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					Calling All Ducks

                          TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL HOMECOMING
                                    October 5, 2007

H     omecoming 2007, the 55th annual gathering for
      Taylor High School ex-students, is right around the
corner. As of this printing, 13 classes have planned
                                                                  which is open to the public. Taylor’s own Debonaires are
                                                                  reuniting and playing the songs that we remember from
                                                                  their era.
individual get-togethers. Community activities are also           The Ducks take on Gatesville Hornets at 7:30 P.M., with
planned. The official THS Ex-Students gathering begins            pre-game crowning of the 2007 Homecoming Royalty.
Friday, October 5, 2007 at the KC Hall, located on Highway        Nancy Pfluger Payne (Class of 1954) was the first
79 East of Taylor. Directions: go to Main Street                  Homecoming Queen and Matt Maruska (Class of 1995)
(Highway 95); turn east on Hwy.. 79 (Fourth Street);              was the first King. Homecoming Queen and King from
proceed east 1.4 miles; look for the LabTops sign on              2006 were Kara Murphy and Lamar Rollie.
the right; KC Hall is across on the left. If you go under
the overpass, you've gone too far. The doors will open at                     Don’t forget about the Duck Room
9:00 A.M., and, as always, the local folks will have displays     We are very proud of our Duck Room that is in the old
honoring the classes holding reunions. Official honoree           Taylor High School on West 7th Street. We are continually
classes are those ending in 7 or 2, but any class may meet at     receiving new artifacts. It is so important to continue to
any time                                                          preserve our Duck History and it also gives us a chance to
.                                                                 just take a trip back in time. For those of you that have not
Come out and join the fun at the KC Hall. There'll be             been able to visit our new “Duck Room”, we will have it
coffee, tea, and cookies and time to visit with Ducks, past       open right after the Homecoming meeting till 6p.m. We will
and present from both near and far. A sandwich sack lunch         again open it Saturday from 10a.m. till 2p.m. If your class
(approx.. $6.00) will be served from 11:15 A.M. to 12:15          wishes to visit this room at a different time, please contact
P.M. No reservations are necessary. Any profits from the          Pat Guthrie Helbert at 512-352-8962 and arrangements will
luncheon go to cover postage and printing of over 4000            be made.
newsletters, as well as rental for the hall and other expenses.
So pay your dues QUICKLY.                                         This room is filled with Old Cotton Bolls, year books dated
                                                                  back to 1916, prom favors, cheerleading uniforms, jackets,
Our official program will begin promptly at 12:30P.M. THS         football sweaters, twirlers attire and much more.
Ex-Students' Pres. Bubby McMakin (Class of 1955) will
welcome exes, as well as Kimberley Mason, THS Principal,          We are still missing yearbooks, 1960 and 1990. If you have
and Rick Cobia, TISD Athletic Director, and Dr. Bruce             high school items that you would love to display and
Scott, Superintendent.                                            preserve, or if you have our missing year books that you
                                                                  would be glad to donate to our Duck room, please contact
As of press time, all applications have not been officially       Pat Helbert at the above phone number or email
submitted for the Duck Hall of Fame, but several are being
taken into consideration. Come on out to the KC Hall to
learn who these might be and how they represented THS                            DUCK HALL OF FAME
far and wide. THS cheerleaders will lead us in some yells.        In 1993, William Neubauer donated money to set up the
Pull out your pom pom’s “seasoned”             Duck Hall of Fame. Nominees may be living or deceased
might be leading the yell...Then we'll sing the school song       but must be nominated by their THS classmates.
and then head out to the Taylor High School Pep Rally at          Classes who graduated at least 20 years ago may nominate
Taylor High School Gym or individual reunions by 3:00             classmates who exemplify special qualities and
P.M.                                                              achievements of humanitarian and community service
                                                                  and/or achieve outstanding success in their professions.
After the program at the KC Hall, the American Legion in          Dixie Rhodes(600 CR 483, Taylor, 76574) has the
Murphy Park will be open around 3:00 P.M., and stay open          nomination forms. To date, 44 THS alumni have received
after the game. This is a great opportunity for folks to          this highest Duck honor. It’s not too late for this year!
gather and keep on reminiscing. Then on Saturday night
the Taylor SPJST will sponsor a Homecoming Dance                             EXTRA MALLARDS FOR SALE
                            FROM THE PAST TO THE PRESENT

Class 1942: 65 years ago this class walked through the halls           again. Since these exes are turning 50 years old, they decided
of THS. Plans are being made but not finalized. They do                to celebrate at homecoming. They are having a 50th birthday
know that they will meet at the THS luncheon Friday to begin           party for themselves at Old Times at 15218 FM 1660, Taylor
their reminiscing.                                                     starting 5p.m. Contact: Beverly Bearden Turner - 512-517-
                                                                       6236 or Beverly Lefner Townsend 512-365-8935 or email
Class of 1947: According to several class members- no        
official plans have been made but they are planning on
meeting at the luncheon at the KC Hall and then who knows              Class of 1977: 30th Class reunion and this class has got it
what. As they say Que Sera Sera. Be sure to join them so you           going. Colleen Baird Hughes stated this class will start with
won’t miss out on all the fun.                                         the luncheon 12:00 noon at the KC Hall. They will then
                                                                       attend the Duck game at 7:30 p.m. and gather at the American
Class of 1952: Martha Joyce Schonerstedt has an nounced                Legion Friday evening. Saturday the fun continues with
that their class has no big plan, but do plan on celebrating in        cocktails and drinks at 5:30p.m. at Taylor SPJST Hall
the main event at the luncheon. They will continue to visit and        (upstairs) with Taylor’s own Debonaires which is open to the
enjoy each other’s company at Sirloin Stockade in Taylor. You          public. Contact Colleen at
may contact her at 254-933-3489..                                      or call day time phone 512-533-1923 or evening phone 512-
Class of 1957: It’s the BIG 50th for them and plans have
been made. Luncheon first, then right after the luncheon they          Class of 1982: Michelle Brueckner Vanecek has announce
will be discussing how fast those 50 years flew by at a private        that their intentions for Homecoming are simple, but fun.
party. They will have a catered meal brought in by Louie               First the luncheon , then Friday night American Legion.
Mueller BBQ. For more information call Carolyn Braker                  Saturday it is off to the Debonaires dance at the Taylor SPJST
Jacobson at 512-352-2602.                                              Hall. Call Michelle if you need any further information at
Class of 1962: Celebrating 45 years, this class will begin
                                                                       Class of 1987: Shelly Machu Wiegand and Stayci
with the Duck Luncheon at the KC Hall. At press time, Jean
                                                                       Roznovak, along with other classmates, have decided they are
Hughes Johnson reported that they plan to celebrate Saturday
                                                                       taking a trip down memory lane first with the luncheon, then
afternoon at Ken and Paulette Boedeker McConchie’s river
                                                                       American Legion Friday night. Saturday, everyone will meet
bottom. Contact Jean @ for
                                                                       at the Taylor SPJST hall (downstairs) for reminiscing, fun,
more information.
                                                                       food, and drinks. Then upstairs to the Debonaires for
                                                                       dancing and more fun. Contact Shelly at 512-750-4481, email
Class of 1965: AW.... The notorious class of 1965 . They
                                                              or Stayci 214-783-0466, email
are gathering this year at Coupland Inn on Friday night for
some good fun and fellowship. Everyone will be on their own
to order from the menu at 7 p.m. This class still keeps it going       Class of 1992: Reports are in by Heidi Zimmerhanzel
and no telling what they have come up with this year. They are         Altman 830-885-5391, and Millicent Miller that it is time to
even thinking of piggybacking one or all of the many other             get together. They will be joining the other classes Friday
festivities of the other classes. Of course they will be               night at American Legion and Saturday dancing to the
attending the luncheon accepting donations for their fantastic         Debonaires at the Taylor SPJST Hall. Be sure to join then for
music memory cd’s of the 50’s and 60’s. Don’t miss out!!               an evening of fun!
Class of 1967: Sarah Stiles Jezek and Romadene                         Class of 1997: Can you believe- 10 years have passed and
Baumbauch Mohel together with other classmates are                     Tisha Gonzales Lira and Trissa Campbell Williams can’t wait
making special plans for their 40th reunion. First the                 to join their classmates and celebrate. They have reported that
luncheon, then Friday night at Circleville Store They will meet        they plan on attending the luncheon and American Legion
for brunch Saturday morning, then visit the duck room at the           Hall Friday night. Saturday will be more socializing with a
old high school. The fun doesn’t stop there. Saturday night            fajita dinner from 6-8 and dance from 8-12 at American
they will have a meal catered by Mopsie at the Taylor Country          Legion in Taylor. Tickets are $25 per person. Contact Tisha at
Club. They encourage other classes to stop by and visit.               512-269-8115.
Contact Sarah at 512-352-5935 or Romadene at 512-856-
2511.                                                                  Class of 2002: No Plans have been made, But remember
                                                                       all classes are welcome to American Legion Hall during and
Class of 1972: At press time, no specific plans have been              after the game.
made, but be sure to come to American Legion on Friday
night. It’s a great place for all classes to enjoy seeing each other   Our apologies if your class is not listed. At press time, these were the
again.                                                                 only individual reunions we were aware of. For future class reunion
                                                                       plans, give us a call and we really would love to put the information in our
Class of 1976:     The Bicentennial Class.... They have plans          future newsletters.
The Ex-Student Association has “inherited” extra
copies of the Mallards from the following years:             Our very own Taylor Exes scholarship is still given
1984,1985,1988,1989,1993,1994, and 1997. We are              yearly to a senior at Taylor High School and we still
selling them for $10.00- what a bargain! For further         strongly urge all exes to please donate to this
infor mation, contact Pat Helber t at                        scholarship. We are so proud to have all of you that or 352-8962. Pat will take          make your $5.00 donations to the exes association and
your order and make sure you get your Mallard.               those that always donate more. It is so important to
                                                             keep these scholarships going to help our THS
        TAYLOR HIGH EXES HELP TO                             students continue their education.
                                                             If you would like to participate in any of the above
  Folks who attend THS Homecoming marvel at the              scholarships drive, please mail your donations to Taylor
sense of community that has lasted through the years.        ISD- Attn: Janell, 602 West 12th St. Taylor, Texas
Thanks to the generosity of Geraldine Langston Webb          76574. Please note which scholarship you would like to
and Billy Rex Webb, who have given generously to the         donate to.
Exes Association scholarships fund. They have truly
dedicated their resources to the Duck Room and the
Exes Scholarship fund.

The Class of 1941 has established a scholarship fund
in memory of their beloved principal, Mr. G.S. Smith.                           WHY A DUCK?
Mr. Smith was a dedicated principal of Taylor High           In 1924, C.R. Drake was THS football coach during a
School from 1925 until his death in 1947. Janie              rainy football season. Most of the time the team played
(Francis Jane Davis) Strother made the presenting at         in the rain and/or mud. Someone said they were just
their 65th reunion this year. The fund is set up at Taylor   like a flock of ducks. For the remainder of his tenure
ISD office under the “G.S. Smith Scholarship.”               (1923-1929), the team was called “Drakes Ducks”. He
                                                             left, but the “Duck” remained. For 83 years, we’ve
Two more scholarship were established last                   been the Fighting Taylor Ducks, and as we all know
Homecoming as a real surprise. Tommy Oliphint                “Once a Duck, Always a Duck.”
(Class of 1970) established a scholarship honoring his
former Coach and teacher David Krueger. Among his
outstanding baseball record, Coach Krueger has two
State Championships to his credit. The fund has been
set up at the Taylor ISD office under the “David
Krueger Scholarship.”
                                                                           HEY BAND MEMBERS....
The other Scholarship was presented from Susee               The Taylor High School Band needs your help!
Oliphint (Class of 1965) and Tommy Oliphint, in              THS Band Director Jacques Brown has announced
memory of their parents, Verna and Howard Oliphint           that the THS Marching Band has accepted an
who were outstanding educators in the Taylor ISD             invitation to perform in New Orleans at the Sugar
school district. Howard and Verna began their careers        Bowl on Jan. 1, 2008. While in New Orleans the
in Taylor in 1956. Verna taught for years at Southside
                                                             band will compete in a local competition and then
Elementary and then, at West End Elementary until
her retirement. Howard served as THS principal from          join a larger ensemble of bands to perform in the
1956 to 1978. This fund is set up as Howard and Verna        Sugar Bowl’s pre game and half time festivities.
Oliphint Scholarship.                                        Brown discussed with the band members and
                                                             parents that the cost of this prestigious trip would
Not to forget, the Class of 1965 keeps the music of          be over $50,000. The band students have already
yesterday alive. By donating a certain dollar amount to      been involved in numerous fund raisers. Let’s see if
their scholarship fund, which was established in             we can help these students out and donate to their
memory of their deceased class mates, you can receive        need. Please address your checks to Taylor ISD
a CD with the sounds of the 60’s Teen Den Years, or          Band c/o Rebecca Luna, 1012 Sturgis Taylor,
50’s Crusin’. This scholarship is established in the name    Texas 76574 and mail them by Nov.1. The parents
of Class of 1965.                                            and band members greatly thank you.
TAYLOR EX-STUDENTS ASSOCIATION 2007-2008                                               JUST FROM ME.....
   Yes, I am interested! Sign me up now!                       Since I have been blessed to organize homecoming, I have taken many
                                                               trips down memory lane. Since this has been so touching for me, I just
                                                               wanted to share a story...
                                                               I came across a cassette tape of a 1948-49 THS pep rally. I cannot
NAME: _________________________________________                express to you how I felt as I listened to the yell leaders building the
                                                               already magnificent school spirit of the Taylor High School students
ADDRESS: ______________________________________                in their feat to beat Cameron. I felt like I was there...back in time. I
                                                               could feel the enthusiasm of the students, the band playing their
________________________________________________               hearts out, and of course the football players looking suave . It
                                                               brought tears to my eyes just to think that I was listening to an era
E-MAIL: ________________________________________               twenty years before me and now the reality of how long ago these
                                                               students were seniors at THS. I also laughed while I was imagining
PHONE:____________________CLASS OF: ___________                what the students were wearing, which girls were giggling when their
                                                               football player got up to give his speech, and what Coach Dan Hannan
ENCLOSED: $5.00                                                had the crowd laughing about when he got up to speak about how the
                                                               Ducks were going to have it tough beating Cameron. These are such
 Please take the time to return this form to ensure that you   special memories and I hope that each THS graduate holds deep in
              stay on the updated address file.                their hearts memories that were very dear to them and that they bring
                                                               those memories back to life when they share them with their fellow
                                                               classmates. I hope everyone at some time, comes back home and
             Please make checks payable to:                    enjoys the friendships that were made at our very own Taylor
           The THS Ex-Students' Association                    High....and remember always, the memories of Taylor High will never
                                                               be surpassed. Welcome Home Ducks!
        Mail to: Taylor Ex-Students' Association                                   Love to you all..Pat Guthrie Helbert (Class of 69)
                Attention: Cindy Hehman                                              Honorary Officers:
                   602 West 12th St.                                        President, Shannon "Bubby" McMakin (`55)
                 Taylor, Texas 76574                                          Vice-President, Naomi Pasemann (`54)
                                                                                 Secretary, Dixie Rhoades (`65)
For information call: Pat Guthrie Helbert 512-352-8962                           Treasurer, Cindy Hehman (`76)
                                                                              Reporter, Mary Jane Hammack ('65)

 Taylor Independent School District                                                                      NON-PROFIT ORG
 602 West 12th Street                                                                                    US POSTAGE PAID
 Taylor, Texas 76574 (352-6361)                                                                          Permit No. 2
                                                                                                         TAYLOR, TEXAS

                               Once a Duck, Always a Duck.......

Your annual five dollar THS Ex-Students' Association membership fees cover expenses for the
Homecoming Luncheon, postage for the annual newsletter, and provide funding for scholarships.
Since 1992, the Ex-Students'' Association has funded scholarships for 22 children of THS Exes.
May 2007 scholarship winner was Nicolette Gault.

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