counselor BEFORE beginning college application process
               -Register to re-take ACT/SAT as needed
               -Continue meeting with college reps and making college visits
               -Begin checking for scholarships (announcements, student services office,
                 and website)
               -September 15 is the start date for all UW system schools accepting college applications
C A R D I N A L C O N N EC T I O N                                                                                             Page 9

October:          -Continue working on college applications
                  -Pay attention to early decision/early action deadlines         Dates to plan ahead for in October:
November:         -MATC begins processing applications                            October 1: Application Deadline for Youth Options
                  -Be certain counselor has the school report part of all                    for Semester 2
                   your applications by December 1st                              October 9: Academics Letters Breakfast at 7am
                  -Keep copies of applications
                                                                                  October 12: Last day to drop a class
December:         -Finalize student part of selective college applications        October 14: PSAT test 7:45-11:30am
                   (January 1st is common deadline)                               October 18: NHS Induction Ceremony at 1 pm
                  -ALL college applications MUST be turned into your              October 20: Parent Connection Meeting at 7 pm
                   counselor by Dec. 1st.
January:          -File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
                  -Check graduation requirements again as second semester begins
                  -Verify that colleges have received applications
                  -Send thank you notes to those who wrote letters of recommendation
February:         -Sign up for AP Tests if applicable
                  -Continue scholarship search
March:            -Complete local scholarship application
                  -March 1st is Priority deadline for filing for financial aid
April:            -Meet with counselor to help with college choice decision and to review options
                  -Be certain housing plans are finalized and final contracts submitted (refer to deadlines)
May:              -Notify colleges you have decided NOT to attend
                  -Notify school counseling office of college you WILL attend so final transcript can be sent

                                            ACT and SAT Test Dates for 2009-2010
                                                      ACT TEST DATES

Test Date                                   Application Deadline                            Late Fee Required

October 24, 2009                            September 18, 2009                              September 19-October 2

December 12, 2009                           November 6, 2009                                November 7-20, 2009

February 6, 2010                            January 5, 2010                                 January 6-15, 2010

April 10, 2010                              March 5, 2010                                   March 6-19, 2010
June 12, 2010                               May 7, 2010                                     May 8-21, 2010

                                                          SAT TEST DATES
Test Date                            Test                            Application Deadline          Late Fee Required
October 10, 2009                     SAT/Subject Tests               September 9, 2009             September 25, 2009
November 7, 2009                     SAT/Subject Tests               October 1, 2009               October 15, 2009
December 5, 2009                     SAT/Subject Tests               October 31, 2009              November 13, 2009
January 23, 2010                     SAT/Subject Tests               December 15, 2009             December 30, 2009
March 13, 2010                       SAT Only                        February 4, 2010              February 18, 2010
May 1, 2010                          SAT/Subject Tests               March 25, 2010                April 8, 2010
June 5, 2010                         SAT/Subject Tests               April 29, 2010                May 13, 2010
Page 10                                                                                 MIDDLETON HIGH SCHOOL

MHS students are able to take FREE online ACT prep tests through WisCareers. Theses are actual timed practice
tests or sections of tests (you choose). Take advantage of this great preparation tool!! If you have a WisCareers
account, you can access the tests immediately. If you do not have an account, go to your Naviance account and
you can access the MHS account through clicking on setup and then WisCareers. It’s that easy and free to you!
The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT), cosponsored by the College Board
and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, is an important first step towards college. Test results and their
accompanying analysis are valuable tools that can help prepare students for the SAT® and education opportuni-
ties beyond high school. Each year, more than 3.4 million high school juniors, sophomores, and younger students
take the PSAT/NMSQT to:
   Help assess academic skills necessary for college-level work
       •   Prepare for the SAT
       •   Enter competitions for scholarships
       •   Receive information from colleges
       •   Begin college and career planning
The PSAT/NMSQT is the qualifying test for prestigious National Merit scholarship and recognition programs. Test-
takers also receive My College QuickStart™, a free personalized college planning kit that includes access to My-
Road™, the College Board's online majors, college, and career exploration program.
The national test date is Oct. 14th this year. The cost for this test will be $21. Sept. 24th (Back to School Night)
will be the first opportunity for parents to register their son/daughter for the PSAT. Students will be offered the
opportunity to register Sept.25th through Oct. 2nd. Registration will take place in the Student Services office.

Fall 2009 Wisconsin Education Fair:
Juniors and Seniors: Verona High School will be hosting the Fall 2009 Education Fair on Monday, October 12th
from 6:30-8:30pm and Tuesday, October 13th from 9-11am. Admission is free. Students and parents will be able
to meet with representatives from colleges, universities, tech colleges, armed forces, and community colleges.
There will also be information on financial aid, the UW System Help Office, and the Wisconsin Education Opportu-
nity Program. For more information please see
College Visits:
A list of college representatives visiting Middleton High School can be found on the MHS website at:

National Merit Scholarship                       MHS News:
Program Semifinalists                            Drama Director Lynda Sharpe Wins Teacher of the Year Award
Congratulations to the following students on
                                                 Lynda Sharpe was awarded the John C. Barner Teacher of the
becoming National Merit Semifinalists in the
                                                 Year award by the AATE (American Alliance of Theater in Educa-
2010 Scholarship Competition:
                                                 tion) at the Mariott Marquis hotel in New York August 9, 2009 for
Eric B. Anderson
                                                 having created an exemplary Drama program. She was in Scot-
Janet J. Eom
                                                 land at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the time with 28 students
Maria T. Krupenkin
                                                 and chaperones having a technical rehearsal for Ken Ludwig’s
Benjamin Lin
                                                 adaptation of THREE MUSKETEERS so she was unable to attend
Amy L. Oetzel
                                                 in person.
Brittany M. Phelps
                                                 To accept the award, two former MHS Drama students , Tommy
Isabel Pohlkamp
                                                 Berklund (who recently appeared on Broadway in “A Chorus Line”
Emma Svenson
                                                 and Ruth Pferdihirt (who recently appeared in “Godspell” at the
Miranda Torkelson
                                                 MUNY) attended the ceremony on her behalf.
The pool of semifinalists includes the highest   Ken Ludwig, the playwright , was awarded an award for
scoring entrants in each state.                  his playwrighting.
C A R D I N A L C O N N EC T I O N                                                                                         Page 11

                           Community Agreements
                  Mutual Respect        Attentive Listening
                  Share Appreciations   Right to Pass / Right to Participate                       2429 Clark St.
                                                                                               Middleton, WI 53562
                                                                                                  (608) 829-9640
 Welcome to 2009-10 at MASH!
 The year has gotten off to a great start. Once again, we were fortunate to start         Ms. Jill Gurtner, MASH Principal
 the school year with all of our classroom teachers returning and virtually all of
 our student spots filled and schedules made prior to the start of the school              Ms. Cheryl Hoff, Social Worker
 year. The student spots are now all filled, and students’ schedules should be
 set. This stability has given us a great opportunity to start the year off well and
 to really work on quickly establishing our community. It is our strong desire at
 MASH to work with all of our students, their families, and support networks to                                    Jill Gurtner
 keep this energy going throughout the school year. A key to this is working to                                      MASH
 get to know each student and this support network well. We welcome you to                                           Principal
 become an active part of our community. We hope that many of you were able
 to join us for the open house and parent meeting. If you were not able to
 come, we encourage you to set up a time to meet with your child’s life skills
 teacher and visit the school. We want you all to feel free to contact us if you
 have concerns, thoughts, suggestions, or appreciations. We love to hear from          Community Agreements
 you!                                                                                  Mutual Respect
                                                                                       Attentive Listening
                                                                                       Share Appreciations
                                                                                       Right to Pass / Right to Participate
 Work Completion Initiative
 Wow! What an amazing job students have done completing their work and                 MASH is committed to keeping
 coming to class prepared! As many of you know, this was a focus area for us           these four agreements in order
 this summer and fall. Working with students and parents, the staff at MASH            to maintain a safe, healthy
                                                                                       learning environment for all.
 created our new policies and procedures in order to encourage students to             Please talk with your child
 complete quality work in a timely manner. We have put into place a lot of sup-        about what these agreements
 ports and structures that are designed to help students know what assign-             mean to them.
 ments they have, seek help prior to class when they need it, and stay on top of
 their homework load. We have also been talking a lot about the benefits to
 students and those around them when they are able to keep up on their work.
 Many of you have played a very important role in all of this. Whether you at-
 tended one of the meetings this summer, reinforced the importance of timely
 work completion or are serving as a support person, your role is important, and       Welcome to Scott Brown
 we appreciate your efforts. We firmly believe that helping students change            We are very excited to welcome
 their habits can help them improve their perception of themselves as learners         Scott Brown to our administrative
 and lead to life long success.                                                        team. Scott will be playing a dual
                                                                                       role here at MHS both supporting
                                                                                       students at MASH and working on
 Renewable Energy Curriculum in Earth Science                                          facilitating the re-design of our
 Heather Messer and her science students took on a great project to assess             service delivery model for all stu-
 and reduce our energy usage at MASH. Based on their data collection and ac-           dents. Scott’s enthusiasm and
 tion planning, we were able to find significant energy savings in our already         positive energy have made it very
 efficient building. This summer, Heather was able to attend a renewable en-           easy for him to quickly become a
 ergy conference and has added a lot of information and activities to her earth        contributing member of our team.
                                                                                       Scott brings a great variety of life,
 science class based on this. Students in earth science will have the opportu-
                                                                                       education, and professional ex-
 nity to learn about solar electric systems, geothermal systems, windmills,            perience to us at MASH. Please
 biofuels and other energy related topics.                                             help us welcome him
Page 12                                                                                   MIDDLETON HIGH SCHOOL

Best Buddies                                     Varsity Boys Soccer             Congratulations to the girls golf
For students interested in joining the             Takes 1st Place               team - Big 8 Conference
Best Buddies club at MHS, register                                               Champions!
at and go to            at New Berlin Invitational!
the high school section. Once there,
complete the form and submit it          Congratulations to the Boys Varsity     Congratulations to the girls golf
electronically for our records. If in-   Soccer Team for taking first place at   team who went undefeated in con-
terested in being "matched" one-on-                                              ference play and won outright the
                                         the New Berlin West
one with one of our cognitively dis-                                             conference title! Team members
                                         tournament on                           include:
abled buddies at MHS, complete the       9/18/09 and
Matching Survey and submit that as                                               Monica Enderlin
                                         9/19/09.                                Allison Van Heuklom
well. We hope to match as many in-
terested members as                                                              Sydney Tokach
possible.                                The Award Cup is on display in the      Emily Bollom
                                         Athletic Office!                        Sydney Peters
There are two levels of participation
in Best Buddies: Associate Members
                                         National History Day - MHS Student Places 7th in the Nation!
attend meetings after school on al-
ternating Wednesdays, and plan and       Congratulations to Emma Swenson who placed
attend our monthly socials. Matched      7th in the National History Day Finals Competition
Buddies do the same, but they go         in Washington, D.C.
beyond this commitment and com-
municate with their buddies during       She chose to write about her Great-Great Aunt
the school week as well as get to-       Theresa Menardi's impact on her community.
gether once or twice a month on the
weekends for fun and friendship.         Emma’s research for her paper included
We welcome everyone to join our          interesting oral interviews she conducted.
chapter of Best Buddies. Contact
club advisors Connie Finnegan at         Middleton High School Social Studies teacher or            Kari Weiss was the advisor on this project.
Paige Ross at with any          Congratulations on a job well done!

MHS Drama Goes to Scotland
MHS Drama spent two weeks in London and Scotland this summer watching theatre,
visiting museums and working on acting skills with Trilby James, UK film, stage and
television actress as well as director for the ROYAL ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS
third form students.
Another highlight for the group was the opportunity to sing atop a double decker bus
(see photo at right) in Holy Rood Park in the Edinburgh Cavalcade Parade which fea-
tured bagpipes from the UK, South Africa, incredible drummers from Switzerland and
China and other fabulous acts.
Students performed musical numbers on the Royal Mile to promote their production
that were written by Drama alums Peter Mackie and Tim Wendorff.
The students heard raves from singers, actors and drama enthusiasts from around
the world Touring Edinburgh and Stirling castles delighted the group as did viewing
the Military Tattoo, the National Theatre’s production of Warhorse in the West End, a world premiere at the Globe
Theatre and a production of Brian Friel’s “Faith Healer” from Irelands prestigious Gate Theatre.
C A R D I N A L C O N N EC T I O N                                                                                         Page 13

 Middleton High School Human Rights Week : November 2 – 6, 2009

 This year marks the 50th anniversary of the United Nations of the Rights of the Child. The docu-
 ment spells out basic rights that all children everywhere are entitled to--food, education, health
 care—as well as the right to protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination.

 These and other human rights issues will be spotlighted during Middleton High School’s first ever Human Rights
 Week, November 2 – 6, 2009. The week is being organized by teachers David Piovanetti and Tim Davis who
 teach two courses related to these issues--Modern World Affairs and Social Challenges in the 21st Century. Along
 with their students they hope to raise awareness and stimulate discussion about human rights issues around the

 During the week students will have the opportunity to hear from expert speakers in the field of human rights as
 well as ordinary people doing extraordinary work related to human rights (Please check the high school website
 for a complete list of all the speakers who will be speaking during the week and consider attending one or more of
 the presentations.)

 As part of Human Rights Week we will be raising funds for The Cambodian Schools Project http:// a Madison, Wisconsin based organization that builds schools and educates children in
 some of the poorest areas of Cambodia. Our goal is to raise $6,000 to build a two room extension to a school
 was just built in 2007 and is already bursting at the seams.

 We also hope you can join us in the MHS Concourse on Friday November 6th from 11:30AM-3:30PM for a Fair
 Trade sale. More than a dozen area vendors will be selling fair trade items from around the world.

 This program is made possible thanks to the support of the MCPASD Global Initiatives Mini Grant Fund, which
 supports projects that are in line with the District’s globalization goal. For more information and a copy of the
 program for MHS’ Human Rights Week events go to the MHS website at:

 Cardinal Book Club Debut
 Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The destiny of human rights is in the hands of all our citizens,
 in all our communities.”
 In that spirit, the Middleton High School community will shine a light on issues related to
 human rights and the rights of children during our first ever Human Rights Week, November 2nd – 6th. Thanks to
 the efforts of teachers David Piovanetti and Tim Davis, students will have the opportunity to hear from expert
 speakers, authors, and human rights advocates throughout the week. In addition, students, staff members and
 parents are encouraged to join in by reading one of the following four       Book Club discussions for adults will take place
 books:                                                                       from 7pm – 8pm in the MHS library on the fol-
      A Crime So Monstrous by Benjamin Skinner                                     lowing dates:
      A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah                                              Monday, 11/2 Sold
      Sold by Patricia McCormick,                                                  Tuesday, 11/3 Three Cups of Tea,
      Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.                                         Wednesday, 11/4 A Long Way Gone, Thursday,
                                                                                   11/5 A Crime So Monstrous.
 Note: A Crime so Monstrous author, Benjamin Skinner, will be speaking
 to students on Friday November 6th in the MHS Performing Arts Center.             Please let us know the date you plan to attend
                                                                                   by contacting Jill Larson at
 You can find copies of all of these books in our school library, public li-
 braries, and local bookstores.
 For more information about Human Rights Week in general, contact: David Piovanetti: DPio- or Timothy Davis:
Page 14                                                                                  MIDDLETON HIGH SCHOOL

 2010 Trip to Guatemala!
 Señorita Faith Hoenecke is organizing another trip to Central America: destination
 Antigua, Guatemala.
 WHAT: Spend a week + in Guatemala, living with a local family, hiking, exploring volca-
 noes, beaches, markets, and Mayan ruins, learning about local traditions, and improv-
 ing your Spanish skills! Spend time working on a local service project to help the
 WHO: MHS students enrolled in Spanish II or higher or native speakers
 WHEN: mid-late June 2010
 Students should check the announcements for upcoming organizational meetings. Final enrollment will be sub-
 mitted in October. Email Ms. Hoenecke for more information at .

                                         Broadway Bound and Cat’s Pajamas A Capella Group
                                         to Perform at PAC November 13
                                         On November 13, 2009, MHS’ Choral Boosters will partner with the Friends
                                         of the PAC to bring a night of highlights from West Side Story performed by
                                         the Broadway Bound singing and dancing troupe along with a vocal perform-
                                         ance by The Cat’s Pajamas. The Cat’s Pajamas is a four-voice a capella
MHS Will Host Big 8 Choral Festival
                                         group, founded and directed by Middleton High School graduate, Nate
and Concert: Monday, Oct. 5              Mendl, that sings everything from classic rock to doo wop to barbershop to
                                         current hits.
The Big 8 Choral Festival will take      Since their inception in 2005, The Cat's Pajamas have participated in the TV
place at MHS on Monday, October          show The Next Great American Band, finished in the top 10 for the national
5, 2009. The Big 8 Choral Festival       Oreo Cookie Jingle Competition hosted by Randy Jackson, have been seen
is an annual fall event that has         on the Oprah Winfrey Show, have two full length albums, and have toured
been taking place for over 20 years      internationally as guest entertainers on multiple cruise lines.
and has been held at the MHS PAC         Broadway Bound is made up of students who audition to participate in the
the past six years. This year Tom        stage revue. Auditions will take place in early October with rehearsals
Mielke, MHS’ choral director is the      throughout the month of October in preparation for the performance.
chair of the event, which will include   Tickets for the event will be $10 for students, $20 for senior citizens, and
the concert choirs from all of the Big   $25 for adults and will be available soon for the November 13 event. Check
8 schools and will bring together        the Friends of the PAC website ( for more information
about 500 singers.                       on ticket sales.

This year’s Festival will feature spe-   Moliere’s “The Miser” will be MHS’ En-   Fall Play: November 5, 6 at MHS
cial guest clinician, Stephen Hat-       try in Drama Festival                    The fall play is MUSICAL COMEDY
field, who is an internationally         THE MISER features seniors Eric          MURDERS of 1940 featuring a
known composer and arranger from         Anderson as Harpagon, the miser, Sam     preshow written by drama alums
Victoria, British Columbia.              Kemp, Chris River-Paprock, Emmy          Charles Stone and Tim Wendoff
                                         Roach and transfer student Becki         The play opens in the PAC Novem-
The day will culminate with a free       Schmidt. Jess Mackie and Katie Mil-      ber 5 at 7:30. There is a second
public concert at 2:30 PM in the         liken play Elise and Marianne. Their     performance November 6 at 7:30
PAC. Parking will be available in the    beaus are Mick Kjorle as Valere and      p.m. also in the PAC. Details are
MASH parking lot on the northwest        Sam Kemp as Cleante. Sophomores          forthcoming in the next newsletter
corner of the campus for those at-       Sara Schnelle and Taylor Craney will     and on the MHS website.
tending the concert. The lot will be     costume the group. Chayaoa “Monica”
marked “Big 8 Choral Festival Park-      Boonkaa plays piano. The public is
ing.”                                    invited to see the show 7:30 p.m.
                                         Thursday, October 22, in our PAC or at
                                         Oregon High School (time TBA) on
                                         Saturday, October 24th
C A R D I N A L C O N N EC T I O N                                                                                       Page 15

I’m excited to be working with MHS parents and staff to help carry out the objectives of the Parent
Connection Program provided below:

             •    Promote communication between MHS parents and administration;
             •    Provide a forum for parents to learn about school initiatives first hand;
             •    Facilitate the discussion of parental concerns with administration;
             •    Assist parents’ access school and community resources as they relate to their adolescents.

A tentative calendar of Parent Connection Programs for the upcoming months is outlined below.
September 15th
       Principal Denise Herrmann will provide an update of important initiatives at MHS.
October 20th
       Overall View of the College Planning Process
November 17th                                                                Contact Information:
       An Understanding the Emotional Lives of Teens.                        Nancy Gunder, Parent Representative
January 19th                                                                 Email address:
       Keeping Teens Safe (Driving, Internet, Going Out)                     Telephone Number: 836-9250
February 16th
       Summer Enrichment Opportunities for Teens (Resource Fair)

Other ideas for programs are listed below, but I would like to hear what most concerns or interests you as parents
of adolescents at MHS. Please email your ideas to me and/or indicate your preferences from the list below.

_Teen Brain Development and Impact on Behavior                         _Gender differences in learning
_The Ins and Outs of Using MHS Technology                              _Steps to Meeting the Challenge of Raising Teens
_Global awareness and why it is important in the high school setting
_Getting Organized for Success (Paperwork, Study Habits, Meal Planning)

Also, if you have a burning question (see example below), don’t hesitate to call or email me and I will get back to
you with a contact or answer as appropriate. The questions and answers may be published anonymously on the
MHS web page link for Parent Connection on a periodic basis.

Parent Question: Will there be a published MHS Student Directory for the 2009-2010 school year?
Response: An on-line MHS Student Directory is currently being developed at the District Office and is expected to go “live” in
October. So stay tuned!

In Step with the Physical Education Department
 Fall Fitness Facts
 1.   Exercise sparks new brain cell growth.
 2.   Exercise produces a relaxation response that serves as a positive distraction to stress.
 3.   Exercise initiates the release of endorphins which results in more energy in your daily activities.
 4.   Exercise can strengthen your immune system.
 5.   Exercise improves cardiovascular function making daily activities feel easier to accomplish.

 Frolicking in the Fall:
 Take advantage of the weather and colorful scenery this fall by:

 *Hitting the trails in a local state park or preserve                           *Jogging, walking, biking or canoeing
 *Raking leaves                                                                  *Walking through a corn maze
 *Visiting an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch
Middleton High School
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2100 Bristol Street
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Phone: (608) 829-9660
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Fax: (608) 831-1995                                                                      Madison WI

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                                                     Mission Statement:
                                     Middleton High School is a learning community that fosters
                                      intellectual growth and habits of commitment, reflection,
                                                      wellness and wonderment,
                                             developing citizens who make a living, a life,
                                                            and a difference.

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