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Floreat Fullerton_


									                                                                                               October & November

                                              Floreat Fullerton!
                                                         Let Fullerton Flourish!
                                                     The Fullerton Union High School Motto
            Official Bulletin of the PTSA - Parent, Teacher, and Student Association
                                  Principal’s Message
 Inside This Issue:   September was a whirlwind. It was nice to            Mensaje de la directora
                      see so many parents at Back-to-School Night
◘ Principal’s Message and College Night at Troy. Our challenges            En Septiembre es un remolino. Fue un place ver
                      with campus construction did not seem                a muchos padres venir a la noche de Regreso a
◘ Calendar            to put a damper on our attendance. We                La Escuela y la Noche de Colegio en Troy. Con
                      so enjoy getting the opportunity to meet             toda la construcción en la escuela parece que no
◘ Career Center       FUHS families who are our best partners in           afecto la asistencia de los padres. Fue realmente
                                                                           un placer conocer las familias de FUHS los cuales
                      educating students.
                                                                           son los mejores padres en educar a nuestros
◘ Counseling Corner
                      A new professional website is being
◘ We’re Proud That... developed for our school. With it will               Una red de Internet profesional esta siendo
                      be the ability for each teacher to have an           hecha para nuestra escuela. Con la nueva red
◘ Special Projects    informational page about their program.              de Internet va haber la habilidad para cada
                      Although some already have sites, the                maestro tenga una hoja de información sobre su
◘ PTSA                new site will allow access to any teacher’s          programa. Aunque algunos ya tienen su Red de
                      information through the school website. It           Internet, la nueva red permitirá acceso a cualquier
Important Dates! promises to be state-of-the-art and very user             maestro y la información por medio de la Red de
                                                                           Internet. Prometen que va hacer realmente un arte
                      friendly. It may take about 6 weeks to launch,
October 5                                                                  y de gran beneficio. Tomara aproximadamente
                      but we believe it will be worth the wait. Please     cono seis semanas para lanzar, pero creemos que
 Homecoming Game
                      stay tuned.                                          va valer la pena esperar. Por favor estén al tanto.
October 6
 Homecoming Dance        Please consider checking the student calendar     Por favor consideren revisar el calendario de los
                         for delayed starts and no student days to         estudiantes para los días que entran mas tarde o
October 15               schedule routine appointments. We are trying      que no hay escuela para que puedan hacer sus
  PTSA Meeting           to keep students in class for optimal success.    citas rutinarias. Estamos tratando de mantener
  6:30 p.m.                                                                los estudiantes en sus clases para obtener un
  Staff Lounge           You are invited to become an active               suceso óptimo.
                         member of the Parent, Teacher, Student
October 22                                                                 Están invitados para ser miembros activos de los
                         Association. PTSA serves as a support             Padres, Maestros, Asociación de Los Estudiantes.
  Staff Development
    NO SCHOOL            organization for all students in our school and   PTSA sirve como una organización de Apoyo para
                         provides the funding and labor necessary to       todos los estudiantes en nuestra escuela y provee
November 12              get our newsletter to you. I would like to take   los fondos y trabajo necesario para repartir nuestra
    Veteran’s Day        this opportunity to thank the PTSA for their      carta de noticias hacia ustedes. Quiero tomar
    NO SCHOOL            labor of love and for the support they offer      este tiempo para darles las gracias a PTSA por su
                         our entire school community.                      trabajo de amor y por su apoyo que ellos ofrecen a
November 19                                                                nuestra escuela y comunidad.
PTSA Meeting
  6:30 p.m.
  Staff Lounge

                       Your Future Starts Now!
                  California Colleges and Universities                                             FUHS Counselors
                                                                                               (Revised Phone Numbers)
California Community Colleges (CCC)
•     Must be 18 years of age or be a high school graduate to attend.               A-Do      David McIntosh      626-3849
•     Offers Associate Degrees and Certificate Programs.
•     Choose to attend for 2 years and then transfer to a 4 year college or         Dr-Le     Erin Pitsker                626-3841
•     Costs are low and financial aid is available.                                 Li-Ri     Deborah Ferber             626-3818

California State University (CSU)                                                   Ro-Z      Erin McCarthy              626-3851
•     The CSU system has 23 campuses throughout the state.
•     Each campus has its own personality, academic focus and strength.
•     CSU offers quality education: Liberal Arts, Science and specialized fields.
•     On-campus housing is available on most campuses.

University of California (UC)                                                                College Communiques
•     UC usually admits the top 12.5 percent of high school graduates.              College admission is very competitive.
•     The UC system has nine campuses.                                              Many colleges will not consider students
•     Student’s can earn Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. degrees.                        who have D’s or F’s in core classes (math,
•     Offers a variety of advanced degrees, including medical and law               English, history, or science). Most prospec-
      degrees.                                                                      tive Cal State Fullerton students have an
•     Many nationally ranked academic and athletic programs.                        overall GPA of 3.0. UC’s require a much
                                                                                    higher overall GPA. You can find specific
                                                                                    information about the colleges that interest
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities                                you online.
•     More than 70 colleges and universities throughout California.
•     Many colleges are nationally ranked.                                          Cal State’s - applications due
•     Different degrees are offered: Fine Arts, Law, Medicine and Psy-                            October - November
                                                                                    UC’s -       applications due November

                                                                                    Private Colleges -
                                     International                                               applications are due in
                                                                                                 January or before - Be sure
                                    Baccalaureate                                                to check for your college

                                                                                    You may find this information as well as the
With the success of last year’s AP and IB tests, we are
                                                                                    deadlines for financial aid applications in the
looking forward to a productive year with our honors pro-
                                                                                    Career Center.
gram. Fullerton students will register for IB tests in late
October and will register for AP tests in late February.
                                                                                                    SAT Dates
* Remember, IB test fees are not refundable.
                                                                                          All registration is done online at
October 15 to November 2 - IB test registration in IB
             th                nd                                                      
classes                                                                                     FUHS School Code: 051010
                                                                                    •    October 6, 2007
October 16th - Junior and Senior Parent Information Night                                      • November 3, 2007
in the Staff Cafeteria, 7:00 pm                                                                            • December 1, 2007
    Page 2
            October                                                                     3 - Saturday
                                            17 - Cross Country @ TRHS, 3:15 pm              Fall Play Production, Little Theatre,
       Calendar of Events
                                                 Water Polo v. LHHS, 3:15 pm                 7:30 pm
                                            18 - Volleyball @ SHHS, 5:00 pm             4 - Sunday
2-     Volleyball v. SHHS, 5:00 pm
       G Tennis @ SOHS, 3:15 pm             19 - Football @ SOHS, 7:00 pm               5-

3-     Water Polo v. SHHS, 3:15 pm             20 - Saturday                            6-
                                                    Cross Country Mt. SAC
4-     Volleyball @ SOHS, 5:00 pm                    Invitational @ Mt. SAC, TBA        7-
       Cross Country @ SOHS, 3:15 pm                Water Polo v. Alumni, 2:00 pm
       Water Polo v. Charter Oak, 3:15 pm 21 - Sunday                                   8-     Football v. BPHS, 7:00 pm
       Fall Choral Concert, Plummer, 7:00 p.m.
                                               22 - STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY               9 - Fall Play Production, Little Theatre,
5-     Football v. El Modena, 7:00 pm                       NO SCHOOL                       7:30 pm
             Homecoming Game                        Water Polo Servite Tourney @
       Water Polo @ El Dorado, 5:00 pm               Servite, TBA
                                               23 - Volleyball v. SOHS, 5:00 pm         10 - Saturday
6-     Saturday                                                                              Cross Country CIF Prelims, TBA
       Homecoming Dance, 7:00 pm,              24 - Water Polo @ TRHS, 3:15 pm               Fall Play Production, Little Theatre,
        Science/Technology Building Quad                                                      7:30 pm
       CSUF Honors Festival Day, TBA           25 - Volleyball @ LHHS, 5:00 pm
7-     Sunday                                       Cross Country v. BPHS, 3:15 pm      11 - Sunday

8-     Volleyball v. LHHS, 5:00 pm          26 - Football v. LHHS, 7:00 pm              12 - Veterans’ Day
       Water Polo Servite Tourney @              Water Polo Servite Tourney @                       NO SCHOOL
       Servite, TBA                              Servite, TBA
                                                                                        13 -
9-     Water Polo v. Western, 3:00 pm       27 - Saturday
                                                 Water Polo Servite Tourney @           14 -
10 - Volleyball @ TRHS, 5:00 pm                  Servite, TBA
     Water Polo @ SOHS, 3:15 pm             28 - Sunday                                 15 -

11 - Cross Country v. LHHS, 3:15 pm         29 -                                        16 - All Southern High School Honor
                                                                                              Choirs, TBA
12 - Football v. SHHS, 7:00 pm              30 - Volleyball v. TRHS, 5:00 pm
     Water Polo Servite Tourney @                                                       17 - Saturday
     Servite, TBA                           31 - Water Polo v. BPHS, 3:15 pm                 Cross Country CIF Finals, TBA
                                                                                             All Southern High School Honor
13 - Saturday                                                                                 Choirs, TBA
     Cross Country OC Championship,                      November                       18 - Sunday
     Irvine Park, 8:00 am
     Water Polo Servite Tourney @                                                       19 - Fall Instrumental Music Concert,
     Servite, TBA                                                                             Plummer, 7:00 pm
     Marching Band Festival, Stadium,       1-     Vollyeball @ BPHS, 5:00 pm
      12:00 - 6:00 pm                              Cross Country League Finals @        20 - G Soccer @ Marina, 3:15 pm
14 - Sunday                                        Craig Park, 1:00 pm                       G Water Polo @ El dorado, 3:15 pm
                                                   Vocal Jazz Festival, Plummer,
15 -                                                9:00 am - 5:00 pm                   21 - G Basketball v. Cypress @ Garden
                                                                                              Grove, 4:30 pm
16 - Volleyball v. BPHS, 5:00 pm            2 - Football @ TRHS, 7:00 pm
     IB Junior and Senior Parent                Fall Play Production, Little Theatre,   22 - Thanksgiving Break
      Information Night, Staff                   7:30 pm                                           NO SCHOOL
      Cafeteria, 7:00 pm

                                                                                                                           Page 3
23 - Thanksgiving Break                                                                Juntas de Padres de EL/
               NO SCHOOL                     EL/Title I Parent Meetings
     B Basketball @ Bolsa Grande,                                                           Título 1 07-08
      10:00 am                                          07 - 08                      Bienvenidos ha otro ano escolar!
                                             Welcome to a new academic year!         Estamos muy alegre que la mayoria
24 - Saturday                                We are pleased that most of our         de nuestro grupo de el Comite de la
     B Soccer v. Alumni, 7:00 pm             elected English Language Advisory       Junta de Consejo del Idioma Ingles
25 - Sunday                                  Council (ELAC) members have             (ELAC) que estaba elejido por dos
                                             returned and we will be adding          anos, va regresar ha representarte
26 - B Basketball Cerritos/Gahr              volunteers from last year’s Parent      este ano. Vamos ha incluir otros
      Tourney, TBA                           Institute for Quality Education         que voluntaron el ano pasado
                                             who will represent parents at           resultando de su participacion
27 - G Soccer v. Valencia, 3:15 pm           School Site Council, District           en el Instituto de Padres. Los
     G Basketball Vernie Ford Tourney,       meetings and other venues.              representantes van ha planear
      @ FUHS, TBA                                                                    el ano de juntas y reprensentar
     B Basketball Cerritos/Gahr              Your participation is very              ustedes en otros grupos de padres
      Tourney, TBA                           important to us. As a result, the       que se reunen en el districto y la
                                             Math, Science and Social Studies        escuela.
28 - B Basketball Cerritos/Gahr              departments will be working with
      Tourney, TBA                           us this year to provide interactive     La presencia de los padres en
     B Soccer @ La Serna, 3:00 pm            parent workshops in their               juntas y eventos en la escuela es
                                             disciplines so you can experience       muy importante para el desarollo
29 - Wrestling v. Cal High, 5:30 pm          what happens in the classroom,          de los alumnos. Un resultado de
     B Basketball Cerritos/Gahr              just like your students do every        esto es que los departamentos de
      Tourney, TBA                           day. Please look out for the dates      matematica, historia y ciencia van
     B Soccer @ La Mirada, 7:00 pm           and times of these workshops            ha presentar clases para padres.
     G Water Polo Benson Cup Tourney, TBA    throughout the year.                    Estas clases van ha incluyir la
                                                                                     participacion de padres en el modo
30 - G Soccer Ocean View Tourney @           Calendar of meetings:                   que los alumnos trabajan todos
      Ocean View, TBA                        • October 25, 2007                      los dias. Las fechas de estas clases
     B Basketball Cerritos/Gahr              • December 6, 2007                      se van ha anunciar durante el ano.
      Tourney, TBA                           • March 6, 2008                         Participacion va ser limitado.
                                             • May 29, 2008
                                                                                     Calendario de Juntas:
                                             All meetings will be at 6:45 in the     • 25 de octubre, 2007
   California High School Exit               Lower Library. If you have any          • 6 de deciembre, 2007
        Exam (CAHSEE)                        questions, please call Mrs. Holmes      • 6 de marzo, 2008
    11th & 12th Grades Only                  or leave at message at 626-3845.        • 29 de mayo, 2008
   November 5 and 6, 2007
                                                                                     Todas las juntas so ha las 6:45 en
                                                                                     la biblioteca. Si tienen preguntas
 This examination is for academic                                                    q quieren dejar mensaje, llamen la
 11th & 12th grade students who did                                                  Sra. Holmes, 626-3845.
 not pass or have not taken the Cali-
 fornia High School Exit Examination.                                              HOT
                                               Before taking the new SAT
                                               in October or November,             TIP
  Examen de Salid de la Preparatoria
                                               students can test themselves        Antes de que los estudianes
      del estado de California
                                               online. The College Board,          tomen los exámenes nuevos de SAT
       onceavo y doceavo solamente
                                               which owns the SAT, has             en octubre, los estudiantes pueden
        5 y 6 de noviembre del 2007
                                               placed an official practice exam    tomar el examen por internet. La
 Este exam6n es para estudiantes del
                                               on its Web site: http://www.        Junta del Colegio a quien le pertene-
 onceavo y doceavo año que no pasaron
                                                                                   cen los SAT, han puesto un examen
 o no tomaron el Examen de Salida de la
                                                                                   oficial en ésta dirección de internet:
 Preparatoria del estado de California con

 Page 4
         COLLEGE AND CAREER CENTER                                 days and open houses from colleges and universities all over
                                                                   the United States.

PSAT is a practice college entrance exam, given nationally
                                                                         CENTRO DE COLEGIOS & CARRERAS
each October. FUHS is offering it on Saturday, October
                                                                   Todos los estudiantes del grado 12 vienen al centro durante
20 on campus. The fee is $15 and students may sign up in
                                                                   octubre. Tienen la oportunidad de ver sus grados, buscar
the Activities office. This test is geared toward juniors and
                                                                   por colegios, escuelas vocacionales y asistencia financial.
sophomores. It is a good way to become accustomed to the
college testing, without the pressure.
                                                                   Usando dos sitios de computadora, los estudiantes pueden
                                                                   buscar carreras, escuelas, asistencia financial, y más. Uno,
Deadline for sign ups is Tuesday, October 16; space is
                                                         , del estado, ofrece la “realidad” sobre el
limited, so don’t wait too long.
                                                                   costo de vivir solo, es una sorpresa para muchos estudiantes.
                         SENIORS                                   Los anuncios de la escuela son importantes durante estos
                                                                   meses. Representativos de muchas universidades nos visitan
Students who are planning to attend a University of                durante la hora de almuerzo, y todos los estudiantes están
California or California State University must apply between       invitados al cuarto 34. Los anuncian todas las visitas.
October 1 and November 30. Registration for community
colleges and technical schools is in the spring. If a student is   El Centro de Carreras tienen un sitio donde hay anuncios
looking at a private school the dates of application can vary.     como recibir información sobre muchas universidades y
                                                                   oportunidades para visitar muchas.
Deadlines are strict, so do not delay. In the college
application process, obtaining the money for college comes
after the school applications, so parents should not consider
costs at this time. The financial aid meetings will be held in
December and January.

 SAT and ACT COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMS                                                 What is Renaissance?
                                                                   It is a recognition and rewards program for all qualified
Seniors who plan to apply to a 4 year college or university        students at FUHS. The program works in conjunction with
must take either the SAT or ACT before the end of                  participating community businesses to acknowledge students’
December. Please come to the Career Center with any                academic achievements as well as stellar attendance. Any
questions.                                                         student attending Fullerton with a total GPA of 2.5 or above
                                                                   and/or perfect attendance for a full semester is a Renaissance
                                                                   member. Many businesses in our community have donated
All seniors have two days in the Career Center during              gifts, coupons and services to the program. These dona-
October. They have the opportunity to review transcripts,          tions are then given to our Renaissance students to reward
research colleges, vocational schools and financial aid.           them for their outstanding efforts at school. Donations are
                                                                   welcome. If you, or someone you know, are interested in
Using two separate computer sites, students can research           participating in this wonderful program, please contact Mr.
careers, schools, financial aid and more. One site,                Cagley at 714/626-3936., from the state of California, offers a
“reality check” about the real cost of living on your own,
and is quite an eye-opener for many students.

Announcements are important during this time of year.                                 Important!
Speakers from many universities visit our campus during
lunch, and all students are invited to room 34. All visits are               Staff Development Day
announced, and notices are posted.                                          Monday, October 22, 2007
                                                                             No School for Students
The Career Center has a board with notices about preview
                                                                                                                       Page 5
                            Summer was a huge success for the Fullerton FFA students at the Orange County Fair!
                            Especially noteworthy was winning Champion FFA market lamb as well as Reserve
                            Supreme Champion lamb - congratulations Heather McSheridan! Jeff Hillman won first
 We’re ud                   place in Advanced Market Goat Showmanship and went on to place 5th in Master Show-
    Pro ....                manship. Our students participating in Swine Showman made us proud. Jose Hernandez,
      That                  Joseph Hill, Peter Voung, Austin Maddon and Vincent Gutierrez all advanced to the
                            final round. Kudos Fullerton!

   This year’s inductees into the Wall of Fame are Bob and Irene (Olson)
   Ferguson, Class of 1949 and Alfonso Marquez, Class of 1990. The
   Fergusons are Founders of Fullerton Physical Therapy and commu-
   nity volunteers. Mr. Marquez is a Major League Baseball umpire and
   founder of Fonzie’s Kids - a support organization for kids in Mexico.

         a comedy by Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winner,
                        Wendy Wasserstein

               Friday, November 2, 2007
              Saturday, November 3, 2007
               Friday, November 9, 2007
              Saturday, November 10, 2007

           All performances are at 7:30 p.m.
              in the FUHS LITTLE THEATRE

             $12—General Admission
         $9—Students with ASB and Seniors

 Information and ticket orders, please contact
        Elaine Miller-- 714-879-2877

This production is rated : PG-13—Mature themes and
Page 6
                                                        P T S A
                                  Parent, Teacher, Student Association
Dear Parents,                              know and we’ll be sure to give you a call.   FUHS PTSA Officers for 2007-08
                                           I invite you to become more involved
Welcome back for the 2007-2008 school      in the Fullerton High School experience      President: Kim Risberg
year. The PTSA of Fullerton Union          by becoming active in the PTSA. Our          1st Vice President: Joan Wolff
High School has exciting plans for the     meetings are held on the third Monday             (Membership)
year, as we work toward supporting all     of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Faculty     2nd Vice President: Nicole Reynolds
students on campus.                        Lounge. A few of the meetings may be              (Lockers)
                                           on a Tuesday. Check your calendar!           3rd Vice President: Jennifer De Gala
The PTSA at Fullerton Union High                                                             and Judi Perez
School assists the staff throughout the    I look forward to hearing from you,               (Volunteers)
year to provide the best possible oppor-   Kim Risberg                                  Treasurer: Laura Dean-Richardson
tunities for our students to succeed.      PTSA President 2007-08                       Auditor: Tina Norman
We are responsible for maintaining the     (714) 447-1983                               Parliamentarian: Judy Gonzalez
lockers that are located around campus.                          Reflections: Elisha Eddins
Parents are needed throughout the year                                                  Council Representative: Theresa Totten
to help with various activities. The       Meeting Dates for 2007-08:                   Recording Secretary: Susan Milone
PTSA serves as volunteers for Orienta-                                                  Corresponding Secretary: Trish Behlings
tion and hearing screenings. We sponsor    October 15       November 19                 Historian: Babette Maes
Academic Excellence, Senior Reflections,   December 17      January 22                  Community Projects:
Senior Scholarships, and Staff Apprecia-   February 19      March 17                    Honorary Service: Diane Smith
tion luncheons. Every month the PTSA       April 21         May 19                      Hospitality: Jackie Taylor
helps the FUHS office staff assemble the                                                Scholarships: Terri Thiessen
newsletter. Junior and Senior parents      P.S.                                         Grad Nite: Bee Bee Reece
will be needed to plan Grad Nite. If any   I would like to thank you for your                 and Lupe Alvarez
of these activities interest you, let me   response to “Twenty for the Tribe”!

                                            “Twenty for the Tribe”, 2007-08

   Just fill out and clip the form below and send with your check, made out to the FUHS-PTSA, to Fullerton Union High
School, 201 E. Chapman Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832 or have your student drop it off in the office. Please make sure you
have Attn: PTSA on the envelope.
                                                   Thanks for your support!!

  Solo llene y recorte el talonario y envíelo con su contribución, a nombre de FUHS-PTSA, a: Fullerton Union High School,
201 East Chapman Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832.
Su estudiante tsmbiénm puede traerlo a la oficina. Por favor asegúrese que ha escrito “Atención: PTSA” en el sobre.
                                                       ¡Gracias por su apoyo!

                             2007-2008 FUHS PTSA “Twenty for the Tribe” Donation

Parent Name(s):                                                     Student(s):

Donation Amount: $

                                                                                                                     Page 7
                                                                                                Bee Bee Reece & Lupe Alvarez
                                                                                      Grad Nite
                                                                                                Trish Behlings
                                                                                                Susan Milone
                                                                                                Laura Dean-Richardson
                                                                                                Jennifer De Gala & Judi Perez
                                                                                                Nicole Reynolds
                                                                                                Joan Wolff
                                                                                                Kim Risberg
                                                                                     Fourth District, CCPTS, NPTA
                                                                                          PTSA, Fullerton Council
                                                                                      Fullerton Union High School,
           PERMIT NO. 372                                                              Fullerton, California 92832
          Fullerton, California
         U.S. POSTAGE PAID                                                             201 E. Chapman Avenue
     NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION                                                           Fullerton Union High School
                                                      MISSION STATEMENT
The mission of Fullerton Union High School is to provide quality curriculum and instructions through a wide range of academic and
extracurricular opportunities by which all students may discover their interests and talents, form connections, and move from passive
to active participants in the educational community in preparation for responsible productive adulthood.
                                          EXPECTED SCHOOLWIDE LEARNING RESULTS
Our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) are based on a rigorous core curriculum in the traditional disciplines and form
the foundation of our goal for students to become independent, lifelong learners. The Expected Schoolwide Learning Results engage
students in the learning process and ensure that they become active participants who can apply their knowledge across disciplines and
persist in finding solutions to difficult problems. We want all students to become:
Effective Communicators
• Able to listen, read, write, and speak effectively
• Able to collaborate with others
Competent Learners
• Possessing a core body of knowledge as outlined by the state standards
• Demonstrating skill and knowledge in the use of technology
• Setting and achieving goals in a variety of learning environments
Complex Thinkers
• Able to access, evaluate, and synthesize information effectively
• Able to think critically, creatively, and independently to solve problems
Active Members of the Fullerton Union High School Community
• Participating in curricular and extracurricular activities that foster an awareness of core values

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